A Noise in the Woods


A Noise in the Woods


I was working in my shop one afternoon building some shelves and had the urge to pee.   The building backs up against the woods so it's easy to step out back to take a leak.   I had just begun to relieve myself when I heard a rustle in the woods.  


Behind the shop there is a small footbridge across a ditch and a trail leads into the woods.   While there are no houses directly behind; there is a neighborhood off to the left on another road.   Another trail from comes from that direction and the two trails meet not far into the woods behind my house.   As this was a wooded area it could be an animal or someone from one of the houses in the other neighborhood.  


I zipped up and walked across at the bridge.   The path was carpeted with pine needles so without trying to be stealthy I had no made any noise.   I stood still and listened intently and heard noise ahead that sounded like a whimper.   The sound came from directly ahead which wouldn't have been on either of the trails.  


Curious, I walked forward quietly into trees and saw something ahead. Moving at an angle to the left I worked my way close enough to see from behind a tree.   A boy was leaning back against a tree with his head back.   I heard a moan come from his lips.   Moving out from the tree for a better view I saw a girl kneeling on the ground in front of him with her face at his crotch.

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While I couldn't see completely it was obvious what she was doing.   They both looked like they were in their younger teens, probably 13 or 14.

  Both had dark hair.   The girl's hair obscured her face and actions as she cupped his ass cheeks in her hands.


"Yeah, suck it sis" the boy said with ragged breath.   Apparently the girl was his sister.  


He pushed her head back exposing his cock extending from hs fly.   He unbuttoned the button and pushed them and his underwear down around his thighs.   The girl leaned her head back and I got my first look at her.   She was very pretty with full lips which she licked while she waited.   He grabbed her head and pulled her back toward his crotch again.   His cock disappeared into her mouth as he pushed on the back of her head.


I stayed close to the tree and rubbed my cock through my pants.   The girl was wearing shorts and a tank top and looked absolutely luscious.   Her young perky breasts were probably about a B cup and I could only hope if I waited long enough that I'd get to see more of her.

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I didn't have to wait long.   A couple of minutes later he pulled her to her feet.   She really was hot with a nice round ass in shorts that showed just a bit of cheek.   He turned and pushed her face forward against the tree.   Standing close behind her he pushed her top up above her breast, cupping them with his hands.

  She ground her ass back against him while using both hands to push her shorts down.   His cock, still wet with her saliva, rubbed up and down between her smooth cheeks.  


He bent his knees to lower himself so his cock slid between her legs.   She reached down to guide him and he pushed up into her young wet pussy.   She gasped and her legs gave way but he held her up as began thrusting his hips against her ass.


She pulled her top all the way off and I finally go a good side angle view of her breast.   They were perfectly shaped and stood straight out with small nipples like little pebbles.  


Moans escaped from both of them as they ground against each other.   He held her hips as she braced her hands against the tree.   He pulled back and pushed her toward the ground.

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    She turned and drop to her knees facing him with his cock in front of her face.


"Stroke it" he ordered and she grasped his cock in her hand and complied.   After a few short strokes he moaned and a stream of cum erupted onto her face.   The second shoot hit between her tits as he leaned forward against her.   She lowered her head and sucked his purple head into her mouth while continuing to move her hand slowly on his shaft.


I watched for another minute as she rubbed his cock against her tits, flicking her nipples with the head.   I quietly backed away to the trail and returned to my shop.