Bother Sister Bonding


I woke up, and I swear I still smelt my brother's cologne in the room. I layed there, enjoying the smell till it drifted away from memory. After that, I got up, slipped on a pajama shirt and barreled downstairs. I smiled sweetly to my mom, kissed my dad on the cheek and sat down, ignoring my brother, " Mornin' everyone. " They all mumbled back a reply, but I was too busy glimpsing at my brother when he wasn't looking.
To get an idea of what he looks like, he's around 6'2'', that long rocker dude hair, jet black hair, brown eyes and skinny as a rake. If you didn't know any better, you would say that he's not my brother. I myself am 5'7'', a fit 120 lbs, red hair, green eyes, a nice c 38 cup and a wonderful, heart shaped rump to top it all off. I'm 16 and he's 19, I'm chasing a dream of journalism and he's chasing a dream of a rock star.
I poured myself a bowl of cereal and sat down, nibbling away. Mom and dad went to work, leaving me and my brother home alone. I shoved my bowl aside, " Okay, it's time to talk, Nick. " A look of dread and worry consumed his face, he tried to keep it cool but I know him better, "A-a-about what?" I rolled my eyes and have an over dramatic sigh, " About your career path, Nick, it's not smart. " Oh how I love to make my brother suffer. He muttered some profanities at me and headed out.
I decided to skip school and do a bit of snooping.

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   I snuck into my brother's room, rumaging through his stuff. Finding nothing but old porno mags and countless cum stains, I finally gave up. But just then something caught my eye. I wandered over to a picture of myself, at camp and wet and in my hot pink bikini, but something was different. There were countless streaks of dried cum on the glass. I snatched it and ran to my room, hiding it underneath my pillow. I couldn't wait till Nick came home.
Fortunately it I didn't have to wait long. Nick came rushing through the door, slamming it shut and made a bee line for his room, also slamming the door. I crept up to his door and knocked softly, "Nick?" " Fuck off Fee, I'm not in the mood. " I couldn't help but smirk, " Oh yes you are. " And without a moment's hesitation I walked in and flashed the picture at him. He tried to grab it but I was faster.
" What's all this about, huh?" Nick shook his head and retorted, " What? So I can't admire my own sister anymore?" Rolling my eyes in annoyance I took a seat on his sweat drenched bed. God, men are such pigs.

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   I gave him the most innocent, yet mischievious look I could, " I'd say you're doing a lot more than admiring me, Nick. What's with all the streaks, hm?" He looked down and didn't say anything so I moved on, " I also know that you sneak into my room every night. Just to get a glimpse at my body. " Once again, silence, " I want you to know, I wanted you to do more than just look. But that's your way, isn't it? Look, but don't touch. "
What happened afterwards I can't really remember, it happened so fast. All I knew was that Nick was ontop of me with my wrists above my head, " You're such a tease, Felicity. You're such a fucking slutty little cock tease. " I smiled inside. " You're gonna get what's comin' to ya'. " I scoffed, looking him in the eye, " Yeah right, you're a coward, you don't have what it takes. Admit it. " He slapped me so hard across the face I swear to God I seen stars. I stared at his lips hungrily. Wanting a taste so bad.


   So close, yet so far away.
I tilted my head to the side and jutted my lower lip out in a pout, batting my eyelids, " You aren't going to do anything to me Nick. Please don't do anything. " I said in a mocking voice. By now his grip on my wrists started to hurt, but I could care less. All I wanted was him, right now. I raised my pelvic area to his, feeling his rather large hard on. " Come on Nick, you know you want it. Don't chicken out now. " He just stayed silent, his hot, pot smelling breath against my face. Oh how I relish this.
Within an instant his lips were on mine, her tongue worming it's way savagely into my mouth. I couldn't help but moan a little as our tongues dueled from domination. He bit my lower lip roughly so it bled, " Bitch, I'm going to make you regret this. " And with that he took his jack knife and cut off my shirt, revealing my black and red laced bra.

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   I felt his cock twitch at the mere sight of this. I started to worry if he'd climax before he even got his pants off. My thoughts were interupted by him grabbing hold of my breasts. He squeezed them so hard I yelped, half pain and half pleasure.
All the while he kept eye contact with me. His eyes filled with anger and lust, and mine just edging him on, daring him to do more. He pulled down my bra and took my left breast into his mouth, his teeth clamping onto my nipple. I arched my back, letting out a gutteral moan. his other hand kneaded my other breast as his teeth and lips tainted the other. I closed my eyes and enjoyed, running my fingers through his spiked hair. I almost had a heart attack when I seen one of Nick's friends peering into the window. " SHIT! " I yelled. Nick followed my gaze and his whole face turned red. He got off me and I pulled my bra up, running to my room. Embarressed as all hell.

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