A Hansel and Gretel Story With A Twist Pt. 2


"Oh yeah! You little slut! Suck your big brothers cock now! TAke it down your throat!" I heard the old man demand. I barley managed to get the cock half way in my mouth when I heard the old man roll on his wheelchair and come to push my head further onto my brothers cock. At that moment I almost gagged having it down my throat. I could hear Jason begin to breath harder and harder. His cock was pulsing in my mouth. I began to gently move my lips back and forth on his veiny cock. I begin to feel the old man grab my hair and move my head faster, "yeah that's right! Take it bitch. " He said wickedly. I looked up and saw Jason's eyes closed tightly. He was probably trying to imagine a girl he liked giving him head or someone that was not me. I felt a tug on my hair as the old man pulled me back away from Jason's cock. I heard Jason gasp hard. "Well, that was fuckin' nice! Now let's see big brother eat our little sisters tight little cunt!" "Hey! Dont' pull her like that!" Jason said looking like he was ready to punch the old man out. The old man moved away from me with his riffle still pointing at me. "Big brother, get your little sister on this couch here," He said pointing to the brown leather love seat. Jason held on to my hand as we walked towards the couch.

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   I sat down trying to keep my legs closed. "Now open up your beautiful legs you little cunt. Big brother is going to taste your delicious juices. " I saw how the old man licked his lips anxiously waiting for me to spread my legs. Jason's eyes slowly moved down to stare at my pussy. I knew I was wet and I didn't have much hair on it. Jason swallowed hard as he began to get on his knees ready to eat my pussy. "Ok big brother! Hurry up! Make your little sister cum. Let her have her first orgasm in your mouth!" The old man called from a distance. I saw Jason's head move between my legs. His lips barley touched my clit as I felt a rush of excitement flow all through my whole body. The old man rolled his wheelchair to the side of me. He wanted to get a good look of Jason licking my pussy. Jason began to lick my clit in a slow motion as he looked up at me. I didn't want it to seem like I was excited but It was so hard to hide my thrill.

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   I started to close my eyes feeling his tongue rhythm begin to speed up. "Fuck! This is hot!" The old man kept mumbling to himself. "Hey big brother, play with little sisters tits as you eat her out. "Jason's strong arms slowly went up brushing against my belly. As his fingers flicked my nipples, my legs began to shake madly. I let out a soft moan and heard the old man begin to unzip his pants. Without being ordered, Jason slipped his tongue inside my pussy. And that's all it took. I was having my first orgasm on my brothers tongue. I let out a huge moan as I came and squirmed around letting my juices drip on my brothers lips. "MMMM! That shit was fuckin' hot! Oh little sister you just came on your brothers mouth!" The old man cheered as his rock hard cock was out of his pants. Jason slowly took his head out between my legs and I could see all my womanly juices around his mouth. He wiped his mouth with his hand and stood up with cock up and hard. He looked different now. He looked more determined, more attracted to me.

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   "Now we finally come to the final scene. Big brother let's watch you take little sisters cherry. "Jason didn't seem to look guilty anymore. His eyes had fire in them and I knew he wanted to make love to me more than anything. He grabed both of my legs and put them around his waist. He inched closer to me as he began to put his huge mansized cock in my pussy. "Ouch. " I said softly as his cock head began to enter my opening. "I'm sorry baby. I'm sorry. " He said with concern as he continued to slide his cock in me. The was taking it very sincere and gently. The pain was a somewhat excruciating until finally he got his 8 incher in me as he began to slide his cock faster inside me. "Yes! Fuck her! Fuck her hard! Make that little bitch your slut!" The old man yelled as his hand stroked his own cock. I kept feeling my pussy tearing open more and more as Jason kept fucking it.

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   He was breaking into a sweat now as he got more into it. His sexy chest was glistening with sweat while he fucked his little sister. I felt his throbbing cock begin swell up in me as he began to moan now. He was loving it!The old man kept jacking off and breathlessly screamed out, "Get her pregnant! cum hard inside that slutty bitch! Make her skanky pussy take all your cum. " As soon as the old man shouted those expressions out I felt Jason begin to cum in me. He breathed heavily as he leaned more on me as his cock twitched as he came. His milky hot cum was squirting all inside my no longer virgin pussy. I couldn't believe it. I'd lost my virginity to my own brother. Had I gotten pregnant? At this point I didn't seem to care. Jason kept his cock in me for a few mins as he slowly pulled it out and letting some of his hot cream fall on my thighs. I'd almost forgotten where I was, until I heard a loud thud on the floor. It was the old man's riffle! He managed to drop as as he stroked his cock as he came after watching us fuck. Jason quickly got the riffle as the old man finished cumming. He aimed it straight for the old mans head.

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   "Well, now look who's scared," Jason said in a cocky tone. The old man just looked up at his frightend. I began to quickly put my clothes back on. "Look young man, I'm sorry, but I was just having a little fun. " The old man replied in a nervous voice. "Don't kill him," I said desperatly. "Let's just tie him up and we'll report him to the proper authorities. " Jason tried to protest but he knew I was right. We'd grown up to be decent people not murderers. Jason agreed with me and I held on to the riffle as He put his clothes back on. He old man looked at me with desire and delight. In a way I felt like thanking him for letting me expirence the most incredible expirence of my life. But in other ways I felt he was evil and had ruined my life, because now I felt like I was in love with my brother. After Jason got dressed we got some ropes that were laying around the old mans garage and we tied his hands together and wrapped more rope around his chest to the wheelchair. We had decided to take the riffle with us in case he somehow managed to come after us.

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  Jason and I left the old mans house in silence. I couldn't explain the feelings I was having for him. As we walked out it was almost sunrise. I couldn't believe we'd been there almost all night! "I'll help you with the abortion", Jason said after a long silence was we walked towards the car. "what? why? what are you talking about?" I asked frantically. "Well after tonight you might come out pregnant Gwen, and I know you didn't ask for it. I'm willing to pay for the abortion. " I had to stop him at that moment. I looked deep into his beautiful green eyes, "Jason, If i come out pregnant I'm having this child. " Jason's face began to light up. He moved closer to me. "Gwen are you serious? YOu'd have my baby?" I nodded smiling up at him. He leaned down to give me the sweetest kiss ever. "I love you Gwen. I loved making love to you.

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  "My heart was beating so fast and I felt my knees get weak as he held me close. "I love you too Jason. I want to be yours. Forever. " I softly said as I placed my head on his shoulders. As we got to the car I grabbed the cell phone hoping to catch a signal. Finally we managed to get a signal! We call the authorities and reported a vicious old man who needed not to be arrested but maybe put in a nice home where he can at least have friends. Jason spoke with the officer on the phone. When the officer asked our names Jason playfully smiled at me and replied "I'm hansel and she's Gretel. " The End More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.