cold wintery night at my aunts


This is half true and half not. . . . I am a 18 y/o my cousin is 14. ( she is about 5'5'' and bout 100lbs with brown eyes and sexy lips, small b breast and log legs and plump ass. im 6' ans 200 lbs) It was a cold day in december and i was at my aunts hanging out for the day because it was so bad outside. When i got the my aunt wasnt there she to, to pick up stuff for the blizzard. It was me and my 14y/o cousin at the house. The snow started to come down and the lights started to flicker. next thing we know the electric goes out. so she grab blankets and candels and i start a fire in the fire place. by then my cousin is shivering asking me to hurry and get it started. then the phone rings and its my aunt. she says she wont make it home because the road is blocked off from snow drifts that she will be at her brothers house(my uncle). i tell my cousin she starts to worry i tell her its gonna all be ok.

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I go in the bedrooom  and get my aunts matress from it and put it close to the fireplace. i lay several blankets down and pillows and my cousin get in and covers up. i go grab some snacks and bring in water just so we can stay under blankets for a while and not move.
so i get under blanket with her and she says, she's really cold so i pull her close and hold on to her under the pile of blankets. she looks at me with her big brown eyes and say: jake u smell good. i said thank u and looked at her wierd. so we lay there wit our arms around each other and i start to rub her back to get her warm and she rubs my back and around my chest. then her hand slips and hits my ass and she said she didnt mean it. then next thing i know she has her hand under m shirt and said she is trying to stay warm so i let her. then she starts to rub me and tease my chest. i feel real wierd at this point and i get this throb in my cock and i notice its getting hard. she puts her leg over mine and snuggles in closer. ( shes wearing a blue nightgown with a thong on, and im in a white shirt and sweats. ) then she rolls over and we spoon a lil. her leg still up on mine.

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   and mine between hers. i slowly feel my dick getting harder from her pressing against me. and it slowly touches her ass from u spooning but she dosnt say nething. and she adjust a lil and when she did my dick slide between her thighs right up against her slit. i could feel the warmth coming from her pussy. i started to get really hard i was hard as i could get. i slowly take my dick out of my sweats and she didnt realize it and i put it back where it was. i could feel her moist cunt. i slowly pull her closer to me and i put my hand under her nightgown, i was waitng for her to pull it out but she didnt. i put my hand on her cunt and i slowly pulled her thong off. she was soaked. i started to rub her wet slit and i found her hard clit and started to tease it between my fingers. she moaned lightly. i slowly slide my fingers in as i did she moan loudly. and then rolled over on her back and told me to eat and finger fuck her virgin cunt.

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   i got under blankets and got between her legs and she let me in by spreading her theighs for me. i slowly started kissing at her feet and i licked and suck her toes and then up her legs and theighs then she invited me in so i slowly suck and teased het swollen lips. then i stuck my tounge in as far as i would go with 2 fingers in her ass i slowly fingered her cute virgin ass hole. then i teased her clit with my thumb as i licked her ass. shes moaning loadly and her hips and thrusting at face and then she squirts all over my face and i lick my lips and slowly lick up her stomach to her little nipples and then we kiss like we should never and she cleaned her jucies fom my face. then i got on top of her with my cock in her face and i rested it on her lips till she invited me in with her tounge. i started to thrust my hips at her face as my 7 in cock went in and out her mouth as she licked my head and tease the hole and played with my sack. then she took it all deep as i told her i was gonna cum she said go ahead im ready, so i cummed 6 shots in her mouth. then she sat up and told me she wanted me to foot fuck her pussy. so i sat at the other end of the mattress and i slowly took my toes and toed her virgin cunt and i was going pretty good with 3 toes in her hole and my other teaseing her asss hole she was fingering her clit as in had my toes in her as she started to quiver and thrust up next thing i know shes cumming all over my toes. so i put it up to her mouth and she licks my toes off. then i tell her since i foot fucked u i want u to do same for me. so she took her feet and started to give me a footjob, she was going pretty quick and she had some sexy feet so i got off on her feet quick i blew my load all over her feet. then she said im ready for u to pop my virgin cherry. so i layed her back down and told her this might hurt just a bit and i stuck my head in her hole just a lil and i asked her if she was ready she hesitantly said yes so i thrust my hips toward her virgin cunt and then she started to scream and tears ran down her face and i asked if she wanted me to stop and she said no.

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so i continued thrusting my cock in and out of her virgin cunt and i felt her trimble and she had cummed all oer my cock and i told her i was gonna blow, she was so tight and i could feel her pussy walla suck and grab my cock and i just cam right there i blew deep inside my cousin and i pulled out and put my cock in her mouth and told her lick it off, so she did and she enjoyed the taste of her jucise mixed with mine and the taste of her cherry to. we layed there to catch our breaths and kissed a long sexy tounge kiss. then i asked her if she was ready for her ass to get it and she said yes. she got up on all four and spread her cheeks for me.
i got behind her and spit on her ass hole and rubbed it in and told in going in and i took my head and teased her rim and then with out consideration i shouved it deep in her vigin asshole. i thrust back and forth as she scream in pain then about after 5 mins she got used to. as i was fucking her ass i reached down and fingered her clit and she started to have another orgasm and cummed all over my fingers and i pulled them out and licked them then shoved em back in to get more jucies and shoved it in her mouth dor her to taste she enjoyed it alot. as i kept thrusting in and out her ass i started to cum deep inside her asshole and i pulled out and watched it drain from her tight asshole where she took her finger and got all the cumm and licked her fingers clean. we layed next to each other exhausted and we kiss and layed mext to fire rest the day naked spooning and cuddling till the electric came back on and we still satyed wrapped together till the next day. and ever since then we have had sex at least 2 a week and she ever had a 3some with me but thats a whole nother story.
this is my first story so please go easy on me.