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This happened about 2 years ago and alot more after that. We would chat online with a guy from Ohio And we would always get to the topic of sex. so one night i made the notion of having the guy , we will call him John come to our home town and show him a good time not thinking that he would go for it , but to our surprise and the little lady he ask if he could pay for every thing. that was Johns choice. Well any way with 3 weeks in the making lynn who is very petite at 98 lbs 32/24/35 thought he was not coming to our home town then we got an E-mail that everything was set up for the following weekend. That was when she went wild. she would suck on a dildo thinking of Johns picture while i would fuck her hard. Then i ask why she would only want to suck him why not fuck him and she thought that i would get very pissed off about that type of thing and i told her that it was her weekend to do what she wanted. she had to agree that she did want to be fucked by someone different than myself. So i gave her the go-a-head to have fun. Well when the weekend come to meet John we went to the hotel ask for john and went to his room she ask if i was ok with her getting fucked or sucking another man. needless to say i was all up for watching and joining in with her and him. I knocked on the door and an older fellow awnsered the door John she ask he said yes you must be lynn and ron we sat and talked for a while and then he said he had a gift for the lil lady but had to ask if it was ok for her to model it. no problem i said so he got out a gift wraped package and gave it to lynn she opened it and said she had to try it on that minute. when she come out she wore a very tine thong with matching black booistia garters and hose. when john seen this he got very uncomfortable and could not sit still.

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   I told lynn to climb on the bed for some pictures and she was very willing to do so. then john ask if he could have a shot of him and her so i said to get in there. he took a second to climb up beside of her and couldn't even look at the camera for watching her little body. So then i said have fun she ask why was i going to watch and i said yes for a while then i would join in she said it would be more fun to have the both of us. I told her it looked like john was nervous enuff and it would help to make him more comfortable to have her by himself for a while. So with that he looked at me like i was crazy and i said go ahead and have fun this was all it took for him to start to suck her tits and rub her clit then he looked over to see what i would do. when he saw i was rubbing myself watching he started to loosen up and went down on lynn to eat out. then lynn got up and straddled his face in the 69 position. John was not long but he was thick and had an oval shape to his cock Lynn loved this and she sucked for every thing she could get. Then with Lynn's moaning it took him over the edge. When he shot he did'nt shoot as much because of wondering what i would do. I Said don't be nervious that it was her weekend to do what she wanted to do. I walked over to her and offered her my cock to suck she sucked it extremly hard i could tell she was liking it. then john was playing while fingering her pussy. It did'nt take long for him to get hard again.

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   I said Lynn , John is as hard as a rock what else would you like to do she said i want to get fucked. So with that John got up behind her and started to FUCK the hell out of Lynn from the look on his face i told Lynn he was about to CUM and ask where she wanted it she said inside DEEP inside of her pussy and with hearing that John let loose with one hell of a Cum shot it filled her so much that it was running down her legs she reached down scooped some of it up and licked it off her hand. with that i got behind her stuck me dick in and pulled it out to her mouth she sucked it off then i fucked her long and hard with john watching us. then we all took a shower to get ready for some sleep. or so i thought. I was asleep for about an hour and was woke up to a gentle rocking of the king sized bed so i looked over and he thought i wasd mad or pissed off i said go on and have fun but his nerves got the best of him and he could not do it.
    but the next morning he ask and i told him that if did not want it he would not get it and that if she did it was fine by me. So with that he ask if he could wake her up  i said to try and see what she would do so inturn he woke her up by licking her pussy. she wanted for him to cum in her mouth. so that was what he did he got up over top of her and let her suck till he cum in her mouth. We fucked every way we could but he still wasnt very sure it was ok for all of this to be happining so later that evening i said i was getting a shower and they could do what they wanted to do. I stood in the shower and could hear them talking and she reasured him that i was ok with what ever she wanted to do so then after he was pretty sure that it was fine he ask if she wanted to do it again while i was in the shower and when i come out i could watch him and her or join in if i wanted she said only if she could be on top and he agreed. So i waited till i thought they had a good start then walked out to a wild show. So i stood over by the wall playing with my ridged hard on he looked over and ask if i was sure it was ok with me i said have as much fun as he wanted. With that he got up behind her to fuck her doggie style till he cum.

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       then i walked over with her motioning me. she wanted to show me how much he cum in her so i reached down and got a hand full to feed her then she went for mt chest with a big hug and slid her pussy down my cock. While john was playing he ask if he could cum on her face she was willing to have this done so he played while i fucked her and as he got ready to cum she stuck her mouth over his shaft and had him shoot in her mouth but she did'nt swallow it she inturn looked at me stuck out her toung twirled it around then swallowed it all i could not take it no more i shoot like i never shot befor. then we called it a weekend and went home she ask if we could do it some more with others and i want to watch her do it so yes we will and there will be other stories  

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