It all started innocently enough, just an honest open discussion between my son Mark, and myself concerning drugs. I honestly confessed that in my younger days I used to smoke a lot of weed. I just simply said, "Mark, I'm not going to lie about it. I used to smoke quite a bit of weed with your father when we were teenagers. Then when I got pregnant with you, I simply stopped and haven't touched it since. Since I was being honest, he promised to be as well. "Mom" he said, "I'm not going to try and pull your leg. I smoke pot. Not every day mind you, but I like it and I smoke it. " Well, there you have it, that's the moment this story really started. Nothing happened at that point that 's worth boring you with, but that's the moment it all started. When I look back I can honestly say that maybe it's one time that the truth really did get me in trouble. That is if you consider what I'm about to tell you to be trouble. You'll just have to decide for yourself on that one. Before I go much further, I better take just a moment and tell you who I am. My name is Lisa and I'm 39.

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   Mark's father and I divorced a little over ten years ago. I remarried two years after that but as fate would have it, my second husband, Bill, was killed in a traffic accident a year after we married. At least he left me a comfortable house and a nice nest egg. I'm not rich mind you, but I don't hurt for money either. I do my best to stay in shape and, well I look pretty good for my age even if I have to say so myself. I don't have a steady boyfriend and haven't for a while, but that's by choice. After Bill died I just kind of decided I didn't need any more heartache in my life, at least not right away. Now let me tell you about Mark. He turned eighteen a couple of months before this all happened and had just graduated from high school. He's a good kid, has always stayed out of trouble, helps me out around the house, and for the most part has always gotten good grades. He's a very good-looking young man, rugged yet not sloppy. Played high school football so he's in great shape. Was quite good actually but didn't get a scholarship, blew out his knee in the next to last game of his senior season. I've always been quite proud of him and always will be. Ok, now back to my tale.

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   Where was I? Oh yes, we had that conversation about drugs, and for any of you in my age bracket I think you'll understand. I was quite relieved to find out he smokes some weed but doesn't do anything else. For those of you not from my era, let me just explain that smoking weed was pretty much always considered to be about the same as drinking, only nicer in my book. I was very relieved to know he wasn't doing crack, coke, meth, or any of the other various hard drugs he could have been doing. He actually seemed very surprised to find out that both his father and I used to smoke. I guess any kid his age would be. They picture us all as prudish and inexperienced. If they only really knew the truth almost all of our kids would be shocked I suppose. I didn't even bother explaining to him that his very existence probably began because of smoking weed with his father at a drive in movie theatre. Even when you're being honest and open, some things are better left unsaid. Mark then hit me with a question that probably should have shocked me, but instead peaked my interest. "I was going to go pick up a bag in a little while mom, think you'd be interesting in trying some?" he asked. When I look back, I probably should have said no, but it'd been so long since I smoked or even drank for that matter that I couldn't help but think it'd be fun to get stoned and just let my hair down for a change. "I don't know mark" I said, "maybe, well I probably shouldn't. " "Oh what the hell, sure, in fact I'll tell you what.

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  " I continued, "While you are out getting that, I'll go and get us a pizza and pick up a couple of DVD's. " We then agreed to meet back at the house in a couple of hours and get the evening started. I went to the video store and picked out a couple of movies. Then I went back home and ordered the pizza. While I was waiting for it, I remembered that my first husband had left some boxes at the house that I've never gotten rid of and I wondered. Maybe, just maybe it's in one of the boxes so I went up to the attic to look. It didn't take to awful long to find it. There it was at the bottom of the second box I looked in. Our old bong. Thought I might as well just go ahead and give it to Mark now anyhow, so I took it downstairs with me and got it cleaned up and ready. Mark got back about a half an hour later and his timing was perfect, the pizza had only been there for about 3 or 4 minutes and was still hot. He took one look at the bong sitting on the coffee table and just had to know where the hell it had come from. I explained about the boxes in the attic and that as far as I was concerned it was now his. He seemed pretty tickled by it. So know we had food, movies, and pot.

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   The party was about to begin. As I served up pizza he went ahead and cleaned the weed and packed the bong. By the time we were done eating the moment of truth had arrived. Mark lifted the bong to his mouth and fired it up. That old familiar smell filled the room as he passed it to me and for the first time in 18 years I took a hit and it hit me like a ton of bricks. Mark definitely smoked a lot more of it than I did. I was wasted after just a few hits. After he had finished off the bowl, he set the bong down and got up and popped a movie into the player. As he settled back down onto the couch he looked at me and we both just busted out loud laughing. We were both wasted and we knew it. He was the first to say anything. "Jesus Mom! You looked completely fried!" and that got us to giggling like school kids. We laughed about nothing for quite awhile. I'm not really even sure how long. Time is a non-entity when you're stoned.

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   After that, we just both kicked back and were pretty quiet for a while. Mark finally broke the silence and said that we needed to smoke some more. I was hesitant but he was insistent. Next thing I knew he was sitting beside me firing up the bong again. By the time we finished off that bowl, I was messed up. This shit they smoke today is so much more potent than the stuff I remember. After he put the bong down Mark laid back on the couch. He didn't even scoot over; he just flopped down. I just leaned back against the arm of the sofa. I looked at him and realized I was starring right up his shorts. I really couldn't see anything, but the point is I was starring. I forgot how pot always seems to just make your mind focus on sex, no matter what. I really felt guilty about starring but I have to admit I was really hoping that somehow he would move just right and I'd get a peak. I'm not sure how long it was, but after what seemed like a very long time I knew I needed to hit the sack. I was just too wasted to function, and to be honest, I was dying to play with my pussy; I'd really gotten horny and could just hear my vibrator calling my name.

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   I told Mark I was going to bed and he protested a little, but I think he knew I was too stoned to do much else. I made it to bed and stripped out of my clothes. I got my vibrator out of my dresser and turned off the lights. I lay down and began to touch myself. Damn it felt good! Pot always makes sexual feelings so much more intense if you ask me. I turned on my vibe and began to insert it. I was in absolute heaven. I was feeling so good. I lost myself in the pleasure. Now I never asked him but either I was making too much noise and he got curious, or he was being just downright naughty but I suddenly realized that my bedroom door wasn't shut completely any more. There was just enough light to see that it was open just a little. I was about to stop and get up and shut it when I happened to look into the mirror on my dresser and I could see Mark standing there watching me. If I hadn't been stoned I honestly can't say if I would have done anything different but I just went with the flow. I kept right on masturbating. It really gave it something extra to know he was watching.

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   I wasn't positive but I was pretty sure he was naked and stroking. I couldn't believe myself but I was wishing I could see. I had an earth shattering orgasm, my entire body convulsed. I came so hard and so loud that if Mark weren't standing there watching me he still would have known that his mother had just climaxed. I was like an animal. Again I can't be absolutely certain but I think he came too. The next morning I got up late and took a good long shower. When I got dressed and went down stairs Mark was waiting for me in the living room. "Come on and sit down Mom, I have a cup of coffee here for you and the bong is packed and ready. " "Oh come on Mark," I said. "Last night was fun but I'm not so sure I want to get wasted first thing in the morning. " He told me to suit myself and fired up the bong. I sat there sipping my coffee as he took a couple of hits and then offered it to me. I thought to myself "Oh what the hell" and took a hit. After that I was right there with him toke for toke.

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   We didn't stop till bowl was cooked. We both then just leaned back against opposite arms of the couch. We lay there talking and I realized I wasn't looking anywhere but straight at his crotch. He was sitting with his legs king of spread and I had I nice view of it. He didn't say anything about noticing but he let one of his hands slide down over his crotch, kind of inch by inch, until he was fondling himself. An absolute silence enveloped us and I just lay there watching him become bolder and bolder with his touches. Soon he was rubbing himself blatantly. I was mesmerized. "Want to see it Mom?" the words shocked me into reality. "Want me to take it out and show it to you?" "Your eyes have been glued to it for a long time now. " "Really, I like being watched, I'll take it out if you want me to. " I couldn't believe what I was hearing him say but then the words just came right out of my mouth, or should I say word. "Yes!" Mark didn't hesitate, he pushed his ass up far enough so that he could get his shorts off and in no time at all he was naked from the waist down. He then took off his tee shirt saying, "I might as well get completely comfortable. " His hard dick swayed in the air with every movement he made and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

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   "Every time I get high I get so horny. " Said Mark. "I just got to stroke it. You want me to stroke it don't you Mom?" "I know you were watching me watching you last night. " "I bet you wanted to see my cock as bad as I wanted a better view of your pussy. " "Mark" I said, "I can't believe how bad you are being" "What's gotten into you?" "I can't help it mom, when I heard you playing with yourself last night I realized you were just as horny as I was. I couldn't help but try and see, you are so sexy and I just knew you'd put on a hell of a show. " I didn't say a word, at least not for a while. I just sat there and watch him playing with his cock. It is long and thick and it was as hard as a rock. As I watched him stroke it I my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I couldn't remember a time in my life when I was even close to being as horny as I was right then. "You have a beautiful cock Mark, it's much bigger than your dad's" I said. Then I asked, "Would you like me to get naked too honey? Do you want to get a good look at my pussy?" He smiled and told me, "Yeah Mom, you know I want to see your pussy, your tits too. Come on! Get those freaking clothes off.

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   You know you want to. " His boldness just served to egg me on, and I started to strip. I did it slowly. I wanted to savor the moment. He might have seen me last but there was much light. Now he was going to get a good look and I wanted both of us to enjoy it. I stood up and slowly took off my tee shirt. When it was off I spun around once or twice, just for effect. Then I ever so slowly peeled off my shorts. That left me in bra and panties and I was so excited that I felt like I'd come immediately if I touched myself. I spun around once again and asked him if he liked what he saw so far. "Not bad for an old broad don't you think?" "You look pretty damned good to me Mom. I can't wait to see that bra and those panties come off. " Mark said. I turned my back to him and backed up to him.


   "Why don't you undo my bra for me honey" I said. He didn't need to be asked twice. He reached up and quickly unhooked it for me and I let it fall from my shoulders. He then let his hands drift down my back and before he settled back down into the couch he felt up my panty-clad ass. I then spun around and let him get a nice look at my boobies. I cupped them and pinched my nipples. Then I kind of laughingly shook them at him. The way he looked at them drove me absolutely wild with lust. He looked hungry and I wanted to feed him. I stood before him in just my panties and I nice dirty thought crossed my mind. "Why don't you help me with the panties now Mark. Pull them off for me honey. " "Would you like to help Mommy?" He grinned from ear to ear and reached up and put a hand on either side of my hips. He then started to slowly pull them down. I was tingling all over.

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   He got them all the way off and I stepped out of them and then laid down on the couch. I spread my legs wide and gave him a good long look. I asked him straight out, "Do you like my pussy Mark? Does it look yummy?" I really didn't think for a second that he didn't like it. I just wanted to hear him say he did. From the way he was looking at it and stroking his cock I already knew the answer. "Mom it looks delicious" he said and then added, "I'm going to erupt if I keep looking at it. " Then he said something that really blew my mind, either I'm naïve or for what ever reason I just never noticed but he said, "I've been trying to see you naked for so long. I can't tell you how bad I've wanted to. You are just so hot Mom. " So now there we were. Me watching him stroke his hard rock dick. Him watching me finger my pussy. This was this had to be one of the most, if not the most erotic moments of my life. The fact that I was stoned just served to make it all feel just so much better. Something then happened that just served to prove to me just how kinky I really can be.

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   The telephone rang and for a second we both just froze. Mark went ahead and answered it and it turned out to be his father. It seems he had scored some good tickets to a ball game and wanted to know if Mark wanted to go with him. While they were talking Mark was making gestures like a person does when they don't want to be rude but they want the other person on the phone to hurry up and say what they have to say. I felt neglected at that point and decided to tease Mark some. I got down on my knees beside the couch and crawled over between his legs. As he continued to talk with his dad I started to rub my hands up and down his thighs. He gave me a look of panic and I took that as a signal to go a little further. I took a hold of his cock and started to stroke it. It felt so good in my hands and quickly was as hard as a rock again. At that point I couldn't resist and I licked the length of the shaft. It tasted too good to pass up and as my tongue reached the head I opened my mouth and let it slide on in. So there we were, Mark talking to his dad on the phone while I sucked his cock. I can tell you this much, he had one hell of a time keeping his composure. I have to give him credit though; he did it.

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   I really don't know how he did it because I was sucking his cock for all I was worth. Just as he finished his call I got up off my knees and straddled him. I kissed him right on the lips as I guided his big cock into my pussy. My pussy was soaked with juices so it slide right in. I gasped as it filled me and I started riding him like a bucking bronco. "Fuck me! Fuck me Mark!" I screamed, and he did. His cock felt like it was filling me up completely. I ground my cunt into him as hard and as fast as I could. "Oh God! You're going to make me cum you mother fucker!" I yelled and erupted into a mind shattering orgasm. Mark was right behind me. As my climax started to subside he said he was about to shoot his load. I quickly dismounted him and engulfed his rod. I wanted his hot load in my mouth. I wanted to taste it, to savor it, yes, to devour it and he was about to oblige me. "Holy shit Mom here it comes!" he said and I could feel his shaft swell in my mouth and he exploded giving me a mouthful of his tasty man cream.

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   I tried my best to swallow every last drop some did drip out the sides of my mouth. That liked up until he was clean. We then lay down in each other's arms for a while and then I heard him say some magic words. "Hey Mom, how about I pack us another bowl. "
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