Life of Alexandra Ch. 3


Well, I've told you a little bit about how I got started but I need to introduce my brother to you. He's a major part of my life, after all, we were incarcerated for nine months together.   Yes we are twins and before you ask, no we're not identical, Al is taller than me.   Our parents were hippies and had a strange sense of humor that we are stuck with.   My name is Alexandra Terece and my brother was stuck with Alexander Terence.   I guess it could have been worse but I don't know how.
I'm again taking the liberty to combine about three or four days into one story.   It actually took more than one visit of the girls for everyone to open up a bit but for expediency I combined them into one day.
The same summer that I decided to become an exhibitionist, Al thought he'd try too.   The family rule was only one of us could have friends at the house at a time.   One weekend I had four of my friends to the house, all girls, and we were doing girl things, hanging out at the pool, talking about people and talking a lot.
During a little lull in the conversation I yelled to Al to ask him to bring me some sun screen.   Now, all of the girls were in two piece bathing suits except me, I don't own one.   I was wearing a pair of very short shorts and a sport's bra.   I came out naked, looked surprised, then said he didn't know they were still here.
Then came a little bit of giggling and as Al turned to walk back in I told him that as long as he was out he might as well put some sunscreen on my back.

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    I took off my top and he started to put the sunscreen on my back.   The girls were all making comments about his ass, his cock, you name it and Al was just ignoring it.
When he got done with me I asked if anyone else wanted Al to put sunscreen or lotion on their backs.   The girl next to me took off her top and laid down and asked Al if he'd do her back.   Now it happened, Al is used to me naked and touching me, he hadn't touched another girl, heck we were only 14 and not very much into the social scene.   By the time he got the suntan lotion on her back he had a hardon that couldn't be hidden.
As he got up one of the other girls saw his hardon and said if you can get that from her, come over here and see what happens.   He lotioned her back, then she took off her top, rolled over and asked if he could do her front too.   Needless to say, Al did a good job, his cock was hard and precum was starting to drip but he did his job.
The next girl was more brazen, she called him over and grabbed his cock.   She gave it a couple of strokes and then asked Al if he could do her, all of her.   She took off her top and handed him the lotion.   Al did her front and back and was getting ready to leave when she grabbed him by the cock and said not so fast, you need to do my legs.   This really did it for Al, I could see his cock actually twitching, he was really getting horny.
We spent the day by the pool with our naked pool by Al.

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    He ran errands to get us snacks and drinks and kept us lotioned.   He was really getting off on this, and to tell the truth I was getting pretty horny watching and so were the others, I think.
After about two hours one of my friends asked me I thought Al would do something else for us.   I told her to ask him, not me.   She called Al over to her and whispered something to him.   He got a little bit red in the face but said sure.   The young lady then said that if she could have everyone's attention, Al had something he was going to show us.
With that, Al walked in front of us, stopped to face us and started to masturbate.   I couldn't believe he was doing this in front of everyone but there he was, hard cock in hand just pumping away.   Well, at 14 it didn't take long, no self control.   He just started cumming after about five minutes and all of the girls were giggling and cheering him on.   After he was done he went into the house.   Now this went on pretty much most of the summer everytime I had the girls over.
When I get a chance, I'll let you know what happened when mom and dad finally agreed to let us both have friends to the house at the same time.   That is when things got a lot more interesting for me


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