Amanda and Her Mom


Amanda and Her Mom

By Chrissy Larkin

Amanda walked quickly from the living room without looking back. She didn't
want her stepfather to see the tears streaming down her face as she headed
to her bedroom and quickly shut the door. Her butt stung badly from the
spanking. But what hurt the worst was having to pull her pants and panties
down in front of her mom as her stepfather applied his punishment.

It was so embarrassing. And yet. . . There was something else going on this
time. She had been spanked before, but this time it was different. Her bare
fanny. In front of the family. The spanks. Yes, they hurt, but. . .

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   But what?
Yes, it was different this time. She felt different, even though her anger
at her stepfather was stronger.

Amanda lay face down on her bed and felt confused. The intense pain of the
smacks hurt, so why did she feel so horny? It didn't make sense. Thinking
about it only made her more confused. All she wanted to do was touch
herself. So what if it didn't make sense? For some reason the spanking, her
mom watching, her bare bottom exposed, really aroused her.

Just as Amanda began to slide her hands underneath and was about to loosen
her pants, she heard a soft knock and her mom enter the room, quietly
closing the door behind her.

"Hi hon," she said softly. "I've got some cream to soothe the stinging. "

Amanda's mom had done this before, but it had been a while since the last
spanking. She had forgotten this part of the ritual. Amanda's hands under
her tummy froze as her mom sat on the side of the bed.

"Come on, Amanda, let me help you take off your pants so I can put this
cream on. "

Amanda went back to unbuttoning her pants, and raised her hips as her mom
slowly pulled down her jeans and panties, slipping them off her legs.

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Amanda kept her head buried in her pillow as she listened to her mother
take the top off of the jar and started to rub the cool ointment on her

It did make the stinging less severe, it felt quite good actually. But why
was she still so horny?

"Does that feel better, baby?" asked her mom in a hopeful tone. Amanda knew
her mom was trying to soothe her anger at her stepfather as much as lessen
the stinging pain on her butt.

"Yeah, I guess so," she mumbled, as she felt her young pussy tingle. The
urge to touch herself was even stronger now, despite her mother's presence.

Many times her mom had rubbed that lotion on her aching fanny, but this
time it felt sensual. All her senses were alive and they all seemed to be
sending signals of arousal. Never before had she felt so tingly and moist.
First it was the spanking, the smacking of her soft bottom in front of her
mom and stepdad. Now it was the soft caressing hand of her mother, rubbing
her bottom.

Maybe mom won't notice. Amanda slipped her hand down to towards her clit.
Her finger touched her inflamed button and softly stroked. Oh, it felt

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   The flickering flames of arousal flared up as Amanda gently massaged
her young clit. Yes. . .

At the same time, Amanda became aware of her mother's hand, which had just
been softly caressing the cheeks of her rear end, cooling down the stinging
sensation. But now her hand was beginning to slide down the cheeks, curving
towards her inner thigh and then sliding ever so slowly towards the inward
slope of her cheeks.

It was as if her mother knew Amanda was aroused and she was only doing what
was natural. Or did her Mom notice Amanda's fingers splayed between her
legs, quietly rubbing herself?

Amanda sighed and rolled her hips slightly, which seemed to encourage her

"Just relax Amanda, the hurting will go away," cooed her mom, whose hand
was now rubbing the cream up and down the crack of her daughter's fanny.

Amanda managed a grunt of acknowledgement while her head whirled from the
dizzy effect of her mother's more sensual touches. Her mother was
definitely sliding her hand up and down Amanda's crack. It felt so lovely.

Unable to hold back, Amanda opened her legs so that her mother could easily
manage to caress her. And she did, sliding her fingers up and down her
crack and then it was just one finger touching her anus, a silky, creamy
touch that sent Amanda's heartbeat racing.

Amanda quickened her own rubbing, unable to resist, unable to cover up what
was happening.

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   She let out a soft moan and opened her legs wider, making it
unmistakable to both mother and daughter as to what was going on.

"It's okay, honey; I know it must feel good now," her mom whispered. Amanda
could feel the growing glow of the fire within. Her hips humped up and down
gently as her fingers moved rapidly, sliding from her clit into her sopping
pussy. At the same time, her mother's experienced fingers caressed and
rubbed Amanda's creamy bottom, with one finger in particular swirling
around her rosebud.

Things happened so quickly. Amanda's breathing quickened and soft moans
could be heard coming from the pillow as she reached the point of no
return. As she did, her mother sensed it, and with a small thrust, pushed
her cream-covered finger into Amanda's anus.

Her daughter gasped and now it was too late. Her body took over and wave
after wave of intense orgasmic pleasure washed over her. Her hips shook and
quivered as she slammed her fingers in and out of her virginal pussy, while
her dear mother quickly pumped her finger in and out of her butt, slipping
another in, which made Amanda cry out with both pain and pleasure. . .

As her body slowed down, and the spasms washed over her body one last time,
Amanda let out long satisfied sigh. Her mom slipped her fingers from her
rear and caressed her thighs and body with love and affection.

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The memory of the spanking faded quickly as Amanda's mother leaned over and
gave her daughter a kiss on the cheek and then pulled the covers over her
naked body. Amanda turned and smiled. "Thanks mom. I love you. . . "

"I love you too," she replied.

As Amanda swooned on her bed, her body floating from the thrill of the
sexual high she had been on, and as her mind tried to make sense of what
had just happened between her and her mother, she heard in the distant
background the now familiar arguing between her mother and father about the
spanking, followed by a long silence.

She knew what was happening. Her stepfather would retreat to the bedroom
while her mom would stay downstairs, drinking and watching TV. At some
point Amanda drifted off to sleep, only to wake with the urge to go to the

She slipped out of her bed and didn't bother to cover up her body, which
was naked save for the shirt she was wearing. Coming out of the bathroom,
she heard the TV on downstairs and decided to check. In the living room she
found her mother sound asleep, lying on the couch. On the table was an
empty bottle of wine.

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   Amanda walked over to the TV and turned down the
sound, but left it on, its image casting light on her slumbering mom.

Amanda looked at her mother with a sense of pity and longing. What had
happened in her bedroom just a few hours earlier was still fresh in her
mind. She thought of all the good her mom had done for her. The longing
increased, as well as the passion as she gazed at her sleeping mother.

She had on a bathrobe, but it was soon clear to Amanda that her mother was
naked underneath. The cool glow of the TV lit up her mother's legs to the
tops of her thighs, where the robe had slipped open. Amanda walked over
quietly and kneeled by her mom. With trembling hands she gently untied the
knot and let the robe open up.

Somewhere upstairs, she heard her grandfather snoring. Amanda gazed at her
mother's naked body, made more beautiful by the soft glow of the TV. Her
breasts were soft pillows with small nipples. Amanda thought of her own
budding breasts, small pears now. She wondered if she would ever have such
sensuous looking breasts like those. Now she gazed at her mother's tummy,
so smooth except for the belly button's dimple, as itrose and fell gently
as she slept.

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   But it was her thick pubic hair that mesmerized Amanda.

Slowly, she lay her shaking hand on her mother's mons, running her
fingertips through her curly hair. It felt so silky. Amanda compared the
thicket of her mom's pubic triangle with her own downy tuft of pubic
growth. Amanda drew closer. She sniffed and could smell the faint musk of
her mother's scent. She ran her finger lightly across the labial lips. They
were soft and yet puffy, thicker than hers. She wondered what her mom's
clit looked like.

Amanda started to shiver uncontrollably as she considered what to do
next. She had read about oral sex, where a man puts his tongue on a woman's
pussy. What if. . .

Amanda leaned over and lightly ran her tongue over her mother's hairy pubes
and then again, with slightly more force so that her tongue touched her
mother's lips.

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   She did it again. And again. Her mother tasted like a mix of
cunny and urine, an odd yet pleasing sour flavor.

This time, she felt something. A quiver. A moistening. She heard her mother
sigh, but it sounded so distant. Amanda was shaking like a leaf, but she
had to continue. Softly but repeatedly she ran her tongue up and down until
her mother's lips opened like a wet flower and Amanda was able to see and
feel her stiffening clit.

Again her mother moaned softly as she opened her legs naturally. Amanda
realized she had to continue. Her own body was once again alive with the
electricity of desire. She gently lay her hands on top of her mother's
pelvis and rhythmically licked her pussy, which was wet now and open. God,
it felt so soft and velvety, thought Amanda. Her lips found her mother's
clit and she gently sucked on it.

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   Her mom sighed, then moaned in her sleep,
followed by a small push as she thrust her hips forward, urging Amanda to
quicken her licking.

Her mother began breathing harder, her moans became more audible, her hips
kept rolling and thrusting, urging Amanda on, as the pleasure built up. She
could tell her mom was close now. Her mouth and chin was dripping wet from
her mother's juices and it was becoming harder to keep her mouth and tongue
on that special spot as her mother kept thrusting and arching her
back. Suddenly Amanda felt her mother's hands on her head, pulling her deep
between her legs as she thrust her hips off the couch and then clenched her
thighs around Amanda's head.

"Oh my god, Oh yes, Oh. Oh. Oh. . . " Amanda heard her mother try and muffle
her cries of ecstasy, as she turned her head towards the side of the
couch. Amanda, her head locked between her mother's legs, felt every
climatic spasm and convulsion. Her own body was quivering with
uncontrollable excitement.

As the excitement died down, Amanda's mom raised her head and looked at her
daughter as if she was dreaming. The alcoholic haze blurring the reality of
what had just happened.

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"Mom, I'm sorry. But. I, I wanted you so badly," said Amanda, her voice
somewhat filled with fear over what she had done.

"Oh baby. Oh my god. I thought I was dreaming. "

She reached down and drew her daughter into her arms. Amanda felt a rush of
love and desire as she cuddled close to her mother's naked warmth. They
kissed passionately. Amanda could taste the slightly sour wine on her
mother's tongue, but she didn't care. The feeling of her mother's lips and
tongue on hers was just heavenly.

They lay in each other's arms quietly for several minutes, kissing and
caressing. Her mother's hands rubbing Amanda's still sore bottom, pushing
their pelvises together, so close Amanda could feel her own vulva pressed
against the wetness of her mom's.

"Oh Amanda, I do love you so," slurred her mother who was still drunk, yet

"Do me a favor, darling.


   Suck on my nipple like you did when you were my
baby. "

Amanda felt her heart skip a beat as she cupped her mother's warm breast in
her hand and began to suckle. She heard her mother sigh softly as she held
Amanda's body tight to hers. And then she reached down and put her hand
between Amanda's legs and gently began rubbing her daughter's clit.

Amanda opened her legs while continuing to suckle on her mother's tit. Her
body was on fire and her mother's touches were the last piece of kindling
needed to set the bonfire. It came quickly. Amanda rocked hard, back and
forth, thrusting her small thighs hard against her mom's fingers, which
were now inside her pussy. She tried to keep sucking on the nipple but the
need to moan was too much.

"Quiet honey. You don't want to wake up dad," whispered her mom. Amanda put
her mouth back on her mother 's breast to stifle her cries as she climaxed
in her mother's arms, her body convulsing and shaking, just as it did
several hours earlier in her bedroom while her mom had fingered her ass.

Amanda's body was covered in sweat as the orgasm retreated. Yet she clung
to her mother tightly. She lifted her head and found her mother's lips and
kissed her deeply.

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The end.

Have any comments? Please send them to Chrissy at chrissylarkin@hotmail. com.
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