Brian & Megan - Brian's Awakening


Topic: Brian & Megan - Brian's AwakeningBrian & Megan – Brian’s Awakening
Brian was just a normal 16 year old teenager.   He lived with his parents and 15 year old sister is their normal house in suburbia.   He was best friends with his next door neighbor Daniel and twin sister Jessica.   They too were just a normal family.   The four kids had been neighbors and friends since they were little and hung out together all the time.   The two families were also great friends.
  One day at school, Daniel and Brian were walking to class when Daniel asked kind of softly.   “You wanna come watch a porno with me after school?”
  “Where did you get a porno?” Brian asked.
  “An older friend hooked me up, so you wanna watch it?”
  “Sure” Brian replied.
  “Cool, meet me at my locker after The school day went on and on, but after the final bell rang, Grian gathered his things and met Daniel at his locker.   Daniel was just getting his stuff together and they chatted.   A short time later Jessica came bounding up.

  “Hey Brian, hey bro, you guys ready to walk home?”  Jess was by far t the hottest girl in our grade.   Upperclassmen were always asking her out (she always turned them down). She won the annual poll 3 times for hottest girl in Brian’s grade.   All of Daniels friends were always giving him grief about living with Jessica really was a knockout.

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    She stood about 5’6”, long blonde hair down past her shoulders. Her body was a knockout too.   Curves in all the right places, breasts about the size of oranges (which were perfectly sized and proportioned to the rest of her body), gorgeous legs, tanned and firm and showed off just enough muscle to make guys stare at her.   Brian thought she was extremely hot, but had been friends with her almost her whole life, so never really thought much of it.   The walk home was uneventful.   Talked about this and that, weekend plans, school, how much homework they had.   When they got to Daniel and Jessica’s house it was just them kids.
  “Hey, you guts wanna go swimming with me?” Jessica asked.  
   Brian looked at Daniel. “Na” Daniel said.   “I think we’re gonna play games downstairs”.  
   She just smiled at the boys.   “Ok, suit yourself”.
  As Jessica headed up to her room, the boys headed downstairs.   Daniel retrieved the movie from his hiding place and showed it to Brian.

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    “See, it’s like 7 different college girls that they have sex with. ”
  “Cool, throw it in” Brian Said.   The first scene was in a living room.   A hot blonde girl who looked like a normal sorority girl came in.   They talked to her a bit and asked if she was ready to get fucked.   She said yes.   The guys started stripping the clothes off of her and they started having sex in all sorts of positions.   The scene ended a little time later with they guy coming all over her.   Then the second scene started, it was very similar to the first, just a different girl. Both Brian and Daniel had hard ons sitting on the couch, and were indiscreetly rubbing them.   At about the fourth scene, they heard the door open and in walked Jessica.   She looked at the boys.   Everyone froze for a second, then Daniel fumbled for the remote and turned off the TV.

  “Are you guys watching porn?” Jessica asked with a half smirk on her face.   No one said anything.

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    Brian was beginning to turn bright red.   Jessica was in her bikini top and had some small shorts over her bottoms.   “Turn it back on, let me see, was it any good?”  Both the boys were still frozen.   Jessica came over and took the remote from Daniel and sat on the couch between the boys.   The particular scene was a brunette getting done doggy style on the couch.   Her long brown hair waved in the wind and her breasts were swinging under her as the guy pounded her from behind.   They all sat there for a minute in silence before Jessica finally broke it.

  “You really like it doggy style don’t you bro?”  Brian was shocked at what he just heard.
  Without skipping a beat Daniel replied “Don’t you know it sis, you know it turns me on like none other. ”  Jessica put her hand on Daniels crotch and began rubbing his hard on.   Brian didn’t know what to do, so he just sat there.   “wow” Jessica said, “watching her really turned out on didn’t it?”  “Hehe, yea” Daniel replied.   “Wouldn’t you rather do than watch?” Jessica asked him as she undid his zipper and brought his dick out into the open and continued to play with it.   “You know I would” Daniel replied as she leaned in and they kissed.
  Brian was really shocked so he just sat there.

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    He know they were bro and sis, and it was wrong, but he couldn’t take his eyes off them.   When the twins kissed, they looked at Brian.   Jessica still played with Daniel’s dick as he spoke.  

  “You see Brian, Jessica and I are lovers, we have sex all the time.   I know what you’re thinking.   We are brother and sister and that it is wrong.   But the way w see it, we’re not having a baby and it turns us both on a lot, so why not?!”  This is when Jessica got down on her knees in front of Daniel and as soon as she was finished speaking she took his dick in her mouth and started sucking on him.   Daniel sighed and leaved back enjoying the blow job.   Brian just sat there and watched.   It actually kind’ve turned him on watching them go at it.   Daniel looked over at Brian as Jessica continued to blow him. “Jessica and I were talking and we wanted to bring you in on our little secret.   See if you wanted to join in or were interested in Megan at all. ”

  Brian thought for a minute.   He had never thought of having sex with Megan and never looked at her in any sort of sexual way.

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    He thought about Megan.   She was 15 and was actually a very pretty girl.   Her brown hair came down to her shoulders.   She was a smaller girl, a couple inches shorter than Brian.   Her breasts were pretty small, probably a B cup Brian figured.   She did have pretty nice legs though.

  Daniels attention went back to Jessica. “Wow sis, you really know how to please me!”  Jessica stopped for a moment, looked up at him still holding his dick in her hand.   “Well bro, I’ve had lots of practice. ” And went right back down on him.   Brian let out a moan then he reached down her back and undid the bikini strap tied across it.   Her top fell foreword, still attached by the string around her neck.   Brian could see her breasts now.   They looked amazing.   They looked just as perfect naked as they did with a shirt on.

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    Daniel then untied the string around her neck and the top fell to the floor.   She continued blowing him like it was nothing.   Brian stared at her boobs for a second and watched them shake as she bobbed up and down on her brother.

  His thoughts were interrupted by Daniel.   “Woa sis, you don’t want to get me yet!  It’s my turn now!”  Jessica smiled and stopped.   She stood up for a moment then sat down on the couch next to Brian.   She looked over at him and said “You enjoying the show so far?”  Brian took a moment to respond, and when he did he was still staring at her naked breasts.   He managed to shake his head up and down.   She just laughed.   Daniel took a position on the floor next.   He knelt between Jessica’s legs, she spread them and pulled her shorts and bikini to the side.   Brian saw her shaved pussy for just a moment before Daniel went down on it and started eating her out.   Within a minute Jessica was moaning softly and her body was spasming uncontrollably.   Her hands found their way up to her breasts an she played with them as her brother ate her out. This show really turned on Brian and he was rubbing himself through his shorts.

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  After a little while, Daniel stood up, his shorts fell to the floor.   He stared at his mostly naked sister in front of him.   She still held her bottoms to one side exposing her pussy.   Without a word spoken between them, Daniel held his dick and put it in front of his sisters pussy and entered her.   Jessica let out a big moan and arched her back as she felt her brother enter her.  Her arms flailed to the side searching for something to grab onto.   Her right hand landed in Brian’s lap and grabbed his hard dick.

  Jessica and Brian froze for a second as they looked at each other.   Jessica’s body was shaking as Daniel fucked her.   Her breasts shook with each thrust Daniel gave her.   The expression on her face was one of extreme pleasure, but she managed to smile at  Brian as she started to work his dick in her hand.
  Brian just stared at the teenage couple fucking next to him.   He would have never guessed they were brother and sister.   He watched Jessica’s body shake as Daniel pounded her.   A short time later she pushed Daniel away and told him to get on the floor.

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    Daniel laid down on his back on the floor.   Jessica got up off the couch and took off her remaining clothes.   She had positioned herself over Daniel.   She grabbed his dick and positioned it so she could lower herself down on it.   They both let out a sigh as she did.   She took him all the way in her and sat there for a minute before she started to ride him.   It was slow at first, but she picked up speed.   Daniels hands first went to her hips and he held her and guided her as she rode him.   Brian started at her breasts the whole time and watched them bounce.   Daniel’s hands then went to his sisters breasts and grabbed them and played with them as she rode him.

  There was lots of moaning and screaming of extacy.   She must have ridden him for a good 5-10 minutes before finally starting to settle down and she rolled off of him. Jessica and Daniel both laid there completely naked on the floor catching their breath.   Brian had now taken his dick out and was stroking it watching them.   Jessica finally aware of her surroundings, looked over at Brian.

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    Her eyes went to his, then down to his dick.
  “Wow Brian, you’re packing some good meat too!”  Brian turned slightly red and started to cover himself up. “Don’t do that, I want some” Jessica yelled as she got on all fours and crawled over to him.   Brian stared at her  and her swaying breasts as she crawled over to him.   She took his dick in her hands and played with it a little admiring it.   “Very nice” She said right as she engulfed it.   Brian cried out as he began to get his first blow job.   She paid no attention and continued blowing him.

  Brian couldn’t believe his eyes watching Jessica blow him.   Not once did he ever think he would be in this situation.   After a little bit, Jessica looked up at him and said “You can play with my boobs you know”.   That was all the encouragement he needed.   Brian’s hands reached under her and grabbed her boobs.   He was surprised how soft but firm they were.   He began to gently massage them as she continued to blow him.

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 He saw Daniel get up off the floor and motion for him to be quiet.   Daniel slowly and quietly crawled up behind his sister. He stuck his dick in her pussy from behind and pushed it all the way in.   Jessica moaned loudly on Brian’s dick which was still in her mouth.   That sensation caused a lot of pleasure for Brian because he let go of her boobs and leaned back on the couch.   No one spoke then.   Daniel fucked Jessica doggy style and Jessica sucked on Brian.   Everyone was enjoying it.

  Brian pulled Jessica’s head up and said “You gotta stop or I’m going to cum”.   She smiled, turned around and looked at her brother. “how about you bro? You close yet?”  “ Could go anytime, I’m holding it in. ”  He pulled out of her and she knelt on the floor.   “Come here guys, spray your cum on me” She said.
  She grabbed both dicks and started jerking them quickly.   Brian was the first to go and shot quite a big load all over her neck and breasts.


    Brian collapsed back on the couch and Jessica focused her attention on her brother.   He didn’t last much longer before he started erupting on her.  

  They both collapsed backwards and they all laid there for about 5 minutes before Jessica sat up and spoke to Brian.   “So, what did you think?”
  It took Brian a moment then he said.   “That was the hottest thing I have ever seen.   How long have you Jessica interrupted.   “Oh since about 7th grade” she said smiling at Daniel.   “We came back from sex ed one day and were curious about what we learned, so we explored each other and we eventually lost our virginity to each other. ”
  “Wow” Brian said, “And you brought me here on purpose?”.  
  “Yea,” Daniel said, “We thought you and Megan might be interested too.   I bet she would be a great fuck.   We thought we would bring you over, show you, have you participate, and see if you were interested in Megan. ”
  “Well, I never thought of Megan like that before… but now I am.   But how am I ever going to get her to sleep with me?”
  “Leave that to me” Jessica said.   “I’ll invite her over one day like Danny and I did to you today and we’ll put her though the same thing.

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    Don’t worry, we’ll set it up. ”
  Brian thought for a minute “Ok” he said.   “Set it up, I would love to fuck Megan”.  
  Jessica smiled.   “Good.   Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get cleaned up. ”  She got up and left the room. Daniel got up and followed her.   Brian got his act together and went home.   Megan was home by now and greeted her brother when she saw him.
  “Hey bro, where ya been?”
  He hesitated for a moment, staring at his beautiful sister who he now saw a little differently.    He then snapped out of it.   “Oh, I was just next door playing games with Danny”.  
  “Oh” Megan said. “Is Jess home?”
  “Yea” he replied.

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    “She went swimming, now I thin she is in the shower. ” Brian’s mind began to wonder thinking about what the siblings were now doing in the shower.
  For the rest of the day, Brian didn’t look at his sister the same way. He began to have drams about her.   He started looking at her figure and imagining her without clothes.   He was getting excited about Jessica and her plan.

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