A Week With Kayla Part 1


Topic: A Week With Kayla Part 1Chapter 1
I’m 14… turning 15 in a month. I have a mom a dad and a sister who is also 14 and a couple of months. We are not twins. I’m around five foot six, dirty blonde hair, with a descent body. I just finished the main stages of puberty. So has my sister, being girls mature faster than boys. She is five foot three, dirty blonde long hair nice body, tight ass, and b-cup boobs. We are really close and talk about I have never really been attracted to her until a few months ago. Both of us have only gotten as far as second base. Are parents are always going out of town. This weekend was no different. Oh yeah… my name is John and her’s is Kayla.
My parents had woken me up at six in the morning, telling me that they had to leave on short notice for about a week. It was in June so we were on Summer Vacation. They left us a few hundred dollars for the week to buy food and rent movie, and games. Later that night my sister and I ran up to the video store and rented a scary movie and a romance (her suggestion).

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   Upon arriving at home we ordered pizza. While waiting, we played some videogames. I beat her almost every time. And after every time she would pounce on me and “beat me up”. I knew I was in trouble when her butt landed just below my waist. My penis sprang up.
I bolted up just as the doorbell rang. I noticed that my sister was just staring at me, her eyes glued on my lower area. She just giggled her sexy laugh and walked over to the door. This was my chance to lose the erection. I ran up the stairs and back down. This quick sprint caused it to go down to semi-erect.
Throughout dinner we just sat in awkward silence until she finally started to talk:
Kayla- It’s ok you. I’ve seen an erection before…
John- And where would this have been?
Kayla- Well you know Zoey? Whenever her parents are gone we get some of there porn.
John- That’s nice.

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   Ha-ha. Wait… did she give you any???
Kayla- Yeah. It’s not really porn though, it’s more of a how-to video. Ha-ha.
John- Hmmmm…. .
Kayla- What are you thinking?
John- Well, I wouldn’t mind knowing how to do it before I actually did it.
Kayla- Let’s watch it tonight then.
John- Together?
Kayla- Well… I’m not leaving you alone. Ha-ha.
That night we settled together on the couch to watch first the scary movie. It was amazing because when she got scared she’d get even closer to me. Once again, my penis sprang up. What was even worse was that her head was lying on my lap. After about 60 seconds my penis was so hard.


   Her head flew up. She just stared at the screen with a thin smile on her face. It was at this time the movie ended. I ejected the movie still erect.   While I was putting in the romance we just sat staring at each other. As with all other romances there was kissing and more kissing. My erection quickly went away with the embarrassment. However in the very last minute or so of the movie, she began to get real close again. “Uh-oh” came out of my mouth as once again I became erect. This time was different however. Kayla just stayed were she was.
The credits began to roll, but I just stayed were I was when Kayla began to talk:
Kayla- What’s wrong with you tonight? You are so horny.
John- I’m just really anxious to watch that porno.
Kayla- Well. I’m gonna go change real quick.

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   This bra is killing me.
John- Ok
Kayla- If your gonna masturbate while we watch it you might want to change into gym shorts or something.
This conversation just confused me. Did she really not mind masturbating in front of me and vise-versa? I did as Kayla said, changing into gym shorts without any boxers. A few minutes later she came walking out with a low-cut tank top no bra and sweatpants. I could clearly see her nipples sticking out.
Kayla- It’s not nice to stare.
John- Sorry.
Kayla- It is ok. I like know my brother gets turned on by looking at me.
John- Uh Ok.
I put in the film and saw an object in the hand of my sister. Where the hell did she get a dildo? It was probably from Zoey. I kept my mouth shut and decided to get some lube I had stashed in my room. The film began.

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   It started with an instructor standing in front of a sign that said masturbation. The first instruction was to take off our clothes. My eyes shot to my sister who slowly began taking off her shirt. For the first time I saw my sisters breasts. Automatically I got a boner.
I followed taking off my pants and then my shirt. We both sat on the couch butt naked. Our eyes were glued on each other’s private parts. Then, the instructor stated to spread our legs. I was shocked that my sister did so willingly. Without knowing so, my hand went straight to my penis. The female section was first in the video. The video continued until the dildo was fully inserted into her pussy.
“Oh my god I” I said. Within 5 minutes she began to cum all over the place.

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   Not to long after so did I. I walked over to pause the film so we could talk.
John- Wow that was amazing. I’ve never seen a girl cum before.
Kayla- I’ve never seen a guy come.
John- I had no idea you were so innocent. Ha-ha.
Kayla- Have you ever tasted your cum?
John- No way! Have you tasted yours?
Kayla- Once or twice. My friends say that boy cum tastes great.
John- Hmmm… maybe when I cum next time.
Kayla- Can I taste yours?
John- Are you serious?
Kayla- Yeah…. This week is all about learning right? Ha-ha
End Chapter 1
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