'Oh god put it away Cam!' She laughed. I looked up with heavy eyes and saw her grinning with eyebrows raised. Suddenly all of reality crash landed on me. Even though I knew what she was laughing at I still looked down to check. Crap! Morning rise and there was my bulbous cock head saying hello to Mom through my boxers fly hole. Don’t ya just love morning rise?'Mom! Jesus don’t fuckin look, what the fucks wrong with you ?' I said trying to sound pissed off and only managing to reveal that I didn’t give a crap. Having being sexually slapped back into the big wide world by my Mom's cock-comments, I reached into my pants and pulled the 10" conversation maker back into my boxers and got up to take a shower. I left Mom to do whatever she was doing and left for the bathroom. 'Well last time I saw it, it wasn’t THAT big!' she giggled as I heard the door shut behind me. Always with the last word, Fuck it she saw my dick. . . big deal, I thought. Trying to ignore the fact I felt harder than when I had stood up to leave. I struggled out of my now uncomfortable underwear and climbed into the shower. Even before I had started I knew I wanted to masturbate.

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   Feeling the soap suds mesh between my palm and my throbbing penis I gently gripped its shaft and began to stroke. Shutting my eyes, I stood under the crashing water and sifted through every sexy girl I ever knew and/or had slept with, like a catalogue, with me picking which was up for sale. Then a vision of my Mom, butt naked hit my head without warning. My eyes flashed open, and almost as if I'd been burnt I snapped my wrist away from my begging cock. What the fuck? Mom? No way. . . For a moment I stood in shock, what was I doing? Jesus, I'd never jerked off to a visual of Mom! Then seemingly in that very same thought I gripped my massive cock harder than ever. Grunting deeply, I savagely tried to tear my cock off to increasingly sexy dreams of my Mom. I threw my head back and went for it like I’d never touched my cock in the 20 years I’d lived. In record time I felt my balls tighten and the immediate surge that followed, shooting thick white spunk violently at the wall. Christ I couldn’t stop, blast after amazing blast spewed relentlessly as I continued grunting like a perverted old man. Eventually, the streams of cum got shorter and were soon only drops desperately trying to hold to the tip of my blushing cock-head, like a man hanging from a 200 ft cliff. My breathing slowed along with my wrists rhythm. Standing there, having just masturbated over my own Mother, I allowed both the shower water and the taboo feeling to wash over me.

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  Now jacking off to your own Mom isn’t a sudden discovery in the sexual mind of men, In fact its damned common according to all these websites that are splattered everywhere. But for me it was a first, and dammit it felt good, it wouldn’t be the last. With both excitement and confusion I finished washing off and cleaned up my mess. Turning the shower off and wrapping a towel around my waist I left the bathroom but then stopped. Within 5 seconds of standing there I’d gone through a thousand different thoughts. Head back to your room, go grab a smoke, go downstairs. Go check on Mom. But in all of that, about 4 seconds of me pausing was filled with thoughts of Mum naked. Mum bending over, Mum biting her lip, looking over her shoulder whilst on all fours. Mum sighing and groaning as she was fucked hard in her sweet pussy, fucked by me. Snap out of it! Ok, like that was really gonna work, but I still told myself to get a grip. Well it half worked because I decided to head downstairs…even though my room was on the same floor as the bathroom…I couldn’t deny it to myself; I was going to see Mom. Mostly because I wanted her to see me fresh from a shower, and rock hard for the second time that morning, but also because I wanted to see her, see her naked. I knew she was getting dressed right about now because she usually does, not long after getting up and showering downstairs in her own bathroom. Just as I got to her room I heard the front door shut.

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   Fuck! Perfect timing, it was big sis. ‘Hello, you home Cam? Mum?’‘Yeah I’m here’ I sighed. Thanks M I thought to myself, you’ve fucked it all up now. Then I had another thought, fucked what up? What was I actually going to do? ‘Hey Cam’ Michelle said as she walked past, smacking my ass as she did. Nothing new there, she was always doing that. I watched her walk upstairs and in my newly found sordidness I gazed at her perfectly shaped ass in her black mini-skirt. Michelle was gorgeous, there was no denying that. At 21 she was stunning. With breasts that needed no bra to hold themselves up, neither too big or too small. I was guessing around a generous C cup. Her hair was a flowing silk of dark brown that ran in slight curls around her face and down her back just past her shoulders. Matched with big brown eyes that men found they could stare at for eons if it weren’t for the purely luscious body that she had. It’s funny how daughters are always compared to there mother in appearance, because Mom was an older version of Michelle by appearance. As I thought to myself how similar they were in appearance I reminded myself of why I was standing at the bottom of the stairs, Mom. I waited until Sis had rushed upstairs and then back out the front door again, in the hurry that she always was.

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   I listened for the sound of the front door shutting and then turned my focus towards my Moms bedroom door. Yet, as I did so I suddenly questioned my actions, what did I want? Sex with Mom? Jesus she’d kill me if I even joked of it. Then the images came back, with a stronger sense of need this time around. I wasn’t thinking of fucking my Mom, I was thinking of how badly I NEEDED to. Standing there wishing the door was transparent I stepped slowly in, my erect penis leading the way. Mom looked up, hearing the door open and I caught a slight expression of surprise as she saw me wrapped only in a towel. Momentarily she glanced down, eyeing my stiff cock, begging to be freed against the cotton prison it was being held against. ‘Hi Hun, everything ok?’ she said as innocently as she could. With the sight of my Mom still in her underwear, I was both caught by surprise and frozen. I stared at her, just stared. I was helpless in keeping my mouth closed; all I could do was ogle at her body. Her breasts, pushed up from her posture, her slender legs, revealed confidently. I was speechless. I’d had sex with countless girls the past couple of years and was always considered a handsome guy by people who knew me. But now, alone with the woman I knew most, the woman who raised me, who gave birth to me, turned me into a nervous and excited wreck of emotion.

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   My Mom got up, realising what I wanted, the fabric mountain that pointed towards her was enough itself, but with the addition of my near drooling and caught breath, she knew. She knew I was horny, and she was walking towards it. ‘Mum I…’ I stammered. Stopping only inches from me her breasts were pushed against me, but she ignored the idea of touching me, instead she just whispered in my ear. ‘Ssssh…I know what you want’ she taunted. Then my words caught up with my eyes and like a race, flew past them. ‘Mom I just wanted to get some – ‘She ignored my feeble attempts to excuse myself of my perversion. Instead she reached inside the gap between the towel with both hands, and as one yanked it from me the other wrapped itself around my now exposed and pulsing cock. ‘I know what you want Cameron…’ she teased. I tried to fight back verbally, for reasons I didn’t know. ‘No…Mom I just – ‘Again she ignored my words and began to stroke slowly, sending charges of electrical pleasure through every part of my naked body. She leaned in towards me, lust filling her eyes. ‘Are you shocked that your mother is a horny slut?’ She didn’t wait for an answer; instead she lowered herself to meet my raging hard-on, locking her eyes with mine as she did so. After a few more of her tantalizingly slow strokes she slid her hand down to the base of my 10” manhood and enveloped her mouth over my entire cock. All of my denial left me and simultaneously my head tilted back as I was overcome by the unbelievable pleasure my Mom was supplying.

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   I felt her rhythm speed up as her lips pressed against my wide girth. She sucked harder and harder and furiously bobbed her head back and fourth, taking me fully into her. ‘Oh fuck that’s good’ I groaned. ‘Oh fuck yeah, suck it harder’. And she did, Man it felt good, I was close to coming against her unrelenting drive. Taking me fully and pulling back almost till she was sucking air and then back down again for another wave of ecstasy, another taste of my long, thick manhood. It wouldn’t be long now. ‘Shit I’m gonna come! Oh fuck…’ I grunted. With that she stopped, and stood up with amazing speed. Controlled by her raging horniness. ‘Oh no you don’t’ she whispered. Wrapping her arms around my neck she gripped my waist with her legs, pressing her drenched panties against my cock. I strode towards the bed, kissing and licking her neck, taken completely by my desire. Hearing her panting I knew she was ready for anything. Foreplay was not needed here.

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   I dropped her onto the bed and without a moments pause I tore off my Moms bra, quickly following with her panties, revealing the body that had taken control of me in the shower. ‘Mmmm, c’mon baby, fuck your Mother right now’ purred my horny Mom as she spread her legs. I didn’t need asking twice, I grabbed her thighs and pulled her towards me. I knelt down and brought her hot pussy to my tongue. Stopping briefly, partly to tease and partly to finally guarantee this is what she wanted. With a girly moan she thrust her pussy into my mouth. ‘Do it’ was all she said. I grabbed her thighs again and pressed my tongue deep into my Mothers cunt. As a huge squeal escaped her lips, I flicked and licked her juices that ran down the lips of her wanting pussy, damn they tasted good. I couldn’t get enough, it was all too much. The intoxicating aroma of my Mom, the pure thought of licking her cunt as she gripped my hair brutally was all too much. I stood up and grabbed my cock as quick as I could. ‘Oh yeah baby, fuck me now, fuck Mommy’Her breathing was drastic and begging, here was my Mom sprawled on her bed naked, with her sons cock a hair away from her pussy. It was an amazing sight. I positioned the tip of my penis inches from her entrance, and with just a moments pause I pushed slowly into her.

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  ‘Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!’ she groaned behind clenched lips. I felt the head of my dick slip into my Mom smoothly, my breath caught in my chest as inch by inch I watched my 10” cock disappear inside of her. ‘Oh fuck’ I whispered. I rocked back and fourth slowly at first, and then with a gurgled command from my now lust crazed Mother I slammed my entire shaft as deep as I could. I held it there for a second as a whimper came from Mom; obviously Dad wasn’t so gifted in the growth department. I fought back a laugh and began fucking my Mom like crazy. Pounding away furiously, the sweat trickled profusely down my forehead. Mom gripped the bed as thrust after thrust slammed into her. I bent down and violently held her arms above her head as I sucked on her erect nipples. Sucking on her right nipple and then her left she met each of my thrusts with her own and my cock began to ache. I fought back the urge to come deep in my mother and felt she was fighting her own battle against orgasm. But it was hopeless, the intensity of our passions were too great and with one last thrust, I crammed my huge cock as deep as it would go, my balls pressed tightly against her ass. I held myself there and bit on my mother’s neck as she arched her back in delight. ‘I’m cumming! I’m cumming!’‘Come bitch! Come for Cameron! Oh fuck!’‘Oh baby…. BABY!’ she whined.

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   She was seconds from cumming and so was I. Then I gave in, feeling Moms body shake I unleashed my hot sperm deep inside her cunt. Her orgasm meeting it, she screamed in rapture. ‘OH…. MY…. ’‘GOD!!!!!’ Screamed my sister…. . As she opened the door. I knew it was her but I couldn’t look, all I could do was continue to shoot stream after thick stream of semen into my Mom. But Mom was looking over my shoulder and biting her lip as she locked eyes with my sister, who was standing in pure shock at the door. The End. (This is my 1st story guys so lemme know what you think)

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