Brittany and Rob


Brittany was always "Little Miss Perfect". StraightA's in school. Room always immaculate. Her clothesalways matched. Her chestnut brown hair was alwaysprecision cut with perfectly straight bangs in frontand straight across her back. She had big brown eyesthat could radiate whatever expression she was feeling. They had a habit of making people want to do Brittany'sbidding. Until now, he had always thought of her as a littlekid. She had been in elementary school. She neverpaid attention to boys. Her body had not yet startedthe adolescent development. . . until now. The first thing he noticed was the subtle way shestarted appearing in a training bra. Second thingwas that she had started flirting with his friends.

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  Third thing was that she had made out with Jeremy,one of the guys he knew from school. He wasn't sureif they actually did it, but he had overheard Jeremysay that he felt her up while they frenched. Eversince he heard that he thought of his little sisterfrenching some guy with his hand in her pants andthings were not the same. Jeremy was one of the most popular kids at school withthe girls. He was always going out with the cheerleadertypes and Rob was not sure why he would waste his timewith Brittany because she was still in Junior High. Unless Brittany was a real easy lay. Shit, if shewasn't his sister, he would fuck her. The night beforehe had jacked off thinking about Brittany and Jeremy. In the locker room after P. E. , Rob made a specialeffort to be in the shower at the same time as Jeremy. For some reason, if there was the slightest chance thathis cock had been inside his sister - or if she hadeven had her hand on it - he wanted to get a good lookat it. At least when he jacked off, he would havesome detail about what Jeremy looked like when heimagined him fucking his sister. Rob had never hadany real interest in guys but he was just interestedin seeing what his sister may have seen, or eventouched, and what it would have looked like. Jeremy was blonde and very fair skinned.

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   He hadpiercing blue eyes that were part of what made thegirls go crazy over him. Rob watched as he soapedhimself down. Fortunately, Jeremy had his eyes closedin the shower and this gave Rob the opportunity toreally stare at his cock. It was about the same sizeas his but thicker and uncut. It hung majesticallyfrom the crown of curly blonde pubic hair that verylightly adorned the boy's groin. When Jeremy turned,rob saw a smooth, perfectly rounded, hairless butt. Hepictured in his mind that ass pumping as his cock slidin and out of his sister. He was starting to get ahard on and realized that he had better stop beforehe became the joke of the locker room. He wanted so bad to find out from Jeremy exactly whatthey did but he was afraid to ask one of the guys thatJeremy had been talking to because someone might thinkthat he was getting the hots for his own sister. Itwas just the thought that his little 7th grade sistermay have lost her virginity before he lost his thatmade him want to know for sure. He knew his thoughtsabout his sister were wrong and that he should stopthinking about her when he jacked off. Something that had happened two years ago when Brittanywas 11 and he was 13 had made his sister one of hisfavorite imaginary images when he jacked off. Robremembered sitting in the same chair that he was innow, watching TV. , two years earlier. .

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  . As Rob sat in the chair, the thought of jacking offmade him want to go to bed. His mom sat watchingJohnny Carson and drinking her third glass of wineand he knew she would be asleep soon. . . usually rightthere on the couch. "Night, Mom," he said, gettingup to go upstairs. "Goodnight, Robbie," his mom said and then added,"make sure Brittany's light is out on your wayupstairs. "Rob didn't remember the light until he had tossed hisLevi's over the chair and started to climb in bed,anxious to start stroking his cock. He knew that ifhis mom noticed the light she would come upstairs toturn it off and he didn't want to risk her looking inon him and maybe catching him beating off. He startedto grab his Levi's but then shrugged and proceededwithout them. It would just take a second and it wasjust across the hall. Dressed only in his jockeyshorts, he crossed the hall to his sister's room ashe had done several times. She left the light on alot, especially if she thought there was a chance ofa nighttime storm. He entered her room and turned off her light.

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  He was surprised that the room did not darken andnoticed that she had left the closet light on as well. "Damn," he uttered under his breath as he crossed theroom to turn it out. On his way to the closet hestepped on a pair of his sister's panties. When helooked down and saw them, he looked next over to hissister. She slept in an oversized tee shirt and was on top ofthe covers, on her stomach, her face buried in herpillow. The thoughts that quickly ran through Rob'smind frightened him but the fear of getting caught wasquickly overcome by the excitement of getting away withit. If Brit had nothing on under that shirt and hecould lift it up without her waking, he could have agreat view of his sister's butt. Wow. That wouldmake his upcoming masturbation session worth the wait. He picked up the panties in his hand and closed andlocked her door on his way to the bed. The dim closetlight was perfect and just enough light for him to seehis sister clearly. He knew if she woke up that therewould be hell to pay, so he would have to be careful. He quietly went over to his sister's bed and stoodbeside it for a few minutes watching her sleep. Herbreathing was deep and steady and he was sure she wasasleep. Brittany always had been a pretty soundsleeper and hard to get up for school in the morning.

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  Rob's heart raced so, that he could hear it as hereached down and gently lifted the bottom of hissister's shirt into the air. There it was. With theglow of the closet light bouncing off of it, the girlsround, smooth butt looked like a beautiful sculpture. Rob was having trouble breathing quietly because hewas so excited and his heart was pounding wildly. His cock reached full stiffness almost immediately. After a few minutes of staring at his sister's cutepetite little ass and imagining Jeremy doing the same,it was too much for him to bear. He took his freehand and started massaging his cock through his jockeyshorts. Slowly, he pulled Brittany's shirt up with the bottomof it just above her waste. Now with both hands free,he held the front of his shorts down with one handwhile he stroked his cock with the other. This was thebest jackoff he had ever had, with a girl's bare assjust a couple of feet from his erect cock. Never taking his eyes off his sister's bare ass, Robwent into a full stroke masturbation, forgetting theshort, slow, quiet strokes he had started with. Suddenly, Brittany moved! Rob panicked and was infront of her door in a split second. He would havebeen out the door but he forgot he had locked it andwas fumbling with the lock in his panic. It took hima minute to get back control of his shaking hands, andin the interim he looked back at the bed. Brittany had turned completely over! She was stillasleep, but this time she was on her back.

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   It onlytook him a moment to realize that he could have thesame view of her pussy that he had of her butt. Inthe time that it took him to get over to the bed, hispanic was subsided. Again, Rob lifted Brittany's shirt and gasped quietlyat the sight of her tender mound. Rob lay the shirtdown just above her navel and again started his jerkingoff, watching his sister's bare pussy while he did it. He was once again into a steady rhythm when Brittanymoved again. This time he didn't panic and his onlyreaction was to allow his undershorts to snap back upover his swollen cock while he watched carefully tomake sure that she wasn't going to wake up. He had noclue what he would do if she did, but he was cautious,nevertheless. This time Brittany's moving allowed both legs, whichhad been raised slightly and bent at the knees, toflat in opposite directions. The result gave Rob aclear view of her slit, little hole and all. What if Jeremy had been in that hole. Maybe with hisfinger, or even his dick! Throwing caution to thewind, Rob pulled his shorts down below his hips andstroked his stiff cock as he massaged his balls andscrutinized his sister's open pussy in earnest. Rob didn't realize until it was too late to do anythingabout it that his cock was erupting, spewing gushes ofcum all over the bed and his sister below him. By thetime he returned to reality from the fantasy world ofhis orgasm, a ribbon of pearly goo glistened, reflect-ing the closed light, as it crossed his sister's bare,flat stomach. Another wad had landed on the inside ofher thigh and flowed down her leg until it soaked intothe bedspread. Yet another had made its way to thetop of her mound where it quivered just below her softpatch of hair and cascaded down her crack, crossing heropen hole and dripping the rest of the way down thecrack of her ass making a pool where her butt met thebedspread.

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  It took Rob a few moments to get his senses and evenlonger to catch his breath. Thinking rationally now,he decided not to try to clean up his sister for fearof waking her. He did lift her shirt, and, after onelong last look, covered her nakedness. "The shirtwould soak up his come," he thought, "she wouldn't evennotice it in the morning. Quietly, he exited her roomafter turning the light off and went back to his roomwhere he beat off once more before falling asleep. Rob felt guilty the next day about what he had done. He had to keep convincing himself that Brittany reallywas asleep and not faking it when he did what he did. If she had been awake, well, she was as much to blameas he was. But what if he had just scared her andtoday she would tell their mom?It seemed like an eternity before she finally bounceddown the stairs in her usual cheery mood. After shehad said good morning to their mom and him, he knew itwas okay. He also noticed that beneath her robe shestill had on the same tee shirt. In the two yearssince Brittany had never mentioned the incident. Butit wasn't because she didn't know that it happened,I'm convinced of that. When Rob had entered her room, she had been masturbat-ing. Hearing the door start to open, she quicklypulled her shirt over her bare bottom and rolled overas if asleep.

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   But there was nothing she could do abouther panties on the floor. When her brother lifted hershirt up, Brittany pretended to be asleep. She daredto peek out the tiny slits between her eyelids andwatched for a second as he masturbated. The sight gother so turned on that she decided to give her brothersomething to really jack off to, so she turned over. When Rob jacked off some more, she decided to spread. And after Rob left the room, she went back to mastur-bating, only this time she was gathering her brother'scum on her fingers as she rubbed her clit with one handand inserted a cum soaked finger with the other. Itwas by far the best masturbating she had ever done andshe definitely wanted to know more about the whitesticky stuff that her brother had shot all over her. To Be ContinuedMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER. has a endless list of chicks and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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