Cassidy becomes a woman...Part III


Cassidy becomes a woman III…
Cassidy Now 20 yrs old has three children 1 by an  uncle or cousin and two by her brother.   She has had problems with keeping a steady relationship until recently.   She met a young man at the community college she goes to. His name is Jeremy Tyler.   Jeremy looks a lot like her brother and is only a few months older than Cassidy. He doesn’t mind her having  children.    They became fast friends and soon found that they had a lot in common.   Cassidy and Jeremy did have sex; but, Jeremy always used a condom. He said, “He wants to wait until he’s married to father children of his own. ”  That doesn’t bother Cassidy though deep inside she’s missed having a baby growing inside her.   Her life was about to change  drastically.   It was a holiday weekend.   She had time off from school and was helping her mom, Sandra with household chores. Sandra had been diagnosed years ago with a form of Muscular Distrophy but didn’t let that  keep her down.   Lately however she noticed that she would get out of breath and tire out quicker than normal. She also noticed pain in her legs.

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     Suddenly Cassidy heard a loud thump in her mother’s bedroom. She ran in to see her mom slumped on the floor struggling to breath and holding her chest. Cassidy reacted quickly calling 911.   The paramedics showed up and began to perform cpr.   Sandra died on the way to the hospital. Roger, Cassidy’s dad, told Cassidy and Joshua, and the rest of us the news.   That holiday would be somber. Being the youngest uncle at 40 yrs old and having lost a spouse years earlier to cancer I made myself available to my brother, Cassidy and Joshua.   I moved into  their home to help them with house work and for emotional support.  I have always had a different take on Cassidy’s situation.   I’m the nonconformist of the family and found the whole fact of Cassidy getting pregnant by family erotic and arousing.   Cassidy looked just like her mother did when Roger first married her. Cassidy and her mom were especially close.  

Jeremy had tried to be comforting to Cassidy; but, she seemed to be pulling away and pulling herself into a shell. Roger her father had taken to drinking again after many years of sobriety.

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   It had been almost 6 months since Sandra had died. Roger had gotten a prescription for Viagra and would go out at night drinking looking for sex.   Cassidy had gone out with Jeremy and the two of them had had a fight. She came home upset and in tears. I comforted her as best I could.   I led her to her bed and held her tightly. She kept saying that she wasn’t beautiful. I asked, “Cassidy why do you think you’re not beautiful. ” She said, “Jeremy doesn’t want  to have a baby with me. ” I told her, “Jeremy and you are both young. ”  “Jeremy doesn’t want to hurt you. ”  Cassidy, “I want to have another baby so bad. ” “Why isn’t there another man who will make love to me?” As she said this Roger had come home. He was drunk and had gotten worked up by a woman he had met at the bar who didn’t want to have sex with him. He saw his daughter crying and came to her and grabbed her.

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   They hugged and He kissed his daughter. He said, “You look so much like your mother. ”  Cassidy, “Daddy I need someone to love me. ” Roger, “I love you Cassidy. ” She said, “No, Daddy I need someone to make love to me. ” Roger wasn’t thinking properly at the time. He laid Cassidy on the bed and they began kissing.  Cassidy was greedily accepting her father’s kisses and they began stripping each other.   I could hear Roger begin saying, “ Sandra, It’s been so long. ”  I knew he was so taken by this and was in a daze that he believed  he was making love to his wife not his daughter. It wasn’t long before the two were nude. I loved watching this and was totally turned on watching the two of them.    Cassidy spread her legs to welcome her father’s erect cock. Roger wasted no time in shoving his cock deep into his daughter’s now wet pussy. They both began to make love.

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    They kissed and Cassidy kept saying, “Oh I need you; Please fuck me harder. ”   Roger was already fucking harder and I could tell by the fact that his thrusts were now becoming sporadic he was about to cum deep into his daughter’s womb.   Suddenly Roger thrusts his cock to the root and screamed, “I’m cumming so hard. ” And grunted through his orgasm. The two continued to make love for two hours.   When done they both fell into a deep sleep. I covered them both with a blanket and went to bed.   Later that night I felt someone in my bed. I rolled over to see it was Cassidy sitting there. I asked, “Cassidy what’s wrong. ” She said, “Uncle Jared do you really think I’m beautiful. ” I said, “OH, Cassidy you’re very beautiful. ” She said, “I’ve always loved you; would you make love to me. ” I grabbed her head and kissed her lips. She was still nude from when her father and her had made love.

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    I quickly removed my boxers and got between her legs. I began to make love to this beautiful woman. I knew that her father had filled her with his sperm and that she had probably already conceived. If not then She’d carry my child. I made love to her for about 20 minutes before emptying deeply into her womb.  I continued until I came in her again. She then got up and went back to her father’s bed.  Early the next morning I saw her and her father again making love.  

Cassidy and Jeremy made up with each other the next day.   A week later she came home with a large smile on her face. We all asked her why she was so happy. She showed us her ring finger and on it she had an engagement ring on it. That night Jeremy stayed with her in her bed and we could tell that the two of them were making love. About a month later Cassidy came in crying. We asked her what happened.

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   She said, “I’m pregnant again. ” We said, “Cassidy you said you wanted another kid. ” She said, “Yes, I do but I thought it would be with Jeremy. ” “When Jeremy and I made love the last time he used a condom each time; because, He thought I wasn’t sure about a baby. ”  “Now he’s found out that I’m pregnant and he knows the kid isn’t his. ” I said, “Cassidy you know that no matter what happens with you and Jeremy; your father and I love you very much. ”

It was at her next doctor’s visit that Cassidy found out that she was carrying twins; a boy and a girl.   Cassidy had the children and a DNA test confirmed that her father had indeed fathered her twins. She named them  Katelyn and Kevin. Cassidy and Jeremy were married. He realized that no matter what happened he loved her very much. She is now pregnant again; this time with Jeremy’s son.  But that may not be the end of the story.