Aunt Marge's Birthday


Aunt Marge! I'd had a crush on my mom's 27-year old sister since forever. Standing about 5'4", her shoulder-length hair was dark brown, and always smelled fresh. She was proud of her soft, silky hair, and always reminded everyone that daily shampooing and frequent hot oil treatments were important if one wanted to maintain a healthy scalp. It helped a lot that she always smelled fresh too. She never failed to take a shower everyday. Her careful attention to her body resulted in the fact that she looked like a college junior. To add to her allure, she looked like the actress Marissa Tomei, on whom I had a major crush too, mainly because of Aunt Marge. But more than her hair and the fresh smell, what clinched everything for me was Aunt Marge's perfect legs and even more perfect pair of feet. My obsession with feet began when I was about five, when another aunt, in a moment of mischief, played with my small cock using her feet. We were alone in the house and I was playing with my toys when she called me over and simply said, "Honey, let me see your pee-pee for a second. Pull down your pants. " After doing so, she took my little thingie between her big and second toe and started playing with it, rubbing, pinching, and rolling it around. While I didn't really understand what she was doing, I was hard as my tiny cock could be. Every now and then she'd smile and ask me if it felt good. I'd nod in the affirmative, loving the sensation of her toes on my boy-cock. After a few minutes she took her foot off and said, "Ok, go back and play with your toys again, sweetie.

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  " The incident was never repeated, but it started me on my foot fetish. And Aunt Marge's lovely feet only made me all the more crazier for her. Her feet were slender, white and smooth. And her toes? Her toes were long and never painted, but always pedicured. Aunt Marge loved to wear open toed shoes, and everytime I saw her, I couldn't help but stare at her feet. She caught me looking once, making my face grow beet-red, but instead of getting upset, she looked at her feet, then at me, and gave me an enigmatic smile. Since that time, I was careful to stare only when I thought she wasn't looking. Still, she caught me looking more than once. So it was on my sister's birthday that everyone came over and had a good time. Aunt Marge arrived alone. Mom once said that she was choosy with men, and to me, that was one thing I would never complain about. Every so often, specially when there are ocassions, she would stay the night, even though she lived only a few miles away. The last visitors had left by 9 pm, and mom and dad, Joan, myself and even Aunt Marge helped in cleaning up. After the last glass had been put away, dad declared, "Well, that's that! Your mom and I are bushed. We're just about ready to hit the sack.

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  " Mom turned to Aunt Marge and said, "Well Marge, you have the same room you always sleep in. Thanks for helping out. As for me, I'm going straight to sleep. "Even Joan, whose day it was, declared as she kissed our parents, "Thanks you guys, that was really fun. But boy, am I tired like you guys are. I'm gonna sleep like a log tonight. " She turned to me and said, "Hmmmmm, looks like I owe you one too, bro. Thanks. " With that, she ruffled my hair and ran to her room. That left Aunt Marge and me. She looked at me and said, "Well, what about you? Don't tell me you're about to crash too. ""Nahh, I think I'll stay up for a while. I'm gonna take a shower and watch TV down here. " "Sounds good. You go ahead, then I'll take my turn later.

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   Boy, my feet sure are tired. " She looked down. I followed her gaze, and felt myself stiffen as I looked at her lovely feet. I quickly excused myself, feeling embarrassed, then ran to the bathroom to take a shower. An hour later I was watching tv in the family room, sitting on the floor with my back resting on the sofa when Aunt Marge came down and sat on the sofa, to my right and behind. I looked over and was stunned. Aunt Marge was dressed in a white nightgown that barely reached her knees! I could feel my 11-year old cock stir. The fact that her right foot was touching the side of my thigh didn’t help any. My breathing got a little heavier, and I didn’t dare move, since it was the first time ever that her foot even barely touched me. “Hmmmm, what’s on? Anything good tonight?” Her voice startled me, and I stammered, “N-Nothing really, just another one of those action movies. ” Aunt Marge let out a sigh, then, to my chagrin, and delight at the same time, she placed her foot squarely on my thigh. I let out an involuntary gasp. By now, my cock was throbbing, and I could feel the precum ooze out, making me feel sticky. It was all I could do to turn around and ask her to jack me off with her foot. At any rate, I was nervous and excited at the same time.

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   To make matters worse, she started to rub my thigh with her foot. I tried hard not to have her notice how aroused I was. I must have failed miserably. “Brian?” Aunt Marge called out my name. “Turn around and look at me. ” Quivering with nervousness, I turned and looked at her. “You like my feet, don’t you? I’ve always noticed you staring. Don’t think that I never catch you. ” But instead of showing anger, her expression was different. She had an understanding smile on her face, and even the way she talked was soft, almost a whisper. “Aunt Marge…. ” “I heard from your mom that you’re almost a real man now. Well, it’s obvious you’re into more than toys and video games now. ” She was still smiling. “Aunt Marge.

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  . ”“It’s ok, hun. Just don’t tell anyone, alright?” With that, she placed her toes over my almost 5” cock. “Take it out,” she said simply. Raising my butt off the floor, I pulled down my shorts, turning a bit towards her and looking over her shoulder, lest someone come down from upstairs. By now she was leaning on the armrest, looking down to where I was. She touched my throbbing cock with her toes. Then, she started to jack me off by placing the shaft between her big and second toes, just like what happened to me when I was a kid. Her left leg was folded on the couch, the foot just inches from my face. “Lick my toes, sweetheart. Lick your Aunt Marge’s toes. ” I eagerly tongued her foot, running it over the top before licking her precious tootsies. I took her second toe in my mouth, sucking as though it were a nipple. Then I ran my tongue over her toes. It was exhilarating.

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  And it was too much. After only a few strokes, I started writhing, my breath short. Then, everything seemed to be unreal. I became conscious only of the sensation of her foot rubbing me, all else being tuned out. The sensations caused goosebumps to ripple the surface of my skin. “Oohhhhhhhhhhh Aunt Marge, that f-f-feelss soo good……ohhhh…. pleaseeeeeeeee…”I couldn’t finish. Suddenly, I was coming all over her foot, all the while whimpering, mumbling, almost not believing that such pleasure as Aunt Marge had just given me could exist. Exhausted, I rested my head on her inner thigh, whispering. “Aunt Marge………ohhhh Aunt Marge………. ” She reached down to stroke my hair, and asked me, “Did you really like that?” I could only nod at her. I was still pleasurably numbed by my first orgasm with a woman, and my Aunt Marge at that. Her gentle voice brought me to my senses. ”Brian, honey, I’m going up to my room. Clean up and I want you to come to my room okay? And make sure to be quiet.

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  ” I couldn’t believe it! This was a hint of more lustful pleasure to come. I cleaned up as quickly as I could, went to the bathroom to wash myself down there, and slowly approached the door to her room. I gently rapped and waited. After a few seconds, the door opened, and Aunt Marge, fingers to her lips, gestured for me to come in. She led me to the bed and she sat me down, took my chin in her hands and turned my head towards her face. Looking straight into my eyes, she said “You’re going to make a lot of women swoon, did you know that. ? You’re a handsome young man, and I’ve always waited for the day when I could do this with you. Now, don’t say a word to anyone about this or else we’ll be in a lot of trouble, okay? Specially from your mom. ” All I could do was nod dumbly. Then, egged on by the moment, I said, “I love you Aunt Marge. ”I thought I saw a little tear as she answered, “Ohhh, I love you too, honey. ”With that, she pressed her lips to mine, softly at first, gently probing with her tongue, gently biting, sometimes sucking at my lower lip. Now knowing what exactly to do, I tried my best to follow what she was doing. I would kiss her, stick my tongue into her mouth, and taste the inside of her mouth. At one point, she told me to stick out my tongue.

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   When I did as she told, she extended her tongue and touched the tip of mine, twirling it around. We were both into it by now, hungrily licking and nuzzling, our breaths coming in long and deep. While we were kissing, she had taken both my hands and held them in hers while she fondled her breasts. I was in heaven. Suddenly, she pulled away and said, “Wait. ” She stood up before me and slipped off her nightgown. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath! I gasped at the sight of her! She was more than what I had dreamed of. Her breasts were just the right size, not too big, yet they stood out perfectly. Her pink nipples were hard, the size of peas, the areolas pinkish-brown. I looked at her mound. I always thought all adults had pubic hair, but Aunt Marge’s mound was baby smooth. She must have seen the confused look on my face. “I shave it off,” she explained, then giggled softly. At that point I couldn’t care less if she used a lawn mower down there. The sight of her bare pussy made me all the more hornier.

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   As for me, realizing I still had my clothes on, I quickly stood up and started undressing, throwing my clothes onto the floor, then sat back down on the bed. Aunt Marge giggled again and teased me, “My, you’re one smart boy. You know just what to do don’t you?” She approached and stood before me, her breasts almost level with my face. “Honey, hold my breasts. Be gentle, alright? Yesssssssssss, that’s it, ohhhhhhhhhhh. Pinch my nipples lightly. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddd. Now lick my nipples…………ohhhhhh yeah, that feels soo goodddd…. uhmmmmm……. ”By now I was hungrily sucking her nipples, first the right, then the left. I was alternating between fondling and sucking, seemingly unable to get enough of this beautiful, sexy woman who happened to be my aunt and who was now initiating me into a new world of lustful pleasures. I doted attention on her breasts for a seeming eternity. Then Aunt Marge pulled away once more then lay down on the bed. “Come lie beside me. ” I obeyed her.


   Spreading her legs, she looked over and said, “I’ll teach you how to play with a woman’s pussy. Give me your hand, sweetie. ” With that, she placed my hand on her mound. “Rub the outside first, just barely teasing the folds. ” As I ran my hand over the lips of her pussy, I felt a slick wetness, then heard Aunt Marge let out an involuntary gasp. She let out a moan. “Ohhhhh…. now stick your finger between the lips…. . oohhhhh…yeah hun, rub your finger inside like that………. oohhh yeaahhh……. . ok, ok, now with your other hand spread my lips……. . that’s gooodd ohhhhh, you see that knob? Rub it, rubbbb, oh yessss, that’s sooo nice….


  . ”I was entranced by what I was doing. Her bald pussy looked beautiful, and the sight of this beautiful woman beside me was making me wild with lust. By now I wanted to kiss her down there. She must have read my mind, for the next thing she said was……“Ok honey, I want you to lick my pussy ok? Get between my legs and I’ll tell you what to do”I dropped on my stomach between her legs and gazed for the first time at a woman’s pussy. The wetness held a scent that was musky. Once I had read a joke about the supposed fishy smell of a woman’s pussy. But there was none of that. She smelled nice, even down there. It made me all the more desirous to taste my Aunt Marge. “Put your tongue right there,” she instructed. She pointed towards what I had previously been rubbing. She raised her legs and brought her knees to her shoulders as I started to lick the knob. My first taste of pussy and I loved it! The tasty wetness, the feminine scent, and the wantonness of it all was intoxicating. But what really drove me mad was Aunt Marge.

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  As I touched her clit with my tongue, she drew a deep breath, her eyes closed. Then, biting her lip, she let out a long, low moan. She was moving her hips in circles, her hand behind my head as she clutched at my hair. She was moaning, grunting, letting out a sigh every now and then. “Ummmmphhh, ohhhh, yessssssssss…………ohhhhhhh……that feels so goooood…. . o god eat meeeeeee…. . oooooooohh”I was by now lapping hungrily, licking not only her clit but her folds, using my tongue and my lips. I wanted to give Aunt Marge all the pleasure she wanted in return for this wonderful gift that she was giving me – and it wasn’t even my birthday!By this time she was wildly gyrating her hips as she mashed her sopping wet pussy into my face. In order to mask the noise she was making, she bit into her blanket, all the while moaning and talking. “Oooomphhhhhh, don’t stop………. ummmmpphhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . oh goddddddddd……honey yessssssssss…….

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  . ohhhhhhhhh godddddd I’m cominggggggggggggg. ” With that her back arched and she let out a long moan, then made a sound that sounded as if she was sobbing. She raised her head to look at me, her eyes glazed with lust, then she fell back, still moaning. She gently pushed my head back and said, “T-that was wonderful! Oohhhhh, you’re good. My god, you’re good. Let me just catch my breath a little, ok?”After about half a minute, Aunt Marge said, “Now it’s my turn to do a little work. C’mon, sweetie, you lie down over here, patting the space where she had lain previously. I took my place, eagerly anticipating what I hoped she would do. I wasn’t disappointed. As soon as she took my cock in her hand, I gasped, unable to describe the feeling. All I knew was that it felt so good. And when she licked the head, I squirmed, by back arching as her warm, wet tongue encircled the head. Then, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she took my cock into her mouth. “Huhhhhhhhhhhh, Aunt Marge, that’s so gooooood,” I sucked my breath in.

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  “Shhhh, hun, not so noisy, okay? We don’t want to wake anybody up, right?” she fairly smiled, looking up to me. “Okay, but please don’t stop……” I pleaded. I wasn’t disappointed. As she sucked, licked and fairly just gobbled my cock, I thrusted in and out of her mouth. Saliva and precum mixed to coat my hardness, bucking wildly and moaning incoherently. The sight of my beloved aunt using her mouth on my cock as one hand fondled my balls was intoxicating. I was soon gyrating and raising my hips, feeling an impending explosion. My breath was now coming out in short gasps, in time with my thrusts. It wasn’t long before I felt the tickling sensation grow, and as I looked at my cock fucking the mouth of this lovely, older woman, I couldn’t hold much I gasped. I knew she heard, but she didn’t stop bobbing up and down. Suddenly, a flood of pleasurable sensations, indescribable and overwhelming, seemed to concentrate itself on the head of my cock, and I started exploding and spurting into Aunt Marge’s mouth. I was still thrusting, and after a few spurts, I thrusted and just stayed there, while she sucked, moaning at the same time. I didn’t realize that I could cum so much. Aunt Marge gulped down as much as she could, and yet I could see and feel cum flowing down my cock, some on her chin and around her mouth. It was then that I noticed her humping, and then she took her mouth off my cock and plopped her head on my groin.

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   She let out a long whimper, and, thrusting faster, let out a long moan. I knew she had another orgasm. She came up and lay beside me. I nuzzled up to her as she took me in her arms, and I hugged her back. She kissed me on the forehead, smiling with her eyes closed. She ran her hands up and down my back. I did the same. We were spent. “I love you, Aunt Marge,” I said again. I had fallen hopelessly in love, not to mention in lust. “I love you too. Like I said, I always wanted to do this. You’re more good looking than the guys who pester me, and much sweeter too. I want to do this with you more often so we’ll have to find a way. You must keep this to yourself, okay? I don’t think I need to tell you that.

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  ”I nodded gravely. “Are you going to teach me how to fuck?” I asked her. “Yes, but not now. Not here. Like I said, we’ll find a way. Right now, you’d better go wash up and then go straight to bed. I wish we could sleep together, but we can’t…. . I love you sweetie. ” She kissed me tenderly on the lips. “I love you………” I said as I stood up reluctantly and put my clothes on. As I headed towards the door, she stood up and walked with me, then wordlessly gave me a kiss as I went to the bathroom, looking forward to more trysts with my beloved Aunt Marge. .
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Η Ελλάδα, είναι μια από τις πιο ζωντανές χώρες σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Διαθέτει μια ενδιαφέρουσα ιστορία 4,000 χρόνων, είναι η χώρα της δημοκρατίας, του πολιτισμού, του φιλότιμου, με φιλόξενους ανθρώπους, και εντυπωσιακές φυσικές τοποθεσίες. Στην πραγματικότητα, εάν θέλετε μπορείτε να ελέγξετε μερικά από τα πιο ελκυστικά νησιά στον κόσμο μόνο για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι θα ζήσετε μια αξιομνημόνευτη εμπειρία ζωής.
Τα 6,000 ηλιόλουστα νησιά της, το Ελληνικό φαγητό, το Ελληνικό καμάκι κάνουν την ατμόσφαιρα ακόμα πιο μαγική. Έτσι, δεν αποτελεί έκπληξη το γεγονός ότι έχουν δημοσιευτεί εκατοντάδες άρθρα που αναφέρουν ότι το ταξίδι στην Άγιος Νικόλαος πορνες θα είναι ένα από τα πιο εντυπωσιακά μέρη στην Ελλάδα, ακόμα και στην Ευρώπη. Για αυτό είναι και τόσο δημοφιλής πόλη ανάμεσα στους ανθρώπους που προτιμούν να ταξιδεύουν στον κόσμο.
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