A Family Affair


A Family Affair: Part 1 The Family Grows Up:      Hi my name is Troy and I want to tell you about my life.   I was the only son born to my parents, but I have three sisters.   I am nineteen now and have several children of my own which I will tell you about shortly.   First my sisters are, Rebecca (Becca) who is a year older than me 44DD-36-35, then Sandra (Sandy) a year younger than me 42DD-36-36, last comes Pamela (Pam) who is a year younger than Sandy 40DD-35-36.   All three of my sisters take after our mom in their measurements.   Mom is Julia (Julie) now thirty-seven-years-old and 46DD-36-36.   Dad died just after I turned thirteen leaving me as the only male in a house full of females.   My Aunt Sally who is mom’s younger sister moved in with us to help with all the bills.   Aunt Sally also like mom at 46DD-35-35 has four daughters, making it nine females to male one in our house.   I didn’t mind too much as I got to see a lot of naked female flesh growing up.
     In our younger years I shared a bedroom with all three of my sisters and we even took baths together, giving me my first look at a Pussy when I was only a child, of course I didn’t know the difference between us then.   I continued to bathe with all three of my sisters until I got a bit older, and mom decided that we could split into two groups for baths.   Becca & I were together and Sandy & Pam took theirs together.   I had started to get little boners by this time that would grow whenever they got a mind to. We kids never wore any clothes too speak of around the house unless we were going to have company so I was always seeing my sisters in just their panties or nude.
     Becca got her first period just before her thirteenth birthday so mom told her she had to start wearing panties more often.

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    I wasn’t the only one to hate this idea as Becca hated it also, she so much enjoyed running around naked.   During those times of the month for Becca I would take baths alone or with my other sisters, which I preferred to do.
       Becca was on her period when I turned thirteen so that night I decided that I wanted to bathe alone and went in to run my bath water.   I got my regular boner as the water ran and decided to add some bubble bath to the water.   I shut off the tap and got into the water and stretched out along the tub.   I started to rub my boner, as it always felt good to rub it when it was hard.   I was barely started when the door swung open and in walked Becca taking off her panties to climb into the tub with me.  
I lay there not wanting to give up my stretching out as she got into the tub with a foot on either side of my legs.   Becca sat down without waiting for me to move my body out of her way and came down right over my little boner.   Neither of us expected what happened next as my hard Cock slid right into her virgin slice of Heaven (Pussy) as dad calls it, without much trouble.   Becca gave a little squeal as my boner pushed through her virgin barrier and we both became man and woman joined at the hips.   Becca tried to rise up off of me but lost her grip on the side of the tub and fell back down impaling herself again on my little rod.   The feeling was so intense that I grabbed hold of her and held her there.   I didn’t waste time thinking what are we doing, I knew how it felt when I pumped my rod with my hand so I started to move in and out of Becca in the same way.
     Pumping into Becca was even more intense than using my hand, Becca started to moan along with my movements and soon she was moving right along with me.

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    We got to moving real fast and hard against each other and splashing water on the floor.   I felt the same feeling building in me that came on when I would shoot my load by pulling on my Cock, but I was so into what we were doing that I just let it fly into Becca and we kept on pumping until I was dry and she had finished her own little orgasm.   Mom came into the bathroom just as we finished and Becca had stopped bouncing on me.
     I had just sat up and was rubbing Becca’s back as the door swung open and mom entered.   With the bubble bath mom couldn’t see that Becca was sitting on my rod so she just said that we needed to hurry up and get out so that Sandy and Pam could get their bath.   Just as soon as mom left Becca turned to me and asked how it felt to me and I said wonderful, how did it feel to you?  Becca answered, “I never felt anything that good before, can we try it again?”  I said why not but I don’t think that I can right this minute.   We then separated and dried each other off.  
That night I didn’t have any problem sneaking into Becca’s bed as we shared a bedroom.   Neither of us really knew what we had done, or wanted to do, so when we tried to do it again I just couldn’t seem to get it into her.   We decided to just touch each other that night and would get together to play around again.
     A few days later we were alone in our fort and Becca asked if we could try it again.   We both stripped off our clothes and started to rub each other down in our groins.   I found her slice of heaven and rubbed it hard and fast, with my fingers slipping between her lips.   I found a little bump at the top of her slice and when my finger touched it Becca jumped and moaned real loud.   I took that as a sign that she really liked to be touched there and started to rub it fast and lightly.

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    Becca started to get real wet now and I couldn’t wait any longer and had her get on top of me to try getting it inside of her again.   Even though we tried several times I just didn’t seem to be able to get inside of her again.
     About six months later I got out of bed one night to use the bathroom, as I passed my parents room I could hear mom moaning like Becca had done as I rubbed her slice.   I eased up to the door and found it open enough for me to see into their room.   Mom was lying on the bed naked, and dad was between her legs with his mouth on her.   I continued to watch as mom had a huge orgasm.   Dad got up to change positions and he must have spotted me at the door, because he got a smile on his lips and winked.   Dad then lay down on the bed with his head towards the door and had mom get over him with her back to me.   When mom leaned over and took him into her mouth dad reached up and spread her slice open.   For the first time I was really seeing inside of a Pussy slice, I saw the opening and watched as dad pushed a finger into it.
     Soon both mom and dad were moaning and dad stopped touching mom, she lay on her back with her legs spread and her slice pointing at me.   I watched dad get between her legs and rub his cock through her slice.   Mom reached down and spread her lips open and I could see her hole, until dad’s cock slipped into it.   Dad started to push in and out of mom and soon they were moving together at a fast pace.   Dad got this real strange look on his face, and pushed hard into mom and stayed there for what seemed like an hour, but was really just a couple of minutes.

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    Dad slipped out of mom and I could see a little bit of white fluid leak out of her slice.   I went back to bed and thought about what I had seen.
     I had to wait to tell Becca what I had seen but three weeks later we were both waiting to see if mom and dad would do it again.   As we crept by their door I could see dad looking to see if I was back by their door.   When he saw me he started to lick and suck on mom again and soon he had her laying over him again taking his cock into her mouth.   We watched them make love for almost an hour, with Becca stroking my cock as I rubbed her slice.   We came at the same time as they did and we went back to our bed.   Dad came into our room a few minutes after we got back into our own beds and Becca pretended to be asleep.   Dad didn’t say anything to me and he went back to his bed.
     Two days later Becca and I got our chance to try what we had seen.   We were in our fort alone again when I looked at Becca she was already down to her panties.   I was quick to follow her lead and soon I had Becca on her back and I was between her legs licking on her slice.   When I thought I had her wet enough I got up between her legs, and taking hold of my cock I rubbed it through her slice until I was soaking wet with her juices.   I then found her hole and started to enter her, Becca let out a long sigh that they could have heard at the house.   We started to move together slowly at first and gradually picking up our speed.

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    Becca started to gasp and moan as we both neared our climaxes.   I finished shooting my load into her and she came down from her orgasm.   We pulled apart and I rolled over to lie beside her and that is when we heard the noise from the doorway.   Looking over we saw that Pam was standing there watching us.   Pam asked if she could try it but we put her off saying that she should wait until she was a year older and then I would show her how good it could feel to have me inside of her slice.   We did show her how to pleasure herself and told her that she could be with us when we were doing it again.
     Our luck ran out the day I turned thirteen Becca and I had been fucking several times a week without any type of protection.   We fucked several times that day and each time I shot my load inside of Becca’s hot little fertile Pussy with Pam rubbing her tight little hole beside us.   As I started to eat Becca out Pam watched intently.   I stopped and as we had seen mom and dad Becca mounted me as I lay on my back.   Becca was riding me like crazy when all of a sudden Pam sat down on my face letting me get a good whiff of her virgin hole, so I started to eat her tiny pussy as I had done to Becca.  
I made short work of Pam’s pussy and gave her her first orgasm from another source than her own fingers.   I was quick to follow filling Becca’s fertile womb for the sixth time causing her to follow us in her own orgasm.   Sandy caught us fucking as we were all coming down from our orgasms and wanted to try it also, so I got it up one more time and entered Sandy’s virgin and highly fertile Pussy.  
I didn’t think anything about the first time me and Becca did it so Sandy really let out a yell when I broke through her hymen.

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    I stopped immediately to let the pain go away and soon we were fucking like rabbits with me pumping as fast as I could.   When I felt my orgasm starting I shoved my cock all the way into Sandy and pushed through her cervix just as I fired a huge load inside of Sandy’s fertile but no longer virgin Pussy, this caused her to have a huge orgasm as well, and we called it a day.  
Dad lost his life that week and Aunt Sally moved in shortly after that with her three daughters Christine (Chris) fourteen-years-old barely budding but you could tell she was going to take after our mothers, Patricia (Pat) thirteen-years-old, and Trixie.   All three of our cousins were through puberty like the four of us kids were.
     Becca asked if I wanted to let our cousins join in with us fucking and having fun.   I had grown a lot over the years and had a huge cock that I was finally able to control, eight inches long and three inches around when I was hard.   We decided that I should fuck Pam first and it was a thrill taking her cherry.   By the end of the next month I had all three of my sisters pregnant and now I was ready to bring in our cousins.
     This is where our story really begins when I took Chris down to the local swimming hole and taught her how to have sex. But I will leave that for the next chapter and tell the whole story about our first time.

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