Tent seduction


True story from  my teens
I'm 16 years old, and out with my friend Dan in the woods, in a tent.   Dan is soundly asleep, but I'm awake.    After all, it's a hot summer night, and we're laying on top of our sleeping bags, in our underwear.    I'm totally attentive to his every move.   I watch the hair running from his navel down into his shorts move up and down rythmically with his breathing.    I'm very hard.   Dan has always been a turn-on to me, though he has no idea that I have those kinds of feelings.     He rolls over onto his side facing me.    So I put my hand out and gently brush against the outline of his cock in his shorts.    He does not wake up.   But his cock sure does after awhile.    He's very hard.    And big.   The weight of his cock as I slowly move it up and down and back and forth through the thin material is impressive.
But I sigh.   This is only going to get me in trouble.

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    He'll wake up and pound me.   So I stop, and roll back onto my back (my erection standing up firm, of course) and close my eyes to sleep.
Now, don't mistake me.   I do not believe he's faking being asleep.   I can hear his breathing pattern clearly, and he is sound asleep.   But he rolls over a few times (maybe uncomfortable after the stroking I gave him), and when he finishes his rolling, he's a little closer to me, and his hand flops down on my chest.    I wait.   I don't move for about 5 minutes.    No.   His hand isn't going anywhere.    He's really asleep.   This isn't headed anywhere.   
And then the idea hits me.   I'm still aroused by the feel of his hand on my chest.    So I begin to squirm a bit, moving up in the tent, until his hand finally is resting on my cock.

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"Dan!  Dan!" I'm whispering, but pretending to be angry.    He slowly comes awake.    "What the hell do you think you're doing?"   He slowly awakes and his eyes get wide when he realizes where his hand is resting, and sees that I'm hard.
"Dude!" he says.    And he moves his hand away like he was touching a rattlesnake.    "I didn't know.   I was asleep.   Sorry, dude. "     I answer, "Yeah, sure, you were asleep.   And your hand just happened to land on my cock and start stroking it till I was hard and about to cum!  You're a fag!"
Dan says "I am not.   It's just a. . . I don't know.

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    But I was asleep. "  "Well," I said, "you must be a fag in your sleep then, because look how hard you are. "    He realizes then that he's hard too, compliments of my earlier stroking, perhaps.
"Mark," he says, "please don't tell anyone.   I don't want to get pounded at school.   I'm not gay, but if you tell this story, everyone will think I am. "  I say "OK, I won't tell, but what do I do about this?" I point down to my erection.   "You can't leave me like this.   I've got the worst case of blue-balls ever.   You've got to finish what you've started.   It's only fair. "
He hesitates, thinking it through.   "Well," he says, "I guess. ".   He slowly reaches back over and lightly touches my cock.

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    He moves it poorly, with little attention to trying to pleasure me.   He is hesitating.   
I say "Dan, c'mon.   You've got to do me like you would do yourself.   You know how to jack off, don't you?"   Dan says "Of course I do.   But I'm just too freaked out to do it good. "  "Look, Dan," I say, "I'm never going to cum this way.    Let me show you how to do it. "   And I reach over and begin to stroke him, expertly.   As the waves of pleasure begin to roll over him, he firms up his grip on me and begins to stroke me more effectively.
"Mark," he says, "this is weird, but I think we're both liking it. " I agree.    Then it's time for the 2nd part of my plan.   "Hey, I'll tell you what.   Let's reverse, so we both can have a good view of what we're doing.

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         Then we can both do the same thing for each other. "   He says "Ok. "  And he reverses himself so his face is at the level of my crotch, and vice versa.    I strip off my underwear, and he, with a slight hesitation, strips off his.   
    Now we're sitting here with our cocks in each other's faces, stroking each other.    "OK, Dan, that's cool.   Are you getting close?"  Dan says "No.   I'm getting more comfortable with this thing, but I'm still freaked enough that I'm not quite getting there. "    I knew I was getting close, and as soon as I came, this would be over.   I had to move to the next level.  
    "Ok, Dan. You owe me.    So I'm going to help you out, and you have to do to me whatever I do to you. "   Without waiting for a reply, I put my mouth around his cock and begin to suck him off.    There is about 10 seconds wait, and then he begins to suck me off.

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         His head going up and down on me is heaven, and I'm really turned on giving my first blow-job.   The power of having someone in my power this way is huge.    So I cum pretty rapidly.   He takes it in his mouth and swallows!    And I keep sucking him, until he follows me about 30 seconds later.   I enjoy watching the muscles of his body tense with each shot.   
    "Mark," he says, "that was awesome.   But does this make us queer?"   "No," I lie.   "It makes us friends who helped each other out when there weren't any girls around. "   "I guess I'm cool with that. "
    We lay there a few moments longer.   And then I set the hook for next time.   "Hey, Dan?"  "Yeah," he says.   "Y'know, this is a lot safer for us than messing with girls.   We should do this now and then to help us take the pressure off so we don't get any girls pregnant. "    He says "Sounds like a good plan to me.

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