Boy Scout Extreme Adventure


 Jason and Darren were tired. The Boy Scout meeting had gone a little longer than expected. The two twin brothers walked back to their house, discussing a new movie that they both wanted to see. They house was now in view, and the two began to race one another to the front door.
 " Hey, first one to the door gets to shower first!" Said Darren, as he took off for the door. But he underestimated his brother's speed, and Jason easily caught up to him. The two both touched the front door at the same time.
 " Great. Now what are we gonna do?" Asked Jason. Darren shrugged his shoulders.
 " I guess we have to shower at the same time. " Said Darren in a sneaky voice, hoping his brother would back down and let him shower first.
 " Well, i guess you are right. Lets go. " Replied Jason. Not the answer Darren was looking for, but nothing to be done about it now.

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 They both ran upstairs and into there rooms, quickly removing the sweaty uniforms from their bodies. They both met in the bathroom with towels around there waist.
 " Okay, so like, no touching me or anything. " Began Jason. " I know how much you want me and all, but it isnt right. " His brother hit him in the shoulder.
 " I could tell you the same thing. " Said Darren. " Lets just get this over with. " Jason agreed and the two dropped their towels. Unknowing to one another, they were both checking out each others bodies, from their toned muscles all the way down to there cocks.   They jumped into the shower, and began to wash quickly.
 Five minutes later, they both exited the shower. They stood there naked, dripping wet in front of one another. Just then, Jason noticed his brother was become a little more excited as they stood there.

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 " Dude, you are getting a hard-on. " Said Jason to his obviously emabarrassed brother. But then, Darren looked to Jason's cock. It too was getting harder by the second.
 " Well, it seems like we have something in common right now. " Darren replied, pointing at Jason's cock. Jason's cheeks turned beet red.
 " Shit," said Jason. " Well um, what are we supposed to do about this?" Jason was shaking a bit, and Darren could see a bit of pre-cum on the head of his brothers cock. He put his finger on the head of his brothers cock, and wiped up the bit of pre-cum that sat there. He put the finger into his mouth and licked it clean.
 " Dude, what the hell are you doing?!" said Jason. He was shocked at what his brother had just done, yet he found it extremely hot.
 "Well, why let it go to waste?" Said Darren, in a tone Jason had not heard from his brother before. " Dude, we are both rock hard.

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   We cant just go back to our bedrooms and jack off. Well, we could, but that would be boring as hell. Why dont we help each other out?"
 " Like how?" Said Jason, feeling his cock pulsating down below. He was so turned on at this point. Darren kneeled down in front of his brother.
 " Like this. " Said Darren, as he took his brother's cock into his warm mouth. Jason nearly blew his load at the feeling alone. His cock was in between his brothers soft lips, being massaged by his tounge. It was such an unbelievable feeling. He had never recieved a blowjob before, but he realized why people enjoyed it so much.
 " Dude, im getting close. " Said Jason. His breathing grew heavier as he stood with his cock in his brothers mouth. Any second now he was going to cum in his brother's mouth.

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 " Cum in my mouth," Began Darren, mumbling with Jason's cock in his mouth. " Cum down my throat. " His brother saying these things to him pushed Jason over the edge, and he began to release his load in his brother's mouth. Darren couldnt keep it all down, and it began to trickle down the side of his mouth. Darren milked the last drops from his brothers cock, then stood up.
 " That was fucking amazing," said Jason, sweat on his forehead. " Just totally amazing. " Darren smiled at the thought of pleasing his brother, who was older by only 2 minutes.
 " Okay, my turn. " said Darren.  Jason looked a bit nervous. " Dont worry, i've been jacking off this entire time, so im really close. You dont have to even suck my cock. Just let me cum in your mouth, so you know what to expect the next time. "
 " Next time? You will do that for me again?" Said Jason.

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 " Of course. " Replied Darren. " We are gonna help each other out a lot more after this. But right now, just watch me jack off and i will tell you when im gonna cum. " Jason nodded, and Darren began to stroke his cock. Slow at first, he began to pick up speed. His breathing began to grow shaky and sweat was dripping from his forehead. He was almost there.
 " Okay, Jason, im. . gonna cum. . . " Said Darren. Jason got to his knees and opened his mouth, and as soon as he did, his brother began to squirt all into his mouth.

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   Jason began to swallow the salty fluid, able to take all of the massive load into his mouth and down his throat. He sucked out the last bit of cum from his brother's cock. Darren slid down to the floor, hot and sweaty from what he and his brother had just done. He kissed Jason flat on the lips.   It took Jason back a bit, but he held the kiss. Darren began to smile.
 " Lets get cleaned up, before Mom and Dad get home. " he said. Jason agreed, and the two began to completely dry off. Darren looked to his brother.
 " Later on, i will show you what a rimjob is. " He said to Jason. Jason smiled, and the two went to their rooms to get dressed.