I heard the loud roar of the school bus engine as it turned down my street. I stood right by my mailbox at the edge of the lawn. I waited here for her five days a week. She knew she could count on me. I zoned out briefly thinking of her, only to be brought back to reality by the squealing of the bus breaks as it came to a stop in front of me.
The driver pulled the door opened and I waved at him. “Hey Brandon,“ he waved back. I could hear her giggle as she walked down the bus aisle. A second later I saw my precious baby girl bouncing down the steps. It was almost like a slow motion scene. Her curly dark brown hair blowing with the spring breeze. Her gorgeous brown eyes glittered as she smiled at me. She jumped down onto the sidewalk and grabbed my waist to hug me. I kissed the top of her head as I hugged my baby girl tight. She’s probably only one of the few things I’ve ever done right in my life. I waved the bus driver on, and with that, we headed into the house.

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Her mother, Grace, was my high school sweetheart. We did everything together. We married shortly after graduation. A year later, Kylee was in our life. It was perfect and I couldn’t have been happier. When Kylee was about 14 months old, my loving wife was killed by a drunk driver. Since then, it’s just been me and her. Kylee is twelve now, but could easily pass for sixteen. She’s taller then most of her classmates, a skinny 5 foot 4 inches. And after a somewhat embarrassing trip to our local mall, is the proud owner of a 32B chest. Obviously with it just being Kylee and myself, we’ve grown closer than most fathers do with their daughter. I mean sure, occasionally there’s a fight of what clothes she’s going to wear, or bedtime, but for the most part- we’re inseparable.
Kylee kicked off her shoes as she entered the house, and put her book bag on the floor. I had walked to the kitchen and could hear her start to talk as she followed me. “Daddy?” she pouted.

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“Yes sweetheart,” I answered.
“Do you think we could have pancakes for dinner? I’m in the mood for breakfast. ”
“If that’s what you want Kylee, that’s what you get,” I smiled at my baby. “Just make sure you get your homework done before hand, okay?”
“I’m starting on it now,” she said as she walked away.
She was a smart kid, so I knew it wouldn’t take her long to finish her work. I decided to watch some T. V. while I caught up on some work that my office had sent me. I’m a web designer, so I can go to the office, or I can stay home. Usually, after I get Ky on the bus for school, I head into the office for a few hours, but I’m always home in time to meet her at the mailbox.
I must’ve dozed off for awhile because I woke up to Ky snuggling up to me on the couch. It didn’t matter how old she was, she could always snuggle with me.
“Done?” I asked,
“Of course daddy,” she grinned up at me. Kylee rested her head on my chest and closed her eyes. I thought to myself, “so precious, so sweet.

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I played with my little girl’s hair, wrapping her dark curls around my long finger and letting it bounce back towards her head. “I love you, daddy,” she whispered softly.
“Love you too, Ky. ”
I looked down at my lovely daughter laying with me. She looked so much like Grace and was perfect in everyway. I started to doze off again, thinking of how much I loved this beautiful creation.
It was hot, and even half asleep, I could feel the sweat running off of me. I began to wake up slowly, hearing a soft moaning. I’d had a dream about being with my wife. It was so real. Just dreaming about touching her had left me aroused and hard. As I started to wake up the rest of the way, I realized that my left hand was touching skin, nice warm and plump skin. The soft moaning was coming from my daughter.
“Oh shit,” I jerked my hand away from her warm breast and bolted off of the couch.

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  ” she sighed, “don’t stop. ”
I must admit, hearing Kylee moan for me was making me even harder. I looked at my daughter, in a way I’d never looked at her before, her eyes were still closed. I firmly told myself that she was still asleep. I looked at the clock, it was nearing six pm. I fixed her bra and shirt and decided to start on dinner. Hopefully she wouldn’t remember any of this.
“Kylee,” I yelled from the kitchen. “Dinner is ready!” I saw her emerge slowly from the living room, her hair was slightly a mess, from sleeping. She rubbed her eyes and asked how long she’d been asleep. “Only a few hours, hunny. ” Kylee grabbed a couple of plates from the cabinet and some silverware and started to set the table. I finished flipping the last pancake and set down to eat with her. “Dig in. ”
“Mmmmm, Daddy.

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  ” The noise made my dick jump as I looked quickly in Ky’s direction. “The pancakes are soooo good,” she grinned at me. I felt embarrassed at the reaction I’d just had to my daughter and turned away as I answered her, feigning interest in something by the fridge.
“I know you love blueberry pancakes, so I had to make them”
“Thanks daddy,” she giggled, “you’re the best. ” And with that comment she went back to eating.
While we ate, Kylee went on about her day, her friends, and classes that she’d had. I was only paying attention to half of what she said. The other half of the time, I spent thinking about earlier, and how soft her skin was. Occasionally my eyes would travel to her nice, rounded chest. Thankfully, she didn’t notice.
Once dinner was over, I hurried to clean up and then returned to the living room to finish the work I had started earlier. Kylee watched some T. V. with me, then headed upstairs to her computer to instant message her friends. It was nearing ten at night when I finally shut my laptop.

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   I could hear the water running as Kylee took her shower. I leaned back deep into the couch and envisioned her standing in the shower, wet and soapy. I was hard again and instinctively sought out my dick. I rubbed it for a minute, still thinking of Ky. I heard the water shut off and jumped up. “I need to go to bed,” I whispered to myself. “I should not be thinking like this. Get a hold of yourself Brandon!”
I straightened up the living room, turned out the light, and started up the stairs. I knocked on my baby girl’s door and asked if I could come in for a sec.
“Sure daddy, come in” I turned the door handle over and walked in. Kylee was sitting on her bed brushing her hair, wearing only a towel. I called her over to me and hugged her goodnight. Her skin was still damp and I could smell her body wash. I could feel all of my color drain from my face, and all of the blood in my body rush to my dick. “Daddy? Are you alright?” She looked at me funny.

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“I’m fine hun. It’s just kind of warm in here. I’m going to bed now though. See you in the morning. ” I kissed her forehead. “Love you. ”
“Love you too daddy” she turned around and sat back on her bed and continued to brush her hair. I smiled at her and noticed that I could almost see up the towel. I backed out and shut the door quickly.
“God damn, stop it. ” I felt like kicking myself. “What kind of father am I?” I walked down the hall to my room and within minutes I was in bed and turning out the lamp on the night stand. As horny as I was, I drifted off to sleep, only to dream about Grace again.
I was kissing her soft lips, caressing her thighs. Working my hand up to her dripping wet pussy.

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   Grace moaned and bit into my shoulder as I slid one finger into her tight hole and kept a steady pace. I moved my mouth down to her nipple and tenderly bit and sucked at it. I could hear my wife breathing hard as she neared her first orgasm. As she came, her moaning jolted me awake. I could still hear her breathing hard. “Grace?” I said into the darkness.
“Daddy…” Kylee moaned. “Mmmmm, that was so good. ”
I panicked when I heard Ky’s voice and my once rock-hard dick, went as soft as jello. I could go to jail. This is going to screw her up forever. I’m never going to forgive myself. I flicked on the light by the bed. We needed to talk.
“Ky…” I started to say her name.

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   I couldn’t get any further. I was so ashamed. “Ky,” I started again, “What are you doing in my bed?”
“I couldn’t sleep. I was scared all by myself. So I came in here. You were asleep and I didn’t want to wake you, but I was scared so I climbed in. ”
“Kylee, I’m sorry. I was dreaming and that shouldn’t have happened and…” Kylee stopped me from finishing my sentence. She kissed me on the lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back, not really knowing what to do anymore. I finally broke the kiss, dazed. But she still stopped me from speaking.
“Daddy, I want this. I was awake earlier on the couch, I didn’t want you to stop. ”
Kylee’s protest was all that I needed and I pulled her close to me and kissed her.

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   I expertly worked my tongue around her tongue and ran my hands down her body, only taking a second to pull off her nightie. I continued caressing my daughter but stopped at her breasts and felt her hard nipples. I took my time with each one, tugging and pinching lightly. I started to kiss down her neck and licked each nipple, and kept going down. I got to her pussy and stopped. Here was my baby girl laid out in front of me, naked. I timidly licked her pussy and waited for her reaction. She moaning softly, grabbing onto my hair, but didn’t stop me. I continued to lick my baby’s sweet pussy and teased her clit. She was really started to get into it now. I slowly inserted one finger into her and started finger fucking her. I could still feel her virgin barrier, so I didn’t push too hard.
“Daddddy!” I heard her scream. I could feel that she was close. I kept licking her clit and fucking her with my middle finger.


   I felt Kylee go rigid as her orgasm hit her. She flooded my hand with her warm juices and I tried to lick up every last drop. I kept my finger in her, until her breathing started to go back to normal.
I moved myself back up beside Kylee and kissed her, letting her taste herself. She grabbed me and said she wanted me to fuck her, to be her first. I was surprised at first, but asked if she was sure. “Yes daddy, please” was her answer. I could see her stick her bottom lip out, in a fake pout. I’d give her the world if I could, so I moved back down, placing my dick at her tiny entrance.
“This is going to hurt at first sweetie. ”
“I know daddy, please, just do it fast. ” And with that, I slipped the head of my 7 inch dick into her tight hole. She jumped and I held still. I let her get used to the feeling and slowly pushed a bit more into her. I continued this until I could feel her barrier.

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   She winced when I first touched it.
“You still sure about this hun?
“Uh-huh, please” I held by baby tight and kissed her as I thrust my dick the rest of the way inside of her and she screamed into my mouth. I stopped to let her pussy stretch out a bit. I could see her crying and it broke my heart. I whispered that I loved her, and she sniffled and whispered it back. My baby was tough.
After a couple of minutes, she seemed more relaxed and I started to pump my dick in and out of her. Kylee’s breathing became faster and faster. I felt animal, almost. I needed to make her cum. I grabbed her hips and pounded into her. “Daddy,” she screamed, “mmmm, I’m coming!!!” I continued fucking my little girl, making her cum twice more on my dick.
Finally, I could take it no more. I needed my release. My beautiful girl was too much for me, and I was going to cum.

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   I quickened my pace. I looked down at my daughter, who was moaning and pushing back on my dick, keeping my fast pace. “Mmmm baby… Kylee. ” I was about to cum. I pulled out of her, not wanting to take any chance. “Kylee,” I screamed. My cum was coming out with such force. I watched as it covered her, even reaching to her lips. Finally, after what seemed like hours, it stopped.
I looked at Kylee, she was smiling and covered in my cum. She teasingly licked some of my cum off of her lips. Beautiful.
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