A shared interest


Returning home to find the curtains drawn I quickly realised that Emma must have had another one of her migraines.
A few months after my wife walked out on me for a guy that she had met in the local shopping mall. Emma started taking migraines. I worked long shifts and would return home to find Emma crashed out on the sofa with the blinds and curtains drawn.
Opening the door quietly, hoping not to disturb her from her nap I popped my head round the living room door as my eyes darted to the sofa. The sofa was empty but a movement out of the corner of my eyes made me look up.
To this day trying to describe the sight that greeted me, is almost impossible, Emma my blonde petite daughter was sitting at the back of the living room side on to me, with her left hand cupping her small exposed left breast as her fingers worked on her nipple. Her right hand was under her skirt, her eyes locked on the computer screen in front of her.
I stood frozen on the spot watching my daughter squeeze her breast then let out a groan of pleasure, her hand was working frantically under her short skirt. Emma had always been my little girl, okay so she was nearly 16, but to me she was always that little kid that I held in my arms. Stepping in the door, I stood for another second trying to find the right words
“Emma, what are you doing” I said quietly watching her turn quickly then squeal “Dad” before hurrying to pull down her top and removing her hand from under her skirt.
Stepping towards the computer, I watched in shock as a woman sucked on what had to be the largest cock I had ever seen.
Emma frantically tried to click off the video before screaming “What are you doing home?” her face was bright red, probably only matched by the shocked white of my face.
“Emma we need to talk” I added watching her storm by me then head to her room.
Giving her fifteen minutes to calm down I headed upstairs then walked into her room watching Emma lying sobbing on the bed. Placing my hand on her warm hip I whispered “Baby, you know I’m to blame, if I had taken more time to realise that you were growing up.

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   This would never have happened”.
Emma’s sob’s got lighter then stopped. “Dad I’m really sorry” Emma sobbed before listening to me interrupt.
“Sorry for what? Me catching you doing what comes natural to most girls your age”
I had fifteen minutes to plan what I was going to say, okay so she was surfing the net for porn, I was angry at that. But for masturbating while I was out, how could I be angry at her for that.
“You know, I should have sat you down before now and explained a few things”
I watched Emma slowly roll over to face me, her eyes were red from crying, Emma pushed her blonde curly hair back behind her ears then sat up leaning against the wall.
Taking her soft hand in mine, I sat explaining that the only thing I was angry about was the fact that she was surfing porn without my permission. Emma dropped her head in shame then nodded.
“Listen baby, if you want to sit in front of me and masturbate all night then go ahead, it won’t bother me. It’s not like you have anything that I haven’t seen before” I paused then thought a joke would be a good thing to break the ice.
“Hell if you do it for long enough I might even join you” I said watching her laugh then rub her eyes.
“I think they call that incest” Emma joked then listened to me explain that incest was physical contact.
“You know, if I hadn’t been such an old fart with my rules then we would have never ended up in this position” I watched Emma smile then laugh.
“Does that mean you are going to let me walk about naked without shouting at me” Emma sat watching my face trying to read my reaction.
“Tell you what, you can walk about how you like, but if I get a bulge in my shorts, your not allowed to say anything” I added with a silly little grin watching her nod.


“Dad, I’m really sorry” Emma sat with a wry smile on her face watching me nod.
“Tell you what, if you want to download porn, tell me and if it comes from a reputable site then I will let you download it…okay?” I added watching her nod.
The following morning Emma passed me on the stairs with only her bra and panties on. “Dad, my school stuff isn’t dry yet” Emma said racing down to the kitchen, quickly throwing her uniform in the dryer.
I stood on the middle stairs trying to come to terms seeing my girl in such detail. That evening Emma returned from school and sat on the computer chatting to her best pal until I returned. She had already prepared dinner. An hour later we sat eating as I watched Emma look up and grin.
“Dad if I asked you, could you burn off some DVD’s for my room” Emma said giving me a little smile.
I quickly got the point. “Anything particular in mind” I asked watching her smile then nod. Half an hour later Emma and I sat at the computer downloading the first film, it was only a short one but I didn’t need prizes for guessing what it was.
When the film finished downloading I clicked on the virus scan then decided to play it on the media player to check the content.
“Sorry hun, but before I burn it I have to make sure it isn’t illegal” I added feeling her hand rest on my shoulder as the film started to roll. Within two minutes Emma and I were watching a cheerleader in the dressing room with a black guy, the girl knelt on the floor devouring his hard cock.

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“If I watch much more of this, I might need to go to the bathroom” I joked listening to Emma laugh.
Lifting myself from the chair, I headed through to the kitchen then switched on the kettle before fixing my hard cock into a better position. Taking the coffees through I stood watching Emma sitting on the computer chair with her hand down her night shorts. Here’s your coffee” I added placing the coffee beside the computer watching her slip her hand from her shorts.
“Baby I meant what I said, if you feel you need to touch yourself, then do it” I said cringing at my openness.
Emma turned her head then gave me a silly little smile before lifting her coffee in both hands then taking a sip watching me sit on the sofa directly behind her.
A couple of minutes later the video ended, Emma turned to watch my eyes still locked to the screen.
“Can I download one more then burn them to disc” Emma asked watching me nod.
Two hours and a football match later, Emma and I returned to the computer then waited for the download to finish.
Emma turned then gave me a little grin “You want to check this one” Emma asked watching me nod. Emma scanned the video then pressed play. I sat watching three guys and two girls talking in a girl’s bedroom. Within five minutes the guys were fondling the two girls before slipping their bra and panties off. It didn’t take long before my cock was hard again watching the show over my daughters shoulder. Emma sat motionless then a few minutes later moved her hand slightly; I could only imagine where her hand had gone.

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“Oh fuck, you know how to choose videos” I groaned desperate to pull my cock out and start flogging it.

    Emma turned her head then smiled before turning back to the screen. Standing up quietly I stepped over then looked down over Emma’s shoulder, a little smile crept across my face watching her hand stuffed down her shorts.
    “Is that nice baby” I hissed watching her turn and smile up without pulling her hand from her shorts. Resting my hand on her shoulder, Emma turned her glance to the screen as I stood watching the show. Within a couple of minutes my mind had turned to my daughter in her bra and panties. I stood surprised that I wanted to see her without her bra on. Placing my fingers under her top next to her shoulders, I pushed my fingers forward slowly watching her top follow my fingers giving me my first view of the soft skin above her breasts. Emma looked down at her top pushed forward then turned her head and smiled.
    “Dad, I can take it off if you want” Emma said with a smile watching me nod.
    Emma slipped her hands out of the top before pushing it over her head allowing me the first view of her milky white skin with small nipples standing proudly.
    Oh thanks sweetie” I groaned watching her little nipples hard and ready to be sucked. Emma sat for about a minute, feeling my fingers work on her shoulders desperate to fondle her breasts. Emma looked back up at me then smiled.
    Taking my hand into hers, Emma slid my hand slowly down to her left breast, watching the video the whole time.

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      With a little movement I dropped to my knees sliding my hand underneath her arm then cupped her small breast in my hand.
    “Oh dad, I’m so wet” Emma groaned watching me smile then letting my hand fall down to her shorts.
    Emma pulled her hand from her shorts feeling mine push under the material as we stared into each others eyes. Flicking my fingers under her panties my fingers slowly pushed through her pubic hairs before finding her wet clit.
    “Oh dad” Emma groaned feeling my finger come to rest on her swollen clit then slowly start to work her.
    Emma pushed her legs open as wide as possible then started to slouch on the chair feeling my finger working on her clit. Sliding my other hand up the soft skin of her leg then under her shorts . Emma let out a  groan feeling my fingers pull her panties to the side before pressing a couple of fingers against her wet hole, feeling her accept them immediately. Emma’s eyes followed my fingers into her wet pussy feeling my fingers thrust harder into her pussy with each thrust while I sat playing with her clit
    “Oh dad, I’m going to cum” Emma hissed lifting her hands then slowly fondling her own breasts.
    “Baby, I want you to touch me too” I groaned watching her nod then start to shake gently.
    “Oh yeah” Emma groaned as her orgasm hit home. Standing up quickly pulling my hard cock from my shorts I stood watching Emma wrap her hand round my full 9 inches then slowly stroking it for about a minute, her eyes fixed on it the whole time.
    “Can I cum on your breasts baby” I groaned watching her nod then push her head to the side allowing her face to come closer to my cock.
    “oh shit, I would love it if you sucked me right now” I groaned watching her turn her head then push her mouth forward and kiss the tip of my cock before sliding her mouth over the tip of my cock.
    “Oh baby, I’m Cumming” I groaned expecting her to pull back, in seconds my cock started to dance in her mouth unloading my cum into her mouth watching Emma look up at me as her mouth slowly filled with my love juices.

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    Holding her head until I was finished, I pulled back watching a smile purse over her lips then watched as her throat moved slightly.
    “Oh shit, that was so hot” I groaned watching her smile then open her mouth.
    Stepping back I watched Emma head upstairs then appear back five minutes later completely dressed. Two hours later Emma and I headed to bed, following her upstairs, I pressed my hand against her pyjama bottoms groping her petite ass.
    Emma looked back and smiled “keep doing that and I might have to sleep in your room tonight” Emma grinned watching me nod. With a little shove of her hips, Emma turned towards my room then walked in before climbing onto the bed and lying down. I wanted her so badly and she was offering the next hour was going to be fun…. . Part 2 …soon. .
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