A Family Affair(part two)


The phone next to the bed rang before I could get anywhere with my little sister. I wasn’t sure if I should be relieved by this or disappointed. Part of me wanted dad to answer the phone and end this, but another part was demanding Sara’s cunt. I had dreamed of it on several occasions. Watched her undress at every opportunity and lately my jerk off sessions had become even more fantastic since I’d discovered what dad and Sara had been up to.
“What the fuck did you do to her this time?” I snapped out of my daze and turned my attention from my sister to my dad who had decided to answer the phone. “Fine, I’ll be there as soon as I can. ”
Dad slammed the phone down in disgust and I watched his naked figure walk past me to the closet.
“Uncle Dave again?” Sara asked.
“Your aunt kicked him out and he needs a place to stay,” Dad replied, throwing on some trousers.
I watched this whole scene in front of me in amazement. I couldn’t believe how my sister was just laying there completely naked spread eagled on my dad’s bed and fingering herself. Meanwhile she was carrying on a conversation with my father as though nothing out of the ordinary was happening!
“He’s a loser, why does Brenda keep taking him back?” Sara rolled her eyes in disgust as dad finished getting dressed and walked past me again to grab his car keys off the nightstand.
“You two get dressed and get to bed, I don’t want your uncle to find you like this when he gets here. ”
“How longs he gonna be here this time?” Sara asked.
“I don’t know, probably take a day or two before your aunt forgives him and takes him back.

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  ” Dad stopped beside me on the way out the door and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry son, you won’t be a virgin for too much longer. ” He said with a slight grin. “Oh and pleeeease don’t do anything while your uncles’ here. ”
That night I must’ve set a new record for jacking off and a quick one again in the morning when the alarm went off. I walked to school with my sister as I always do, but this time it was different. We didn’t say much and I couldn’t help glancing at her slim and gorgeous body from time to time. I probably had a hard on right up till we got to school. I had gotten a taste of my sister last night and I didn’t care anymore. As I set bored to tears in French class I made up my mind then and there. I wanted…no, I needed to fuck my sister I didn’t care about the consequences anymore.
School finally came to an end for the day and I caught up with Sara in the parking lot. It was only a ten-minute walk home and if I was going to make a move I knew it had to be soon. My legs were trembling so much I thought I would fall over. I was scared to death, part of me didn’t want to go through with it, but my aching hard on was encouraging me to make a move.

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“Hey sis,” I began slowly. “Were you umm, really gonna let me… you know… last night?” She slowed her pace and turned to me with a grin from ear to ear.
“You should’ve seen the look on your face,” she said trying not to laugh. “I thought you were gonna shit yourself!”
“Yeah well I bet you were nervous too when you first started doing this stuff,” I tried to sound mad, but the best I could do was turn my head in embarrassment. “So were you really going to let me?”
“Well yeah,” Sara replied, her voice taking on a more serious tone. “It would’ve been so cool to do it with my big brother. Especially since you’re the only one of us that’s still a virgin. I like that!”
“But you’re doing it with your own family!” I protested. I didn’t really care anymore, but I just wanted to know how she felt about it.
“Hey if it bothers you, you can stay a virgin for a few more years! Mr. Peeping Tom. ”
“I didn’t say it bothered me,” I didn’t mean to, but I think the lust I was feeling right now slipped into my tone of voice.
We walked in silence for another minute. I knew uncle Dave would be at the house for a couple of days and I couldn’t wait that long to finish what we started last night.
“You wanna fuck me don’t you?” Now that caught me by complete surprise.

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   I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her. I wanted to say yes, but my mouth was suddenly so dry I couldn’t speak. “You know we’re not suppose to, you heard dad. We gotta wait for Dave to leave so we don’t get caught. ”
I swallowed hard and cleared my throat. “Well… dad doesn’t have to know either. I mean, he’s at work for another hour. ”
“Uncle Dave’s there. ” She stated flatly. Was she trying to talk me out of it? “But we could sneak into the garage. ”
I smiled at her and we didn’t speak another word, just hurried home. We made it to the garage and there was no sign of uncle Dave. The Garage door was closed but there was just enough light to see what we were doing.
My hormones were racing, my dick ready to pop out of my shorts. I was about to fuck my sister in our very own garage.

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   Right where dad would park his car less then an hour from now!
The floor was concrete, but Sara found an old blanket and spread it out. We stood at either end of the blanket and stared at each other for a good minute, nobody making a move. I don’t know if I was more horny or nervous, my mind was in frenzy.
“I bet you want me to start right?” I nodded, unable to speak at that moment.
My mouth dropped open as Sara lifted her tank top over her head, revealing just the slightest sign of her young breasts beginning to form. She was only 11 remember, so a bra wasn’t in the equation just yet. She eased off her jean shorts and turned around. I could barely make out her ass cheeks through her thin little panties. I felt my hand slip into my shorts as she slipped off her undies and her smooth, hairless ass hung there within arms reach of me.
I was actually starting to drool and I had to wipe my mouth as she turned and faced me, her perfect little clit and hairless pussy right there for my eyes to see.
“Your turn. ”
It took me a moment to snap out of my daze and realize what she meant. I fumbled with my shirt, nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf.
“I’ll help,” Sara quickly crossed the blanket and knelt down in front of my shorts as I dropped my shirt. She dropped my shorts and boxers all in one motion, not wasting any time.

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   Was she just as horny as I was?
“This is what I wanted to do last night,” she whispered. I felt my cock slip into her warm, wet mouth and my knees began to tremble as I got my first blowjob ever from my sister! But it was less then a minute before my cum was building up at a record pace. Somehow she must’ve sensed it because she took my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me with a big grin.
She stood up quickly and turned around, pressing her ass against my hard cock she reached around and grabbed my waist, pressing me hard against her as my cock erupted and I shot a load that went from her ass right up to the middle of her back! I was over come by pleasure and I had to wrap my arms around her to keep from falling on my face.
“Were not gonna get very far if you keep doing that. ” She sounded serious, but I knew she was only mocking me. “I bet you’ve never tasted a pussy before. ”
I shook my head no and I watched as she lay down on the blanket, spreading her legs for me.
“Come on. I’ll show you how while your dick recovers. ”
I lay down between her legs, unable to believe what was happening. I was getting a crash coarse in sex Ed from my younger sister!
I put my face to her little pussy and just started licking, not really knowing what I was doing.
“No not there,” she lifted my head to her clit. “Right there, up and down really fast, pleeeese. ”
I obeyed her command and as my tongue worked feverishly at her little clit I took in the taste.

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   It was like nothing I’d ever tasted before. Ohhh soooo sweet and-and the smell was to die for! Her little pink clit was so tinny, it couldn’t have been any bigger then the tip of my finger, but she was enjoying it. Her breathing was getting heavier and her body was beginning to twitch every time my tongue made another pass.
“P-Put a finger in my pussy!” She gasped. “But not too far!”
I eased my finger inside just until I saw my nail disappear and I heard her let out a gasp. She suddenly arched her back and I barely managed to stay with her.
“Stop! Stop!” She cried.
I pulled back quickly and looked up into her face, thinking I had hurt her or done something wrong.
“What’s the matter?”
“Nothing,” she panted. “I don’t want to cum until you fuck me that’s all. Looks like your ready. ”
She noticed my cock standing up and saluting again and signaled me to get on top. My stomach was in a knot from the exhilaration I was feeling. Finally it was going to happen!
“You have to pull out when you’re ready to cum,” she instructed me. “I can’t get pregnant by my own brother!”
Quickly she guided my cock to the opening of her cunt and told me to push nice and easy until the head popped in.

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“Ok shove it in…. HARD!” I obeyed and as my cock slid all the way inside her she let out a little scream that someone must’ve heard. But at this point I didn’t care. I lost my breath as what felt like electricity shot through my whole body. From my cock to the tips of my toes to the top of my head. For an instant I couldn’t move the pleasure was so intense.
“Do it! Please Jason, do it!” Sara begged me. “I gotta cum soon!”
Without further instruction I began to pump my sisters pussy faster and faster feeling my own orgasm rising to the surface and begging to be let out. By now I was shoving so hard we were off the blanket and on the cold concrete garage floor, but we didn’t care.
“Jason I’m gonna cum!” Her whole body shook with a massive convulsion and as her pussy tightened around my cock I felt my sperm drill the back of her cunt, Forgetting what she had said about Cumming inside, we both screamed in unexpected pleasure as I held my cock inside of her as deep as I could. The electricity I felt at the beginning was almost more then I could take now. My cock was so sensitive that I couldn’t move it in or out of her soaking pussy. I collapsed on top of my sister and she wrapped her arms around my back, both of us trying to catch our breath.
Finally my cock fell limp and out of Sara’s cunt; as it did I locked eyes with her and we both smiled. However the smiles didn’t last long.


“Holy shit! You came inside me! I could get pregnant… dad we’ll kill us!”
I didn’t have time to reply as the sound of a car pulling in the driveway got my full attention…. Dad was home!
To be continued.

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