A Daughter's Love


There are so many things in life that you just don't think about, such as gravity, marshmallows, or getting broadsided in you car and a lazy Tuesday. Having sex with my daughter was on of those things I just had never thought about, correction I never thought about it until it happened. Let me give you a little background to lay the foundations of what really happened that night. Me and my wife were at that time only married 20 years, she as you may have wondered still to this day do not know of the three encounters that my daughter and I had. Yes only three. The second and third times are probably more of the "steamy" kind, the ones that most people want to know about, those may come later. But this time, this moment is where it all began. It was a cool winter night; my daughter of only 16 at the time, came into the bedroom where my wife and I were asleep. For us this was nothing out of the ordinary. See a lot of children crawl into their parent's beds when they are young, but for us, Alexandrea (Alex I call her) never "grew out" of that phase and because neither my wife nor I really discouraged it, it just continued. I would simple move toward the center of the bed and she would crawl in. The King size bed was more then accommodating. Now here is where the story twists; I was lying with her in a spooning position. Alex preferred this because it allowed me to rub her tummy; this would help her to fall asleep. So in that fashion I draped my arm over her. Lifting up the long ratty tee-shirt she had commandeered from me years ago I started to rub her tummy.

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   As I did so I began to drift back to sleep, in and out I would go, and when I would drift my hand would stop its cycles. When it did Alex would put her hand on mine and continue. When she would move my hand of course I would wake up and continue. This usually continued for several minutes until she was asleep and discontinue helping my hand rub her tummy, when she stopped I would also be asleep. But tonight was different, a few minutes into it I felt the distinct feeling of hair between my fingers, not long hair but closely cropped, I really thought nothing of it at the time and drifted once again, upon waking again I felt dampness and slight folds in the skin. My mind finally kicked in, telling something was wrong. I continued touching until I ascertained what it was, and then like a lightning bolt ripping through my brain I realized I was touching Alex's nether regions. My mind was quickly awake and I pulled my hand back, correction I tried to pull it back by Alex's hand stopped me. "Don't stop Daddy. " the words were almost mute but full of disappointment. What was I to do, continue in the tasteless fondling of my own daughter or tell her she needed to leave for the night, possible forever? In the time my mind was poring over the choice Alex started moving my hand, whispering "Please. " The agony I heard in her voice then was something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. That one word conveyed the pain she would fell if I stopped, the pleasure She would fell if I continued, and the fear she felt because of the road she wanted to head down. What was I to do? I continued, tentatively at first, exploring not only her but my own mind. The voice in the back was screaming "Don't do this, it's wrong and you need to be the father and stop.

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  " Another voice was saying, "It will only be this night and no other, this far and no farther, and after all she started this didn't she?"Her hand coaxed me farther and farther into her center. She straitened her top leg and rolled more into me gaining to me the access she wanted me to have, and I obliged. Feeling the folds and traveling to the moisture. She pressed on my middle finger and in doing so guided in between he lips. It felt like an Inferno in there, and I hadn't even made it to the boiler room yet. I continued with her encouraging touches and soft coos tracing the inside of her labia, from her citreous down to her opening, and back. She held me there and I touched her moist pink pearl. Her body wanted so badly to respond but I knew what she knew, we couldn't wake my wife by moving to heavily. She just trembled there as I touched and probed this new location. Of course my body was responding to this exploration as well, my boxer-briefs were soon very constrictive, but there was nothing I could do about this. Alex must have felt my change against he bare cheeks and moved away. She pulled my hand from her center and got out of the bed. I was very confused; I could see her slim body now silhouetted in the darkness and the tee-shirt falling down around her again. She turned back sensing I hadn't moved and motioned for me to follow her. She stepped back and taking my hand she all but pulled me from under the sheets.

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   The air was bracing again my bare legs and chest, but I followed. The squeak in the hall way floor brought me back to reality, it was the point of no return, halfway to my daughter's room. My daughters room was at the end of the house, the room came down on both sides of the ceiling where the root gabled. But it was a typical teenager's room of the late '90's. Posters on either side of the ceiling portraying her favorite bands: Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera; there was her dresser, desk, assorted magazines scattered everywhere but none of this mattered to Alex who was propelled to one place, the small twin bed, slightly unmade and keeping it safe was her teddy. The poor bear had been with her since birth and on ear was matted and thread bare from where she use to suck on it. Alex let go of my hand and removed her tee-shirt. Dropping it into a crumpled heap, she stood in all her glory. Her hands folding in front of the womanhood, she looked back at me giving me time so I could envelop her with my eyes. In the soft glow of the desk lamp light I could see her body. Her breasts were small like her mothers but developed and her face was slightly embarrassed. Her flesh soon became covered in goose bumps and she made an escape toward the bed pausing shortly to grab my hand again to bring me with her. Alex tugged at my boxer-briefs. "Please. " she said.

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   There was that word again, simple and so captivating, I couldn't resist. I pulled them down for her, and to my amazement her eyes were all over my member. They grew slightly wider as if in awe. And placing her hand around it she tugged softly coaxing me toward her. I went to my daughter and curled into the miniscule bed next to her, her soft flesh melting into mine. She was looking into my eyes now. Her stormy blue orbs captivated my soul. It was then I knew exactly what she needed from me. With a well practiced movement I was on top of her and between her thighs, still looking into her eyes, not wanting to blink and loose this connection. Her eyes then changed, from the endless pools to that of concern almost fear. "Daddy. . . please but don't hurt me. " Her voice was cautious but hungry for something she never knew.

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   She took my manhood in her hand and guided it to her center. "Make love to me with all your heart, the kind of love I know you have for me. " I entered her slowly feeling every sensation; the tightness grew as I touched her hymen. She knew were I was and she slightly grimaced in pain. I held there for a moment and she grabbed her teddy. Putting the well loved ear in her mouth she nodded. And I knew. I pressed down; the next moment tore my soul as I tore through her childhood. Her eyes closed in the pain and she bit down to muffle her scream. I was inside and she was trembling. I could feel her inferno calling for me the walls tightening around the intruder. I waited for what felt like an eternity until she opened her eyes again. The blue pools were full of tears that soon ran down her cheeks; she took the bear out of her mouth only to find out the ear had been severed. Removing it, she spoke again "Pour yourself into me, I love you daddy. " Her words were full of pain and pleasure, and love.

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   I continued thrusting slowly at first letting the discomfort ebb from her and quicken by her instruction. Soon she was with me matching my every movement, her eyes soon closed again as her hands wrapped around my torso. This time it was not out of pain but out of promise and pleasure. I rocked into her finding more and more, faster her body instructed. And I obliged. Before long it was time, I could feel it in my core. Alex felt the change and opened her eyes, she slid her hands down to my rear and holding me there we locked eyes again. I continued and then it happened. The world went out of focus and every muscle in my body went rigid. It built and build I thought my head would explode and my muscles would tear them self off the bones. At the last moment two things happened, she kissed me; the electricity that passed from her was like the key to my soul. It released me, deep into her, the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life. Time and time again it repeated. My limbs forgot how to hold together and I collapsed onto her. As if I broke, she held me.

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   Crying into my ear all the love she had for me, as I convulsed into her. It was her gift to me. . . her only first love. Her father. .
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