A Date For The Dance


Hope Foster couldn't believe her ears.

"You know the rules, young lady," her mother said. "No boys until you're eighteen. If you want to bring a date to the dance, you have to go with your brother. "

The idea of showing up at the big dance with her thirteen year old brother Bobby made her wish that the earth would open up and swallow her whole. It would be an embarrassment that would make her a social pariah for years to come.

"Please, Mom," fifteen year old Hope begged. "Do you know how humiliating it would be to show up with my little brother on my arm?"

Mrs. Foster sighed. Secretly, she was sympathetic with her daughter's position. But her husband was a strict disciplinarian and more than a little overprotective of his little princess. She knew that she would never be able to get him to change his mind on this issue. However, perhaps there was a compromise to be made.

"What about Scott?" she asked her daughter.

"Scott?" Hope asked back.

"Your cousin Scott," Mrs.

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   Foster said. "You know. Aunt Alice and Uncle Ted's boy. He's seventeen, he's got his own car, none of your friends know him, and your father couldn't possible object. "

Hope thought for a minute. She wasn't crazy about the whole idea, but there was a certain undeniable logic behind it. Anything beat showing up with her own brother. She could walk into the dance with a tall, good-looking boy on her arm. No one had to know that it was a complete farce.

"Okay," Hope surrendered. "I'll do it. Call him and set it up. "

"YOU call him," Mrs. Foster smiled. "He's YOUR date.

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Hope rolled her eyes. Would the humiliation never end?

# # # #

When the big night came, Hope paced around nervously in her room while she waited for her date/cousin to appear. She glanced at herself a dozen times in the mirror. Her father had complained that her dress was a little too revealing, so Hope knew that it was perfect for the occasion. She wanted the eyes of the boys in her class to pop out of their collective heads. She wondered what Scott would think when he saw her. Even though she knew that he accepted the date out of a sense of familial obligation, she still wanted him to have a good time.

Then the doorbell rang, and she knew he was here. Taking a deep breath, she carefully walked down the stairs in her unfamiliar high heels. When she saw Scott standing in the middle of the room she almost gasped. He looked like he had stepped out of central casting for the role of the perfect boyfriend. When he flashed her a smile she almost melted. When he took her arm she almost floated to the car.

They didn't talk much on the drive to hotel where the dance was being staged. She quickly picked up on the sense that her gorgeous cousin was the strong silent type.

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   Being this close to him made her feel a little tongue-tied herself. But when they got out of the car, Scott took a moment to tell her that he thought she looked very pretty. Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as they entered the ballroom together.

As they walked toward their table, the buzz around them was unmistakable. People were staring at them in open wonder. Everyone wondered who the mystery man was. And as he led her toward the dance floor, a space cleared for them. To her surprise, Scott was a wonderful dancer. Fast or slow, the style didn't seem to matter. Even though she had taken dance classes since she was a little girl, Hope had trouble keeping up with him. All too soon she was exhausted. Scott seemed to sense this as he led her back to their seats.

As they sat close together the rest of the kids gathered around them to pay court. Everyone was charmed by the handsome stranger. And so was Hope.

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   Lost in the fantasy, she almost forgot that they were cousins.

Over the course of the next hour, they were invited to at least half a dozen parties. Before the night started Hope would have killed to attend any of them, but to her utter amazement her cousin turned down every invitation. Scott would wink at them, and the couples would walk away nodding knowingly.

When they were briefly alone, Hope took him to task.

"Are you crazy?" she asked him. "Those are the hottest parties around. "

"I guessed that," Scott grinned. "But trust me. You can go to only one or two parties. The way I set it up, you'll be the main topic of conversation at every party in town. "

"What do you mean?" Hope asked, suddenly confused.

"I mean, little cousin," Scott said softly. "That I got us a room. And I made sure that everyone knows it.

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As this sank in, Hope flushed a brilliant shade of red with embarrassment. But the more she thought about it, the more she saw the brilliance of the plan.

"Everyone will think we…" Impulsively, she threw her arms around her cousin. "Wow. When should we go?"

"How about now?' he smiled. Hand in hand they walked slowly toward the exit, carefully making sure that everyone saw them leave together in the direction of the elevators.

# # # #

When they got to the room, Hope turned to Scott and said, "So what should we do for the next few hours, cuz? What TV? Play cards?"

"I've got a better idea, cuz," Scott grinned. Crossing the room, he stepped behind Hope. Before she could stop him, he had unzipped her dress and slipped it off her.

Hope couldn't believe what had just happened. "Scott, what do you think you're doing?"

"What comes naturally," he said. "Come on, Hope. Don't tell me this isn't what you want. "

Hope was stunned by the implications of his statement. What stunned her even more was the idea that he was absolutely right.

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   Her young body was on fire, and her own cousin was the boy fanning the flame.

"We shouldn't," Hope protested briefly. But when her cousin cut off her sentence with a passionate kiss, Hope found herself kissing him back. And when he picked her up in his powerful arms and carried her over to the bed, she didn't struggle.

Lying on the soft mattress, she watched Scott as he undressed. Her eyes went wide as he revealed more and more of his athletic body. When he removed his boxers, she gasped at the size of his cock, long and thick and clearly ready for action.

She trembled as he climbed onto the bed next to her.

"Scott, I've never done this," she confessed.

"Don't be nervous," he said, reaching out to stroke her soft brown hair. "We'll go slow. "

"Not TOO slow," Hope joked.

"Not too slow," her cousin smiled. Reaching out, he cupped one of her ripe young breasts. Hope sighed with pleasure at his touch.

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   Reaching behind herself, she unhooked her bra to allow him complete access.

"They're beautiful," Scott said. "You're beautiful. "

"Oh, Scott," Hope said, fighting back tears. "I want you so much. "

"Take off your panties," Scott ordered. "Just leave the shoes. "

Seconds later, Hope was spread out before him clad in nothing but her sexy heels. He spent several minutes gazing up and down at her perfect body. She looked so young and innocent. He hardly knew where to begin.

Positioning himself between her legs, he reached out and ran a fingertip down the length of his cousin's inviting slit.

"You're already wet," he observed, slipping his moist fingertip into his mouth for his first taste of Hope. It was sweet and tangy. His tongue cried out for more.

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   Lowering his head, he buried his face in her delicious virgin pussy.

Hope lost control as her randy cousin devoured her. Her legs helplessly clamped around his head as he lapped away at her precious honeypot. In her young life she had already fingered herself to countless orgasms, but none of her adventures in self-pleasure had prepared herself for this moment. She almost felt like she was going to die. Her cousin Scott was killing her with his tongue.

Hope wasn't sure how many times she came, but when Scott climbed on top of her, she could barely muster the strength to wrap her arms around him.

"I love you, Scott," she sobbed. "Now fuck me. Take my cherry. "

"I love you too, Hope," he said. "And I don't want to hurt you. But…. "

"Hurt me, lover," she said with a brave smile. "I don't care.

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   Stick that big, beautiful cock in me. "

Scott entered her carefully. He had expected her to be tight, but this was like nothing he had ever experienced. As he slowly pushed his way into her, he could feel her powerful muscles clench around his throbbing shaft like a fist. He paused for a second when he reached her hymen, but with an undeniable fire in her eyes Hope nodded, encouraging him to finish what he started. She fought back a scream as he deflowered her, but in a heartbeat it was done.

Hope held on for dear life as her cousin started to ride her. Her hands slipped over his sweat streaked back as she tried to hold on. Eventually she had to dig her nails in to gain purchase. Scott didn't seem to care. The pain only increased the pleasure. She moaned with pleasure as he buried himself deeper and deeper inside her. It was all she could do since she had seemingly lost the ability to form lucid thoughts or complete words. When she felt his thick seed erupt inside her, she actually lost consciousness for a few moments. When she opened her eyes again, she was safely wrapped up in her lover's strong arms.

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Scott kissed her tenderly on the forehead and sighed. "What have we gotten ourselves into, cuz? What are we going to do?"

"This," Hope giggled. "Often. "

To demonstrate, she pulled back the sheet and took her cousin's drained snake between her lips. Within moments she could feel it come back to life. She bobbed up and down and sucked and licked and nibbled until Scott lost control and filled her hungry mouth with another delicious load of his hot thick cum.

# # # #

They didn't arrive home until dawn. Hope's parents were clearly a little bit upset that their daughter had missed her curfew by almost seven hours, but they really couldn't say anything. She was out with her cousin. What could have happened?

Hope favored Scott with a chaste kiss as she watched him drive away. Her parents had a million questions, but Hope went to bed without answering any of them.

After that night Hope started dating regularly. She had a long string of boyfriends, but no long term relationships. No boy would date her for long, because she wouldn't let any of them get to get past first base. She couldn't, because her pussy belonged to Cousin Scott.


   Now and forever.


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