Aunt and Uncle love me!


At a young age my mother was getting a divorce and I was sent staywith her older brother and his wife for the summer one year. I wasthrilled about going to their farm for the summer. I could never tell mymother why. From as early as I could remember every time Uncle Billvisited us he would find a way to get me alone and put his finger in mylittle crack and rub me. It felt good but I knew it was supposed to bewrong.
These thoughts were running through my head as the bus took me westfrom out farm to Calgary. When the bus finally arrived. And I gathered upmy suitcase and walked to the front of the bus station. I saw Uncle Billstanding next to his old Ford pickup on the driver's side. Aunt Grace wassitting in the truck.
Bill ran around and hugged me and picked up my luggage and tossed theminto the back of the pickup bed. Grace got out of the truck and hugged me. She ushered me into the seat between them and had to slam the door to getit closed.
At this time I need to describe Aunt Grace and make an observations. Aunt Grace was a midget. She was just four feet tall.

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   She had a smallface. If it were not for her size 33 _ C cup breasts she looked like ayoung girl. I was to learn that both of them loved children more thanadults. The reason Uncle Bill married Grace was that was as close as hecould get to marrying a child.
On the drive to the ranch Grace asked about what was going on at home. And the mundane stuff about school and if I had a boyfriend yet. Myresponses were typical school was boring and the boys were drips.
Bill's truck had a manual floor shift that required that he move thestick between my legs. I had to set so that my legs were straddled thestick. So when he finally got the truck out of town and headed home hesimple rested his hand on my inner thigh. I felt uncomfortable about thisand gave Aunt Grace a little glance to see if she noticed.
Aunt Grace was bubbling on about everything she read in the day'spaper. It was as if she didn't have anyone to talk to and was going totell me everything she knew before we got home. She even looked at hishand and simply put her hand on the other thigh and squeezed the softmussel on the inner thigh a little. I was getting a tingling feeling in myvagina like when I rubbed it with my fingers at night.

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When we turned onto the dirt road headed west I was amazed how far itwas from the front gate to the ranch house. I came from a small farm thatthe milk barns were practically next to the house. You smelt cow manureall the time. This place was so large that all you saw was wheat fieldsfor acres in all directions. The barn next to the house was massive and onthe south side was another building with a shed roof. This was just forall the machinery, tractors and stuff. The yard was full of chickensrunning wild. Of course they gathered around the truck when we got outbecause they expected to be feed.
Uncle Bill carried the luggage upstairs to a bedroom on the secondfloor near the front of the house. He put them on the twin bed and showedme the closet space for my stuff and all the empty drawers in the dresserthat I could use. As he was about to leave he felt my ass and gave it alittle squeeze.
In a few minutes Aunt Grace entered the room with fresh towels in herarms. She showed me the bathroom between this bedroom and the masterbedroom. There were three other small bedrooms on the second floor. Onewas made up into a nursery.


   One was made into an office and the last was asewing room for Grace.
Grace was to tell me she was two and a half months pregnant. She wasto have three girls and one boy. As they grew up and I baby sat for them Ifound out that Uncle Bill and Aunt Grace taught them all to se superblovers. But their parents lost entrust in them as they grew up.
The summer routine went like this, up early to help Grace make a bigbreakfast for Bill. Working in the fields all day burns a lot offuel. Then we cleaned the house and fed the chickens.
When everything was finished Grace and I would sit on the porch andknit or crochet. We talked about everything. Grace was like a big sisterto me. We gathered eggs from the barn and played in the hay. The barn hada pair of big barn owls in the rafters. They looked like golden_brownsentries that would attack anything that moved. I knew that our noise wasjust disturbing their sleep.

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   When we were in the barn Grace would findways to be near me and touch me. I would respond by tickling her and wewould fall into the hay laughing.
When the sunset in the west it turned the clear shies a pinkish coloras Uncle Bill would return. He would park the truck and beat the dust offhis clothes. As he walked up the porch he would stomp the dust from hisboots. As he passed me he would smell of sweat and a mix of dirt and thegrassy smell of dry grain.
He would head right for the mudroom at the back porch and undress. Hewas not shy about walking through the house nude. He would go upstairs andshower and put on clean clothes before coming down for supper. Afterdinner he would go into the living_ room and read his paper. When Graceand I finished the dishes we would join him and work on our crochet somemore. This was before everyone had TV's so the old RCA radio was thecentral peace of furniture in the room. The programs were things like theLux (soap) Theater and Jack Benny Show. When Bill was finished with hispaper he would make a big deal about wanting me to sit on his lap.
He was so sweet that I would cuddle up in his lap and he would strokemy hair.

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   As he would cuddle with me he would put his hand on my leg andsqueeze it a little. As the days wore on and I accepted this touch asnormal. He would rest his hand on my thigh and run it under my dress alittle farther ever night. Finally he put his hand on the worn cottonpanties and let it rest there as we listened to the radio.
Grace hardly looked up from her crocheting as Uncle Bill got bolder. He would finally pull the leg of my panties aside and rub my crack until mypussy would feel warm and wet.
Latter that knight I heard noise coming from their bedroom when I gotup to pee. I went closer and looked through the old keyhole and saw Billstanding beside the bed and Grace was on her back with her legs on hisshoulders and he was slamming his hips into her fanny. They were bothsweating and she was begging him to fuck her baby pussy.
I went watched them and rubbed my pussy through my nightie until theyfinished and he turned out the light and they covered up. I went back to myroom and lay there thinking about what I saw. I put my hand under mycotton nightie and rubbed the little button at the top of the crack. Ifell asleep after several climaxes.
In the morning I slept late. I woke up when the door opened.

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   Gracelooked around the door and said good morning sleepy head. Bill has leftfor work and the dishes were done.
She came into the room and sat on the edge of the bed and brushed thehair from my face. I apologized for over sleeping and tried to get up. Grace pushed me back onto the bed and kissed my lips. The kiss lingeredand her tongue opened my mouth and felt around in my mouth. I was gettingthat wet felling between my legs again.
Grace pulled the covers down then took hold of the hem of my nightieand pulled it under my body and over my head. I was lying there with themorning air chilling my body. Grace sat back and looked at my body. Shestood up and pulled her simple cotton dress over her head. The body was nobigger than mine was but her body was all woman. Her little hips flaredout and closed down to a tinny waist. Her tummy had not started to swellyet that I could see. Her small breasts were just right for her littleframe.

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   The brown hair hung down her back almost to her waist. The bra wassimple and her nipples made a round bulge in the material. She unhookedthe bra from behind and caught the cups in her hands as it fell forward. She lay it on the bed and I looked at her tinny mature breasts. Her areolawere not much bigger round that a quarter. The nipples were just offcenter, low and near the outside of the oval. I held my breath as she puther fingers in the waistband of her panties and watched her pull them downslowly. I had seen my Mom's pubis many times. Hers was a hairy trianglebetween her legs, Grace did not have a hair on hers and the skin looked assmooth as mine. I wanted to reach out and touch her and feel her flesh.
Grace pushed me over and lay down next to me. She pressed her bodynext to mine and kissed me again. She put her hand over my flat chest andrubbed my nipples in little circles. She put on leg over my leg and spreadmy legs open. Then she felt my flesh down my rib cage until her hand movedover the hipbone until she felt the soft bulge of my lower tummy.

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   She puther finger in my vagina and felt for the little nub of a clitoris. Sheslid her finger through the valley getting her finger wet. I lay thereunder her hand and climaxed. I closed my legs on her hand so she could notmove it anymore.
The Grace moved down and sucked my breasts. It tickled me a little asshe did it. She left a wet trail down my body. When she got to my crackshe licked me for the longest time. I thought I was going to die. Sheturned around and straddled my head. I was looking up at her vagina. Iknew what she wanted and lifted my head up and kissed her. She was verywet. When I tasted her clitoris it throbbed in my mouth. I was amassedhow far my tongue went into her canal.

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   I don't think I ever felt all ofit. But just the same I must have been doing something right. Because shestared moaning and it seemed like fluid was leaking out of her vagina. Then she turned around and gathered me in her arms and kissed me on themouth. As we rested I asked her why she didn't have any hair between herlegs like Mom.
Grace told me that she shaved it every morning and put lotion on it tokeep it soft. Your Uncle Bill only likes very young girls. If I let mypubic hair grow he doesn't even get a hard_on when he looks at it. As longas I look like a 10_year_old he wants to have sex with me.
Right now he is courting you like a new lover. He will want yousexually until you're to old. It is up to you if you want to have sex withhim or not. If you don't want to just let me know.
I had to think about this I had never had sex with anyone before todayand if Aunt Grace was any sample I was in for a great time. Grace let mesleep it off while she went about cleaning and cooking.

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I got up in the afternoon and just walked down stairs with nothing on. Grace looked up and smiled at me. I helped her to the housework andenjoyed Aunt Graces hands on my body. I put on sandals to go out to feedthe chickens. When Grace and I sat down to crochet we sat close togetherso she could play with me when she felt like it. I got so horny that Iknelt in front of her and spread her legs and found that she had no pantieson. I licked her until she grabbed my head and held me tightly against hervagina.
I was still sucking Aunt Grace's pussy in the evening when Uncle Billcame home and shocks the dust of the field off his clothes I looked at meand smiled. He rushed in to shower. When he came down he was completelynude. Grace and I sat the table and Grace removed her dress and the threeof us sat down to eat.
As usual Bill went in to read the paper while Grace and I did thedished. Aunt Grace patted me on the ass with a wet soapy hand and told meto go on and have a good time. I will finish the dishes.
Uncle Bill had the paper open across his lap when I went into theliving room and sat on Uncle Bill's lap.


   He was forced to set the paperaside. So as the Mystery Theater told a tail of murder and intrigue UncleBill moved me around so that his dick was between my legs. The head stuckabove my legs and it was dripping pre_cum, I was to learn.
He sucked my little nipples until I felt like my pussy was itching andI wanted to scratch it. But Uncle Bill would not let me do that. He toyedwith me until Aunt Grace came in and sat in her rocker and picked up herknitting.
Uncle Bill picked me up by the hips and placed my legs on either sideof his hips and lowered me down until my vagina was over his stiff dick. As I slid down on it, I winced in pain and he stopped lowering me. Aunt Grace jumped up and got some Vaseline and buttered his shaft ashe lifted me up. Then he lowered me again. It went in much easier thistime but when it reached my hymen I winced again. Uncle Bill whisperedthat it would be over quick. And forced me down until I felt a tearingfeeling and what I would call a stabbing pain. But it was over and I sliddown until I could feel his pubic hair pressed against my ass. When helifted me up a little the Vaseline was left in circle around the base ofthe shaft like a roll.

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   And as the shaft became visible the coating wasstreaked with my virginal blood. Aunt Grace returned and knelt between hislegs and licked up the blood like it was wine to her. Uncle bill waiteduntil she was finished before he started lifting me up and down on theshaft. I felt sore for awhile, but finally the feeling changed and I wasenjoying it a lot. I climaxed before Uncle Bill did.
Uncle Bill was not far behind me. My vagina mussels were jerkinguncontrollably, as I felt gobs of cum fill me up. Aunt Grace was lickingit up as fast as it leaked out of me.
That was the last night I spent a night in the front bedroom. Therest of my stay was in the master bedroom. .