Under Cover


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“We’ll have a little more privacy here,” said the hooker as she and two men walked into the hotel room.
“This certainly is a lot better than trying to poke you in the back of a car,” said John, the older, taller one.
They’d met as she was standing on a street corner at two in the morning on a Saturday night. The two men had rolled up next to her, the flirting started, and a minute later she was in the car necking with them.
It was her suggestion to go to a hotel because it was too cramped with three people trying to fuck in the back seat. She needed more space to “work her magic. ”
“How much is this gonna cost us, Sweet Stuff?” asked Larry, the short, handsome one who wore his hair in a crew cut, which led the hooker to believe he was ex-military.
She touched his head and said, “It depends on what you want to do, Curly. A little head or a little tit?” she asked as she touched his chest.
He moved her pink leather jacket off her shoulders, revealing her ample tits that were snuggled nicely behind a black and white leopard skin bra shirt. He touched her soft tits, moved closer, and said, “I can go for that. ”
She grabbed a handful of ass and said, “What about eight inches of tail?”
“Ooh baby,” moaned Larry.
John was behind her stroking the bulge in his pants. He motioned for her to turn around with his left hand as he was unzipping his pants with the other.

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He said, “Why don’t we start with a little head and you just keep the meter running?”
The jacket was off and she was on her knees in seconds. “I’d like to work out the price first,” she said.
John said, “We’ll have all three meals (they wanted to fuck her in the mouth, pussy, and ass) and maybe something a little sweet and sticky for dessert (they wanted to give her a facial). ”
John wanted to say more, but he had gotten his cock out and the hooker was slowly sliding it in and out of her mouth. His head fell back and he started moaning.
Larry filled in for him by saying, “And make the meal hot, Honey, and we’ll even give you a nice tip. ”
“Sounds good to me. ”
Larry was enjoying his view of the girl sucking his friend’s cock. He was slowly masturbating his cock just enough to keep an erection. His eyes were fixed on the woman’s lips wrapped tightly around his friend’s prick.
John’s eyes were closed. His head was rolling around. He was in a deep haze that made it hard for him to keep his balance.
All seemed to be going according to plan for the boys. They were enjoying themselves so much that neither of them noticed the covert cameras hidden around the room.

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The woman looked, behaved, and sucked cock like a prostitute, but she wasn’t really a prostitute. Her real name was Sergeant Liza White. She was an undercover officer of Metro Vice and this was just another sting operation.
“Yeah, that’s it,” moaned John. He started slowly humping her mouth. He’d taken his shirt off and let his pants fall to the floor.
Larry’s cock was hard and aching to be sucked. Seeing what Liza was doing to John was making it ten times worse. He pulled his shirt off and said, “I better get me some of that too. ” He dropped his pants and took a step closer.
Liza was taking in huge mouthfuls of John’s cock. Her snatch was starting to get that itch, as it always did whenever she sucked cock.
“Come on, warm up my engines too,” said Larry.
She continued sucking John but she stroked Larry’s cock as she did it. She could feel it rising and hardening in her hand as John stiffened to full erection in her mouth.

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She cupped John’s balls and used them to force feed the full length of his dick into her mouth. It went so deep that his pubic hairs brushed her lips and John trembled and gasped.
She let it fall from her lips and turned to Larry’s cock, which was slightly limp but very excited and eager.
“Yeah, get it hard in your mouth,” he said excitedly. “Yeah. Yeah, suck that cock. ”
Within a few seconds it had swollen to twice its size and was hard as a brick. She pulled it from her mouth, and referring to where Larry’s home town, said, “They sure grow them big in Texas. ”
“That’s right, Honey. A whole mouthful,” he said.
Liza shoved his cock deep into her mouth and grabbed his balls giving them a gentle squeeze.
“Hot damn!” blurted Larry.
Deep-throats were Liza’s specialty because she was good at it, but mainly because she loved doing it. Her pussy was soaked by now and no one had even touched her.
It was the scent of their cocks so close to her nose and moaning and hissing they were doing as she pleasured them with her mouth.

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   She could suck dick forever and never get tired of it.
John told her to keep working on Larry while he took the rest of his clothes off. When he was done, he motioned for her to lift her ass in the air.
She stood up and pulled her tits out instead, which nearly blew Larry’s mind. She dropped back to his cock and sucked in a deep mouthful.
She could hear John getting ready to slide into her from behind. The thought of having a cock in her mouth and a cock in her pussy was driving her mad with anticipation.
Knowing she was being watched by her fellow officers was turning her on too. As a matter of fact, at that very moment they were discussing what to do. No bust had ever gone this far and they were confused about whether or not to let it continue. The agent in charge told them to wait. There wasn’t anything they could do. Money had to exchange hands before an arrest could be made, so they had to sit by and watch until it was over.
Liza felt a pair of hands forcing her legs wider, and then a tongue worming its way into her wet hole. Larry grabbed her head and started ramming it up and down on his prick.

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An intense rush of tingles filled Liza’s cunt. John was working magic with his tongue, the way it slithered around and bumped every wall of her horny twat. The only thing that kept her from screaming was that there was too much dick between her lips for any sound to escape.
Eight inches of hard cock stretched Liza’s pussy to capacity. John was behind her thrusting mightily into her. Sweat was pouring down the side of his head.
It felt too good. She could hardly concentrate on sucking dick. Her moaning was getting louder with every ticking minute.
Her pussy was getting wetter and stretching wider, allowing him to shove more of his girth inside her sweet pussy.
“Oh, yeah, fuck me!” she said.
“Yeah, you like that fucking? You are a naughty whore, ain’t ya?”
“Oh, yeah!” moaned Liza as she stroked John’s cock. “Ooh, oh, oh, my god. ” Her pussy was gushing like a broken faucet.
“That’s right, bitch.

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   I’m gonna make you cum all over my cock. ”
But he was too late. Liza had already cum repeatedly. Her pussy was ablaze and everything about the situation had her whole body feeling more alive than anything she had ever experienced. John had a death grip on her hips and was humping her like he wanted his cock to touch her belly button from the inside.
“You wanna fuck?” said John.
“Oh, yes,” said Liza.
“Say it!”
“Fuck yeah, fuck me!”
Larry said, “Suck it, baby,” and stuffed her mouth full of throbbing dick.
“I like it when you talk like a whore. ”
Larry said, “Stop talking and start sucking. ” She obeyed.
“Let the little whore suck dick,” grunted John, enjoying the squeeze of her snug cunt.
But he’d been fucking her for a long time and his legs were getting tired. It was time to trade places and let Larry feel her pussy.
Larry lay on his back.

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   Liza mounted him reverse cowgirl style and started bouncing on his throbbing member.
John was standing on the bed with his cock buried deep in Liza’s mouth. She fingered her clit as she relished in the feel of Larry’s massive prick digging in and out of her wet snatch, her juices running down the sides of his cock and settling on his pubic hair and balls.
“Suck that dick, you little whore!” barked John. “Ride his cock! Yeah, we’re gonna show you how to fuck, ain’t we? You’re gonna cum again. ”
“I’m cumming!”
“Right now?”
“Yes! Oh, ohhh!”
“That’s right; cum on his dick. ”
It was like someone had turned the heat up 20 degrees. It was baking hot in there. The bed was squeaking like crazy.
They flipped her over. Larry was still in her pussy but John lay on her back.
“I hope you’re ready for some Texas cock in your ass,” he said as he eased his shining dick into her tight asshole. It was time for some DP (double penetration) action.
Since Larry’s big prick was already in her pussy, it made it seem like there was even less space in her ass. It was like fucking virgin pussy, only tighter.

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Liza let out a loud, thunderous scream as she felt both heated, rock-hard penises burrowing into her, reaming her inner walls, making her feel like the cock hungry whore that she was.
“Yeah, fuck that ass!” she screamed. “Ooh god, that big dick!”
All three of them were tingling fiercely. The boys were only seconds from climaxing themselves.
John jumped off of her and started masturbating. Larry gave him a look that said, “You read my mind,” and motioned Liza to get off of him and take his place on the bed.
“Here’s some of my Texas juice,” grunted Larry as cum started blasting out of his prick
The first cum shot took Liza by surprise. She jerked when she felt his warm juices hit her cheek at a hundred miles per hour, but she was quick to recover and keep her jaws spread wide for every drop of nut that followed.
“Yeah, give her that Texas juice,” John encouraged as he was stroking his meat, working on his own orgasm that was coming fast.
He watched Liza fasten her lips around Larry’s cock head with semen splattered all over her face and start sucking on it trying to savor the last few drops. She was a nasty fuck, better than either of them thought possible. Now it was his turn to soil her pretty face.
“You want some more, honey?”
He put his dick a couple inches from her mouth. He stroked it with a small twisting motion keeping his eyes fixed on Liza, picturing how she would look with his jizz smeared all over her sexy face.
His ass clenched when he felt his juices burning up his shaft.

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   “Open wide,” he groaned.
Liza leaned forward and extended her tongue just as a glob of cum popped out of John’s dick. It landed directly in her mouth and slid down her throat before she had a chance to taste it.
More spurt into her mouth. She let it stay there a few seconds and then let it spill from her mouth onto her tits and belly, steadily lapping at his cock head until every drop was in, or on, her mouth.
Like she did with Larry, she started sucking his spent cock so she could savor the salty taste of spunk coming straight from its source. John groaned and shuddered through it all.
“Now you’ve tasted Texas cum,” said Larry.
“Stick ‘em both in your mouth, you slut. ”
Liza licked both cocks, pressed them together, and then fed them into her mouth, which was stuffed to the max. They were too big to suck together so she just licked the cock heads and swirled her tongue in the remaining spoo that was leaking.
Now that they were satisfied, it was time to pay up. “That was one hell of a meal, little lady,” said John.
Larry pulled out a huge wad of cash, handed it to Liza, and said, “Whatever it cost, I’m sure this’ll cover it. ”
“You sure you guys don’t want some more dessert?”
“Well, I sure could use another slice of that Sweet Butt Pudding Pie of yours,” John joked.

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She opened the drawer of the nightstand next to the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs. As she was slapping them on John’s wrist, she said, “I think you better think again. ”
“What the hell…”
“Alright boys,” said Liza, and two agents stormed the room.
The first had a gun pointed at them. The other was more relaxed and had a big grin on his face.
He said, “Smile, boys, you’re on L. A. P. D. camera. ” He pressed the button on his walkie talkie and said, “We got ‘em. Ten-four. ”
“I thought you were a nice girl,” yelled John.
Sarcastically, she said, “That’s why you wanted to fuck me up the ass?”
“You gotta be kidding me,” shouted Larry.
Exasperated, John said, “This is fucking bullshit…only in L.


  A. !”
They’d made their bust, but Liza had taken it way too far. She was going to have an interesting evening explaining this one at the station tonight. But judging by the bulges on her teammates' crotches, she could probably find a way not to have to explain anything at all.
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