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   I got a size 34 C and i have a nice little but and legs cause i play soccer. The next day when i was getting ready for school i thought about the team when i was getting dressed. I put on these tiny little baby blue see threw lace booty shorts and a little pushup bra to match. I put on these short Jean shorts that hugged my ass and made it look really good. Put on a grey wife beater on top. I went to my 1st two classes and then got a text from the guy i had talked to and he told me to come to the locker room with a friend. Me and my friend who was a junior at the time and was the only white guy on the tems girlfriend decided to go down. She's a really little girl about 5 feet tall. about 95 or 100 lbs. but a rocking body like a big 34 b maybe c a nice ass burnette she's very attractive.  
 We walk in and there its an amazing place. The nicest part of the school. (we won alot of basketball state championships) There was a nice red carpet and a bunch of really nice lockers around the outside of the room. In the middle was a big flatscreen tv with a bunch of couches around it. The starting 5 players on the team (including the white guy and my boy) were all hanging out playing XBOX.

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   me and my friend (were both named Courtney) go and sit on our guys laps. I kissed mine and said congradulations baby and kissed him and said it to everyone then. Me and courtney both knew why we were down there but didnt expect to see 5 guys. once we had been sitting for a while each boy started taking our shirts off and to my surprise courtney was wearing the same bra as me and i knew she was planning on coming down here at some point anyway. All 5 guys watched and stared at both of us they made joke and asked if we planned this out. we both just giggled and i said no and then i got off my boyfriends lap and went and stradddled the point gaurd and he just sat there. I asked if it was okay and the MVP said hell ya and i started dry humping the point gaurd. He grabbed my tits and then leaned in and stuckhis big tongue in my mouth. I was already so turned on and started riding him as if he was inside me. i got up off him and as i did my bra fell off. I stood there topless just smiling as i realized as i was hooking up with this guy he hooked my bra and was holding on to it as i got up.  
 I went over and kissed the other girl gently and grabbed her hand. she got off her boyfriend and we walked over to the center. He was a very big guy. 6'9" like 220 lbs of muscle.

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   he just wasnt the best player cause he was still pretty climsy and hadnt grown into his body yet. i got on and straddled his left leg and courtney did his right. she started kissing him so i started kissing his neck and pulling his shirt off. once i got his shirt off i start kissing him and courtney move down and started kissing his chest. i felt some hand wrap around me and the MVP had started un buttoning my shorts and then picked my lower body up off the center, but i continued making out with him. as he got me up he pulled my shorts off.
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   i winced as he entered me and had a shortness of breath. He looked up and asked if i was okay. I told him yes but to take it slow and easy at first. I eased my way down a few more inches and came back up.  
 as i started working my pussy out and taking it easy the MVP had gotten to the side of where we were. once i wasnt in pain and could enjoy it and iopen my eyes i saw his big dick right in front of my nose. i grabbed it and too it in my mouth as i just started riding the entire 9 inch dick. neither guy had to do anything i was taking care of it. a minute into sucking dick i felt a pressure against my ass again and i looked back as i ept sucking. I saw the point guard with his 6 inch dick behind me. I loved anal back then and was fine with 6 inches just not 9 so i scotted back eally face and took half his dick in my ass. He was shocked and i was loving it. I had all 3 holes filled with a big black dig. a few more minutes went by until i got the MVp to come. i took all of his cum down my throat and sucked his dick clean.

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   right when i was done with that the point guard said he was about to cum and i told him to pull out and did the exact same thing again once i was done with him the center sat up bent me over stnding on couch and he started fucking me doggystyle hitting my tight little pink pussy from behind. i couldnt handle it and started orgasming like never before. I was monaing and almost shaking uncontrolably. he pulled out and came all over my face.
 I walked over into the showers after i could function enough to get up. I washed up infront of all of them and then went back to class for the rest of the day
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