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As I got to find out firsthand (eventually, and not soon enough), Dana helped Daddy's dick go down so they could finally sleep. Daddy got Dana and me matching nightgowns around this time; mine was pink with flowers and kitty cats and pink ruffly stuff all around, and Dana's was simliar but baby blue instead of pink. I felt strange because the neckline was low and I thought Daddy and Dana would laugh at how small my boobies were, but they didn't seem to notice. And at least it went down to my ankles so I didn't have to worry about them seeing my skinny legs. When Daddy took his clothes off, he grabbed Dana in both arms and carried her to her bed, gently laying her on her back. His goodnight kisses to her lasted a long time. He would start while he had her craddled in his arms as she wrapped her arms around his neck. It seemed like they were kissing each other's necks, not just their lips. It seemed silly to me, but I just wanted Daddy to kiss me anywhere for that long too. So into the bed they both went. Depending on how they laid down, I could see what was going on after my eyes got used to the dark. Daddy would usually lay Dana down on her back and sort of position himself over her without laying on top of her all the way. Their kissing would continue for a while. Before taking Dana's nightgown off, he would lay lots of smooches onto her chest. Dana would have her hands running through Daddy's hair while he started lifting up her gown with one of his free hands. The other hand would start drawing circles around her developing breasts, one at a time.

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   This always made Dana start heaving for air. I wanted to ask if she was alright but she had Daddy right there so I didn't want to get in their way. Eventually they managed to get her gown off completely over her head. Daddy would stick out his tongue and lick very slowly all around Dana's nipples. He took his time with both of her budding breasts, even making swirls with his tongue all around them. Dana was usually helpless at this point, with her hands by her sides and legs wrapped around Daddy's waist, continually pushing up. One night I noticed that Dana wasn't wearing underwear under her gown. I saw this when Daddy started kissing his way down from her breasts to her her private parts. He took his time doing that, too. She got very excited (yellping a few times) when he stuck his tongue into her belly button. To try and get that feeling, I would stick a wet finger onto my belly button. But it didn't feel as good as Daddy's tongue apparently did. But the best part for Dana was when Daddy finally got down to her snap. (Daddy has told me to call it a vagina or a pussy but snap just sounds better. ) I couldn't really see what exactly he did down there with his face burried in her, but she was usually yelling as loud as she could by this time.


   A couple times, the neighbors below us knocked on the ceiling to get them to stop. It didn't do much good, though. It seemed like after a few minutes of kissing her snap, Dana would yell out one last time at the top of her lungs that she loved her Daddy. This made me feel both the best and the worst. I wanted Daddy to treat me like he treated Dana, so I felt left out. But to see how excited Dana was and knowing that Daddy was doing it to her, this gave me a tingling feeling all over--but especially in my snap. But it wasn't over for Daddy. His thingy was still really long when Dana was done yelling, so Dana helped Daddy with it. I couldn't see exactly what she did, but I had an idea. Sometimes Daddy would lay on his back and Dana would run her hands up and down his penis really fast. Other times they would lay facing each other while Dana again pumped up and down with her fist. But Daddy seemed most excited when Dana would kiss his penis. EEEWWWW!!! The first time I saw that I wanted to throw up! But I was too mesmerized by what she was doing to turn away. It was Daddy's turn to start breathing hard when Dana was doing this to him. He would grunt and moan; after a few minutes his grunting and moaning got as loud as Dana's yelling.

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   (It even looked like Dana was doing something to her snap with her own hand while she did this for Daddy, but I wasn't sure). And then the final grunts and moans came hard, and Dana stopped doing whatever she was doing. If Dana used only her hands and not her mouth, they would kiss a lot again and eventually go back to sleep. If she used her mouth, I swore I saw something glistening around her lips reflecting from the moonlight. And so this went on for several months. As time went on, it seemed like they had their fun in more places than just the bedroom at night. One time when I got home from band practice, I heard moaning coming from the kitchen. I snuck on them to see whether they were kissing each other or if Dana was using her hands/mouth to get Daddy to get soft. But I didn't see anything I'd seen them doing before. Daddy was behind Dana with all his clothes off, while Dana had her panties down to her ankles. She still had on her shirt, skirt (which seemed to be hiked up a little extra), white knee-high socks and her shoes. Daddy kept forcing his thingy from behind in between Dana's legs, grabbing her hips to keep them standing up. Neither of them saw me so I watched from a distance. This was a new game they were playing, and this time they were both yelling and moaning at the same time. "DADDY DADDY DADDY, OH OH DADDY.

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  . . UUGGHH DADDY. . . HMMMM. . DADDY!!!" was all Dana said, while Daddy was just grunting like usual. All of a sudden, Dana started a high pitched yell that sounded like "DADDY!!!" but I'm not sure because of how high her voice had become. Then she suddenly cried out in a low moan like something had exploded inside her. Daddy had also slowed down his bumping into her and was also panting. They seemed like they were having a good time so I left them alone to sulk. I threw my bags down in our room and started crying. I heard the door open and felt Daddy's hands pull me around to face him. He shushed me like a loving father and told me not to tell Mommy what I had seen.

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   I promised I wouldn't but was afraid to ask if he could play games with me. He gave me a hug and went back to the living room. It was then that I decided to talk to Dana. I wanted to share in the fun with Daddy too, and I needed her help. I threatened that I would tell Mommy if she didn't help me, and I've never seen her so afraid! I was going to use that one to get my way more often. Dana told me about how Daddy talked to her about what they do. She said he told her he was lonely because Mommy was never home and that he needed Dana. Dana felt bad for him and said she would do whatever he wanted. After that, they started sharing a bed together. Dana then described how AWESOME it was to be loved by Daddy! She said it was like waves of electric feelings flowing through her and exploding in her snap. Maybe that was the start of those tingling feelings I was having watching them. . . I told her that I wanted Daddy to make me feel good too. When she got mad, I reminded her about me telling Mommy and she agreed to it.

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  She asked me if I had ever kissed a boy, and I just looked down sad and embarrassed. I hadn't even kissed a boy yet! She said that she hadn't either, until Daddy had kissed her. That made me feel better. I asked her what it was like to kiss, and she just looked at me. We were kneeling on my bed facing each other. To my surprise, she reached out her arm, grabbed the back of my head, and slowly pulled me to her. I was scared at what she would do, but she quickly gave my lips a couple pecks. I was grossed out first, but then I realized that it was neat to kiss her. So I sat down Indian style, held out my arms, and she leaned into me. I wrapped my arms around her back and she lightly grabbed the sides of my face as we kissed back and forth. After a few minutes she told me that it was more fun kissing me than kissing Daddy. She gave me a smile and then we stopped. She asked me if I saw what she and Daddy did at night. She gave me the specifics about what it was like to have him examine and kiss her breasts, lick her belly button, and finally to give her a blow job. (I didn't understand what was being blown but I went along with it.

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  ) She also discussed how neat it was to help Daddy feel really good by giving him a hand job or a blow job. Then she told me that when I saw them that day in the kitchen, he took her virginity. I asked what that meant and she explained the parts about a hymen and how I still had one but she didn't, because Daddy broke it for her. It sounded like it would hurt but she said the pleasure was far greater than the pain. She even explained that this was how babies are made. She was making me mad a little towards the end because she was again rubbing it in my face that she was Daddy's girl and I wasn't. She got me so mad that I made a bet with her that he would love me more than he ever loved her. I wanted to be Daddy's girl SO MUCH and my sister was being mean about it. So we made a bet: whoever could get pregnant by Daddy first would forever after be Daddy's Girl. This was my last chance to get more of Daddy's attention. I just HAD to win this bet!I talked to our school nurse and she said that I would soon be able to give birth (I had turned 12 by then), but she tried to dissuade me and gave me advice that I didn't really listen to. I was going to have Daddy's baby, and that was final. I knew Dana had a head start because she'd fucked Daddy (I learned the words quickly) a few times already and I couldn't get more than a goodnight kiss. I didn't know any way to get Daddy's attention so I had to take the first move. I waited until one night when Dana was out at a friend's place.

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   Instead of wearing my nightgown, I walked into the living room wearing my training bra (the pink one), pink panties, and a pair of Mom's heels (they were hard to walk in but they had the desired effect). I didn't even have to ask Daddy if he wanted me to sit with him. He looked at me with a new look in his eyes and grabbed my hips from the front. He plopped me down on his lap with my legs off to the side. I wrapped my arms around the right side of his face an slowly moved my left leg up and down his own. He told me that I was such a pretty little girl (at last!) and that he wanted to make me feel good. I told him that I wanted to make him feel good, too. He smiled as he just looked me up and down. I could feel his thingy getting hard under me. He wrapped his right arm around my waist, pulled me in closer, and kissed me. When I kissed back, he sort of smiled and we kissed harder. He put his tongue in my mouth and I licked it with my own and even put mine in his mouth. With the confidence of the kissing, I pushed him on his back and took off my training bra. He reached up and massaged my little titties (I was starting to grow them too!), paying special attention to my nipples. I was on fire! It was much better doing these things with Daddy than watching Dana do them instead.

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  I leaned down and we kissed some more. I lost track of myself with him; we could have been there for minutes or hours, but I didn't know because I was in heaven. Daddy loved me!He asked me if I wanted to take a shower. I didn't think I smelled that bad (I put on extra dabs of Mom's perfume), so I looked hurt when he said that. He assured me that the purpose of the shower was not to get clean, but to continue with the kissing. That made me feel better and even more tingly than before. We helped each other undress, which wasn't hard for either of us (he wasn't wearing much, either). While we let the shower water get warm, he picked me up under my butt and lifted me so that my legs wrapped around him. He squeezed my butt a lot, causing me to let out gasps in between our smooching. He carried me into the shower in that position, with his back to the showerhead. We kept kissing, him rubbing my butt while I ran my hands all over him. He put me down (I felt a little woozy from the excitement) and told me to grab on to the railings. Before I could ask why, he knelt down in front of me, grabbed my butt, and launched his tongue in between my slit. HOLY SHIT!!! I felt a sudden rush of juices forming in my snap and I quickly let it all go. Daddy's tongue had been in me for all of five seconds and he made me come that fast.

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   I would've fallen over if his hands were grabbing me; I lost my grip of the railing with the explosion. I don't know how long Daddy was down there, but after I came to from having blacked out a little I felt that his tongue was still exploring me. It still felt incredible but I was able to control my body a little better. I couldn't help but whimper and gasp as he kissed and sucked and licked my snap. After a couple more explosions, Daddy finally stood up. He asked me if I was ready for him to make me a women and I said something that was a "YES". So he spun me around so that my back was to him. At this point I almost exploded without him even touching me; I knew that we were going to FUCK! I WAS GOING TO FUCK MY DADDY!!! I actually did black out once more; if he hadn't been holding onto my hips, I would have fallen out of the shower. But once he got me to come around, he asked me if I was sure that I was ready. I told him to hurry up and FUCK ME. He was a little surprised that I was suddenly barking commands at him, but he quickly gathered himself. Because of my orders, he didn't take his time with me; he told me to bend at the waist and then he openned my legs with his. The next thing I knew, there was this sharp pain. It sucked! I screamed out but Daddy only thrust harder the next time. I screamed, he thurst; I screamed, he thurst.


   Eventually my screams became more out of pleasure than pain and his grunting increased as well. After the pain went away, Daddy's body went a little stiff; he gasped a little and then let his seed erupt into my snap. AWESOME!!! I came harder than before with his tongue in me but I didn't pass out. I couldn't believe it felt so good to have Daddy ejaculate in me. He leaned forward and kissed me a few times on the back. We got out of the shower, dried each other off, and walked into the hallway. . . to see Mommy standing there with another man. They were both naked and doing what Daddy and I were doing, minus the shower. Mom and Dad yelled a lot, threw things at each other, threatened each other, and so on. Eventually Mom left with the other man. So that's why Daddy was so sad. . .

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  When Dana came home, we told her what happened between us and what happened with Mom. She seemed relieved that there was nothing left to hide from anyone. All three of us loved each other and were happy to express that love without fear of Mom finding out. Needless to say, the first few months after that night, my snap was extremely sore. Daddy was like an animal! He always got Dana and me to cum at least twice a night. By that time it was summer so school was out. We never told him about our little bet; it meant more if she and I kept it to ourselves. Daddy suggested that we put on our bathing suits so that we could go to the community pool. When I took my shirt off and Daddy saw me, he looked at me funny. Dana lost a flip of the coin so Daddy got to fuck me in the pool, in front of all those people. (That was one of our favorites--trying to get each other off while in the pool but not let anyone know what we were doing. We came so much faster knowing that we were doing this in front of so many people! No one ever approached us but we got some stares. We told Daddy about people watching us and his chest just swelled with pride that he was banging his two daughters in public. )Anyways, when we got back from the pool, Daddy went shopping and came home with a pregnancy kit. I did my business and it came back positive.


   I didn't know what the results were, so Daddy had to tell me the good news--I was pregnant! My Daddy was the one to tell me (without knowing it) that I was forever his Daddy's Girl!!! I had finally beaten Dana!!!We didn't stop fucking. We don't plan to stop fucking until my ninth month. He gets a kick out of fucking his little girl with her swollen belly filled with his kid. We don't want to find out the baby's sex until it is born. I'm sort of hoping for a girl. We'll need another girl to fuck Daddy in her pre-teen years, and who better than to give him these girls other than his own daughters!So I am satisifed. Dana and I get along better now. I get fucked by my Dad every day. I am carrying his (our) baby. What else can a twelve-year-old want?Or maybe, if it's a son, I could raise him as a Momma's Boy. . . . .