The Night I watched


It all started around 7pm, I went and picked up the girls from Amanda’s house, I cant remember what they were both wearing but I do remember that they were extremely gorgeous. At the time, Amanda was my girlfriend and I knew she had a history of doing stuff with girls. I love hearing stories of lesbian stuff, or when Amanda tells me of her past experiences! Anyways, After I had picked them up, we drove around a little and then realized we had enough money to get a 12 pack of beer, so off to Amanda’s brothers we went, Amanda and I had been really kissy and flurty tonight, and we were doing it all infront of her friend, which turned me on even more! So as we waited for her brother the girls and I fixed up a couple hard drinks and slurped them up and just finished them as they steped threw the door. So we were on our way.
<!--[if we drove around trying to think of a place to drink. I remembered a neat OLD castle about 15 minutes outside of town, down a dirt road, so we headed that way. Just before we hit the dirt road, we stoped and had a few beers each. Now the girls were a little loose and Amanda was still really flurty with me all infront of Kelsey. So we then decided to head to the castle, Kelsey was very scared, and when we got there, she wanted to hold my hand, so Amanda said sure. So that was interesting, here boobs pressed against me as she was scared. We went into the castle, but only for a little while. We then turned around, went to my car and had another beer as we all called to get more time to hang out.
<!--[if we drove around a little more and Amanda started rubbing my leg, I knew Kelsey could see as I got a stiff cock in no time at all. I didn’t care at all about what Amanda though about my hard on, and I didn’t care that Kelsey saw it. I was so horny now that I just took amanda’s hand an placed it on my cock, she started stroking it as I started to moan. By this time, I knew Kelsey was looking at me, because I looked in the rear view mirror to her staring at Amanda’s hand jackin me off.

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   I knew she was lovin it because of her nipples pocking threw her shirt and the hand she had buried between her legs. I watched her, but only for a moment, she noticed me looking at her, I just winked!
<!--[if now, the girls needed to go pee, I suppose I did to, so I drove down a dead end road and we all got out to take a pee. Kelsey was done first and she went back to the car to get her beer. She stood outside looking towards Amanda. I noticed this as I was walking to where I was gunna go pee. So I get to where im going, drop my pants and my hard cock springs out. I managed to pee though, thank god, because I really needed to go by then!, so as iim walkin back, I come across Amanda, and at the time, Kelsey wasn’t looking, so I push her down, whip my cock back out as she gets on her knee’s. She starts to suck my cock going deeper and deeper each time, Kelsey herd Amanda gag and she looked over at her suckin my dick. She started to play with herself, but it was only for a couple seconds, cause Amanda wanted to get back to the car because Kelsey was there all alone. So we got in a drove a little longer.
<!--[if 10 minutes l8er, Amanda was back giving me a hand job, but this time my 7 ½ cock was in plain view to Kelsey, Amanda was furiously playin with my dick, she loved it, I made sure to slide over as far as I could so Kelsey could watch. Then Amanda stoped and turned to Kelsey, she came close and then they started to kiss as Amanda forced her tounge deep into kelseys mouth as she moaned. I was getting so hard n wet, I almost blew my load but I knew I couldn’t as I was in my car and I needed to jackoff longer with the girls doing this. So I pulled the car over on the side of the road, took off my seat belt and turned around on my seat to see the girls going at each other, hard core. I just sat there saying, omg that’s so hot and beating my cock infront of the 2 gorgeous girls.

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   I car drove by and the girls got scared, so Amanda ran to the back seat with Kelsey and they continued to make out as I watched them in the rear view mirror, continuously playing with my dick. This went on for about another 10 mins and then the girls wanted to go home, to kelseys house that is, as Amanda was planning to spend the night there. I asked Kelsey if it was ok if I stayed the night too as I didn’t really want to drive home, and plus, I wanted to watch them go at it!.
<!--[if we get back to her house, I was aloud to stay and we just sat there for about 45 mins watching movies, no one really talked and nothing exciting happened. The girls now wanted to go to bed, I had no hard feelings about that! Kelsey’s house was small so I had to stay in the same room as them, but on the floor, I was ok with that too! So we get into her room and they get there beds all made, and we watch a little tv. I turned to where they were sleeping as I herd the sounds of kissing, to my surprise, they were, I was instantly hard again and just pulled my dick back out and started jacking off again watchin the girls make out, they didn’t know I was watchin them yet. But after about 4 mins of kissing, Kelsey jumped up on Amanda and started to play with her tits, at this time, I got up and stood beside there bed playing with myself. Kelsey then took off Amanda shirt and bra and started to kiss her neck, slowly working down to her small, but nice tits, suckin on each nipple and then back up to her mouth. Amanda didn’t like the idea of her being the only one naked, so she flipped Kelsey off and Amanda jumped on top of her doing the same thing to Kelsey, off comes the shirt and bra, and she starts to suck on kelseys nipples and neck, shes a big moaner which made me extremely wet, almost blowing my load on the 2 girls. Amanda started movin her body all over Kelsey and Amanda started to moan, now I know Amanda gets off even with clothes on, so it wasn’t long before she let out a big burst of energy, Kelsey and I could both see her wet pants. Without hesitation, Kelsey took her index finger and middle finger and went right into amandas pants straight to her juicy pussy, takin out some liquids of amanda’s, Kelsey loved this and sucked it all off her fingers, repeating for a few minutes, every so often givng Amanda some of her own juice aswell. I got so hot by now, that I told the girls to get up and sit on the edge of the bed, they did as they were told and Kelsey was the first to get my cock crammed into her throat, she gaged, I pulled out and went to Amanda, she loved it, but I was so hot by now I couldn’t take anymore. So I pulled my dick out of her mouth, jacked off for a few seconds before shooting my hot load of cum all over the 2 girls faces and bodys. It felt like I was dreaming, it was so nice, when  I was done Kelsey quickly grabbed my dick and sucked all the extra cum off it and swallowed it. I was so tired now that we all just went to bed after th girls got naked and slept together.

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   But that was it for them for the night.
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The end

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