A twist of fate


I had just had a big fight with my mother about the boy I was dating. I was a virgin at the time but Eddie had been feeling me up and Mom woke up and caught him with his hand under my sweater. She really had a tizzy when she found out I wasn’t wearing a bra. She yelled at both of us and told him to get the hell out of her house and never come back. She also told him that if she caught him as much as looking at me, she would have him sent off to jail. He grabbed his jacket and stormed out to his car. I was only fifteen but looked a lot older and Eddie had dated me a few times before he found out I was almost five years younger than he was. One time, we were at the movies and he had slipped his hand under my skirt and put a finger into my virgin slit. I  had been letting him play around and was getting pretty wet. He pushed his finger deeper and caused me to wince from the discomfort as he probed me. After he found out I was still a virgin, I made him promise not to try to change that. He was true to his word and the most we ever did was oral sex. I had never even tried it but he coached me on how to give head. Having him bring me off with his tongue was pure heaven. Then that day he told me he was dating a girl that would give him what he needed
It looked like he was gone from my life forever. I was so mad at Mom, I wanted to do anything to get even.

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   The day I turned sixteen, I got my chance! In my state, sixteen was the legal age of consent and I packed some clothes and left. A girlfriend offered to drive me down to the other end of the state, where I intended to find work and live the way I wanted to. I had saved up some money and rented a room at a sleazy motel and went out to look for a job. Just down the street from my motel was a gas-and-go type place with a couple of repair stalls built on one end. I was a little hungry and decided to go there and grab a hot dog. I knew I had to budget my remaining money and couldn’t afford to eat at a regular restaurant.
While I ate the hot dog, I watched the manager come out from behind the counter and go to the shop door. He stopped and told me I would have to eat the hot dog outside, since his cashier had quit and he had to try to get a car finished between customers. I smiled and said, “ You need to hire a replacement. ” He looked me up and down and asked if I wanted a job. I stood dumbfounded and told him I would love to work for him. I told him I was new in town and needed work to live. He handed me an application blank and told me to fill it out. I sat in a chair in the shop and started writing. I figured I better not put my real age or former address down or he might think I was just some dumb kid and not hire me.

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   I filled out the paper, using the name and address of  a neighbor girl who had just graduated high school. I  put my cell phone number on the form and handed it to him. He asked if I had ever run a cash register or a credit card machine. I told him I had worked in a video rental store last summer and would be able to do the job if he showed me the way he did things.
He hired me on the spot and told me to be there in the morning. I asked if I could stay and help him out now. He thought a minute and tossed me the register key, telling me to ask him if I had any questions. The rest of the day went pretty good, with me asking him only a few things regarding credit repair bills. When the night shift girl came in, he counted the register and congratulated me on not being short. I started to walk back to my motel room and he asked if I wanted a ride, since it had begun to rain hard. He pulled the tow truck around front and told me to get in.
On the way up the street, we passed a steak house and he asked me if he could buy me some supper. He said the way I counted out the change to pay for my hot dog told him I was hurting for money. I told him he shouldn’t go to any trouble for me but he insisted. We ran from the truck to the entrance to the restaurant and went inside.

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   After only a few minutes, we were seated and a waitress taking our orders. The manager, whose name was Paul, told me he ate here quite often and they always managed to find a booth for him. We sipped on iced tea while we waited for our meals and I found out that his  last name was Abbot, the same as my real name. I listened as he told me that he and his ex had divorced almost seventeen years ago. He had never remarried but he had dated a few times. He added that his ex had kicked him out after he confronted her about having a boyfriend. He knew that he had a baby, but had never seen it. His Ex had married this jerk she was seeing and never asked for any support. The waitress brought our meals and we continued to talk as we ate. The longer we sat there, the more this talk was getting into private details. The thing that struck me was that this man sounded so much like my real dad it wasn’t funny. As I said, I looked much older than I was and he just talked and talked about his past. While he talked, he called his ex by name and I almost choked. Her name was the same as my mom’s and the rest of the story was starting to gel too. Mom did have some guy as a husband when I was growing up, but he divorced her for cheating on him too.

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   To try to make sure of what I was thinking, I asked him about the guy that his ex had married. He told me he was a roofer and had fixed their roof and must have helped himself to her as payment or something. I asked him if he remembered the guy and ever saw him again. He said all he remembered was that the guy’s name was Ed and they lived upstate somewhere. I became convinced this man was my long lost real father but didn’t say that because I had lied to him on my application.
He dropped me off at my motel and told me to be ready in the morning and he would pick me up. I went up to my room and took a shower and stretched out on the bed to read a magazine. The noises out in the breezeway told me this wasn’t the safest place to be but I had no choice until I could find a better place. The longer I though about this probably being my father, The more my mind started going in all different directions. I had always wondered why Mom and my real dad had divorced but she would never talk about him. I really liked him after talking to him. I just had to think of how to get out of my little lie I told him. I lay back on my pillow and soon was sound asleep.
During the night, I began to dream about my dad. In my dream, I was standing in this beautiful home and was kissing him, only not as a daughter would.

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   We were locked in a very passionate embrace and kissing each other deeply. I woke up and realized my hand was under my panties and I was soaking wet. I glanced at the alarm clock and saw that it was after midnight. I got up and got a drink of water, brushed my teeth and set the alarm for five in the morning. I would need to be showered and dressed before my dad picked me up at six. I dozed off and began to dream again about my father. I dreamed we were making passionate love in the same big fancy house. Just as the dream was getting good, my alarm clock went off.
I hurried through my shower and dressed in jeans and a nice sweater and hurried out the door. He was just coming down the street in his tow truck and stopped to pick me up. We swung into the restaurant parking lot and he told me to go get some breakfast with him. As we sat in the booth, a waitress came by and left fresh, hot coffee for us while we looked at the menu. Dad looked at me and asked what I was paying for my room in that place. I told him and he looked me in the eye and told me he had a spare room that I could use for free if I wanted to. I started to say no but he insisted.

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   After I thought about it, it would be a good way to be close to him for the first time in my life. That evening, after work, he took me home and helped me carry my things to his truck. We headed down the road towards his house. When he turned up his driveway, I almost fainted. It was the same house I had dreamed about. He opened the front door and helped me carry my stuff in and put it on the bed in the room next to his. He told me to put my stuff in the drawers and hang my clothes in the closet. I needed more hangars and went looking for him to ask him if he had more. As I walked past his room, I glanced in and saw it just as in my dreams. I found him in his little den working on his computer. He turned to me and cleared his screen. When I asked for some hangars, he told me that there were plenty in his closet and to help myself. As I turned to walk back to my room, he went back to his computer but told me he was ordering pizza for our supper. A while later and the doorbell rang and our supper was delivered. I had finished putting my few articles of clothing away and joined him at the table.

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After supper, Dad told me had to finished the books for today and said for me to get comfortable and watch some TV or slip a movie in the VCR. I looked through the shelves of movies and noticed a few adult titles but chalked it up to his living alone for so long. I found a good action movie with Stallone and settled onto the big leather couch. After about an hour, he came into the room and settled onto the other end of the couch. He was carrying two beers and offered me one. I took it, knowing that I had only drank beer a time or two before this. I asked him why he hired me and offered me a room at his house without even knowing me. He told me that he had wondered the same thing but for some reason, he liked me and didn’t want to see me living at that motel. He said that it was a place for local hookers and druggies and it wasn’t safe for a nice girl. I was a little tired and relaxed from the beer but wanted to stay up and be near my father, even though he didn’t have any idea who I was. Finally he said he had to get to bed and that I could stay up if I wanted. I said I needed to get to sleep too, since we would be getting up in the morning real early.
That night was a night of more dreams and when the alarm went off, I woke up realizing I had been exploring myself with my fingers and again, was soaking wet. I heard Dad knocking at my door and telling me that breakfast was almost ready. I opened the door and told him I would be there in a few minutes.

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   He looked me up and down as I stood in the doorway in a short nightie that barely covered my butt. I started to gather my clothes and take a shower and he told me to do that later, so my eggs wouldn’t get cold. I told him I didn’t have a robe and should dress. He said not to worry about that and hurry to the kitchen. I hurried to the bathroom and then went to the kitchen and sat in the chair he had placed my plate at. As we ate and chatted, I kept feeling like he was mentally undressing me. My breasts were pushing hard against the nightie and my nipples were getting hard. Part of me was amazed that he would be interested by someone my age and part of me enjoyed having him looking at my chest. Every once in a while, while we ate, I gave him a big smile and pushed my chest out to watch his reaction. He told me to hurry and get dressed so we could go.
I finished the last bites and started to pick up my plate. He told me to go ahead and get ready, that he would do up the few dishes. I headed off to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I hurried through the shower and toweled off my short hair and realized I had left my clothes in my room. I slowly opened the door and looked up and down the hall, then ran to my room in just the towel.

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   As I entered my room, Daddy came down the hall to use the bathroom. In my haste, the towel unwrapped and gave him a quick glance at my whole side, completely naked. I pushed the door open and closed it behind me, reaching for my clothes laid out on the chair by the bed. I dropped the towel on the floor and stood admiring my nude body, holding my breasts in my hands and turning from side to side. I hurriedly dressed and put on a coat of lip gloss, then rushed out to where he was waiting. We walked out to the truck and climbed in. He did a radio check with the shop and started to work. He asked if I had slept well and I answered that I had slept like a log.
That day was slow at the shop and even gas sales were not that busy. I spent some time cleaning shelves and stocking them. He told me that it was the midnight clerk’s job to stock but I told him I hated to just sit there doing nothing. He told me that I could come in the shop if I wanted so we could get to know each other better. I finished stocking the soda coolers and walked out into the shop. He was bent over the fender of a car, finishing up an oil change. I came up and leaned over the other fender.

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   My shirt was loose enough that I know he got a good view at my breasts and the lace bra holding them. He asked me a few questions and I answered as well as I could, without giving away my little secret. I would have to run to the front every time a car pulled up but managed to find out that he had not even dated for over two years and had buried himself in his work. It was soon time for shift change and for him to close up the shop. I helped him carry out his briefcase and other papers and then climbed up in the seat of his tow truck and waited for him. He told me that the shop was closed the next day and I would be off to, since the weekends were covered by other cashiers. He stopped at the same steakhouse and bought dinner for us. I sat across from him, studying every inch of his face and noticed he was doing the same.
After dinner, he asked if I would like to see a movie with him, since we didn’t have to get up. I said that would be great, to which he said he needed to go home and change. I told him I should also freshen up a bit if we were going out. I decided on a skirt and sweater. The skirt was short, but not vulgar and the sweater clung to my 34B breasts. I put a tin drop of perfume in some strategic places and slipped on a fresh pair of panties. I had already decided against a bra.


   We walked out and instead of taking the tow truck, jumped into his Corvette. As I slid in, he was able to get a glimpse of my lacy  white panties but didn’t let on he had seen anything. I smoothed out my skirt and settled back in the black leather seat as we roared off into the night.
We went into the theater just as they were lowering the lights. As the movie started, I leaned over closer to Daddy to let him get a whiff of my perfume. During the movie, I put my hand on the arm of the chair, only to find his already there. I put my hand on his and left it there a few minutes. We were in a sparsely occupied area of the theater and I put my hands on his strong upper arms and whispered in his ear, thanking him for the movie and dinner. He reached over and patted me on the leg, saying it was his pleasure. After a while, I figured it was time to move and leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He turned to me and our lips met. I probed his lips with my tongue and put my hand on his thigh. We lost interest in the movie as we began to explore each other. I felt his hand working down my leg to the hem of my skirt and he began to push it up a little. In short order, he had my skirt up and my panties were showing.

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   I moved my legs apart so he could get his hand on my pussy. I took his free hand and slipped it under my sweater to let him know there was no bra in his way. His big strong hand squeezed my breast and lightly pinched my nipple. His other hand was working beneath the lace of my panties and soon was rubbing my clit. I was turned towards him and slipped a hand onto his crotch and felt him fully erect. He was much larger than my former boyfriend and I wondered in my mind if I could handle such a big cock. I had unzipped his jeans and was stroking him, when I looked around to see if anyone was looking and put my head into his lap. I licked his cock head and let it slip inside my mouth. By then the movie was almost over and he suggested we go back to the house where it was private. I agreed and straightened my clothing while he zipped his jeans. We hurried out and to the car. I just minutes, we were in the driveway and headed for the door. He unlocked it and, as soon as we were inside, relocked it and turned to me, pulling me to him. His hands were under my skirt, cupping my buttocks as I ground my pelvis into his.
We decided to go to his room and take advantage of his king sized bed.

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   As I undressed, his eyes were riveted to my body. I stood in just my panties while he stepped out of his jeans and slipped his polo shirt over his head. I slowly worked my panties down over my hips, baring myself to him. His cock was hard as a rock as he slid his shorts down. I dropped slowly to my knees and began to suck his cock, taking it deeper than I ever had one before. He dwarfed my ex-boyfriend’s cock with his shaft and I could feel it against the opening to my throat. I suddenly felt him pick me up and deposit me in the middle of his bed. He began covering my body with kisses, slowly working towards my virgin pussy. My back was arched and I began to moan softly as his tongue probed my slit. I moved and pulled him closer until I was sucking his cock again as his tongue probed my wet pussy but not deep enough to enter. He moved away and got in position over me, guiding that hard cock towards me. I realized that this the point that I was going to loose my virginity. I whispered in his ear that It might be a good idea to put a towel on the bed under me. He raised up and said ”You mean you are still a virgin?” I shook my head yes and he smiled saying he had never had a virgin in his life. He got up and ran to the bathroom, bringing back a thick bath towel.

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   I raised my hips and he slid it under me. He also had brought back a tube of K-Y, saying it might make things easier. I expected him to get right down to business but he had other ideas.
He began kissing me up around my neck, working  his way lower. As he began kissing my breast, he stuck out his tongue and began tracing a line with it across my body. He licked down the front of my right breast and circled the nipple, being careful not to touch it. He then moved to the left side and did the same thing. Then he traced a line under each one, ending up in the center between them. He slowly licked a line down my tummy and circled my navel, again being careful not to touch it. My breasts felt as if they had grown two sizes after he licked them and my back was arched high off the mattress. Daddy then licked down the center of my tummy to the top of my hairline. I was well trimmed to let me wear bikinis but the center was still fully grown. He licked my pubic hair without actually touching my skin, then worked along the hairline to my left leg and followed the crease between my leg and body. He moved my legs apart and ran his tongue along the crease, avoiding my swollen lips. His tongue traced a line past my pussy and circled my rectum, working in ever tightening circles until I felt his tongue flickering on the tiny opening.

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   What happened next absolutely blew my mind. I felt his tongue working its way into my ass. He began running it in and out as if he were fucking me with it. He had my leg pinned back under his arm so he could get to me. His finger was rubbing my clit, driving me absolutely wild with desire. He then began to run his tongue up the other side of my pussy but still had not put it inside my pussy. He flicked it across my clit and then retraced his path back up towards my neck, still not touching my nipples. When he got to my neck, his cock was against my soaking wet pussy. He stopped to spread some of the K-Y on his cock and then ran his fingers the length of my slit. He guided his cock to my still virgin pussy and gently pushed. I was so wet from the last several minutes activity that between my natural fluids and the lubricant, the head of his cock easily spread my lips apart and started in. I could feel the pressure against my hymen as he continued to push. As he pushed a little harder, I felt a stinging sensation as the fragile membrane parted. He immediately stopped and held very still until I had become used to the feel of his cock in my pussy and then slowly sank the full length of it inside me. I could feel it pushing against my cervix as it hit bottom.

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   He again stopped moving for a few minutes, then began to slowly move in and out of me, withdrawing until just the head remained inside me. My hips began to respond by rocking slowly, matching his thrusts. I held his strong arms and began to rock faster and faster as he began to move in and out like a piston. I locked my heels behind him, holding him inside me as I suddenly felt my insides tighten and the first waves of an orgasm began to build. Dad sensed my oncoming orgasm and began pounding me faster and faster. Suddenly, I felt his body tense as he started pumping his sperm deep inside me. It was enough to take me over the top and in my excitement, I screamed out, “ Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck my pussy, Daddy!”. Daddy froze and jerked his cock out of me, asking me why I would call him Daddy. I lay there for a minute and finally looked up and said, “I’m your daughter, Lisa!” I love you Daddy and I don’t care if you are my daddy, I want to make love to you every night.
Daddy looked down at me and asked why I had done this. I told him that we had met by sheer accident and that I put the pieces together the first night we talked. He told me that I was to old to be his daughter and this must be some kind of trick. I assured him that I was just a few days past my sixteenth birthday. He said he found it hard to believe that some young girl could be as good as I was in bed. I got up off the bed and walked to my own room and picked up my purse.

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   I walked back to his room and pulled out my ID card and a couple of old photos. One was of him and Mom right after they were married. Dad looked at them and finally believed me. I asked if he was going to send me away. He sighed and told me that he would allow me to stay if I never, ever called him Daddy at work. He had to finally admit he had always wondered about me and now that I was here, he would never let me go. He did tell me that he underwent a vasectomy right after I was born and that we could fuck as often as we wanted. With that. I pulled him down on top of me and we spent the rest of the night making love in every possible position.
I have been with him for over five years now and still live with him, more as a wife than a daughter.
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