Caring Mother, Loving Son, Chapter 1


“Mark! I need your help!”I jumped up and galloped up the stairs, through the kitchen and toward her room, where I found her standing with a towel rapped tightly around her torso, hair still wet from the shower she had just finished. “What’s the problem?!” I asked, as the sprint caught up with me and I began to breathe in her fresh scent, open mouthed and panting. “It feels like a bug bit my thigh!”Unsure of what she meant I took a look down at her legs – the towel covered from her breasts to just above her knee caps. Everything looked fine. “I don’t see anything. ” I said flatly, wondering if the Simpsons was going to be a repeat or not. “Here, come closer. ” She said, beckoning with her hands. I stepped next to her, looking down at her calf muscles. Grabbing the bottom of the towel she lifted it slightly, to mid-thigh, and, with her other hand, rubbed at a spot on the back of her leg. “See it now?”. I nodded, “Yeah…it looks sore. ” I bent down to take a closer look, steadying myself on her leg and peering at the bright red circle, about 2 inches in diameter. I couldn’t see any reason for the redness, no apparent bite mark or stinger anywhere. I reached out and rubbed the spot, hoping to get an idea of what caused it. As I circled the flesh with my finger tips I peeked upward, toward the thatch of hair at the junction of my mother’s legs.

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   Continuing to inspect the spot, I stole quick glances upward, but to my dismay could not make out much, even with the advantage of kneeling behind her. She could see my eyes from where we were, as there was a mirror in front of her, allowing to see me kneeling behind her. I couldn’t peek for long. “I don’t know what caused this…Doesn’t look like anything bit you, but maybe it was ant or something? I don’t know. ” I could see the swell of her ass from my vantage point, and continued to rub the spot while she answered,“At least the pain has gone away, thanks for looking at it sweetheart. ” With that I stood up as she dropped the hem of the towel to cover herself once again. My cock was throbbing by now; it had begun to fill with blood as soon as I saw the darkness between her legs and the beginning of her full ass. I turned to look at her, hoping my face could betray my feelings, smiling weakly and telling her I hoped it cleared up soon. She smiled, touched my arm lightly, and asked what I wanted for dinner. * * *I woke the next day with a hard-on I could hardly believe, the result of an intense dream I had about sharing a night of passion with my own mother. I didn’t want to take part in this lust, but couldn’t help it – she was such a beautiful person. I had never thought about my mother this way, and was racked with guilt. School was slow, my mind wandered back to the events of the previous day. When I finally got home my mother greeted me with a grim face, explaining that although the mark yesterday had stopped hurting, there was a new spot that hurt. After a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I said I would be happy to take a look at it, if she wanted.

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   Of course, she agreed. I followed her into her room, my cock growing in my pants as her ass swayed in front of me. “I don’t know what would be best – It is higher than it was yesterday. ” She said. “Well, you could pull up the leg of your pants…” She was wearing fairly long white shorts, and could not hike them up high enough – only to about one half of her thigh. She was obviously frustrated that she couldn’t pull them up high enough, and after fussing over it gave up, and unbuttoned the top of her shorts, sliding them down her legs and jumping out of them, exposing her white panties to my hungry eyes. “This is easier. ” She said. I wasn’t about to disagree, sensing the rock hard erection I was now concealing. She spun around, and once again I saw a red mark, about an inch higher on the back of her leg than the last one. “Looks like the same type. ” I said. “It hurts just as much – it helped when you rubbed it. ” I was a bit confused – why couldn’t she rub it herself? What the hell, I thought, I might as well take a look at it. Bending down, resting on my knees, I looked up at the back of her thigh, inspecting the same spot.

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   This time we were in a different part of the room, and there was no mirror in front of her, so she couldn’t see where my eyes were. I reached out to rub it, slowly making circles around the new red spot, while my eyes focused on her panties. I could see her plump mound and round ass – leaning closer I could make out tiny hairs sticking out from around her crevice, and a shadow of her pussy lips, pressing against the white panty material. I thought I was going to cum right there and then, I could feel my balls aching inside my pants. “I have no clue what is causing this, Mom. ” I said, as I continued to rub the spot and stare at her plump mound. “Oh honey, you really sooth the pain. ” She let the last word really roll off her tongue, drawing it out, as I applied a bit of pressure to my spot-massaging. “Mmm…that’s nice. ” I smiled as she bent her knees a bit and more of her mound was open to my eyes, not to mention her delicious ass. After about 20 seconds of rubbing she told me the pain was gone, and thanked me for helping her. Standing up and facing her, she took me into a motherly embrace, kissing my cheek and holding me against her body, still standing in her panties and shirt. “No problem Mom, I hate to see you in suffer. ”* * *It was Friday, but as usual I was at home, watching TV. Mom came in and sat with me, watched a bit of the program that was on, with her arm draped across my shoulders.

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   When it hit midnight she yawned and started to get up. “Good night baby. ” She said, leaning down to my face, and connecting her full lips to mine, but quickly pulling away, smiling and swaying out of the den. My cock was raging in my pants. I waited a half-hour and then popped in my favorite porn tape, stroking out a quick cum before going to bed myself. I awoke at about 11:30 the next day, a Saturday, and had promised a few friends I would play some basketball. Mom had made a sandwich for lunch, and after eating I gave her another kiss on the lips before running out to catch the bus down to the courts. “I’ll be home for dinner!” I shouted on the way out. I’ll spare you the details of the game – we lost pretty terribly. I was depressed on the ride home, but perked up as I walked in: Mom was wearing a thin night dress (the kind she sleeps in), obviously without a bra or panties on underneath. I could make out the shadow of her nipples, but couldn’t see her bush at all. “Hi Mom!”, my mood picked up pretty quickly. “Hi darling! How was the game?”I shrugged indifferently, more interested in what was for dinner, and watching her breasts sway under the cloth. We sat down for some microwave macaroni and cheese – Mom explained she had been too tired to make a proper dinner, and had spent a lot of the day in the bathtub. During dinner I couldn’t take my eyes off her swaying breasts and ever-hardening nipples – I’m sure she noticed my staring, but didn’t say anything, only smiling.

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   “Are the spots gone?” I asked. “The previous ones have disappeared”, she smiled, “but there is a new one! Even higher on my leg!”. I put on a sad face, but inside was jumping for joy, as my cock grew larger in my pants just thinking about the daily inspection. “Do you need me to take a look at it?”“Could you? I can’t see it well enough in the mirror. ”“I would love to. ” I didn’t mean to say it, and it sounded a bit weird, but she didn’t react to it and we finished dinner. My cock was now aching in my pants, I could even feel some of the pre-cum seeping onto my leg as I followed my Mom into her room. “It’s really much higher today. ” She started to raise her hem, and I nearly fainted because I knew she didn’t have anything on underneath that little slip. “Well I’ll tell you how it looks…” I said, my knees trembling as I dropped to the floor behind her, getting into my inspecting position. She continued to raise her hem, slowly spreading her legs to allow me to see more. As they spread I was greeted with a glorious sight: at first darkness, her bush deceptively black, but then, as more light hit her crotch, the shape of her full pussy lips became apparent. They were nice and fat, covered in an obviously lightly trimmed amount of hair. I could see them sliding against each other as she spread wider – I also noticed a bit of moisture at the crevice. I could see her ass as well, and almost make out her puckered hole.

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   I was seconds from blowing a load in my pants, when she asked, “Can you see the spot?”I almost fainted, and dropped my eyes to quickly scan for any redness. “Wow! It’s really high today!” The rim of the redness was about an inch from her left pussy lip. It was the same as the rest. I reached up and slowly rubbed it, saying “Hmm” and commenting on its appearance. “I can get into a better position if you can’t see it well enough. ” I quickly agreed, and she dropped the hem of her slip. She got onto her bed and pulled the hem up to her naval, exposing her entire pussy to my eyes. Reaching down she grabbed onto her legs, pulling them up and letting me see her beautiful brown asshole. From this view I could really see the spot well. I crouched by the side of the bed, since she had scooted down to the edge, and began to rub the spot again, hovering over her pussy, as she looked down at my face. I was grinning at this point, and as I started to rub the red spot harder she closed her eyes and tilted her head back. “You’re such a good boy…” she trailed off. Her pussy was getting wet now, and I could see the lips really swelling up. I massaged my cock through my pants, and slowly increased the radius of my circle, until finally my finger tip touched the beginning of her pussy lip. “Ohh baby…Mommy feels so good.

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  ”I was on the verge of exploding when she said that. I moved my fingers wholeheartedly to her pussy lips, massaging the outside of them, letting her fluids run down onto her asshole and onto the bed. Mom was breathing heavily by now, groaning and, still with her eyes closed, whimpering below me. Her tits were flying around under her slip, nipples roughly scraping against the cloth. “Oh…Ohh…” I moved my fingers upward and flicked her clit, rolling it between my fingers, then proceeded to insert a well lubricated finger into her deliciously moist canal, slowly finger fucking her. “Ahh! Ohhh! Baby…you…I love you…” She erupted into orgasm, shaking around and yelling my name, “Ohh Mike!”. As she came down, I took the liberty to bring my fingers up to my mouth and taste the sweetest thing ever, savoring her juices and enjoying the site of her post-orgasmic writhing. To be continued…Find out what is causing the red spots, and the developing relationship hits some bumps in the road. This is my first erotic story, and would appreciate feedback. I doubt I will continue the series if I don’t get some comments – so if you want to read more, post a comment! Thanks for reading!.