Anna and Mike on Vacation


On the second day up at the cabin the road washed out. Mike and Anna didn't mind they had three more weeks up here and really no plans to go anywhere else until the end. On the 6th day the power went out. Still no problem the place had been well designed and running water, even hot water would be available for day still. That worked out fine until the middle of the second week. Boredom set in pretty quick, how many hikes can you take, how much boating on the lake can you do until its just not that interesting any more.
In the evening on the 12th day up at the cabin after dinner Anna decided that it was time for something new to do around the place. She took a shower and got all cleaned up from the day and then got dressed for the evening. She had been hoping that sometime while they were up here they might make it into the nearby resort town so she had brought along a few fun outfits. She put on grey thigh-high nylon and lace stockings, silver satin and lace string bikini panties, matching gater belt for the stockings. She went braless as it wouldn't work with the small low cut dress black dress.
Anna walked out of the bed room the only one the cabin had, and into the family room when Mike was laying on the couch getting comfortable for bed.
"You asleep yet?" Anna asked
"Na, just staring at the ceiling"
"Good, could you help me in bed room for a second?" Anna turned and walked back into the bedroom, tunring up the oil lamp by the bed as she entered.
Mike got out off the couch and weaved his way in the dark toward the light form the bedroom door. As he entered he saw Anna standing by the bed all dressed up like she was going someplace.
"Uh, far as I know the road is still washed out" Mike stated.

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"Yeah I know, but well I felt like getting dressed up and having some fun anyway"
"Ok, um sure, so what did you need help with?"
"Fun, silly" Said Anna, walking over to Mike and planting a hard open mouth kiss on him.
Mike relaxed into the kiss at first, it was good, Anna's tougue tickling his, damn his sister was a good kissed. . . .
"Wait, hold on" Mike said breaking the kiss. "Your my older sister, this can't, wait"
"Oh please, look think of it this way if you were here with any other girl, or i was here with any other guy wouldn't we have fucked their brains out by now, what makes this any different"
"Your my sister, yeah, I'm still a girl, and I know you think I'm hot, I;ve seen you peeking through the door to the bedroom and the shower, don't deny it. "
"Yeah well thats true, but mom and dad wouldn't leave me alone with any other girl up here. Cause they know my 15 yo hormones would be running like crazy. "
"What makes your 18 yo sister any different"
"Well they figure I wouldn't screw my sister, I guess"
"huh. . . your a boy I'm a girl. . .

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  we are stuck up here, we are out of things to do, and this is fun, so what the hell, no one needs to know, I'm on birth control. . . lets just you know do it. "
Mike couldn't really think of any other arguement to that logic. He step back into Anna's arms and kissed her. I felt as good as before, better in fact to now have committed to this. It was a fulfilling a fantasy infact! He had thought about having Anna since the first time he had talked Katie the neighbor girl into doing it with him. Katie was cute, Anna was the hottest girl he knew.
Anna was glad she had won the arguement. She had wanted Mike for over a year now, since he started playing football he had really filled out. He was the hottest guy in their highschool. She hated the idea of going to college in the fall and not having had the hottest guy back home even if it was her own brother.
Mike reached under Anna's ass and picked her up into his arms. She curled her legs around his waist and settled them over his hips.

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   They continued making out. Mike no longer needing to hold her up ran his hands up her legs and now under the hem of short dress carressing her round firm ass through the smooth material of the panties.
He worked his way up under the dress along her back pulling the dress up with his arms as he went. When he reached Anna's shoulders she released her hold on him and he pulled the dress off over her head. He bent over and lay Anna on the bed and crawled up over her. Mike began kissing her breasts, tickling her nipples with his tougue.
Anna moaned with pleasure as Mike kissed her breasts, she was not out this time at least for a long drawn out love making. She decided to more things along. Anna hooked her large toes under the waist of Mike's shorts and pushed them down. He's semi erect and large penis now hung down in plain view as he hung over her. Next she undid the clasps of the garter belt. She then reached between Mike's legs and began to stroke his penis until it became fully erect.
"Fuck me little brother, hard and fast" Cried Anna
Mike reached down to Anna's panties and pulled hard and snapped the strings of the panties, pulling them away from her vagina. It glistened in the light of the oil lamp. He ran his hand over it feeling the warm wet sticky smoothness of her shaved pussy.

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   With little further hesitation he lined himself up and pulled in fast and hard. Anna gasped with the surprise and force of it. She had never had someone so large as Mike. It felt painful and yet still wonderful as she streched to accomidate him.
Mike began to thrust fast and powwerfully in and out of Anna. In moments they were both panting hard and fast. Moaning with pleasure. In what seemed like on a minutes they screamed in mutual pleasure as Mike throbbed and came powerfully inside Anna. Mike continued thrusting, Anna moaned gasping with the continued pleasure as the next wave of orgasm built. She was growing very sensitive, riding a line between pain and pleasure. She wanted to to stop, she wanted it to never end. She wanted to come again, but thought that nothing could ever be as good as the last, she rthought she would never come. Mike pulled out and held himself away for a moment then pushed in harder and faster than ever. Anna came screaming a powerful primal scream louder and harder than ever in her life. She ran out of breath, she took another breath the renewed oxygen made the wave of orgasm break again.

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   She screamed, tailing to a long loud moan. She began to cry. . . little whimpers and sobs.
Mike pulled his now flascid self out of her and asked: "Are you OK?"
"Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Oh god. . . " Anna panted ". . . do you screw every girl like that. . .

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"Yeah, pretty much, but I was sorta tired today. "