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In South Alabama as a teen in high school I always had a number of men, boys, women and girls after me for some very obvious reasons. I was was too well endowed for my own good as my aunt Claire told me more than once. I enjoyed the attention I got ,ost of the time and had a lot of little games I played, most pretending to be shy at first and then an animal after.
I had now really found that I enjoyed sex, just sex, and a lot of it and aunt Claire and uncle Jack helped me some but they could not always be around when I was in desparate need. Hitting the 38 to 40EE cup had so much to do with it I know. I had been around people and they did not even know what my face looked like because they stared at my chest. Of course, I loved showing my "girls" of. 4'8" is a different height to be so buxom, almost everyone looks down and since they do all I had to do was unbutton a couple buttons and they were looking at my cleavage. Most tried but few ever managed to look somewhere else.
I went shoping with aunt Claire and we always got something for me that showed off all I had. One day I was leaving to go out to the mall and just walk around some. It was in the 80 degree range and so, I wore a very thin bra, tank top and shorts and sandals. A thong would have been okay but I decided to just bring it wih me in my bag and the shorts were extreme "dasiy-dukes" as they were called. Mine came up and revealed most of the hip and the crotch was only the seam that went between the legs with a little more up and on the back but in the middle it was only the seam so if I sat down and moved my legs apart a little, the seam was usualy in my pussy.
I went to the mall and walked around, got lots of looks and some whistles and I smiled at the ones hat did. No one was actually brave enough to approach me yet so I went to the food court and got a drink and sat down in an area that would allow me, if I wanted to, to move my legs apart and show off a little.

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   I sat a while and was ready to go when an older couple that had been sitting three tables away got up, threw away their trash and walked over to me. "May we sit down?" the man said and I looked at him. The woman and he both looked to be in their early 60s and were in very good shape. He and his wife sat down, "I Racine," she said and shook my hand. "and this is my husband, Todd. " and I shook his hand too. Both were very warm and sexy I was noticing. As he sat I glanced at something hangin down his pants leg, either he wore boxers or nothing and it was nice and long I thouht to myself. She leaned forward and her sundess opened a little to show she had no tan lines and she was at least a 38C or so.
"We have been watching you for a while, ae you waiting for someone?" he said. "No, not in particular. " I said. "Well, we are leaving and were wondering if you would like to come to the beach house with us, ahhh. . .

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  " he said, "Teresa" I said. "Yes, hello Teresa, We wanted to know if perhaps yu would enjoy the afternoon and maybe the evening and night at our place. " he said and as he did she had taken her purse out of the bag and was taking hundred dollar bills out aimlessly and laying them on the table in front of her. I looked at them and so far there were 5 of them there. "May I go to the rest room for a moment?" I said and they said sure. The look on their faces was that I was not going but I went in fast and took off the bra and put it in my purse and came back out and just for fun I sat there and said, looking at the 5 100 dollar bills, "Now where were we?" My nipples were hard and both saw that. 2 more bills were laid on the table and I said, "I think I would love to go with yo, for he weekend for hat matter" I said and picked up the money and sipped it into my bag.
I stopped at a phone and told aunt Claire I was going to be out all weekend at the beach with friends and we walked to their car. I was a nice sedan and roomy in the seats. Todd opend the back door and I slid in and Racine slid in next to me. The other door opened and Todd got in and a man got in the front. Told his driver to go to the beach house and he said, "Yes sir. " I was between them now and our legs touched and I could feel the heat from both of them. Racine gently turned my face to her with her fingers and said, "My you are so lovley, I can't resist any longer. " and kissed me, licking my lips and circling my mouth until her tongue slipped in.

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   Her hand dropped to my shirt and she lifted it over my head and off and then her kissed came back to me. Now Todd was massaging my tits and she slipped her hand to a very wet pussy as I spread my legs and put one over each legs of theirs. She was pulling on my clit and making me moan as we kissed and then her fingers slipped in and I showered her hand with an orgasm. "Oh my god, you are hot aren't you" she said licking her fingers. "Yes, wait till I am really warmed up. " I told her and her hand dove back in.
I will write more later lovers.
See ya
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