A Day In The Life Of Max, PT2


"So vato,you gonna come paintballin?" said Casey. "Yes sirrie,ill be there at 4" said Max. "Aight holmes,cya later esay" said Casey as he walked away to his classroom. Max walked into his classroom,noticing he was late. "Max Rick! Youre late for class!" said Mr. Honokolo as he looked up from his little black book. "Sorry Hono! It wont happen again!" said Max. "You know the rules! Go to the office! And get a pass!" said Mr. Honoloko. Max walked out of the room,as the other kids laughed at him. Max walked down the hall towards the principals office. "Hey! Come here!" said a woman as Max walked towards her. "Hey,who is this fine lady?" said Max. "My names Sidney,im in 6th grade" said Sidney. "Woe! 6th grade! Youre beautiful!" said Max. "Why,thankyou!" said Sidney.

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  "Hey,wanna go get some taco bell?" said Max. "Nah,wanna lick my pussy in the bathroom?"said Sidney. "Hmm,I dunno,I gonna get a pass for be tardyed or something. . . " said Max. ". . . You would take me to taco bell,but you wouldnt seduce me?" said Sidney. "Nah,im just joshing you! Hehehehe" said Max,as Sidney stared at him. "Uhh,ok,so lets go to that bathroom? said Sidney. "Ok!" said Max. As they walked down the hallway,Max got a hardon that ripped throw his pants,and his cocks head was sticking out throw his pants. "Wow,is that for me?" asked Sidney.

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  "Yes,hehe" said Max. As they arrived at the bathroom,Sidney eroticly slid down her tight blue pants,and took off her light blue shirt that said "Whore" on it. She then stood there with just a bra and panties on. "Come here big boy!" said Sidney. "Hehe,almost cumming!" said Max,as he walked up to her,and gently slid down her panties,and shoved his fingure into her pussy,in and out,in and out,feeling the warmth around his fingure. Sidney moaned,and took off her 38DD bra,pulling on her nipples. "Oh! I want you inside of me Max!" moaned Sidney. "I want to be inside of you!" said Max,as he pulled off his pants,fully reveiling his 10 Inch hardon. "Oh my god!" yelled Sidney. "Oh my god!!!!" yelled Sidney. "Its. . . . .

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  so. . . small" said Sidney. "Umm,umm,it feels big inside!" said Max. "Umm,no thanks,hehe,WOW,what is that? 10 inches,you need some of those penis enlargement operations" said Sidney as she laughed and laugh and laughed,and laughed,and then walked away to class. "DAMMIT!" said Max,as he jumped up and down. Max then put his right hand on his penis,and started stroking it. "Oh ya,OH YA BITCH!" yelled Max. "Ya! You stupid fucking bitch! How you like that shit,Huh!?!" said Max,as he started punching himself in the stomach,for something to go on. "Oh ya bitch! You feel so fucking good,you stupid ass motherfucker!" yelled Max to his penis. Max then started cumming,which felt like rockets,launching one by one,by one,by one,Max then flew back a bit,and his head hit the wall. 1 hour later,Max woke up to the sound of a shower,and people laughing. He was in the shower,naked,cum on his hand,cum on the floor,his little 6 inch unhard penis. "Haha! Look at his tiny dick! Ahaha!" Yelled a boy.

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  "Ya man! Thats like not having one at all! Ahaha!" Yelled another boy. "Hey guys,how about we rape this tiny dicked mofo?" Yelled a bully named Bobby-Joe. "Now,cmon guys! You dont need to rape me!" said Max,thinking to himself that maybe if they think he wants them to,that they wont. "Look! This guy wants it!" Yelled a boy. They picked him up,and put him up againts the wall. They then started jacking off,as Bobby-Joe lubed up his 20 inch hardon with soap,and then lubing up Max's ass. "Here comes Big Bobby! Get it! Cums!!!" Yelled Bobby-Joe. Bobby-Joe then slid his penis into Max's ass,and started fucking him hard. Max unable to speak from the pain of his ass-fuck,just let it continue. "Oh ya! Mother-Fucker! How do you like that shit,You stupid ass bitch!?!?!" Yelled Bobby-Joe,as he pumped Max's butt full of cum. While all of the other boys cummed onto eachothers legs. They then left the shower,and Max went to the principals office. "Principal! I just got assfucked today!" said Max. "Hmm,really?" said Mrs. BJ as she opened her desk.

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  "Lets make a dilly Max,if you let me do this,ill let you have the rest of the week off!" said Mrs. BJ. "But its Friday!" said Max. "Yes,or no?" asked Mrs. BJ. "Yes. " said Max. All of asudden,Mrs. BJ pulled out a strap-on-dildo. "This is my strap-on-dildo,and he is going to fuck you" said Mrs. BJ. "Ok" said Max,as he bent over and slid his pants down to his ankles. Mrs. BJ all of asudden shoved her 40 inch strap-on-dildo into Max's ass,shoving it 37 inches in. Max moaned as the fake penis went in and out of his freshly fucked ass.

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  The orange fake penis went rabidly into Max's ass. All of asudden it cummed into his ass,violently,pushing Max forwards,hitting his head on the wall,and falling unconsious. 3 hours later. "Honey?" said Max's mom. "Mom?" said Max. "Lets go home? Ok?" asked Max's mom. "Ok,mom" said Max. "As they got into the car,Max's mom slid her skirt up,reveiling her moist pussy. "Lick it Max! Please lick it!" Yelled his mom. "Ok" said Max,as he started to lick his moms pussy,she then started moaning,and then cummed all into Max's face and broke the wind-shield. Part 3 will be written depena on my ratings! It will be about when Max goes paintballing. Oh ya,and if anyone wants to ask any private questions,message me,and yes,I will be reading your comments! THANKYA!Hudson7893.

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