a dream come true


It was a wintery day when it all happened.   My wife (at the time) and I were at home when the gas fire place seized to function.   I call to get it repaired but no one come out until the next day sometime in the afternoon.   It was cold as all hell so she called her aunt who lived about one hour away and her aunt said we could stay the night over there until the gas situation got fixed.   Now I always like her aunt.   She 43 years old, pretty slim, a great ass, about 34C tits, brown hair, and hazel eyes.   I always stared at her ass hoping no one would catch me.   She caught me staring a couple times but she just smiled and went about her business.   We arrived and she only had two bedrooms, her bedroom and a guest bedroom.   I was just about to claim the guest bedroom (ofcourse) when my wife's (at the time) sister came busting through the door in tears.   We all rushed to see what was wrong and she said that her husband and her had an intense argument and she decided to leave for the time being.   So ofcourse she spent the night also.   Being the gentleman that I am I offered to sleep on the couch so her sister and her can sleep in the guest bed. Let me tell u a little bit about her sister.   She was 26,a little chubby, but with curves in all the right places, a 36D rack, a plump ass, dark brown hair, and brown eyes.   She was still a looker.

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    After dinner and a movie we all went to bed.   I was lying there hoping that for some unforseen event and a miracle, that her aunt or sister would come down we would end up talking and then fucking.   I good dream.   It was sometime in the early morning, I want to say between 2am and 3am if I can remember, that I felt someone sitting on the end of the couch by my feet.   I heard the T. V. in background and it woke me up. I opened my eyes and saw her sister.   By the way her name is "Lucy" and her aunt is "Tina" (not the real names ofcourse).   Lucy said she was sorry for waking me but she couldn't sleep and I could see she had been crying.   I got up forgetting about the fact that she was in a night gown and I was only in boxer briefs and I scooted over and we just started to chat.   A few minutes later I had her laughing and forgetting about her asshole of a husband.   We just chatted for about a bit and then her aunt came down to see who was making noise down stairs in the living room.   She was just in a silk robe and you could clearly tell she slept in the nude because her nipples were in full attention.   She sat down across from us we all just talked about different things  Then we got into the topic of our sexlives.

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    I said we had a healthy sex life and we enjoyed the raw passion in our sex.   Lucy was a bit shy about talking about sex but she openend up and said. "My husband enjoy quite a bit of porn with our sex. " "When I was married I did so many different things with my ex that no porno could even compare. "  said Tina.   I was blown away by this.   Then they decided to watch a porno and pick which positions they have done and which ones they haven't.   We started watching and I compleltely disregarded the fact that I had a huge bulge.   I have a 13inch cock that I really cant hide.   "I see mark is enjoying the show" said Tina laughing.   It was about 10 minutes into the movie and my blood had left the rest of my body except my huge hard on when Lucy shifted her weight over to me and Tina said, "Do you mind if I sit next to you.   I need a better view. " I was horny as hell so ofcourse I was not going to refuse.   Seconds later I can see Tina out of the corner of my eye with her hand in her robe groping her tits and playing with her clit while Lucy could not sit still.  At that point I decided it was now or never so I turned to Tina, grabbed her kissed her soft lips.

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    At first she pushed away a little but then she gave in. Lucy turned around and I thought she was going to stop us but to my amazement she shoved her hand down my boxerbriefs, pulled my cock out and just shoved it right in her mouth. My dream come true.   Then I stood up and Tina and Lucy started to kiss each other and undress each other while I slid my undies off.   Then in all their naked glory the grabbed my cock and they both started to suck the head while the other sucked my shaft and balls.   We just used the porno as background noise.   I grabbed Tina and bent her over the couch and while I rammed my cock in her cunt lucy spread her legs so her aunt could her cunt.   She was little chubby so her cunt was nice a plump.   Then they both started to cum and my cock was dripping wet with Tina's juices so it made it easier for me to ramm it into her big ass.   I couldn't fit all 13 inches into her but she loved ever inch she had.   So much that when she started to it squirted all over the couch.   I pulled my cock out of her ass and Lucy cleaned off with her mouth.   Lucy laid up against the back of the couch while I fucked her tight pussy and her aunt stood over her face and Lucy ate that pussy while she reached up and played with her aunts tits.   I had one hand roaming all over Lucy's tits.   Tina said.

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   "eat my cunt you little slut! Eat your aunties cunt! Finger my ass Mark! Yess finger my fat ass!"  Lucy,"mmmmmmmmm" she was moaning into her aunt's cunt and that was  all they could take before they started cumming again.   Lucy was a sqirter and I ended up with my dick and stomach cover in her cunt juice and Lucy ended up with her aunt cumming all over her face. Lucy, " I want you fuck my ass Mark! Slide that fat cock all the way in my ass. "  I thought these two are freaks.   Im in heaven. I laid on the ground and  I slid my cock into her ass and all of it fit into that plump little ass.   Tina sat on my face and moaned "Mark eat my cunt! eat that ripe old cunt!" While Lucy was moaning and sliding up and down my shaft with her ass.   Lucy started to play with my balls with one hand and finger her cunt with the other while Tina was dripping her juices into my mouth and playing with her big tits.   That was all I could take. I pulled the off faster than the roadrunner and the got down on their knees and I started to gush out cumm all over their faces and bodies.   I didn't know until that night how much cum I had.   Afterwards we all laid down on the ground with me in the middle (obviously) and we fell asleep.   Early the next morning and after I had forgotten that my wife had spent the night too I heard someone yelling at me and kicking me.   I woke up to find Lucy and Tina over on the couch trying their best to cover up and with white cum pasted all over their bodies and I looked up and saw my wife mad ass hell.   Needless to say we got divorced shortly after that.

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    It was well worth it though because I wasn't that happy in my marriage and it was going to end up in divorce. Lucy divorced and remarried.   About a year after I saw Lucy,Tina, Dana (Tina's younger sister and Lucy's other aunt)at a store and We chatted for a bit and decided to go out later that just to see what was going in each others lives, but that led to some other outdoor adventures.   That's another story.
The events here we are all true.   I only have one other occasion that happened to me.   Let me know your comments here or my yahoo IM/screen name is real_guy898 and the email is real_guy898@yahoo. com Thank you for your comments.   I hope I told my story ok.

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