Tender Love Hurts- Ch. 1


Characters:Alicia Forest: A pretty 18 year old with big dreams. She's under the sexual spell of Nikolas Tarrick. Nikolas Tarrick: A twenty-two year old musician with a handsome face and a to-die-for body. He lives the type of life that Alicia's parents do not approve of. Brook Forest: Alicia's 18 year old twin sister. She wants Nik for her own and would do almost anything to get him. Jade Connelly: Alicia's best friend and advisor. She's eighteen years old and madly in love with Erik Daniels. Kyle Boyn: A charming 18 year old guy. He is deeply in love with Alicia. Erik Daniels: An extremely sexy eighteen year old who is lusting after Brook Forrest, yet secretly is in love with Jade Connelly. Part One: Alicia Gets Laid by a Rock StarEver since Alicia met Nikolas Tarrick at a dance where he sang, she was drawn by his male magnetism. Was it the way his brown eyes held hers or was it his hot, kinky kiss? Surely no one saw them kiss!!! It had been dark in the park that night. It had been a warm beautiful night, so Alicia had decided to walk home after the dance. Kyle, the guy she had a massive crush on, hadn't come. She was thinking of Kyle when suddenly an arm snaked out from behind a tree and grabbed her.

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   Her heart leapt from fear. Only a week ago, she and Jade had went to see "Nightmare on Elm Street. " Recognizing it to be Nik who had grabbed her, Alicia began calming down. Something about this guy stirred hot passion within her blood. His mouth looked so kissable, and his eyes were dark with passion. She scolded herself for thinking that way about a man she barely knew. Besides, why would he want her. . . an innocent virgin, when he had been known to hang out with loose girls like her twin sister?!"I've been watching you. . . " he said in a low moan. "You scared me," she gasped, her pulse erratic as he held her very close against his hard, muscular chest. His shirt was half open and her cheek brushed against his kinky chest hair.

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  "I want you," he said in a rough whisper. He leaned closer, his mouth inches from hers, and she could smell the scent of booze on his breath. "Wh--- what do you mean?""I want to fuck you," he said, gazing into her eyes. "And you know, I ALWAYS get what I want. "With those words, his mouth suddenly pressed hard against hers. It was her first kiss, and she was lost. Nikolas Tarrick was an expert. His tongue caressed hers, until she tingled all over and moaned. She pressed up against his body, her tongue playing kinky games with his. "You want me, too. "After he said the words, he turned, walking away without so much as a backward glance. Ever since that night, Nik Tarrick dominated Alicia's every thought and dream. All she thought of was him. Everyone seemed to notice her strange behavior, but she only told her best friend Jade exactly what had happened. About two weeks later, Alicia's parents had to go out of town for her father's business trip, and Brook had gone to spend the night with a friend.

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  . . or so she said. For the first time ever, Alicia was alone in the house all night long. As the night wore on, she began getting a little scared when she thought she saw a shadow of a person standing outside the window of the living room. She then let out a scream, jumping up off the couch when the doorbell rang. She walked over to the front door, slowly opening it. She let out a sigh of relief, seeing it was Kyle. "Hey babe," he said. "Want to go to Look Out Point?"Alicia was still pissed at him for not showing up at the dance the other night. "No, Kyle. . . I don't think I'll go," she said. "Please.

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   It will be a lot of fun. Afterwards, we could go for a walk beside the lake. ""No thank you, Kyle. I'm going to bed now. Good night," Alicia said, closing the door in his face. She then went into the bathroom to brush her hair and change into her frilly little nightie. Just then, the doorbell rang again. "Gawd damn him!" Alicia quipped, as she ran to the door to answer it. As she swung the door open, she growled, "Kyle, you asshole. . . just leave me alone!!!"But it wasn't Kyle at the door. It was Nik!!!Alicia's breath caught in her throat. She couldn't speak. She could only stare at him in shock.

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   His dark curly hair was windblown, and he had on a white tank top and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans. A gold hoop shone in his earlobe. He was so sexy he took Alicia's breath away. "Hello, angel," he said to her in his husky voice. "Nik, wh--- what are you doing here?" Alicia asked her voice shaking as she spoke. He walked closer, until he had stepped inside the house as Alicia slowly backed away. His gaze locked with hers. He reached behind him, closing the door without ever breaking the gaze. "You're such a beautiful girl, and I want you, Alicia, Do you know that? Do you know how much I want to fuck you?""No!!! You must leave!" Alicia cried out, moving farther away. But Nik followed her. He moved so close that Alicia could feel his hot breath against her cheek. Again, it was obvious he had been drinking. His hand came forward in a sensuous touch, caressing her soft creamy cheek. "I will do anything to have you," he said in a thick voice as he was hypnotizing her with his dark piercing eyes. His arms slid around her, molding her body against his.

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   His lips crashed down onto hers in a hot, savage kiss. Tingles of desire coursed thru Alicia. She wrapped her arms around Nik, feeling the muscles in his arms tighten around her in response. He lifted her into his arms, carrying her over to the sofa. There he lay her down upon it and lay down on top of her. Alicia was aware of nothing but the passion and the wild soaring of her heart. His kisses grew hotter and hotter as his hands slid under her sheer nightie, touching her breasts. Soft gasps of ecstasy floated from Alicia's lips. Just then, her parents walked in. They had come back from their business trip early. What happened next was awful!!! Nik just stood up and left. . . without so much as a look her way. Alicia's father was furious.

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   He forbid his daughter to ever see Nikolas Tarrick again, then sent her to her room, saying she was grounded for two months. Alicia might have protested that she was 18 years old and could sleep with whomever she wanted if it weren't for her mother sobbing, saying her baby girl's life was ruined. Alicia felt tears sting her own eyes; she was so heartbroken by how Nik had just left her like that, treating her like some tramp. Alicia went to her room, sobbing her heart out into her pillow. The next morning, she got up very early before her parents did to call Jade and tell her what happened. "I wish I could go talk to Nik, but my parents won't even let me out in my front yard," she told her best friend. "They are treating me like a baby. I'm eighteen freaking years old. ""You could call him," Jade suggested. "No, that won't be good enough. . . besides Mom and Dad might hear. ""You could sneak out tonight, after everyone is in bed, and meet him some place. ""Its worth a try.

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   Mom and Dad will kill me if they ever find out though. ""I'll drop by Nik's house later and slip a note under his door. I'll write, Meet me you-know-where at the park tonight," Jade offered. "But what time shall I tell him you'd like to meet him?""A quarter after midnight," said Alicia. "Thanks so much, Jade. I owe you one. "Alicia knew she was asking for trouble by planning to meet up with Nik this way, but she really didn't care. Her parents would be furious if they discovered she was sneaking out to see Nikolas Tarrick alone in the park after dark, and Alicia was aware that it meant she was inviting more of his kinky kisses, passionate touches, and his lovemaking. A little before midnight, when everyone in the house was fast asleep, Alicia slipped out of her bedroom after quickly getting dressed. She then hastily snuck out the front door. She had just walked outside when she realized it was a cool night, and she had forgotten to bring along a warm jacket. She was afraid of going back inside and making too much noise, so she did not go back to get it. Only the street lights lit her way toward the park. The tall trees standing in the park looked dark and gloomy as approached. Alicia almost wished then that she had chosen another place to meet Nik.

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   Slowly, she walked over to the tree where he had grabbed her before. Her heart was beating fast in her chest as she hoped he would be here. "Nik," she whispered. She started to walk around the tree when an arm reached out from the other side of it, grasping her. Even though she had suspected Nik might pull that trick again, still Alicia was startled. "I knew it would be you, angel," he said in a low rasp. "I knew you wanted me. . . ""Nik, my father is so angry. I am grounded. . . and they told me I could never see you again. Nik, why did you do that to me? How could you just run off and leave me like that?"Suddenly his mouth crashed over hers in a hot kiss.

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   Alicia's arms wound around his strong back, sliding over his skin in a passionate caress. Feelings of hot desire rushed over her. She was so hot for Nik. . . . She wanted him to ravish her. "I want you. . . " he moaned after lifting his lips away and looking down into her emerald-green eyes. "No, Nik. . . please.


  . . I am not like Brook," she warned him with fear in her eyes. "You. . . you're scaring me. . . "A hand came forward to brush against Alicia's cheek in a tender caress. "I'd never hurt you, Alicia. I'm glad you aren't like Brook. Don't be scared, angel," he said, gazing into her eyes. Alicia shivered as Nik pulled her closer. "Nik, I'm really cold.

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   I didn't bring a jacket. Let's go sit in the shelter house and ummmm. . . talk," Alicia suggested, stumbling over the words, because she was certain they were going to do more than just talk. "We could go to my place," Nik said, his voice thick and his eyes passion-laced. "O--- okay," said Alicia very nervously, because she knew what was gonna happen once they got to his place. Nik's house wasn't very far away, and Alicia was grateful for its warmth once they had stepped inside. She sat down on the sofa as Nik switched on the stereo. Nik then came over and sat down next to her, putting an arm around her waist as he began to nibble and lick her earlobes and then her neck. Alicia trembled. "Ohhhh Nik. . . please don't," she pleaded.

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  "I want you. . . . and you want me, too," said Nik in a rough voice. His mouth then swept down to hers in a deep, passionate kiss. Alicia was lost. She didn't care anymore. She didn't care if she lost her innocence or if her parents found her gone. All she was aware of was Nik's lips and exploring hands. She wanted this man. Nik carried Alicia to the bedroom, placing her upon his bed. Only the glow of a tiny lamp upon his nightstand lit the room. Nik just stood there for a few moments, gazing down at her. His eyes were hungry.

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   He looked like a wolf about to pounce upon its prey. He then began removing Alicia's clothes, piece by piece. Alicia was excited, nervous, and a little scared all at once. "You'll love this, angel," Nik groaned, as he took off her last article of clothing. His hot mouth swept down her body in a sweet caress. Alicia sucked in her breath, feeling his warm lips on her neck. Her nipples got hard, and he began to taste them. "Angel," he said in a hot whisper, his mouth sliding down to the wetness between her legs. He spread her legs wide, tasting her. She shivered as he slid his tongue inside of her. He began to thrust it in and out of Alicia, making love to her with it. "Ohhh Nik. . . .

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   Ohhhh Nik," she moaned. "Ohhh Gawd!!!"He then stood up, taking off his own clothes, showing Alicia the huge throbbing cock between his legs. Her eyes widened as he moved over her, kissing her mouth as the hard tip of his cock was pressing against her moist pussy. He finally tore his lips away from hers, stating, "I can't wait to fuck you!" With those words, he rammed into Alicia in a single stroke, taking her virginity and making her scream out in pain. He then began to thrust inside of her fast and hard as Alicia's tears flowed. "Nik!' she cried out, her nails scoring his back as he was moving into her so roughly. After a few minutes, the pain was beginning to ease, and Alicia's passion grew. "Ohhh Nik. . . " she moaned out, wrapping her legs around his hips, wanting him to pound into her so deep. Suddenly Alicia screamed, a climax tearing thru her young body. Nik let out a groan of lust, spilling his hot seed deep inside of Alicia. Alicia would never forget the pleasure and the pain of that very first time. .

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  . . (Chapter Two soon to follow . . . stay tuned).