Caring for Dad pt 3


Tom’s birthday was approaching and I got a call from his brother’s daughter that she wanted to know if we were going to have a party for his 75th birthday. Sara was a very demure almost prudish lady who was about to turn 40, divorced and could have been a model but opted for the life of a church secretary. She raised a daughter on her own and now lived alone. During the phone call I kept thinking about the possibilities of having my wife Teresa, her sister Suzie and Sara and her daughter Corrie all in the same room. The idea was such a turn on how could I deny them the chance to celebrate Tom’s birthday. All the plans were made and we all arrived at Tom’s Sat afternoon to surprise him. He opened the door with a look of surprise and then horror when he saw me. The party was a big success, the cake and presents and I decided to spike the punch. A big no no for a good Baptist family. At about 5pm I called Tom into the hall and told him he still had a debt to pay. He started to tremble and asked when this would end. I said, “After all the females in the family had been fucked by him. The look on his face was priceless, a mix of fear and excitement. “All you have to do is fuck Sara and Corrie and the debt is paid in full. ” I said. “How do you suppose we will pull that off?” He mumbled.

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   “Simple, they are all drinking the punch and soon will all be very tipsy. I’ll make the first move and you just follow my lead. ” Walking back in the living room the ladies were all relaxing and giggling about who knows what when I said, “Tom wants to play cards with all of us. ”Sara chimed in that she didn’t know how…. Tom said we’ll teach you. He grabbed a deck of cards and we all went in to the formal dining room. After a few hands it was getting boring and I popped up and suggested we play strip poker. A definite gasp was heard from all around the table. I was dealing and I looked at Teresa and Suzie and they knew then where this was heading. As I dealt the hand of 5 card stud I related the story of how Tom had gotten into a bit of a problem that could take him down in the community and the church and what he had to do to keep the story from getting out. Sara was white as a sheet and lowered her head, Corrie was shocked beyond belief. I sat quiet to see what would happen next. You could have heard a mouse fart it got so quiet. Sara broke the silence, “Well I know now you and my father were brothers. ”Tom piped up and asked what that meant.

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  Sara said her dad took her virginity when she was 18. Corrie started crying and Sara put her arm around her. At 20 Corrie had only 1 boyfriend and he was away in the Army. I suspected but wasn’t sure that she wasn’t a virgin. Sara stared straight at me and said, “So what do we do now?”“Well, we can continue to play cards and one by one those that lose all their clothes will join Tom in the Living room and start, um, paying his debt. ” Sara got up from the table and grabbed Tom’s hand and led him into the other room. We all followed to see what would happen next. She stood in the middle of the room and started undressing. Tom just stood there watching. In a matter of moments Sara was as naked as the day she was born but built so much better than then. Her breasts were at least a 38D and both had very little sag. She was shaved bare and her pussy lips had a beautiful pout. She walked up to Tom and kissed him lightly on the lips and started undressing him. A tear fell from his eye as she stripped him. Without hesitation she lowered her mouth and sucked his 9” 75 year old cock.

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   She was a pro at cock sucking and he loved it. Corrie was frozen in place watching her mom. I walked up behind Corrie and with my hands on her shoulders. I kissed her neck and moved my hands around the front of her blouse and started unbuttoning it. She just stood there frozen. I removed her blouse to find a white conservative bra holding in a beautiful set of tits. I looked down and saw the tag “38C”. Nice, I popped the front closing bra open and she let it fall revealing a set with long puffy nipples. They had to be at least an inch long. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Teresa and Suzie. I told them to drop their clothes where they stood. I finished undressing Corrie and found she shared her mom’s landscaping plan. Shaved bare and a nice mound. Tom was now kissing Sara and fondling her tits while she stroked his manhood. I laid Corrie down on the sofa and started licking my way up her left leg toward a sweet looking 20 year old pussy.

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   She willingly gave me access and I was now eating that delicate flower and sucking on a very large clit. I waved Teresa and Suzie over and instructed them to get ready and Suzie embraced Teresa and they started grinding against each other. Another look over at Tom and he’s got Sara bent over a sofa arm and was aiming that big purple head at her wet pussy. I stopped eating for a second and said, “Fuck her Tom”. He slammed his dick balls deep in 1 stroke. Sara was speechless but the look on her face said ecstasy. I decided to follow suit even though Corrie looked like she was catatonic. I put her shapely legs over my shoulder and aimed my dick at the center of her being and as I sank into her I felt her pussy open up and swallow me like a velvet glove. I started moving in and out and her arms stretched out and wrapped around my neck. I heard her whisper, “Fuck he hard Uncle Dan!” I turned into a human jackhammer. Her breasts were firm and moving up and down with each stroke. I was in heaven fucking this young beauty and now she was responding with every muscle in her body. Her legs were clamped around my neck as if to pull me deeper inside her. I motioned Sue to join us and she climbed up and sat on Corrie’s face. If Corrie had never eaten pussy she was a quick learner.

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  Suzie was in the throes of orgasm in no time. Corrie was glued to Suzie’s clit and wouldn’t stop sucking it. She tongue fucked her pussy like a pro. I heard Sara moaning loudly and saw her stiffen just in time for Tom to unload deep in his niece’s pussy. I watched as he gave her a few power strokes like he was trying to bruise her pussy. Teresa had joined them and was cleaning Tom’s dick with her mouth and Sara was helping. Tom now had two beautiful family members licking and sucking his dick and balls. In the meantime I was about ready to cum when I wondered if Corrie was protected but that soon passed and the first spurt of baby batter hit her womb. 6 spurts later Corrie’s pussy was overflowing and she was breathless from her orgasm and Suzie sitting on her face. I sat up and took a page out of Tom’s book and got Corrie up to lick me clean. Suzie came over and started kissing me letting me know she wanted my dick too. I told Tom he had one more pussy left to pay his debt in full. Corrie lay on the sofa basking in the after fuck glow Suzie and I moved off Corrie and Tom left Sara and Teresa to attempt to do as he was ordered. His dick was at half mast so I told Corrie to snap out of it and suck him back to life. Tom stood next to the sofa and offered his shaft to her.

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   Slowly she lifted it to her lips and reluctantly opened her mouth to welcome him in. She licked and sucked it for what seemed like forever. Cupping his balls and slowly I saw him rise to the occasion. Tom was playing with Corrie’s tits. I told Corrie it was time so she opened up and Tom crawled up between her legs and rubbed his helmet head dick on her clit and in one smooth stroke slid his cock into her fresh fucked cum filled pussy. I saw him stop and a look of disgust crossed his face. I told him it was only my cum and to get on with it. He started moving his hips and it looked more like he was making love to Corrie rather than just fucking her. Corrie was responding to his efforts though it didn’t seem she really wanted to. Tom was slamming his dick in her now and I could tell it wasn’t going to be long and suddenly he collapsed on top of Corrie. I saw cum leaking out of the union between Corrie and Tom. Tom lifted his head and asked, “Are you satisfied now?”Yes Tom, you are paid up.      .

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