Topic: AUNTY GETS FINGERED Aunty gets fingered.
 Young I may have been,but my cunning was unbelievable at such a young yes,I was young,but my sexual urge was mature beyond belief. I had a thing about my maternal aunt. Every chance offered,I'd home in on her body. It started when I caught her naked,having just bathed. I blatently stood looking at her tits and pussy. "You shouldn't stand looking at me naked,that's naughty,away with you,you're too old for your years" Reluctantly I left my ogling of her with a deep desire to touch what I'd been ogling.
 On various occasions after I'd touched her ass,inside leg,even once her tit,but other than her leg,it was through her dress. Then I had a brilliant idea,as I thought. What if I obscurely touched her with a crowd of people present? Would she dare ball me out with everyone around knowing I'd done it. I thought,but,if I did,it would have to be real dirty so she'd be to embarrassed to yell out in front of them.
 Now this aunt of mine had a regular meeting with her peers. They sat around a very large table,sometimes it was knitting,other times crochet,but mostly it was gossiping. I heard some pretty lurid goings on about and between various of our village people. The end of each item of gossip was followed by, mmm's! or the dirty cat! and cackly giggle's. A real gathering of old witches round their caldron I reckoned.

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   I figured the worst that could happen to me was,aunt chucking a frogs leg in the brew and her spell turning me into some undesirable freek.
 They always went on as though I was invisible,which suited me fine as I amused myself under this table soo-say playing with the owners big black cat,but actually knelt up on my haunches,looking to see as much up skirt as was displayed by these not so undesirable female's. Aunt knew on these occasions I wasn't invisible,because when I got by her legs I put my face very close to her knees and blew warm breath up her skirt. The response was always the same,her hand would come down and swat at my face,too which I could hardly contain myself from giggling out loud.
 The real intent was too make her open her thighs so I could see her knicker's and hopefully perhaps her pussy. Equally,alone later,she'd scold me and tell me what a dirty little sod I was. Very occasionally I'd see her knicker's and the first time a piece of her pussy was uncovered. Once when she seemed to be sat nearer the front of the chairs squash,her knicker material was pressing right up into her quims slit. Funny that,it was the first time I got a boner and I wasn't sure why my prick had done something new. But from then on I gave it a boner everyday.
 Other of my peers in boy talk,said if I rub it long and hard enough,I'd cum. In questioning about cum,they just said,you'll shoot spunk out the end,you know,the stuff women need to have a baby. I didn't know,but no way was I going to admit that. On getting to my aunts that day I asked her,'What do women use spunk for?' only to be told, "None of your business,I ought to take you and wash your dirty little mouth out with soap" 'Why? I only wondered,what have I said wrong?' "You'll realise one day" So that was the end of that.
 Of course in the not to distant future,I realised all of this and my infatuation with my aunt's body,but at this moment all I wanted was a touch.

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   So at my aunt's next meeting I duly disappeared under this table,done my rounds of thigh's then launched into my plan. Blowing as normal got the usual response,the excitement of what I intended doing next made my cock throb,another sensation I would have to get used too for the foreseable future.
 I touched aunty's inner legs,again a gentle unobtrusive swipe with a push to my hand plus a flicking movement to indicate, 'Stop now' I timed this plan to coincide with a particularly lurid tale about a farmer's daughter I also knew,but a bit older than myself who had got taken by,it was rumoured,her brother and father. Nothing like a good smutty rumour to loosen thigh's I guess. As the story reached its smutty climax,my aunt's swiping stopped and she just stayed put with my fingers trying to prize her legs open. I could feel her leg muscles forcing her thigh's closed as my hand moved like a worm farther up the inside of her thigh. As if in desperation,she quickly opened and clamped shut on my hand,but in that instant she lost because my finger's made contact with her knicker covered pussy. Again a hand caught my arm and weakly tried to pull it down from her thigh's.
 She now clamped me so tight I almost panicked that she was going to yell out. But no,my hand was again left alone. Trying like hell to wiggle my fingers at her slit,to me I was making no headway,but it now became clear to my aunt my intent and it must have done something because her thigh's loosened and opened enough for me to smooth a finger along part of her slit. In fact the loosening was enough for me to press her knicker's into her slit which now felt a groove of damp knicker material. This had climaxed with the end of the farmer tale. I heard my aunt's voice, "All very intreguing,I wonder how it made her feel if its true?"
 Daringly now,I made my next move. I hooked a finger into what felt the loosest leg of her knicker's.

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   I could feel her pubes and what turned out to be her hood. Also a little hard thing like a bean under this fold of skin. As I touched this,I heard aunt say, "God,my backs aching today,I need to sit forward for a while,I wonder why that is,this is my usual chair and they're always so comfortable" Immediately I lost touch as she moved her bum quickly forward. Drat,I had to start all over again. I needn't have worried,her legs were no longer closed so tight,in fact she had her thigh's apart with her quim right at the edge of the chair. Even more so,on moving I noticed she went to far forward,then sat,she moved back some. What a cunning bitch,this had the effect of loosening her knicker's downwards just a little.
 Now I put my hand back,no further resisting,she actually opened even wider as my small fingers found that little hard bean again. I pulled at the knicker material and got it off her cunt completely. There it was in all its glory,she had a wetness along the slit which I probed until I found a deeper part,with fore and middle finger making a vee here I found it opened up the lips to show a hole about half an inch in size. Because this hole was almost facing the floor as my aunt sat so far forward,I lay looking up at it. I attempted to push my finger up it. Her hand craftily came down again and grasping my wrist she pulled my finger's back to the bean and pressed my hand quickly at it several times,prompting me to keep tickling her here.
 As I did I felt her figgeting, while more and more juice seemed to appear from inside this hole I'd found. Aunt's legs slammed shut then open several times as I heard a strange gaspy sound above.

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   A vice like grip stopped all further movement as I heard one of the women say, "You okay Edna,hurting is it? you'll need to lay down when you get home" "Yeah,that was a real twinge that time,I haven't felt it like that for years" I moved away from my aunt as she moved back in the chair. "God,that made me go all funny for a mo' then" "Sammy,where are you,your aunt needs to be helped home,she's poorly" The host had given her command. I appeared from the opposite end of the table from my aunt. "Come on,coat on,off you go,look after her mind on the way and when you get there,no going out and leaving her alone"
 We duly left with my aunt as I guessed rightly,feigning illness. Nothing was said on the way. I thought I was for the high jump,but on arriving and going indoors. My aunt surprised me by saying, "You little bugger,where did you learn to do that,don't you ever do it to me again in public" Even more shockingly now she pulled her skirt up, "Look,go on look what you done to me,I'm absolutely soaking,do you know why? - Answering her own question, - you gave your aunt an orgasm,know what that is? No, it makes a woman want that spunk you asked me about,that's what"
 I stood mesmerized at the quim she was displaying at me. 'Sorry aunty,I can't give you any yet,I could get some from a mate for you' "No,I don't mean I want some,its just that it makes women want some,you know from that" She pointed at my cock. "Come here,come on,lets have a cuddle. - I moved to her,forgiven I hoped, - listen,its got to be a secret,no telling or boasting to your mate's,tell me how you learnt to do it like you did and I maybe,just maybe mind,may let you do it somemore to me" I was fucked,do I tell her I didn't learn from anybody,would she think I was lying and not let me do it somemore,or will that be even more exciting for her that I just by instinct wanted to tickle her cunt.
 'Its just you aunt,I like all your body,that's why I risk a clout or cussing by touching your,that there' I pointed at her cunt, - she still hadn't pulled her clothes down over it,more shock, - she pulled the leg open on her pants and showed me her cunt naked. "Why are you obsessed with it?" 'I don't know,its just nice I suppose' "No,its your hormones have kicked in early,all this has to be secret,understand, - I nod. - I'll let you develop with me,okay?" 'Yes,I'd like that,does that mean when I got some spunk,you want it from me?' "You could put it that way,but all must be our little secret mind" 
 So,here I am. Five years later,and having just deposited my umpteenth sperm supply up my aunt's pussy,she's rolling around in ecstacy, "Come on do it again,you horny little nephew,FUCK ME SOME MORE!!! - 'Ah well,this is the life'
 Goodbye for now.

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