mandy's night out pt. 1


Mandy’s Night Pt. 1 The Party                             
Mandy was nineteen and worked in local coffee bar and Deli that doubled as a fine food restaurant and bakery called the ‘Chat and Chew’. Having recently graduated from high school, she now attended the local junior college. Mandy was 5’7” and weighted in at one twenty-five average weight and height for her age. She had very blue eyes, long blonde hair, and her round face accented her soft pouty lips, and pert breasts with meaty nipples that could be seen through sweaters even when they were soft. She had a nice figure, however it was obvious by her hourglass shape she spent time in the gym as her shoulders and arms were built up as was her buttocks and legs; the roundness of her muscular body gave it a powerful appearance but also very feminine looking with just a hint of baby fat.
High school had been great fun because Mandy was a cheerleader all four years; so the boys noticed her, and she was often asked out on dates. She started going steady in the tenth grade, but that ended when he went to college, and met someone else. Now she concentrates on her studies; but is still very popular and the boys are always trying to get her out on dates, but she only goes out on nights that are not school nights, and then only once in a while. Mandy hasn’t selected a major other than liberal arts yet but is constantly researching what might give her the most opportunities.
It was getting on towards midnight and it was time to close the restaurant, that was about when Dave, a guy she knew from around town, walked into the store he was always nice when she waited on him, he always talked to her between customers and chores and left a nice tip.
“Hi Mandy,” Dave sang out as he walked in to the empty café remarking, “You’re still here. ”
“Yeah, I’m closing tonight,” she replied.
“What time you gonna be done?” Dave asked.
“Any time now,” she said placing her empty glass on the counter and ending her break.
“Wanna go out and have some fun?” Dave asked and then tempted, “Tomorrow’s Saturday and you probably don’t have to get up early.

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“I dunno.   I should go home and work on some of my homework. What did you have in mind?” Mandy asked as she finished wiping down the tables.
“Oh, some of the kids are getting together at Jeff’s house. His parents are on vacation. ” Dave replied.
“I’ll think about it. I should go home and change clothes first, if I go. ” Mandy’s work uniform was a black mini-skirt, and a thick pullover white cotton t-shirt, with the company logo printed on it.
“Aww, it don’t matter,” Dave said with a tone of eagerness adding, “You live miles from here in the opposite direction from the party. Anyway they’ll be wearing all kinds of stuff and you look good no matter what you wear. ”
Mandy continued her clean up, and thought about going to the party smiling at the compliment she had just received. “ Oh sure thanks for trying. What’s going to be happening there?” she pried further.
“Just some drinking and movie watching I guess.

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   Maybe some will be playing some CDs. ” David replied watching Mandy’s ass move as she wiped down the counter, thinking quietly to himself, ‘Boy I hope she goes. ’ His cock twitching in his pants, he smiled pleasantly as he watched musing ‘I’d like to get a piece of that. ’ As Mandy got farther away David shouted, “Can I count you in, Mandy? I really would like to spend a little time with you. ”
“Yeah, I guess I can come for awhile. I’ll drive my car and follow you. ” Mandy agreed.
“OK! Good. Yea!” Dave eagerly replied, secretly delighted he might score he thought to his self,  “there’s a high fly ball he’s running the bases and rounding second. ”
Mandy followed Dave and they drove to a new subdivision on the edge of town. David parked on the street and Mandy pulled in behind him they had to walk a half a block, the street was lined with cars on both sides and the doublewide driveway was filled with cars. As they approached the front door, the sound of music and people laughing and talking grew louder as Dave pushed open the door a young woman rushed passed with a male in close pursuit both were laughing gregariously Mandy looked at Dave he smiled back and they went inside. It was rather dark and Mandy had trouble seeing who was there; she thought she recognized some of her friends from school, but wasn’t sure, besides the mood in the room was quite pleasant and everyone looked like they were having fun.
“Hi Mandy, glad you could make it I’m Ted. ” He thrust a drink into her hand saying, “Just make your self at home.

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“Oh. Hi Ted,” she replied a bit surprised, and recognized him as a customer from the restaurant and also as a guy she saw on campus.
“You know Anna,” Ted said, “You were both cheerleaders in high school. ” Anna, the girl with Ted seemed to be rather intoxicated. Her clothing and hair were in disarray, but she looked like she was having fun. Just then it dawned on her Ted was in her high school the last two months.
“C’mon Mandy,” Anna said. “Let me introduce you around. ” And Anna took her by the hand around the room and named several people as they passed all of them thoroughly enjoying themselves. Mandy began to feel uneasy with so many people and so very ‘noieesee!’ She met quite a few people that she knew, and some that she didn’t know. It seemed to Mandy that they were all high on something and involved in some kind of kissing or sexual activity. This isn’t what she had expected and it made her wary; she was thinking about leaving when Dave caught up with her and gave her a big plastic glass of punch, she took a tentative swallow and found it rather tasty.
“Met everyone?” he asked with a chuckle. “I see Anna has wandered off. ”
“Yeah, I guess so,” Mandy replied and took a few more swallows.

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“What’s the matter?  You seem kinda down. ” Dave nosed.
“I guess this isn’t my thing. I thought you said movies and music with some drinking… maybe. This seems like a lot more. ” Mandy had a sullen look on her face, as she looked around, drinking from her glass and added, “It’s been a long time since I’ve partied like this, I’ve been too busy with school and work. ” Then took a few healthy swigs from her drink commenting after she drained her drink, “This tastes pretty good. ” As her drink began to do its thing she felt herself getting more relaxed and her leeriness was easing, even the faint stirrings arousal began to move inside her.
“Well, yea… I guess,” he replied with a look of support and with a slight tone of sarcasm asked, “Would you like another?”
“Yes I would. ” Mandy quickly replied as her interest became keener.
As they headed for the table Dave explained, “It’s one of those things that has kinda evolved from above the line to below the line, if you get my drift. ” and with a smile he added, “I think it started out with flicks, snacks and drinks, but you know how people are when they get the chance to ‘make out’ and the booze kinda loosens the old inhibitions. C’mon, let’s grab a corner and see what comes up,” he urged as he watched Mandy take a few more swigs and then cajoled “You need a break, have fun and loosen up some. ”
“I don’t know David. Maybe I should leave, maybe I should stay.

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  ” Mandy remarked as she absentmindedly drank her drink and after slurping the last added, “There are a lot of people having fun. ” Just then one of the boys walked past her his shirt was unbuttoned, and weak smile streaked across Mandy’s face as she watched him sit down and then she giggled as her imagination started to run as he was sitting with a group of people on the sofa, three boys and three girls and most of them were laughing, singing and kissing each other, they were loosely dressed or almost undressed but the fun they were having was unmistakable and between their excitedness and the drink Mandy surrendered and sang out, “Oh what the hell let’s stay a bit. ”
“That’s my girl. ” Dave chimed as he handed her another drink.
“Seeing all these other people having so much fun made me think about how long it’s been for me. ” Mandy’s voice was unconvincing, but her face was starting to blush. Mandy felt a little tingle of desire as she looked around at the revelers so many of them laughing and kissing.
“What do you say to us just stakeout out a little spot; have a few drinks, listen to the music, and do what ever we want to, and we’ll go when ever you want,” Dave assured.
“Well… maybe I could stay for little awhile,” she told Dave while surveying the group she added, “Everyone looks like they are having fun and I know a lot of the people here. ”
“Good,” he sang adding. “Let’s finish these drinks, get some more, and find ourselves a place to plop. ”
As the drinks began to affect her, Mandy started to feel warmer inside and more like having fun she then moved closer to Dave. The two of them settled on some soft pads and pillows that was on the floor against the wall. They were sharing the space with two girls who were oblivious to them and quite busy kissing and exploring each other’s body with their fingers, lips, and tongues. They were dressed only in their t-shirts, sox, and panties.


   It seemed to Mandy that they were really enjoying one another and watching them excited her. The two of them were kissing and playing with their selves, completely oblivious to everyone around them. Mandy relaxed adjusted the pillows and settled onto David’s side, grabbed the pot pipe as it passed, and took a big hit, and a big swig of her spiked punch and began to enjoy the show the two girls were putting on, being close to a man, and having his arm around her.
She felt Dave’s hand under her top as he rubbed her stomach, it felt so good to be touched she offered no resistance and just leaned back thinking about how good it felt and then gave Dave a warm kiss right on the lips. Mandy ran her hands across Dave’s body her passions were awakening. The music, drink, and pot had put Mandy in the mood, Dave had an inviting bulge in his jeans, and she put her hand on it and squeezed.
Unknown to Mandy and most everybody else, a lot of pot was dissolved into the punch as well as some other pharmaceuticals. Not enough to be dangerous, but just enough to help the liquor do its thing and give everyone a good high.
“Oh…that felt nice. ” David hummed and cajolingly begged, “Go ahead take it out and rub it for me, please Mandy. ”
Mandy looked around furtively and saw a few more couples getting intimate looked at the two girls next to them, and then noticed a couple going at it doggie style and thought no one would notice or care if they did so she unzipped his pants and reached into his underwear and released his turgid cock while Dave unsnapped her bra and slid it from her arms and away and began to tenderly fondle her breast. Dave’s abs quaked as Mandy wrapped her fingers around his already wet gland milking it, she liked what she saw the sight of a pearly white gem forming in its hole turned her on. Soon her top was around her neck and Dave was fondling both of her breasts in turn, and tweaking her nipples he began to suckle first one then the other. Wow did that turn her on; she could feel herself becoming very warm and wet between her legs so wet her fanny was starting to slip inside her panties, and her nipples had become rock hard from Dave’s teasing.
The two girls next to them were naked now and were suckling each other’s bright pink clitorises.

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   Mandy blushed deep red when she saw one girl’s vaginal opening dilate and a creamy white juice begin to coat her labia; her womb quivered when the girl slurped the creamy gelatin from the labia and suckled her friend’s clitoris causing the vaginal opening to wink. Mandy turned hot all over her body watching another woman becoming aroused.
When the two of them came up for air they began to fumble with a black silk bag and each of them had a small white dildo in their hand when they pulled them out. They both began to work it into the other’s vagina when they noticed Mandy and Dave were next them were watching what they were doing, so without stopping they moved closer to Mandy. They were both looking at Mandy and smiling wetly.
“Hi I’m Kathy and she is Jennifer. ” Kathy introduced, as Jennifer was busy nuzzling and nibbling Kathy’s ear and teasingly smiling at Mandy.
Mandy looked at them and smiled her face was starting to blush from both arousal and embarrassment; she looked out across the room and noticed another couple having very active sex in one corner and next to them were two more women who were busy making love, and on the couch next to them on the adjoining wall all three couples were in different stages and positions of love making, so her embarrassment soon melted. The familiar disappearing and reappearing buzz of the dildos both soothed her and reminded her of the last time she played with her self. Mandy’s face turned a brighter red when she saw Jennifer working the dildo inside Kathy only this time it was from pure arousal. She could hear the buzzing get loud then grow quiet as the two of them worked their dildos. Mandy noticed a slight tremble wash across Kathy, and heard her sigh loudly several times, and as she watched Kathy’s chest heave to her heated breathing her own groin began to ache and she wished she were home with her own toy. Mandy jumped just a little as Kathy put her hand on her inner thigh just under her dress and firmly squeezed the fleshy part of her thigh the same time Dave gave her nipple a firm suck and bite.
“Wa! Oh…! What are yu… you… doing?” Mandy hesitantly and breathlessly asked as small beads of sweat formed on her brow. This was the first time a woman had seductively put her hand on her and she was surprised at how intensely she was responding to the touch of another woman more than she had ever thought she would.

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“You want to cum…don’t you?” Kathy asked with sultry seductive tones in her voice and then a throaty giggle sounded.
“Oh…and we want to help…” Jennifer chimed smiling warmly as she placed her hand upon Mandy’s belly over her belly button swishing it over her soft hairs.
Mandy was unable to answer as a knot formed in her throat; her heart was racing pounding in her ears, and her groin ached terribly as she just laid back in surrender, her womb felt as though it was being blown up like a balloon, and all of her vaginal muscles were churning wildly causing her to wriggle and move restlessly.
“Jennifer honey that looks like a yes to me. Does that look like a yes to you?” Kathy purred with an impish smile beaming from her face.
“Oh…! Yes…! It does. I’d say she is pleading. ” Jennifer sang warmly, and with impish delight the two women began seducing Mandy.
Mandy’s body began to melt as she felt her legs being massaged, her skirt being pushed up around her stomach and her legs being spread. Kathy was pushing at Mandy’s dress and spreading her legs, several loud raspy gasps sounded as Mandy started to pant when Jennifer put her hand inside her panties and begin to massage her clitoris and wetted labia and then Kathy pulled Mandy’s top the rest of the way off, Jennifer finally peeled off Mandy’s silky white wet panties and threw them in Kathy’s face, and Kathy started hungrily sniffing the shinny-wet panties and twiddling Mandy’s nipple with a dreamy smile beaming. Jennifer was kissing Mandy tenderly all over her face and swishing her finger tips around Mandy’s glistening wet, red, puffy labia while Dave nibbled on her ear and fondled the nearest breast.
Mandy had a nice pussy with meaty labia and clitoral hood. She kept her vulva shaved with just a bit of hair above clitoris for accent. The girl’s dancing hands and flickering tongues felt so good Mandy swooned lifting her feet and spreading her legs wide open to their coaxing. They both had easy access to her pink vaginal lips.

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   She panted wildly and squirmed as both girls kissed her labia, taking turns licking her clitoris, and anus. Mandy never stopped rubbing on David’s cock causing him to moan while continuing to lick, bite, and suckle her nipples.
Jennifer started kissing her way up to Mandy’s breasts first giving her belly button a thorough working over then sliding up to the rock hard thumb sized nipple Dave wasn’t feeding on and softly began nibbling and suckling while Kathy was passionately kissing her open mouth and sliding down to the soft hollow of her throat. Both girls met over Mandy’s heaving breast and feasted on her nipple and as Kathy continued down Mandy’s belly Jennifer placed her lips on Mandy’s mouth kissed her lightly then sucked her upper lip into her mouth and bit it firmly stretching it and letting it pop free and then swished her tongue over her lips then in it slithered rolling from side to side, over and under her tongue. Jennifer teased Mandy’s pliant flesh surrounding her bristling nipple with her fingers as her tongue snaked within her mouth and all the while the soft buzzing of their dildos vanished and reappeared.
Kathy began kissing her way up and down Mandy’s inner thighs sucking in the soft flesh, biting and sucking just hard enough to make big red hickys, and causing Mandy to squirm with each kiss. Kathy looked at Mandy’s now bright red pussy glistening with her sweet creamy pearls gliding along her splayed labia and began suckling Mandy’s erect clitoris. Mandy’s passionate sighs were stifled by Jennifer’s mouth and tongue, as she French kissed her, gently squeezing her nipple. As Kathy suckled Mandy’s clitoris and squeezed her buttocks her sighs turned to moaning gasps and still stifled by Jennifer’s mouth and dancing tongue as she squirmed uncontrollably between the two women.
Jennifer pulled the dildo from inside Kathy’s wet vagina and inserted into Mandy’s causing her to arch and suck in a raspy loud gasp around Jennifer’s lips the same time Kathy took the small vibrator out of Jennifer’s pussy and teased Mandy’s clitoris with it while Jennifer began to move the dildo in and out Kathy suckled Mandy’s thigh and teased her anus with her fingers. Mandy felt an intense pleasure growing inside, and around her pussy when she suddenly arched and heaved against the women’s bodies Mandy’s womb began to spasm, she started fanning her legs wildly and moaning loudly as Jennifer sucked at the soft hollow of her neck, she trembled uncontrollably as one long orgasm washed through her, causing Mandy’s vaginal muscles to constrict pulling the toy from Jennifer’s fingers, and push it out covering it with a flow of glistening creamy juices that Kathy started hungrily lapping up. It was the most intense orgasm Mandy had ever experienced, nothing she could do to herself while masturbating even came close to being as consuming as her new feelings were she never stopped squeezing and rubbing Dave’s now soaked stiff penis.
Dave’s cock was oozing with pre-cum and he was moaning for release Mandy massaged faster and more of his cock as Jennifer removed her mouth exposing a big red hickey over the hollow of Mandy’s neck and shuffled between Mandy and Dave and placing her mouth on his gland and suckled. Mandy began to kiss him and Kathy licked his nipples. As he gasped and moaned louder, Jennifer straddled him and put his cock into her open, wet pink vagina, up and down she went while Mandy continued to kiss him and Kathy started massaging his balls.

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   Jennifer quickly jumped off his hard shaft and she and Kathy began to lick and suckle his gland. It didn’t take long before several huge loads of hot sperm spewed into Jennifer’s mouth and down the side of Dave’s shaft, the girls continued to gently rub his cock and balls taking turns at swallowing as more semen oozed out.
Kathy looked at Mandy and coaxed, “Come on and get some, there is a lot more cream to drink. ”
Mandy looked as she moved closer and saw that Kathy had Dave’s opening squeezed closed and Jennifer was busy slurping up the flow that had pooled on his belly. As Mandy wrapped her lips around his gland Kathy let it loose and Jennifer gave a playful swat on his balls causing cum to spurt across Mandy’s mouth roping down her chin, Mandy sat up with a surprised look on her face and a little dribble of creamy cum dangling from her chin. Dave just squirmed in place gasping to the ministrations of all three women, it wasn’t long before a second orgasm sent more thick ropes of sperm shooting across his stomach, into Kathy’s open mouth and covering her face and before Jennifer could cover the erupting cock with her mouth and capturing the last surges while Mandy slurped up the spillage. Both Kathy and Mandy watched Dave’s penis sag and stiffen as he squeezed the last of his sperm into Jennifer’s enthusiastically sucking mouth, and with a loud moaning gasp Dave went limp. Kathy and Mandy took turns licking the semen from their faces and shared a warm tender kiss while running their fingers through Jennifer’s hair.
Exhausted Mandy and David fell into each other’s arms; Kathy and Jennifer started kissing and swapping cum, and soon they started working with their vibrating dildos and got each other off again, and they too soon relaxed in each other’s arms on the pads savoring the feelings.
Sometime later they all got dressed, and wondered through the party that had quieted some and said goodbye to the others and went out for breakfast.
“Good sex makes me hungry,” Dave crowed as the three women surrounded him, they agreed and talked as they walked about another time when they could get together as a foursome or at another party.
Mandy was hooked saying, “I am ready any time. ” And off they walked.
“I know a place for some good pancakes, eggs, and bacon!” Mandy excitedly teased and added, “It’s the Chat and Chew!” every one laughed as they walked down the street.
--- End pt.


I hope you all had as much fun reading this story as I did writing it, if you wish to comment please send them to ‘ writermike2003@yahoo. com ’ all reasonable e-mails will be responded to.
Thank you for your time  writermike