A night with my older cousin and her friend.


My name is Brandon and I recently moved in with my older brother and older cousin for college. I just turned 18 and my cousin, Aubrey is 24.

Aubrey is gorgeous. She has these dark, piercing eyes that just tempt you every second you stare into them. She has these thin and tender lips and her face is framed with dark brown hair with red-brown highlights. This is all on top of a slim and curvaceous body. Ashley is about 5’ 2” not really tall and has this gorgeous pearl white skin. She excercises frequently and it really shows. She has an incredible ass, perfectly round and curved.  She always wears low-rise pants and when she bends over you always get a perfect view of her ass and her thong. She has a good size B cup breasts, easily a good handful. When she wears low-cut shirts her cleavage is incredible. Best part about living with her is that she dresses comfortably around me which normally means extremely sexy clothing or incredibly skin-tight clothing. In short, my cousin is hot and I wanted to have sex with her since I moved in.
I am about 5’ 11” and about 150 pounds. I am a really slim guy and have always been proud of it.

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   I have had sex only once and it was many years ago. I have a 7 and ½ inch dick that’s really thick and I am proud of it. I masturbate fairly often because my cousin gives me a hard-on practically every second I see her. The days she stays at her friends house I sneak into her room, which is upstairs and right next to mine, and go through her underwear drawer. Her drawer is full of the most erotic thongs you can think of. There are leather ones, lace ones, and see-through ones to name a few. I normally spend about 10 minutes going through them taking deep whiffs of them and rubbing against my cock. Then I normally take one or two of the thongs and maybe a silky bra then grab the lotion she keeps on her nightstand to my room and jack off while smelling her thongs. This is how I expelled most of my sexual frustration till one day.
On a regular weekend I woke up at like 11am and my brother wouldn’t be home from work till 5pm, and my cousin was upstairs in her room, so I went downstairs made some breakfast and checked my email on my laptop for a bit. Ashley came downstairs in these skin-tight workout shorts and a sports bra. I nearly exploded at the sight. These skin-tight shorts showed off her ass perfectly, and on the front the shorts wrapped around her legs and held tightly against her pussy mound.   I could even see her pussy lips against these shorts. I was never so horny in my life.


   She said her goodbyes and went off to the gym. I couldn’t hold back any more and looked up some porn on the computer and started jacking off. About ten minutes or so I noticed someone in the doorway, Aubrey was in the doorway watching me masturbate. She must have forgotten something. I quickly covered up with a nearby blanket, and tried to spit out something to say, but before I spit out anything Aubrey came over to me and sat next to me on the couch.
I was so puzzled on what was happening but then Aubrey said “ So, Brandon what are you up to. ” I tried to say something but my throat was in a knot. Just then she reached down and pulled the blanket of my lap. “ Oh, look what we have here Brandon. ”  At this point I thought I was in some sort of dream and then she reached down and started rubbing my dick. I was in awe, the one thing I always wanted is finally happening. Before I know it Aubrey went down on my dick and put half of it in her mouth and started bobbing up and down once or twice, then sat back up licked her lips very seductively then stood up. “I am gonna go get ready Brandon and going to call Monica and have her come over, I’ll meet you in my room” She stood up and walked away and her ass swayed back and forth more then ever. I couldn’t believe what was happening. , she wanted to have sex with me and she was going to call Monica to join in!

Monica is my cousin’s best friend.

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   Monica is the epitome of incredible bodies. Monica is about 5’ 8”  and has an perfect body. She has well tanned olive skin and dark brown hair. She has beautiful long legs that are topped with the most perfect ass in the world. It is so plump, round, and firm, I could spend hours just rubbing and kissing her ass it’s that incredible.   Monica has large C cup breasts that are magnificent.   I wanted to have sex wit h Monica as much as Aubrey if not more.

Soon after I heard the front door slam and someone walk upstairs, I started to head up stairs. I slowly opened Aubrey’s door and walked in to see my cousin and Monica in matching lingerie lying on the bed seductively. Their outfits were incredible. Monica and Aubrey were wearing these corsets and thongs, over this they wore garter belts that  connected to their knee-high stockings and had on matching high heels. Monica wore an all black outfit and Aubrey wore dark red. I looked at Aubrey first an noticed her thong was getting wet  and I was just entranced. I then looked at Monica; her large tits were nearly popping out the top of her corset, moving up and down with every breath she took. I must have stood for a minute then Monica and Aubrey stood up in unison and grabbed each of my arms and pulled me to the bed.

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   They placed me on her bed and then leaned over me. They each kissed my cheeks then looked at each other and had a deep passionate kiss. I was in awe, this was incredible.

After they kissed for a minute I leaned forward and reached around Monica’s back and untied her corset, which exposed her gorgeous round tits with nice dark nipples. . I closed my eyes and leaned into her left tit and started sucking and teasing her nipple. I opened my eyes and looked to my right to see Aubrey sucking Monica’s right tit. Monica let out a moan of pure ecstasy. Aubrey left her tit then moved to her left one, I pulled off and started flicking her nipple with my tongue and Aubrey started flicked the nipple to. Our tongues rubbing each others while we teased her nipple.   I reached down and started rubbing the outside of Monica’s underwear and I felt a hand go ontop of mine. Aubrey had put her hand on top of mine then let out a small smirk and leaned torwards me and stuck her tongue into my mouth. We kissed for several minutes while still rubbing Monica. Monica was breathing very heavily and moaned several times. This whole time I had an enormous erection, in fact it hadn’t gone down since Aubrey first rubbed it.

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    I broke off our kiss and lied back and pulled down my pants.

I then leaned into Aubrey and untied her corset and exposed her beautiful small breasts her beautiful skin looked incredible and she had this dark red nipples, I moved forward and sucked and licked each of her nipples. Monica reached around me and pulled off my shirt. Monica was behind me her tits were rubbing against my back and she reached down and started stroking my cock from behind. I then reached forward and pulled off Aubrey’s thong and got a look at her perfectly shaved pussy. Her pussy lips were so pink and tender, I just couldn’t wait. I then turned around and pulled down Monica’s thong. She was shaved too and had these perfect pussy lips that were glistening because she was so wet.   I lied on my back and Aubrey mounted my right leg and Monica mounted my left leg. I felt there pussies rubbing on my leg. Aubrey got up and moved forward near my face. Monica leaned to her left and licked the pussy juices off my leg. It felt incredible, Aubrey was the first to speak. “ Ready to have some real fun Brandon?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

“Aubrey lets get started,” said Monica in her deep sexy voice.

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They both went to take off their stockings and high heels. “Don’t take those off leave them on. ” I said. They both complied then Aubrey stood up on the bed then Monica stood between my open legs and put her head down on my dick and started sucking me. Aubrey then knelt on my face. I had a close-up of Aubrey’s pretty tender lips.   I widened Aubrey’s legs to spread her lips.   I leaned forward and stuck my tongue into her warm, wet pussy and she let out a moan like I have never heard before. I wiggled my tongue around a bit. Then slowed down, Monica was working my dick like she was a professional.   The feeling of Monica’s warm mouth on my dick was unparrelled. I started up on Aubrey’s pussy again this time I reached around and put 2 fingers into her pussy then my tongue turned its attention to her aroused clit. I poked it with my tongue a few times then widened my tongue and licked it like an ice cream cone. I kept this up for a few minutes.

“Oh my god!” yelled Aubrey, seconds after she came, her juices just filled my mouth and I swallowed it all.

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I felt close to cumming so I pulled back and Monica looked up, slightly sad, and let go of my dick. My dick glistened with her spit, so Aubrey cleaned it off.   I had Aubrey lay on her back on the bed and put her feet up on my shoulders. Monica stood up and knelt over Aubrey’s face. Seconds after I knew Aubrey started eating her out because Monica’s breathing started to hasten. I looked down and inserted my cock into Aubrey. All the way in it went. I started pumping my dick in her. Slow at first then started hastening it. I looked to see Aubrey’s tits jiggling back and forth. Monica was facing me while she was kneeling over Aubrey’s face. I was watching Monica’s tits sway with my thrusts and Monica was biting her lip and moaning.   I was so close to climaxing. So I started to go much faster.

“Holy FUUUUUCCCKKKK!” yelled Monica, Monica had climaxed and she lied down face to face with Aubrey, whose face glistened with pussy juices, Monica leaned forward and started to kiss Aubrey.

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   Aubrey stuck her tongue into Monica’s mouth and they started to make out. I was sent over the edge watching them kiss with Monica’s cum mixed in.

“AHHHHHH!” I yelled as I came into Aubrey’s pussy. Load after load  I came into her pussy.

I pulled out soon after and looked down to see my cock was covered in pussy juices and cum. I stood up and Aubrey and Monica got off the bed and knelt down on the floor and both were face level with my erect penis. Monica leaned forward and deep throated my dick and completely wiped it clean. She leaned towards Aubrey without swallowing my cum and Aubrey’s pussy juices, and they both opened their mouth for a French kiss and both kissed while swapping cum around in their mouths. They both swallowed what they had in their mouths and turned their attention to my cock.  

They both leaned in and licked the sides of my cock and it felt incredible. I was stunned that two of the most attractive girls in the world were sucking my cock together. One of which was my cousin and she looked like she was enjoying it more then I was. Monica stopped and Aubrey put my entire cock into her mouth and put the entire thing into her mouth. I felt my dick hitting the back of her throat, I felt ready to cum right then, Aubrey soon pull it out then went back to stroking the side while Monica went in for a deepthroat. Monica practically swallowed my dick.

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    She held it all the way in for some time then slowly started sucking my dick. Aubrey positioned herself under Monica and started licking my balls. Monica pulled off then stuck her tongue out and gently ticked the tip of my dick. Monica then resumed sucking my cock. Aubrey was underneath sucking my entire nutsack, I felt her tongue moving in a swirling pattern and it felt incredible. I couldn’t hold it anymore, “I am going to cum Monica,” I said.

“Mmhmm,” said Monica with a mouthful of cock. Monica started humming while she was sucking me and I came into her mouth. I felt my first load hit her in the back of the throat. She swallowed it and quickly pulled my dick out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits. I shot 2 more times on her right breast then once on her left breast. I was out of breath. I looked at Monica who was now covered in my cum and then Aubrey moved torwards Monica and licked all my cum off her tits. I sat back down on the bed, and Monica and Aubrey moved back onto the bed.   Aubrey decided to lay down on her back with her legs spread.

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   Monica moved forward and started eating my cousin out.  Monica was positioned with her ass in the air and she was on her knees. I moved around and got my real first look at Monica’s incredible ass. I moved closer and started rubbing it. I kissed her right cheek and rubbed the left one.   I saw that her pussy was wet so I put 2 fingers into her pussy and started pumping them in and out. After a few seconds I got on my knees and stuck my dick into her pussy, with a moan from Monica. I started pumping hard into her extremely tight pussy. Monica started moving her hips to meet my thrusts. Between Aubrey’s moans and Monica’s moans I knew I wouldn’t last long. I felt like I was going to cum but before I did Aubrey came followed by me. I came into Monica’s tight pussy and some oozed out.   Aubrey moved around to watch my dick pump in and out as I was finishing off. Aubrey positioned herself underneath Monica so that she could lick Monica’s clit while she licked whatever bit of cum came out.

I pulled out of Monica’s pussy my dick still covered in cum.


   Aubrey finished cleaning Monica’s beautiful pussy so she turned and cleaned my dick off. I was amazed after all this that I was still hard. So I decided to continue up with something else. I lied down on my back with my dick standing in the air I had Aubrey straddle it.   Aubrey slowly lowered herself onto my dick. Monica moved around and slowly lowered herself onto my face. Monica’s has a beautiful pussy. I finally had a close-up of it and I just noticed her clit was pierced. So I started flicking it with my tongue and I felt Monica shudder with each flick. I rubbed Monica’s legs, reached around and grabbed her ass then slowly moved my hands down to her stocking covered legs and rubbed them as I flicked her clit. Aubrey went to town on my dick, she moved up and down very slowly then started moving side to side and spun a little on my dick.   I felt every inch of Aubrey’s pussy, Within a few minutes Aubrey came again and I felt pussy juice run down my dick.   Monica soon followed up and came into my mouth, I swallowed all the cum then Monica moved off. Monica and Aubrey cleaned off my dick with their tongues.

I thought I would be done but I still wanted more.

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    Aubrey and Monica both knew it too. Aubrey went into her nightstand and pulled out some lube. Monica moved onto her back, Aubrey positioned herself so that her face was in Monica’s pussy and her ass was in the air. I took the lube and lubed up Aubrey’s asshole then I lubed up my dick. I positioned my dick at the entrance of her ass and slowly pushed it in. Aubrey gave a short breath of pain then it was a breath of arousal. I started pumping in my cousin’s ass. It was such a great feeling, my first time having anal sex and it was with my cousin.   It was so tight that cumming shortly would be inevitable. Once I started pumping and getting comfortable Aubrey started going crazy on Monica’s pussy. Monica was letting out one long moan. Aubrey must have found Monica’s G spot because Monica was moaning for a long time. Monica quickly came again and Aubrey greedily drank it up. I came soon after and I filled up Aubrey’s ass, it started coming out there was so much. Monica was out of breath and panting heavily.


   I pulled out of my cousin’s ass. Monica regained composure and moved around and cleaned off Aubrey’s ass. I moved around and Aubrey took my dick into her mouth. I couldn’t believe Aubrey went ass-to-mouth. After everyone was cleaned off I sat back down on the bed.

I was still hard, I looked over at Monica, who was laying on her stomach. I watched as she breathed her ass was moving up and down. “Am I going to get a go at this?” I said as I slapped Monica’s ass.

“I thought you would never ask,” said Monica.

This time Monica and Aubrey exchanged spots, Aubrey on her back and Monica positioned at her pussy and Monica’s ass in the air. I lubed up Monica’s asshole and my dick and slowly inserted it into Monica’s ass. Monica didn’t seem to have a problem with my dick, like Aubrey did. I started pumping and Monica started eating out Aubrey’s pussy.   Aubrey was moaning, not quite like Monica but it was still extremely erotic. I was pumping in Monica’s ass for a bit then moved my hand from her hip and slapped her ass.

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   For some reason that felt so good.   Monica’s ass was my weakness it was such an incredible feeling. So tight and warm but little resistance. Monica was enjoying it to I noticed her pussy getting wetter and she started moaning. I couldn’t hold back any more. I came in Monica’s ass, more then any other times that day. I thought I would never stop cumming. It just poured out there was so much, it ran down her ass over her pussy lips and dripped onto the bed. As I was cumming Aubrey quickly came and I heard a loud moan.
I pulled out of Monica’s ass and moved around to Monica’s face to see if she went ass-to-mouth too and sure enough she did. This felt so good, Monica really knew how to treat a dick.

Aubrey moved around behind Monica and cleaned off her asshole and her pussy of all the cum that I shot. I sat down on the bed and looked at my dick, I was still aroused. Monica and Aubrey were completely out of breath. They both looked at me and looked at my dick and were shocked I was still aroused.

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“Holy shit Brandon I thought we would run you down but you ran us down,” said Aubrey

“Brandon, That was incredible,” breathed Monica

“I still want more, one of you wanna suck me off. ” I said. Monica positioned her self so that she could suck my dick. She started sucking me off and this time she went full on crazy and it felt unbelievable .   Aubrey moved over to face to face and we started making out.   I pulled back and had Aubrey move her tit into my mouth. I sucked Aubrey’s tit while Monica sucked me. It felt good and I soon came. I was finally satisfied. A great end to an incredible day.

“We will have to do this again. ” I said.


“Absolutely,” said Monica and Aubrey in unison.

In fact we did do it again and many times after that, up until when Monica and I got married. Outrageous I know, but thats just what happened, we had a strong connection that night that lasted forever.

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   Monica and I have incredible sex till this day but when we want to liven things up my cousin stops by.

Please any feedback is apprieciated This is a real story even though it sounds far fetched. I tried to tell the story the best I could, please let me know how it was though. E-mail me at brndbro@yahoo. com