Awakening, Part 2 of 2 (For Now)


“Been in love with you?” he interjected, finishing her sentence as he was accustomed to doing. “Days… weeks. . . months… years. Feels like forever, I can’t really pinpoint when it began… but I can certainly see where it’s leading. ” He grinned at her, almost laughing, as the reality of the moment hit him in a giddy rush. His sister returned the almost silly grin, and arched her slender neck up, to kiss him on the forehead. “Yeah… There’s a certain logic to the situation from here…” Her grin turned a bit tentative, and she demurely averted her eyes, as the situation lost a bit of momentum, and a rare flash of self-consciousness washed over her. She flicked her doey eyes back up to look at him, and saw the same thing in Alex’s eyes. Her expression melted into a tender smile, and she ran her fingers through his hair once again, reassuringly. “Take me to bed, then, beloved?”He smiled lopsidedly, and slipped off of her, with a curious combination of anxiety and reluctance. He offered his hand to help her rise, but instead the petite young girl just hopped up, swinging her legs out, and he caught her up in his arms on reflex. She giggled, and exulted “Take me to bed, or lose me forever, baby!”Her joke earned a quiet chuckle from the taller of the Carter twins, and he carried her towards their shared bedroom, affecting to be under a heavier burden than he truly was. “Goodness gracious, great balls of fire…” he offered, smirking faintly, to complete the semi-obscure movie reference. They’d both loved Top Gun ever since they were but little sprouts, and besides… they never tired of their little in-jokes, even and especially when no one else was around.

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  “Something wrong, ‘Goose’?” Asked the raven-haired beauty in his arms, with a half grin, half smirk on her delicious red lips. “One of us needs to go on a diet. And it ain’t me. ” He grinned mischievously at her, fully expecting to be poked and kicked for his facetious answer. He was not disappointed by her reaction, as she let out an exaggerated “Hmmph!”, and jabbed him almost-but-not-quite gently on his ribs. He laughed, coughing a little, and let her fall onto the bed. She landed with a little bounce, and sprung up, pouncing him and knocking the tall young man down. Danni perched on his chest, legs straddling him on either side, and grinned at her fallen prey, an almost predatory glint in her eyes. “Take it back, bishi-boy, or face my wrath!”“Ooohhhh. The Wrath of Danni. I tremble with fear” Was Alexander’s deadpanned response, accompanied by his trademarked Defiant Smirk©. “You asked for it…” She trailed off with a wicked grin, and suddenly slid down, pinning him at the hips with her own legs, and jerking up his shirt to expose a toned, if not muscular stomach. Before he had a chance to react, she pressed her face into his tummy, and blew a resounding zerbet. “PPppbbbbbhhhhttttthhhh!!!”Her brother laughed loudly, and bucked under her, trying to free himself-albeit not very hard. After she felt his tummy had been razzed to her satisfaction, she began a brutal and merciless assault of ticklies on his ribs, which was rewarded by a raucous chorus of giggles and laughs from her beautiful sibling, whose face began to turn quite red.

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  “I submit! I submit! Please, spare me!” His hand thwapped the floor several times, as he ‘tapped out’, giving in to her horrid and inhumane torture. The olive-skinned girl looked up at him, evil playfulness alight in her expression, as she slid her hips slowly back up to pin his chest, settling her hands down on his shoulders as though claiming him as her own personal territory. “Surrender, eh? What’ll ya gimme?” She demanded, toying with him. “Anything you want?” He smiled ingenuously up at her, almost managing to pull off an innocent look, but missing it by a hairsbreadth. “Hmmm…. Anything? I can be very demanding you know. And imaginative. ” A sly smile tugged at her luscious lips. “I’m counting on that, love” He grinned up at her, as the athletic young woman impulsively slid her legs down over his, stretching out her frame on top of his own, in a catlike stretch. She pressed her lips into his, and they soon found themselves drifting into another endless, boundless kiss. She moved herself around a little, sliding her body against his, until she could feel his heart beating against hers, then settled down into his embrace, kissing him again and again and again, never wanting to stop. Eventually, though, her body began to ache in a tender location, and she could feel herself wanting more than just his kiss. Her lips broke away from his with a tinge of reluctance, and she gave his lower lip a gentle little love nip, tugging on it playfully, as her warm, now-lustful brown eyes sought his. He met her gaze, and once again she found herself reflected in his eyes. Fighting the urge to hum a Peter Gabriel tune, he asked her softly.

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  “Bed now?”Her response was just a little nod, and he soon found himself released from her weight, as she rose up, suddenly quiet and vaguely intense, as the passion of the moment suddenly caught up with them again, and she helped him up to his feet. By some unspoken agreement, they began to undress one another. Alexander’s hands found a sudden nimble sureness that they’d never had before, as he slid his hands under her tight t-shirt, and tugged it up, off her toned body, and over her head. She wore nothing underneath, and he took a moment to settle his hands on her shoulders, and just look down at her body, smiling with a combination of desire and pride. The shorter girl smiled unabashedly up at him, letting him take as much time as he wished to look at her body. Her skin was the same dusky tan all over, without any lines. Her skin tone was ‘built in’ as she often joked, a legacy from their latina grandmother which her paler counterpart had missed out on. His eyes drifted from her slim waist and over her tautly defined abs, then inevitably settled onto her breasts. They were often described as undersized by the cruel or petty, and petite or perky by the more generous. She herself jokingly referred to them as ‘exquisite rare miniatures’. To Alex, they were perfect. Every inch of his beloved Danni was perfect, and this day… this day he would explore it all. He gently settled his hands onto her hips, and maneuvered her to the bed, where she sat unbidden, reading his intentions without any need for speech between them. He gently unsnapped her pants, and had a sudden, incongruous epiphany. Oh, that’s why fasteners are on the opposite side for men and women.

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  . . The oddness of that thought brought a sudden grin to his face, and she returned it, reaching up to touch his cheek with her palm, sharing empathetically with his amusement, but rightly guessing that she didn’t really need to ask what was on his mind. Some things were just best left unsaid between two people at moments like this. He regained his focus quickly, grinning at her once more. He’d begun to grin more today than he probably had in the preceding month altogether. His hands clasped her arms, and slid up her arms, feeling the silky smooth, cinnamon tanned skin of her body, and settling onto her slender shoulders. He bent down a bit, and gently pulled her towards him once again, for a lengthy, heated kiss. This one didn’t invoke that transcendent, drifting sensation. Instead it lit a fire in his chest, and in his stomach, and even lower. He could feel a rush of electrifying, libidinous energy beginning to course through him, as his desire for her rose and intensified. His hands slid down lower on her warm brown skin, until he reached her breasts, and cupped each of them tenderly in his slender hands. She moaned softly in contented approval, and arched her back a bit, presenting herself to him. He smiled against her lips, and began to gently massage her beautiful bosom, kneading the tender flesh in his long, sure fingers. After a while, she grew impatient of the teasing, and gently brushed his hands aside, so she could tug his shirt up and off.

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   He provided no resistance, letting her have her way, as she reached up and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him onto the bed beside her. She lay on her side, and grinned sweetly at him, an almost lazy expression of affection and happiness. Her small hand began to roam down his chest, starting with a gentle stroking of his collar bone, then tracing around the lines of his chest, then sliding down his stomach, and toying with the bit of hair just above the waist of his pants. She grinned again as he shifted a little under her soft stroking, and the swelling under his pants was quite apparent, although she feigned not to notice his discomfiture, instead preferring to focus on the lines of his hips. She had a thing for hip lines, and his were truly exquisite. Her brother had a wonderful bone structure, and his hips were well defined, and beautifully formed… it was almost an odd thing to find an attractive, she mused, but she found herself aroused by them nonetheless, and slid the tips of her fingers teasingly around them, breaking into a grin once again. Finally, she began to unfasten his pants, and they moved past the point of no return, as she tugged them down with a quick, decisive pull, releasing his hardened manhood with a bright grin that showed her relish for the moment. He smiled, his hands laying on the bed, as he simply let her do as she pleased, waiting for the moment to present itself when he should become a more active participant. Her hands slid back up his legs after she had his pants off, and tossed them unceremoniously off the side, between her twin bed and his. As her hands reached his thighs, she slid them to the inside, and rubbed in little circles as she slowly approached the object of her desire. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she took his throbbingly hard cock in her hand, and gently stroked up and down it. In response, he settled back onto the bed, his head all but lolling around, as he relaxed at last, her touch and the pleasure it brought relieving a bit of the tension she’d been building in him. His relaxation was short-lived, as he felt her soft, full lips press against the tip, kissing him tenderly. Then she took the head into her mouth, and he gasped quietly. Her mouth was everything he’d imagined and more, soft, and warm, and wet, and sucking tightly on the swollen head of his manhood.

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   Her hand continued to work slowly up and down his shaft, as she rolled her tongue around the head, tasting his salty precum, and deeming it to be to her liking. He moaned again, quietly, and began to tense up again, waves of warmth and pleasure washing over him, as he shut his eyes and savored every delicious aspect of his sister’s tender ministrations. After toying with him for a while, she slid up to kiss him once again, resting her hips on his. He felt momentary frustration at not being able to feel all of her, what with her jeans still being fully in place, and all, but it was easily assuaged by the delights of another kiss shared with his beloved, and the kinky thrill of tasting himself on her perfect lips. His hands rise from the sheets, and he runs his palms up and down the young woman’s back, feeling the fine lines of her muscles tensing and relaxing just under her smooth skin. His hands moved in small, tight circles, almost like a sensual massage, as they gradually made their way down to the last vestige her pesky clothing. His hands slid around her hips, to the fastener of her pants, and drew it open with a quiet urgency. She grinned down at him, almost giggling at his desire for her. It was so delightful, to be loved and wanted this much, by someone so wonderful and utterly irresistible. She helped him with her pants, and slid out of them, then lay on her side next to him. They were together, completely naked in a bed, for the first time in over 15 years. Of course, the last time they shared a bed in the nude, it hadn’t felt anything like this. Come to think of it, nothing either of them had ever experienced felt quite like this. There was a sense of rightness and wonder in their eyes as they looked at one another, eyes exploring and drinking in all the wonders of each other’s bared form. And then, like that first perfect kiss they shared, they came together without even thinking about it.

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   It was very Zen-like, she would later muse to him, how the time for their coming together arrived, and then it simply happened, without thought or action from either of them, like air filling a void. Indeed, that was a very apt analogy, for they both had a void within them, pun fully unintended, that was filled in the moment their passion for each other was recognized and explored. His arms curled around her, pulling her body to his, as hers wrapped around him as well, and she felt him inside her, large and powerful and stroking. It was easily the most overpowering sensation she’d ever experienced, to feel him within her… the emotions, the feelings, the sensations were all around her, filling her up, and sending the most exquisite flashes of euphoria through her mind, almost clouding her vision with delight. He, in turn, felt as though his heart may burst, either from racing so quickly and powerfully in his exhilaration, or simply from raw, overpowering joy. He could feel his sister around him, her skin pressed against his, and her sex wrapped around his. As they slid flawlessly into rhythm with one another, their hips churning against each others’, and their hands beginning to roam once more. It was a curious, yet delightful sort of dance, to a song they could both hear in their hearts, as they melded together, like some single creature borne of passion, joined at the hips, and the mouths, exploring one another as deeply and passionately as they could manage. Their bodies, their tongues, their hips, their legs, they were all pressing together at an almost frantic pace, with the desperation of starving men. They had denied themselves for far too long, and they had years of lost time to make up for in such a short time. All the fierce activity was somehow coordinated, and even the occasional clumsiness, the clicking of teeth of the misplacement of an elbow was overlooked. Their lovemaking wasn’t choreographed like a trashy romance movie, it was human, and warm, and fluid. There were little pauses, and they occasionally rolled to take turns on top, as the moment moved them to. The perfection of it wasn’t in perfection itself, it was in the rightness. It simply felt natural, all of it, and their only regret was waiting so long.

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  At last, Danni began to gasp more loudly, and her moans, which had never been terribly subtle increased in volume and intensity. Noting that his already sexually vocal sister was approaching her climax, Alex at last allowed himself to let go, and his back arched up as his hips bucked a little. She came at almost the same moment he did, screaming and moaning hoarsely, in a raw, primal expression of her lust. He, by contrast, was quiet and intense, the only sounds from him were the occasional gasp or moan, along with deep, exerted breathing. After drifting into the fiery sea of orgasm together, they slowly came back to the real and solid bed they were sharing. The waves of pleasure and passion slowly faded, the blurred vision, the brightened colors, the rushing blood and throbbing hearts, those all began to slow and dim, until they found themselves in one another’s arms once again. Pulling the sheets up around them, Danni turned around, rolling lazily on the bed, in complete post-coital bliss, and purred as her lover wrapped his arms around her, cuddling up to her back. They rested together for who-knew-how long, just enjoying the feel of each others warmth and the smoothness of their partner’s skin. They’d never felt so alive or at home as now, safe and warm in their sibling’s embrace. As she felt the effects of their exertion begin to take ahold of her, and she slowly drifted into sleep, Danni murmured in a kittenish tone. “Love you, ‘lex”He smiled softly, and placed a warm, tender kiss right behind her ear. “Love you too, hon”And there they lay, asleep and content, arms and legs intertwined, the very picture of loving bliss. Fini.
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