My First Bike Rally


Topic: My First Bike RallySteve has riden bikes for years but he had never had the chance to take me to one so when he asked if I wanted to go I jumped at the chance. We went to Helen to a leather shop for bikers and he showed me some of the leather stuff and said, "Pick out something sexy for the three days of the rally, all leather. " I found three leather mini-skits all alike and a leather vest that went to the waist. I got a pair of chaps and boots and was all set. I tok my black body suit and cut it off just below the bottom of where my tits are wth no bra and then sewed a black elastic band around it to keep it snug, not that it would stop anyone from geting into it but it kept it from moving around too much under the vest.
Well, Friday came and I dressed in the mini-skirt (no panties) the cut off body suit and the vest. I pulled on the boots and looked in the mirror. "Perfect, ready for anything" I said to the scantily dressd woman looking back at me in the ful legth mirror. Steve came in in his riding leathers and smiled and kissed me. "Very nice" he said as he felt that there were no panties under the skirt. We got on the bike and rode to the raly. We went through the gate and the men there smiled with approval. "Nice lady man, she open for fun later?" one asked Steve. "How about it hun? YOU available for fun?" "Hell yes. " I said and massaged his crotch to accent the fact. It grew quickly and he opened my vest, my halter type top was pulled down freeing my breasts.

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   "Step inside the gate, time to pay admission. " he said and I did as he said. A bike was parked inside that was his and there were several men there and a couple women. "Bend over the seat" he told me. I was wet already and did as he said. He reached down and found tha there were no panties to take off and unziped his pants and suddenly shoved into my wet pussy hard. "Oh yeh" I moaned, "Do it hard, fuck me. " "No problem there lady. " and he drove into me hard and fast. MY pussy sprayed his pants and after two orgasms he filled my pussy. He gave up bands to wear and said, "Paid in full folks, enjoy. " "I am sure I will" I told him.
I felt the cum dripping down my legs and did not bother to put my tits back in the halter and the vest stayed open showing of my hard nipples. We rode through the camp sites until Steve saw who he was looking for. We parked the bike and got off and several men and women came up, "Damn man, she is hot like you said.

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  " I looked up at this man that had to be 6\'6" and had huge arms and chest. "Steve says you love o suck cock, that right?" "Well, seeing that he has given away my secret, yes, I love it. " "Good" he said as he freed a long thick cock from his pants that was not hard at all. It was at least 9 inches and not even hard. The people there were gathering around, "$50 says she can\'t take it hard. " Steve pulled out some money and said, $100 says she can and will swallow too. " Various comments followed this and money was put on a bench there. "Well" I said, time to earn my keep" and I got on my knees after taking off the skirt and top.
I began massaging his cock to life between my tits and his pre-cum began to flow. I was as much as most men had cum and I was getting hotter. It kept growing until it was over 12 inches and thick. I began slowly teasing it and each time it went in I took it further down my throat. He was moaning and leaned back on the table near there. I kept on going and it as going further in each time until I had my face on his hairs and his balls were touching my chin. "Damn man, she is good" said one guy.

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   "You should feel how good she is" said the owner of the cock in my throat, "This is the best blow job I have ever had. " I pulled it out and licked it the full length of his cock, "I am just getting started" and I took it back down all the way again. Now every time I took it it went down my throat and I had three orgasms and he began humping my face faster and then took my hair and pulled my onto his cock all the way and held me there filling my throat with a huge load of cum.
"Damn that was so fucking hot" he said. I let his cock fall from my mouth and laughed. "I am not done" and began massaging his cock back to life. "Damn woman, you are something else. " and then I was moved so that I was sitting on a cock that was under me. I kept working on the cock in my mouth and it was fully hard again and I worked it until it filled my throat again. I looked over and a woman was sucking off Steve\'s cock and he filled her throat with his load. I was led to a blanket that had a pad under it and I laid down and men and women began dropping between my legs and filling me with cum and the women were eating me and sitting on my face as much as the men. After I don\'t know how many we all went to a kind of kitchen and got something to eat. I had the skirt and vest on and nothing else and felt really hot. After dinner we went back to the camp site and my clothes were again gone. For hours at least two men were in me at the same time and a few times three, one in my ass, pussy and mouth Several times I fell asleep being fucked and woke up with a diferent man or woman on me.

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after the weekend was over I dressed and we drove back home. Everytime we passed a truck I flashed them and on the way had several more good fucks from them. That was my first but not my last rally.
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