40 years of wanting my cousin


My cousin Chris is two days younger than I. I spent 40 years thinking that she is the prettiest women I ever met. Chris is 5 foot 6 and 135 pounds and 35 pounds of that is firm tits. Even at 40 years of age her tits stand proud. She is asked so often if she had a boob job that she wears a shirt that reads 100% real.
I was to go spend the weekend with her and her husband Dale. My wife could not go along on this visit so I went alone.
I had been snooping around on an adult friend site when I found a nice profile I liked. This nice gal was very interesting but would not send a picture of herself, so I in return did not send her a picture of myself. Since she lived in the same town as Chris and Dale I desided to meet her on a blind date. We had gotten very nasty and talked about all the sex dreams we had. I told her that if I could pick one lady that I wanted make love to all night long with it would be this sexy goddes that I knew. As we talked she said you need to make this dream come true. I told my online date that there was one problem, my dream lady was my cousin. Dreams Only ( my cyber friend ) confessed that she wanted to fuck her cousin in the worst way also. We had a good laugh.

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   Dreams said that she had peeked through the window at her cousin many times. She told me that it was just a few months ago that she had watched him thru a bathroom door that was partly open as he stroked his hard thick cock. We spent many hours typing out how we wanted to fuck our cousins.
Chris’s husband is a dry drunk and does not go into the bars. Chris likes a drink now and again so she planed to take me out for a drink. Dale was happy to let us go out for a few. I had planed to meet Dreams at Big Al’s. Now that Chris was going along how could I explain meeting another woman.
Chris would get horny as hell when she had a few drinks.   After two drinks Chris started to tell me that Dale had lost his sex drive and she never got any cock anymore.   I kept looking for Dreams to walk in and Chris noticed. I told Chris that my wife was not very active also, and it had been three months since we had sex.   Chris asked me if I would be shocked if she had a boyfriend. I said no and asked if she would be shocked if I found a lover to night.
Chris excused herself to the lady’s room and I noticed how much she looked like what Dreams said she looked like.

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   Everything was there but the red dress that she said she would be wearing and glasses. Midnight came and went and I lost hope in meeting my date. I asked Chris she was ready to leave, she asked me if I was not going to pick up a lady. I told Chris that I planed to meet a blind date but that she was in my Dreams Only. Chris grabbed my arm and said did you just say Dreams Only. I said yes that is her online handle. Chris said I’ll be back in a few minutes. Chris walked back in the door ten minutes later wearing a red dress and glasses. I about fell off my bar stool.
We took each other in our arms and kissed a lovers kiss. Chris asked me if I was still planning to spend the night at her house. I said no that I still had my motel rented.
We went to the motel and made love until 4am.
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