Yard Work Help Pt. 3


That Summer was so wild, I had never been fucked and used so much in so short of a time in my life. All Summer the boys came eery two weeks and took care of the yeard. They came over individually too, just to touch up my needs for sex and to see if I was okay. There were different boys there sometimes but usually the same group of 5 to 8 guys. One day as they left one came over and kissed me good bye, "Oh, Teresa, We are having some guys come in later this week, they are from a team that we played and wanted to know if they can come over. " he said. "Sure hun, how many can I expect?" I asked. "Well, including us, maybe 25 or 30. Can you handle that?" "Hunny," I said, feeling my stomach tie in knots, "the question is, can you all handle me?" and I laughed. Really, I was nervous as Hell. "Friday night then?" he asked. "Good, my husband will be out of town this weekend anyway.
Well, I told Steve and he set up the cameras for long record and left for Texas Friday morning. They would come on when I flipped a switch. I bathed and decided to stay naked and at 7 four vans drove up and into the driveway and around to the back. I went to the back door and opened it and let all these hard hung studs into the house.

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   They each kissed me and squeezed me in some way as they passted and went to the rec room. I turned on the camera switch as I went downstairs and when I got there they turned towards me. "She is fucking hot man. " one said and the other agreed in various ways. I had laid a padded mat in the middle of the pool table and made sure that the lighting was good. I kissed a couple as I made my way to the table. I got on it and began massaging my tits, "Well, all you guys gonna be able to handle me? Kep me satisified? Make me moan and groan and beg for more?" I taunted them. "Hell yeh lady. that should be no problem, after all, you are out numbered. " one said and the others laughed. "Well, from my view, it is you guys that are out numbered. Come one, who is first? I take it in all the holes, separately or all at once. Let's get started. " said and 5 climbed onto the table. I grabbed cocks and laid back, already soaking wet.

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   I was lifted and impaled on a cock in my ass then one slipped into my pussy. I was leaned back and one went into my throat and they began pumping in and out of me. They were all amazed as the first three filled me and I sat up and took the other two into my mouth and sucked them off, their cum all over my face and in my mouth.
"Come on, more guys, let's have it. " I ordered. More got on the table and filled me again and again I took their loads and beged for more. Orgasms were shocking me one after another and waves of pleasure washed over me. Over and over they all took turns and I was numb but my orgasms kept washing over me and making me feel so hot. I almost collapsed and in fact was not able to hold my legs apart and was limp but kept demanding more cock. "More cocks guys, more cocks," the films had me yelling over and over again. There were boys there of every color and they all fucked me over and over again. I did not count how many did it to me and how many times they did but I knew that all that cum felt so good in and on me. It took hours to edit the tapes into something good and kept Steve hard for all that time.
They still come over for yard work all Summer then after for other things.

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