Teacher and his Wife and Daughter and a New Best Friend, Angie.


Sometimes I felt like I would never spend any time at one school and Uncle Jack and Aunt Cliare always moved with his contracts. We moved again just as I was getting settled into classes. This is after the place that he girls had been so mean to me and made me a cow story. I was getting settled in (again) and had my schedule. I was totally lost in the halls of the new and really huge school. It was next to last class and I was really full needing to express my breasts of the milk they were full of. I could have taken a pill to stop the milk but I so enjoyed the feeling most of the time that I wanted to keep it as long as I could. Well, I was looking for the next class and a girl came up and said, "You look lost. " "I am" I told her and she grabbed my arm after looking at my schedule and said, "I have the same class, come on. " We went down a hall and turned right and then downstairs. The class has not begun but there were two seats in the back which was fine for me. The girl (Angie) and I sat there next to each other while I told her thanks. She smiled and even though I was dressed to cover up I was still bulging and her look made my nipples hard and they began to leak. Good thing I had extra thick pads on or I would have soaked my blouse. The class got quiet and he walked in, I almost died, he was already my favorite teacher. Now only history but so good looking I found that my mouth was open when Angie said, "For god sakes Teresa, no drooling on first day.

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  " I closed my mouth but felt myself getting wet in another place. Mr. Gelphart said, "I always seat everyone alphabetically so everyone stand against the wall please and sit as I call you name. " We all got up with our books and Angie and I looked at each other hoping to sit near to each other. We had already established a little of a bond. Teresa McCaine, front row, center please. " he said and I felt my legs getting weak. I would have to sit and see this god everyday of classes. I went up and sat down and then we made eye contact, or rather I saw him look my body over from top to bottom then back up. I felt warm all over. He smiled and I sat down. Angie did sit behind me and so I had a friend. We sat thru the intro and took our stuff after and left the class. As I walked to the door Mr. G, as he asked us to call him looked up at me, smiled and looked down again.

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   He was nervous as I was it seemed. Angie and I had the last class together too so after we went to the snack bar and talked. "Isn't he incredible?" I said finally. "Who" she said turning red knowing who I meant. "Mr. G" I said. "Yeh, he is and every girl in the school thinks so, not to mention half the woman teachers too. " she said. I decided to take a chance on my new friend and said, "Has anyone ever seduced him?" She looked at me, "Well, no but lots have tried, one girl almost did but she backed out. She was going to be naked in his room after classes one day and she decided not to. " Angie said. "Do you think he would have done anything?" I asked. Angie looked away, "Well, he did turn down one that I know of. " she said. "Really? Who was it.


  " I asked he. "Me. " she said turning red. then she said, "No one else knows about it okay?" "Not a problem at all. " I said. We got up and left and were going towards to parking lot when a woman that was so beautiful she had to be out of a magazine and her daughter drove up and Mr. G got in the car. "His wife and daughter. " Angie said and then, "Any wonder I did not have a chance. " I gave Angie a ride home and we sat and talked a while. "can I come in?" I said, "I really do have to take care of something. " "Sure" she said, "we all have to piss sometime. " she said laughing. "It isn't that. " I said.

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   "I need to express some milk before my tits bust wide open. " She just sat there and finally said, "Ah, yeh, sure, hell don't want that to happen. " I laughed and we walked in and she took me to the upstaris bathroom. I did not care that she watched and in fact hoped she would and took off my blouse and asked her to undo my bra and my tit broke free and the milk was already flowing. I took them and began massaging them and streams sprayed into the sink. She just stood there watching as I felt relief at last and there was something else leaking too but I thought I would wait to see if Angie was into girls first. I did this for a half hour and finally asked her to hand my bra back and her hand touched mine. She was about a 34C and very nicley curved in the hips. Her hand stayed on the bra for a second and I said, "You gonna give it back or did you want to put it back on for me?" As I said that I turned to her and stepped closer. I slipped the straps over my shoulders but waited to see if anything else would happen. Would you like to touch them?" I said and she did not say a word but her hands reached out and cupped them gently. I took her hands in mine and began massaging my tits thru her hands and the milk began flowing again. I moaned and even though I was really getting wet I just kept moving her hands. "Oh damn, they are fantastic. " she said looking at the milk which was now squirting on her shirt and the floor.

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   I let my eyes close half way and looked at her, "Know what feels even better for me?" She was massaging them still and I said, "If they are sucked and massaged at the same time it makes me feel great. " "You mean you want me to suck them?" she said her hands still moving. "Yes, please" I moaned low. She bent over and began sucking first one then the other massaging them so the milk came out more to the one she sucked. I felt an orgasm building and began moving my hands through her hair and whispering how good it felt. Finally she was on her knees and sucking them both as much as she could drinking down my milk. I felt one hand on my jean top and then the zipper came loose and they fell to the floor and her hand was in my panties and I moved my legs apart. Her hand sank into my pussy and began fucking me slowly till I said, "Oh please, do it hard, really fast. " I beged. I laid on the floor and she was next to me and her fist went in and she began fisting me harder as I begged her to. Finally my pussy grabbed her wrist and an orgasm sprayed all over as my tits did the same. "Oh that was really ficking hot. " Angie said. "Yes, I am glad I have found a best friend. " I said and took her face in my hands and we kissed deep, our tongues playing tag.

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   "Well, if your pussy wil let go of my hand, maybe we can finish undressing. " she laughed and I relaxed and she slipped her hand out, licking her fingers. "No one is home for hours yet, let's go to my room. " Angie said and we walked down the hall to her room. We closed the door and took off her cloths and fell in the bed and then we knew we would be best friends. Continued in part two lovers. Teresa.