A Weekend at my Aunt's House


As she hung up the phone, i walked up to my Aunt Mary from behind, and she was wearing only a thong, so i gave her a nice smack on the ass. Just as she let out a giggle, the doorbell rang. We were both totally naked, so she took some dishwater from the sink, rubbed it in her hair, took her thong off, and wrapped a towel around herself, and then answered. It was her neice, my cousin, Cyndi. She was 23, nine years older than me, and even though she was my cousin, i had to admit, she was pretty hot. She had long sandy blonde hair, 5'7" about 100 lbs. , a 33B cup size, and very skinny. I didn't want to go down, since my clothes were on the couch she was sitting on. So I walked down the 5 steps, and listened as they talked. My Aunt Mary's dog, his name is Alex and he is a 5 year old German Shepard, came aroun behind me and bumped into the back of my leg really hard, so I pet him. Just then, he jumped up on me, placing his sharp dog paws onto my chest, causing me to fall into the door, and fall into the livivng room, face up, with my stomach slowly, little by little, bleeding. As I looked at Cyndi, shockingly enough, she couldn't stop staring. Not a word came out of my mouth, her mouth, or Aunt Mary's mouth. I had a full erection, and tried not to make eye contact as I stood back up. The minute long silence was then broken.
"Well, I think I'm gonna run to the store, and pick up '(her son)' Chris.

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  " Aunt Mary said timidly as she walked into the bathroom.
All I did was walk away, but for some weird reason, i felt Cyndi's eyes on me. When I got to the upstairs bathroom, I couldn't find a washrag. Then, as I walked out of the bathroom, I was stopped by Cyndi, holding a towel.
"Want me to clean that up for ya, Bud?" she asked. Everyone in my family called me Bud.
It took me a few seconds to snap back into things, and I very quitely said, "Sure. "
As she cleaned my stomach from the blood marks, she once again couldn't stop staring at my hairless cock. It measured about 6. 5 inches. Finally, as I thought she would, she took action. She rubbed it with a towel, causing me to make a quiet moan sound. Since my Aunt Mary was gone, and the upstairs bathroom didn't have a shower or tub, she said, "Since I cleaned you, why dont we hop in the shower and you can clean me. Without any hesitation, I murmured, "Okay. "
When we got down to the bathroom, she looked at me, then herbody, back and forth.

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   So I followed her motion, and slowly took her top off (no bra), revealing her medium-sized breasts, with her nipples protruding half-an-inch. She rubbed them as she watched my cock move back into full erection. She turned on the shower water, and then looked at her leather pants, and took them off, revealing an extremely skimpy bright red thong. She then looked at her sexy panties, and said, "Do it the fun way!" as she clicked her teeth together. So I put my bit the front of her panties, and slowly pulled them down, smelling the feminine odor coming for her, not clean-shaven, but not bushy, pussy. We both stepped in the shower, and even though she was 9 years older thn me, I'm alot bigger, so I lifted her up, and set her down on a shampoo shelf. She guided my throbbing cock into her little tiny pussy, as she rubbed her own clit, and dug her fake long fingerbnails deep into my ass. She was in a litle bit of pain, but wasn't strong enough to push, the larger me, back. I could tell she hadn't had sex in a while, since her pussy hole was very tight. But, I wanted to give her a time to remember, so I sucked her nipples, as I shoved the remains of my cock into her. Now, all 6. 5 inches were inside of her tight little cunt. As I reached behind her, and squeezed her littl ass, she let out a loud moan. Just then (even though I couldn't hear it), Aunt Mary pulled in with my 5'8", 175 pound, 14 year old virgin cousin Chris. We called Chris "CJ," since his middle name was James.

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   Anyway, Cyndi had said she was on the pill earlier, so I didn't worry about letting the load inside of her. The bathroom door was locked, and I was pumping her whole body into mine, macking a low thud sound, as our hips banged together. I heard CJ knock on the door, and both of us were in too much pain and pleasure to say a word, but for the first time since the "cleaning," we made eye contact. And since she wasn't a virgin before this happening, she was helping the rookie, as she told me where to do, and how hard to do it. CJ kept knocking, and finally, I built up enough enough energy in my lungs to say, "Who is it?" "It's CJ. Can I come in? I have to go to the bathroom. " Since we had both seen each other naked, I lifted Cyndi up, still sexually connected, got out of the shower, and then unlocked the door, got back into the shower, and said, "Okay, come on in. " I covered Cyndi's mouth, a continued thrusting. But ironically enough, it just had to happen. Cyndi blew her load, and screamed really loud. Just then, I shouted, "Sorry, I had to get that out of my system!" The floor of the shower was all sticky, and then, I felt it. Just as I heard CJ leave (he left the door hanging wide open, dumbass!), I blew my load, and sent all of my juices into Cyndi's tubes. And then, I heard another person walk in, and I heard the door lock behind them. It was Aunt Mary. She was completely naked, and had a strap-on dildo on.

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   So i laid Cyndi down on the ground of the small shower, as Aunt Mary laid on top off my wet, but still sweaty, back, and pumped the 8 inches of rubber into my asscrack, as I moaned loudly. Wow, I was sandwiched between two of my hottest family members, giving a fuck, and taking a fuck! We turned sideways, since Cyndi was getting squashed, and I was getting extremely worn out I mean, You couldn't blame me these two were experienced, they were veterans, they had both had sex many times before, but this was only my second time, I was just a rookie. I heard CJ walking down the steps again, and shouted, "Where is everybody?" Followed by, "Brandon, how much longer in the shower?" I didn't answer, but the door was locked. Then we had a true problem. I couldn't disconnect myself from either of them, they were laid out, I guess I must have been good, because they were both KOed. So I removed them from me by myself, which was extremely painful for my young body.  They then started to revive, it was cold in the bathroom for my swollen cock, compared to Cyndi's warm canals. We all got dressed, Cyndi was staying the night, since she was mad at her roommate. But right after we got out I looked at her, winked, and headed back up the steps.