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Now I'm 17 and she just turned 16. My cousin Nicole is so fucken hott and sexy now that shes older. She has a body to die for and her tits are probably a low B cup. Her ass is so nice and round and very tight. She is still a virgin and so am I. Well anyways, I was at work on Thursday and we had an open house that day. I saw her pull up in her car with one of her girlfriends in the passenger seats and the thing that bothered me the most and I got really mad about was that there was two guys in the back seat. Now let me explain how close I am to my cousin. We grew up together. Ever since she was born, we were always together. She is like a sister to me. I'm very protective of her. Well when I saw her with those two guys in the back seat of her car, I got mad. A few days later I went over to her house, which she lives down the street from me. I waited until her mom went to school so that she would be alone when I got there. I knocked on her door and she answered it, "hey, whats up? " she said.

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   I responed by saying, " hey,nothing much and you?" She was still in her pajamas and they were really sexy and they were silk. She said, "come in I'm just downloading some songs and watching a movie. " Her bed still wasn't made up and she invited me to lay down with her and to take off my shoes and cover up while we watch the movie together. I then told her and asked her, "so I saw you pull up at my work place the other day and I noticed that there was a girl in the passenger seat and there were to guys in the back seat. Who were those two guys?". She was startled a little bit but then she told me, "oh they were just friends that I was taking home because we all went to eat. " I said, " I saw that you parked behind my car, I guess not noticing it was mine then you pointed to it and you back up and left. Why didn't you go inside. " She really didn't know what to say. She was like, "well. . . . um. .

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  . . I don't know. Those guys just wanted to go home so I turned around and took them home. " I said to myself 'yeah right. thats a bunch of bull. ' She then told me not to tell her parents because she would get into some serious trouble with them. When she said that my mind went crazy and I was like this is a perfect time. I told her, "well, I don't know. What do I get out of not telling them?" She said, "you can get anything you want, just please don't tell my mom and dad, please I beg you, anything I'll do for you. " My mind was going wild now with all the thoughts of what I wanted to do with her and what I wanted her to do with me. I asked her with a little smirk on my face, "anything, huh?" She was like, "yes anything you want, just name it and I'll do it. " I was like, "ok then. first, remember if you don't do what I say, I will tell your parents, do you understand?" "Yes I understand just tell me please," she said really nervouse that I would tell her parents. I said "ok then I want you to take off your shirt so that I can see your tits.

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  " She was a little hesitant at first and took her a while. I then reminded her about her parents. She then started taking her shirt off very slowly but finally it got off. "Now take off your shorts," I said. It didn't really take her that long to take her shorts off. Oh my goodness. When she took off her shirt and her shorts, my dick sprang up. She was wearing a really nice baby blue silk thong. I could see her pussy lips on the silky thong. I was in heaven. I told her to let me touch her boobs and kiss them. I started to rub on her boobs and they were really nice. While rubbing her boobs I looked at her and I kissed her on the lips. Surprisingly she kissed me back. "Unsnap your bra and take it off," I said.

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   She did as I told her and I had the biggest boner any guy could ever have. My dick was not all the way up. All 8 1/2 inches of it. I right a way went over and started sucking on her nipples. She let out a low moan and I knew she was enjoying that. I started kissing down her stomach and started to rub her pussy through her thong. She smell of that beautiful tight virgin pussy was oh so good. I told her "take off your thong and let me eat you out. " It took her a while to do that. While she was doing that I was rubbing and sucking on her boobs. She took off her thong and I just went straight for her pussy. I was a mad man when I was licking her pussy. For the longest time I dreamed of doing that to my beautiful cousin and now I was doing that. She tasted so nice and sweet. She started to moan really load and she started moving her hips up and down.

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   She started yelling, "oh shit Michael, I think I'm cumming. " I didn't care I was still going at it and I gave her her first orgasm. She loved it. I then told her, " unzip my pants and pull out my dick. I want you to jack me off, then put it in your mouth and suck on it until I tell you to stop. " She did that and her little hand felt so good on my cock. She did it so well and then she started sucking my dick and damn that felt so good. I told her to stop and that I wanted to stick my dick in her pussy. " Now Nicole, this will hurt a little bit because you are still a virgin, but I promise I won't hurt you. I will go in very slowly and allow your pussy to get used to it before I go any deeper. " I then put myself on top of her and put the head of my dick right at the entrance of her pussy. I told her I was going in and I could feel the warmth of it. Oh how I wanted it so bad. I put my head in her pussy and she moaned a little bit. I kept going in and I felt her hymen.

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   " Michael it feels good but it hurts a little bit. " "Shhh baby, It'll feel a lot better after all this. Now this is going to hurt a little bit but it'll feel so much better after that. " I pushed my dick in and she screamed a little and was moaning after that. " Oh baby you are so fucken tight. " I said. " Oh Michael it feels so good. Please don't stop fuck me harder. " She started to move her hips in the same motion I was going. I started to go faster and faster just fucking the hell out of her. "Oh Michael I love you. " " I love you too Nicky. " "Shit Michael I think I'm cumming again. Please harder Michael, harder. Fuck me please.

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   Oh my goodnes I'm cuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmminnnng. " I stopped because I was getting ready to cum and I pulled out and I shot my load on her chest and her stomach and I saw some go in her mouth. "Oh Michael that was so great. I Love you. I want to fuck you again but some other time," said Nicole. I replyed, "oh baby thank you so much. That felt so fucken good. Yes we will do this again but another time. " We both got dressed and I kissed her goodbye on her lips and I left. That was the most amazing day ever. I can't wait until we fuck again. Stay tuned for chapter 2. . . .

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