Poker with the guys and wife


Topic: Page 1    My name is Brian and im 25 years old with a hot wife whose the same age.   Shes around 5'6" with huge tits and a beautiful toned busty body.   To the story, me and my friends on the occasion get the urge to play a game of poker, nothing big but a small buy-in that makes the game worth playing and exciting.   This particular night I happened to be hosting the game and my wife was doing her usual around the house as me and my buddies played.  
    After a few beers I had to go to the bathroom, only to find my wife waiting for me upstairs.   I wasnt sure what to think of this but I went along, she began to explain to me this fantasy of hers about being gangbanged by a bunch of guys.   I am always up for new things sexually so i egged her on to get the full story.   She went further into detail saying how she'd love to be handled by all of the guys right now. Being semi-drunk and horny I went along with the idea and went camly downstairs to the game.   My wife followed and I decided to ask her to join in the game and play with us(knowing that she didnt have alot of money on her, and that she was awful at poker).   So after a few rounds she was very low on chips and was alone in a hand with  2 of my buddies, and they pushed her all in and then some. . . . Of course I took advantage of this opportunity to spring the question
"How about instead of making a side pot you play for your shirt?".  
All the guys agreed and she smiled at me.

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    She then ended up losing the hand and took of her shirt and threw it over the back of the chair.   My friends all couldnt keep thier eyes off her chest as she unbuttoned her shirt and revealed her 36DD's.   I asked her if she still wanted to play and she said yes so being up in chips I gave her some of mine to gamble with.   A few minutes later she was in another battle with my friend Jerry of an average sized pot, only this time before i could talk she said ill raise you 20 and my skirt.   My friend Jerry glanced over at me for approval and said "How about ill go all in if you strip down naked, and if you win then you get all of my chips?", she almost jumped out of her seat in anticipation and agreed to the deal.  
They turned over their cards only to find that she had lost again!  By this time my friends were all probably cumming in their pants over the fact they finally got to see my wife naked, but surprisingly she didnt put on a show like i expected.   In a very shy manner she took off all of her clothes and sat back down in her chair, glaring at all of us staring at her naked sexy body.   I began to get very aroused not only because my wife was naked but because my friends were all staring at her in desperation.   It was then that I asked her if she would mind getting all of us another round, she agreed and went off to the kitchen.   While she was gone I huddled all guys and told them about her fantasy and said to keep it real cool and go along with whatever I said.  
    When she returned I asked her if she wanted to play another hand of poker, which she had no problem with.   Only this time the stakes were a little higher, I said that she could get 10 hands and got to chose one.   If she won that hand she would get 10 chips from all of us and would be back in the game, but if she lost she had to give a blowjob to whomever she lost to.   By this point I knew she was ready to lose and went in on the first hand with jerry and andy.   Turning over her cards she had the lowest hand in the bunch and got the shivers after the results were told.

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    The only problem was she didnt just lose to 1 guy, she lost to 2.   Being the man of the house I decided that one could finger her and the other could get a blowjob.   They agreed and she layed out on the poker table legs spread, ready for use.   Jerry walked over to her face at the end of the table and pulled out his dick infront of her mouth.   She grabbed it and swallowed it into her mouth while Andy shoved his fingers into her already wet vagina.   After a few minutes of this I told Brian, the only one besides me playing that the deal is off, and she was free game.   I grabbed her away and threw her on the floor where the 4 of us proceeded to fuck her cunt and mouth in every way possible.   We all finished at reletively the same time in her, leaving our cum dripping from all of her holes on to the carpet.
    Poker nights were never the same, sometimes poker nights wouldnt even involved poker, but my wife never complained. . . .  
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