The Party


“Go on, it’ll do you good to get out”, suggested Tracy.
“Yeah, man.   There’ll be some hot girls there and you never know…”, added my best friend, and Tracy’s husband, Dave.
“I don’t know, it’s not been that long since Dawn and I split up”, I replied.
The words were hardly out of my mouth before Tracy laughed and replied in a mock stern voice, “ Not long, not long?  It’s been almost a year since that dirty bitch left you.   And who’s been picking up the pieces since then? Us!  Now don’t argue you’re coming with us at the weekend and you can show them girlies what they’ve been missing, boy!”
So that was it.   My mind appeared to have been made up for me.   I was going to a party on Friday with my best friend and his wife.   It had been nearly a year, as Tracy reminded me, since my wife had left me for some half-assed reason and, I suspect, another guy.   In that time I had not been out of the house except to go to work and to visit with Dave and Tracy once a week for a few beers and pizza.   On those nights we’d rent a couple of movies and get pretty wasted.   Sometimes, when it was Dave’s turn to choose the movies, we’d end up with at least one porno movie, always with the same theme – two guys fucking one girl.   Tracy would normally go to bed and leave us to watch the movie telling us to behave and not get up to anything too pervy, then wink and add unless she could watch.   Let me tell you, after those nights I would get home and jerk off with images of Tracy in my mind, I’d picture her going-down on us both before we fucked her.   I’d always fancied Tracy, and who wouldn’t?  She was 5’0”, with long dark hair, of slim build but with curves where they count and the sweetest looking 34B tits – she was hot!  Considering she was 38 she was very hot.   Dave and I are both 43, having known each other since our early teens, and funny enough we are of similar build – around 5’10” and what could be described as not quite athletic but by no means a pair of fat 40 somethings.

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So that was Saturday and it was now Friday morning, the day of the party.   They had told me that the theme of the party was Heaven and Hell so everyone had to dress as something from either Heaven or Hell.   I had spent all week trying to think what to wear in the end I decided to keep it simple and bought a long white nightshirt added with a piece of bent wire wrapped in foil and I was an instant angel.   We had arranged that I would drive to Dave and Tracy’s and we would get a cab from there and after the party I would crash in their spare room.   I was like a nervous teenager waiting till it was time to make the five minute drive to their house.
When I got there Dave met me at the door, he was dressed as what he claimed was an imp.   His costume consisted of a pair of skin tight red leather shorts with a red tail sticking out the back, a three pointed fork, some plastic horns on his head and nothing else.   “Tracy’s just getting ready, she’ll be down in a minute. ” He said as he greeted me at the door, “Come on I’ll get us some drinks. ”
I sat on the sofa while he went to get us some beer.   Just as he got back with the beers and sat down in walked Tracy – I nearly dropped my bottle.   She looked amazing.   Like me she was an angel but unlike me she hadn’t kept it simple.   Oh she had the bent bit of wire wrapped in foil and was wearing all white but these were the only things we had in common.   She was wearing long, past her elbow,  silk gloves.

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    On the top half of her body she was wearing a lacy basque, and I’m sure I could make out the dark shapes of her nipples but I didn’t want to stare too long.   Moving down she had on a very short slightly flared skirt which only just covered the cheeks of her ass but made no attempt at covering the white suspenders she was using to hold up her lace top stockings.   Finally, on her feet, she was wearing a pair of quite high white stilettos. Holy shit she looked hot.
“What do you think guys?” she asked in a schoolgirl like voice.
Dave just whistled and I was speechless.
“I thought I’d be an angel, but a slightly naughty one. ”
“You look real great”, I finally managed to say.
“Why thank you, sir.   Us angels will have to stick together to save each other from these horny devils. ” She said to me with a wicked grin and a wink.
We all had a few more beers while we waited for the taxi.   Every time Tracy went to get the beers my eyes were glued to her ass as it wiggled under that short skirt.  
When the taxi arrived Tracy jumped in the back and Dave went to follow, “Oh no, Devils in the front and us angels in the back,” she said, holding her hand up in a stop sign.   Dave did as he was told and I joined Tracy in the back of the cab.

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    As we drove along I could not help but look at Tracy’s legs.   By the light of the passing street lights I could see the tops of her stockings and that her already short skirt had ridden up her legs when she sat down.   I could just make out what I thought was the crotch of her panties.
I could have stayed in the back of that cab all night but we soon arrived at the party.   Dave paid the drive while Tracy took my arm and lead me to the front door which was open.   Looking inside it appeared that most people had dressed with the same style as Dave and Tracy – very minimal and very sexy.   There were women in short skirts and pants and some with no skirts… just underwear.   The men were much the same and some were walking around with just thong pouch type pants on, I felt very overdressed.   “Come on, us angels need a drink. ” Tracy declared, as she pulled me by the arm towards what was the bar.   Serving the drink, bathed in a red light, was a woman of about 50 wearing a g-string and nothing else, her entire body was painted red, I couldn’t decide if it was the light or if she was painted.   This turned out to be our hostess, Deborah.
Deborah and her husband had obviously thought hard about the party.   As we went from room to room, Tracy leading me, the lighting changed.   Some rooms had red lights, some blue and some had those black-light UV bulbs so that anything white shone out – it was that light which gave me a good idea that Tracy was either wearing a thong or no panties at all, because there was no shape on her ass were the panties should be.

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    As we continued our tour Tracy would stop and introduce me to people.   Most would give her a polite kiss on each cheek but as time went on some of the kisses got slightly more friendly with one guy giving her a long kiss on the mouth whilst his hand rubbed her legs.   After their embrace ended Tracy just winked at me and said that he was an old friend of hers.   As we passed from room to room I noticed more and more couples kissing and groping each other, until we came full circle and were back at the main room where we started.   As I looked around I caught sight of Dave, with his arm around our hostess groping her ass as he kissed her full on the lips, his other hand was on her tit playing with her nipple.   I thought Tracy would go mad but she just looked and laughed, “He always starts first, the impatient bastard. ”
“You don’t mind?” I asked her.
“Hell no, we’re here to have fun and enjoy ourselves,” she replied, and grabbed my ass, “and so should you.   All you have to do is grab someone you like the look of and give them a kiss.   If they kiss you back you carry on, if they don’t you move to the next one.   But there is one rule, before midnight you can only go with your own kind – angels with angels and devils with devils.   After midnight, anything goes.   Now go have fun. ”  She slapped me on my ass and pushed me into the room of people.  
I wondered around and as I passed through the rooms I enjoyed a few long passionate kisses with fellow angels.

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    Whilst in one long embrace with a cute blonde angel I happened to spy Tracy getting kissed by someone who had decided to go that bit further.   He had pushed the front of her basque down and was rubbing her tits.   I was mesmerized, her nipples were like small dark buds on the tips of firm tits that pointed slightly up.   Tracy broke off from her admirer and more from my line of sight.   I carried on with my kissing of the angel I was with when I felt someone rub my ass and put their arms around me from behind.   Their hands slowly worked their way down to my now hard cock and gave it a squeeze.   I broke my embrace and turn to see who my new friend was. As I turned the first thing I saw were two perfect tits with dark bud nipples – my groper was Tracy.
“You didn’t think you’d escape me did you, babe?” she asked looking deep into my eyes.
As she was saying this the clock started to chime midnight…

This is my first story, any comments will be read and if enough people ask for it part 2 ‘After midnight, when two become three” will be submitted. .

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