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As soon as Amy and I got to Clear Lake that weekend with my father, we ran giggling into the bedroom we were to share and changed into the school uniforms from St. Katherine’s we’d secretly brought along.      “This’ll get him crazy,” I promised my sweet little cousin. “I know it. ”     Amy, sitting naked on the edge of the bed pulling on her uniform knee socks, worriedly said, “Your dad never said anything dirty or sexy on the drive up.   God, what if doesn’t want to have sex with me, after all?”     I gave her a look.   “He’s just never talked to you about sex before,” I told her. “Believe me, you’ll be getting all the dirty fun you can handle!”     “I hope so,” she laughed then. “My pussy needs attention. ”     And she spread her narrow knees and with her fingers parted the lips of her young pussy for me, her fine blond pubic hair so pale it was almost invisible. She was absolutely right about needing attention—the pinkness within her cunt was literally glistening with wetness.      “See? I’m already all excited. ” Several long moments later, we pranced proudly out into the living room, much surprising my unsuspecting father.   We both wore the uniforms we’d hated the entire last semester: white blouse, pleated dark checkered skirt, burgundy knee socks and simple black patent leather shoes with the little strap going across the top.      Knowing my father was keen on the hot young schoolgirl look, as are most older men (you perverted bastards—just kidding!), we’d shortened our skirts so the slightest jumping about would show our panties.   Or lack of them.

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    In addition, each of us put a Band-Aid on one knee.   It was a nice touch, I felt.      “Holy shit!” my dad laughed, turning from the refrigerator where he was putting away the groceries. “You two—”     We modeled for him then, parading back and forth, a private show of two skinny blond teens looking even younger than our years, bare knees and slender bare legs flashing, pert little asses and breasts that, although smallish, were rubbery firm and clearly unrestrained by any undergarments.      “Where are your bras?” he asked. “I can see your nipples. ”     “Our bras are on the bed in there,” Amy laughed at that, actually cupping her breasts for him through her white blouse.   “With our panties. ”     And with a quick look to me, Amy and I both turned around, bent over, thrust out our butts at my father and flipped up our short pleated skirts, giving him a really good look at our bare perfect asses.      “Girls!” he laughed. “We haven’t even had dinner yet!”     “Daddy!” I said, turning and walking right up to him. “I told you last weekend, Amy’s dying for you to fuck ** The first time my father's standing cock was buried entirely in Amy’s juicy young cunt (after several lengthy, but exciting and well-lubricated attempts on her part to simply sit on it), she was breathing so hard with the effort I thought she’d pass out.   She was straddling his hips on the rug, leaning forward with her small hands on his bare chest, her bony knees on each side of him.

She took a moment to let her breath return to normal, then she turned to me.  “Okay,” she admitted, “I’m not a virgin!  Paul’s been fucking me back and front, because we can’t stop once we get started.

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   His dick just gets me so excited!” “I knew it!” I laughed. “I knew you were lying, you little whore!” “I still make him come in my butt, though,” she added. Then, clearly noting my dad’s sudden interest, “Uncle Jack, your dick’s way too big to fit up my little asshole!”     “We’ll see,” he smiled.  He was naked on his back with his hands loosely holding Amy’s slim hips, his head resting on a throw pillow.   “Anyway, you’re pussy is so hot and slippery and tight I don’t need to fuck you in the ass—for now!”       “I can feel your big dick throbbing away in me,” Amy said. “Every inch of it!”    And, ready or not, she began slowly rotating her narrow hips up and down and back and forth, a moment later adding a sort of delicious corkscrewing motion, her slippery pussy sucking at his cock so wetly I could actually hear the suction.   From where I sat beside them, my fingers busy in my own cunt, I could see her slender bare inner thighs trembling with her effort.      “Oh God,” my father murmured. “What a great fuck you are!”     “I’m shaking all over!” she said, her blond hair damp with sweat.      Finding the rhythm of it, she started pumping her hips faster, her small hands clutching at his chest with each of her pelvic thrusts, slowly driving my dad into a further state of fast-breathing ecstasy.      “God!” Amy groaned. “My pussy’s loving this!” “My cock’s not exactly bored!” my dad gasped. “You have the sweetest little cunt!” “Daddy!” I laughed. “Don’t forget my cunt! You said it was the sweetest!”     “They’re both the sweetest!” he proclaimed.    Of course, he was absolutely right.

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   Amy was soon panting raggedly, her perspiring young body naked except for her burgundy knee socks and patent leather shoes, exactly what I was wearing because my dad asked us to keep them on. He’d earlier had both she and I take turns standing over him in our school uniforms.   With no panties and our feet apart, we let him look up our pleated skirts, right up our skinny bare legs, past our smooth bare thighs and straight into our wet pussies and tight little assholes.      He also had us each squat down so he could see better. I finally just squatted all the way down on his face so my pussy and butt-crack spread open for him, the way I knew he liked it. He raised his face to my butt-crack and then surprised me.      “Daddy! You kissed my asshole!”     “Because I love you,” he said simply.  “And it’s so cute!”     Now, though, as Amy fucked my dad, I slid my free hand down the front of her smooth tummy, touching the very top of her blond pussy with my fingertips. She swallowed hard, nodding eagerly that she wanted to have me involved, so I easily found her distended and slickened clitoris with my fingers and started massaging it gently.      “God, Courtney!” the girl gasped. “Keep doing that!”     Not that she needed it, the extra attention, I mean. Because a moment later: “Holy fuck, I’m coming already!!!” she moaned hoarsely. “Oh GOD!!!”     Her first orgasm of the night hit her like a solid wall of bricks, and arrived so quickly it surprised all three of us, Amy groaning even more sharply with the waves of pleasure overwhelming her.   And as she started feverishly grinding her cunt down into my dad’s pubic bone, it forced my fingers out of the way.       “Uhhhh! Uhh! Uhhhhh!” she moaned, jerking and straining like an electric current was coursing through her young twat.

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   “God, Uncle Jack, I’m coming so hard!”     She arched her skinny back, her knees spreading wider on the rug, and my dad, reacting, began fucking her wildly from beneath, meeting each of her shaky downward thrusts as he pumped his big cock up into her.  “Uncle Jack! Uncle Jack!” she moaned his name. “It feels so fucking good!!!”      He cupped her sweaty bare ass with both hands, pulling her along but also spreading the rubbery cheeks of her butt wide open.   So I slid a finger into her puckered asshole and began fingerfucking the moist heat I found in her tightly gripping anus.      “Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she kept saying. “Harder! Harder!!”      I kept at my own throbbing clit as well, the thickened lips of my pussy so swollen and sensitive I could feel my juices gushing from them, coating my trembling inner thighs with little rivulets of oily moisture.  My God, Amy was being fucked senseless, coming again and again, but it was me causing the big wet spot on the rug.        “I can’t believe how good it feels!” Amy was panting. “Uncle Jack, I’m still coming! Keep fucking me!! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck me harder!”     Which he did, from underneath, his upward thrusts into her throbbing young cunt jerking her up into the air with its own momentum.   If her breathing was shaky, her legs were even shakier, the tendons in her slender inner thighs standing out in sharp relief as she strained and pumped for all the pleasure she could get out of my father’s pistoning cock.  “Uhhh! Uhhhhhhh! Fuck!! Uhhhhhhhhh! Oh GOD!!!”     Finally, with a shuddering gasp, Amy pitched forward onto my dad.  She lay quivering from head to toe, panting hoarsely, the signal for me to slide my finger out of her hot asshole and gave her smooth little butt a quick, affectionate squeeze.  “I can’t believe how great that was,” she moaned.   “Courtney, thank you, thank you, thank you—for letting your dad fuck me!”     My father lay panting equally hard, clearly spent, his own orgasm apparent. His hands were still loosely hanging onto the sweaty cheeks of Amy’s bare ass.

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        “My turn, Daddy,” I laughed then. “I need to get fucked just that good,   *  * It was already after midnight that same night, but none of us were the least bit sleepy.  

I had not yet gotten that good fucking my father promised me earlier, after he and Amy had banged each other nearly senseless, so I was eagerly waiting for just that event.  Instead, Amy and I were posing for Polaroid pictures for my father, still in our knee socks but having kicked our shoes aside, our faces mostly out of the shots. Our skinny young bodies, meaning our cunts and tits and our stiff pink nipples and bare asses, were the real focus, mainly in close-up shots, both of us eager to be the “gangbang girls” at his next sex party.    These were the explicit photos my dad would use to put together a group of 12 or so horny men and older teen boys from their sex club for the very next weekend.  My dad was naked, moving around as he took the pictures, with a huge boner that I expected to be put to good use any moment.   It was so stiff, it was almost vibrating with a life of its own.  “Perfect, sweetie” my father said, as he took another photo of my pussy. “Now spread your legs wider. ”     I got so excited holding myself open for him with my fingers (I knew my glistening pink cunt was the most important thing in the world to him), that I was already dripping.  He told me often enough it was the most important thing in the world to him and I believed him. He was, after all, my own father.   Why would he lie about his own daughter’s sweet teen cunt? Answer:  he wouldn’t.      “I can’t wait,” Amy said, meaning the party.

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   “My God, it’s all I can think about!” “I know!” I laughed. “You’ll love it!” I knew, of course, because I’d already been the main “attraction” at three of my dad’s gangbang parties, going to the first one not long after we’d first started having sex together two months earlier. And, yes, I’d been fucked nearly to death at each one, reaching so many orgasms that we all lost count very early on, and I loved every single sick moment of it.  

More about those gangbang parties later.      Anyway, Amy and I were both so excited at being the naked center of attention next weekend for all those stiff, standing cocks, for that wide variety of hands and mouths on our young cunts, that neither one of us could stop trembling with anticipation.   Amy, of course, because she hadn’t done it yet—and me, because I already had.    The honest truth is: once a girl with a strong sex-drive does an all-out fuck & suck party (gangbanging the entire gang and coming her brains out until she can barely walk), she will always be thinking of her next one. Especially if her own father is one of the stiff-dicked participants.  Ladies, you can believe me on that one.      “Like, how long will they fuck us?” Amy kept asking. “And what if our pussies get sore?”     “Then they stop,” my father informed her. “You’re in charge, believe it or not.   When you’ve both had enough fucking, it’s over. ”     “But—I’ve never had enough fucking,” I pointed out to her with a laugh. “You’ll see.

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    God, I can’t wait!” “Will they want to fuck us in the ass?” she asked. “Will they want to watch Courtney and I eat each other out? I think It’d be fun putting on a show like that—”       And on and on it went like that.            In front of the television was another stack of sex movies, some old, some new, that we intended to watch later that night, though so far we hadn’t needed them to entertain ourselves.  My father aimed the camera at Amy. “Hold your asshole open,” he asked her and, of course, she did.    She bent way over, sticking her bare butt out at him and using her fingers to spread herself open. “Like this?”  “Exactly. Now stick your finger in your butt. ”  She giggled, licked her fingertip and inserted it into her twitching asshole.   “Great!” he told her.  He took the picture, then turned back to me.      “Get one of my clit,” I advised. “I need a picture to show the boys at school what to look for. ” I was sitting on the couch in only my knee socks, my feet on the edge of the cushion and my legs sprawled apart so that my blond pussy was wetly parted, presenting itself directly to his face.   I spread open the slick lips around my engorged clitoris with my fingers, the tiny little bead so excited into genuine prominence it was sticking out just beyond its little fleshy hood.

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        My dad laughed, got in close, took the picture, then put down the camera and finally turned his attention, sexually, to me— he put his hands gently on my bare inner thighs and spread them slightly wider apart.   God, it was about time!     As I said, my clit was engorged and sensitive, sticking out as it did, and, while Amy breathlessly watched, my father started licking all around that pulsing little center-point of my pleasure.      “Finally, Daddy!” I sighed.   “Eat me out!”       The weekend before, my dad had eaten my pussy, of course, before fucking me in every imaginable position, but had kept his tongue concentrated on the area around my clit, getting very close to it, even continually approaching it, and just as often spreading open the slick lips surrounding it with his fingers, but never actually touching my clit.       It drove me wild!     And, I have to admit, when he actually started fucking me right after, I was so insane with wanting it, the raw sex, I mean, I came like a crazy girl, squirming and panting and grinding my cunt into him frantically through a series of multiple orgasms that almost broke me in two.      It had been great fucking, after all. And now, while Amy knelt beside him watching intently, he was doing the same thing.  He slid his hands down under the bare cheeks of my butt so I was sitting on them, then began squeezing my butt gently and pulling me toward him while he licked me, but his tongue again avoided actually touching my clit. Which I wanted desperately to happen!
Pretty soon, wide-eyed Amy started masturbating as she knelt watching us, her slim fingers moving expertly in her own sweet cunt, her blond pubic hair matted down with oily wetness.      “Daddy, you know what I want!”  I was squirming around, panting hoarsely and almost crying out I was so frustrated. “Please lick my clit! Suck it!”       “Be patient,” he said.        “Then just let me touch it!!”      But he wouldn’t let me touch it with my own fingers, either.       “Relax,” he advised, and popped a wet finger up my asshole, I believe, to further torment me. “You’ll get to come soon enough. ”      “Let Amy lick it, at least!” I was pleading.

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   “She knows what I like. ”     And we both looked to sweet little Amy, who merely smiled back at us, but mostly smiled back at him, willing to do whatever my father asked.      “Sweetie, Amy’s busy fingerfucking herself,” he told me.      “You’re making me insane,” I gasped, my hips jerking slightly back and forth as I began pushing my wet cunt into his face. “Daddy, make me come!” It was many minutes of frantic pleading later, my clitoris not getting a single lick, when he finally pulled me down onto the rug with him and Amy.  He gave each of my distended nipples a tender kiss, then asked Amy to do the same to me so he could watch.  “But,” he said to us both, “don’t either of you touch Courtney’s clit yet. ”      “Daddy!!”     Moving up to me, Any began kissing and sucking my erect nipples, running her tongue around each one as well, even taking the sensitive tips gently between her teeth. I slid my hand down her smooth front and entered her slippery cunt with my fingers.   She was such a damn exciting little cousin!     “You do that so good!” I let Amy know. “Sucking my nipples when they’re all sensitive!”     “I never saw your cunt so juicy!” Amy told me, trembling as my fingers explored her inner pink slickness. “Your dad got it so wet!”     “Perfect for you to lick it,” my dad told her. “And now I do want you to lick each other. ”      So my father had Amy lie on the rug and spread her slim legs. He put a throw pillow under her narrow butt to raise her hips, making her cunt more accessible for me, and another under her head so her mouth could reach my cunt.

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   Then he positioned me over her just so, in a 69, with me on my hands and knees over her, my bare ass sticking out for my dad to do with as he pleased.      “Courtney, I’m going to fuck you while you eat each other,” he told me. “Let’s try to all come at the same time. ”  That did sound like fun, I had to admit.      “Okay, Daddy, but fuck me really hard,” I told him. “I want to come fast! And do does Amy!” “She’s right, Uncle Jack!” Amy agreed. “I really do!”    My father knelt behind me, put one hand on my bare ass and used the other to position the swollen head of his cock between my extremely slick pussy lips, pushing it in only an inch or so.   For whatever reason, he didn’t immediately push his cock the rest of the way into me.      “I can see it going in!” Amy said excitedly, staring up at the slippery juncture from below. And then, “Oh, God, Kim, keep doing that with your tongue!”     I had already pressed my face into Amy’s crotch and was licking her cunt, my hands under her rubbery little butt and pulling her crotch even tighter to my face, while she— like my dad earlier—started licking all around my clit but not directly on it.      Even so, though, I was shaking head to toe with the sensations my skinny cousin’s experienced mouth was sending coursing through my entire crotch.   At the same time, my father finally, slowly, pushed his cock into my very tight pussy, an inch at a time, until the entire length was buried in me.       “Ohhhhh God!” I moaned as it went in. “Daddy, that feels so good in my cunt!”      Once inside me, though, instead of holding my hips tightly and fucking me doggy-style until I came, like he usually did, he started by rocking against my swollen pubic mound from behind, pressing into it gently with the base of his cock.   Which got me even wetter and more excited!      I loved the feel of his rigid cock, deliciously warm and twitching in my pussy, but I wanted to 'do it!'      “Start fucking me, Daddy!” I groaned.


   “Make me come!”      Then, pulling slowly back until the head of his cock seemed ready to pop out (a sensation that drove me crazy!), he suddenly thrust into my cunt with a smooth, fluid motion—I could feel every bit of his stiffened length sliding wetly into me, the fleshy head and every vein and ripple, it seemed! The sudden slippery friction of it made my legs even shakier!      “Daddy, my God!!” I panted directly into Amy’s pussy, clutching at Amy’s bare ass. “I want you to fuck me!”      Adding to that particular pleasure, of course, was Amy’s eager tongue, licking up at my clit as she simultaneously began jerking her hips up off the pillow, working her own cunt against my mouth.       My father stopped for a long moment, wetly encased within me all the way, his hot balls pressed against my dripping slit, and used just the tiny muscles at the base of his cock to make it twitch within me, which drove me even wilder!  Then he slowly pulled out and did exactly the same thing as before, thrusting back into me so fluidly I cried out again, but making me crazy because I never knew when he was going to actually start fucking me for real.        “Daddy, you're making my cunt feel so good!” I gasped, trembling uncontrollably. “And so is Amy! But I want to fuck!”       I was so excited, I could feel my slick moisture brimming over, finding its way down into Amy’s eager mouth, I knew, little trails of it running down my young cousin’s chin and cheeks as she licked up into me.   And then, my father slipped two fingers entirely up my asshole, which made me gasp out sharply again, especially when he began fingerfucking my ass.        “I love it!” I admitted. “But, Daddy, please fuck me!       “Are you close to coming yet, Courtney?”      “Real close, Daddy. Just fuck me!”       “I want you really close!”       “I'll come a bunch if you start fucking me! I promise, Daddy!”     “Amy?” he asked. "Are you close, too?"
     “I’ll come like a rocket if you two do,” she promised.  And by the time my dad finally started fucking me, really fucking me, with long, fast thrusts that made me want his rigid cock pounding into me even faster, we were all three so fully aroused we were all panting and gasping and groaning for release.       “I’m going to come, Daddy!” I said then, breathing hotly into Amy’s cunt. He was screwing me so good I could barely see straight. “Fuck me “My God!” Amy said. “I’m already coming!”      “Ohhhhh, I love it!” I moaned.

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    “Uh! Uh! Uh! Fuck, keep doing it!”       I always made that uh! uh! uh! panting noise, as if every thrust of my dad’s thick cock knocked the wind out of me, but it didn't— it just felt so good in my pussy it made a raspy breathing sound come out of me!       “Christ, Courtney, you're getting even tighter and more slippery!” he said.       And then he really started fucking me!       “Daddy, I'm coming so hard!” I groaned raggedly. “I told you I would!”       And I came so hard it made me grunt real loud, as if I'd been kicked in the side!       Like: “Uh! Uh! My second climax, following almost immediately, exploded with the purest wet heat imaginable, indescribable waves of pleasure radiating outward from my cunt, across my skinny open thighs, all the way up to my taut little nipples and down to my widely-spread toes.   I stretched out with everything I had! 

My God, I was so alive!        “Ohhhh God, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!” I moaned hoarsely. “Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, keep fucking me! Ohhhh, fuck, Daddy, I'm coming again!”      It made me gasp breathlessly, my third orgasm, coming so soon after the first two. I shuddered and groaned with the most delicious pleasure possible, all the more intense because I knew exactly how wrong it was to let my own father fuck me.

For God's sake, even though I was only a dumb teen, even I knew better! I was going to Hell and I didn’t even care.      Still wracked from head to toe with pleasure so intense I thought I'd explode, I dug my fingers even tighter into the cheeks of Amy’s rubbery butt, licking into her pussy wildly, at the same time pressing myself back into my dad's pelvic bone, grinding my crotch back into him to get all the sensation I could out of our wet connection.        My groaning and squirming was too much for him to withstand.        He ejaculated only a split-moment later, pushing his jerking cock as deeply as possible into me as his semen finally escaped in thick white arcs, spurting hotly up my clenching twat.        “I came three times!!” I managed weakly, my breath catching in my throat.        Yet we kept fucking for several more seconds, getting every last ounce of sweaty pleasure out of it that we could. Finally, we sagged together in a tangled heap, my dad and I falling to the side so we wouldn’t smother skinny little Amy.        “You've killed me,” my father moaned, his wet cock sliding out of me. He half-raised himself from where he lay on top of me so I could breathe.

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   “Courtney, you're the best fuck I ever had. ”      “Daddy, you always say that,” I told him. “Now start getting your dick hard again!  We're both still horny. ”      “Right,” Amy agreed, an indecent gleam in her bright blue eyes. “It’s my turn again!” My father could only groan weakly.  “I want to be the best fuck you ever had, too!” she added.       “Do you want to put your cock in Amy’s asshole next?” I asked him, knowing the answer would be yes. “Her brother fucks her in her ass all the time, plus she used a cucumber and some KY up her butt at home, practicing for you!”     “Courtney!” Amy laughed. “You said you wouldn’t tell!” “Let him put just the tip in,” I suggested, one of the biggest lies ever. “I’ll bet your hot little asshole could handle that!” She looked at me a long moment, clearly deciding, then looked to my father with a nervous little smile and said, “Well, maybe…but just the **       Sometime during the rampant sex the three of us shared without let-up (although my father took more breaks than I’m admitting here), Amy started going through the stack of videos by the television. She held up one in particular.      “Look how old this one looks,” she announced. “And there’s no label. ”     My dad took it from her small hand, studied it briefly, then said, “This might be one of the videos we made years ago, when I first got into the swinger thing. ”      “We want to see!” we both echoed immediately.

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        He looked to us. “I’m probably real young and stupid in it,” he told us. “So I’m not sure—”     But we out-voted him soon enough.   And so Amy and I watched breathlessly as my dad, his cock dangling loosely and still shiny with our cunt juices, put the old VHS tape into the machine and picked up the remote.   He dropped back down onto the rug between us, got comfortable, then put a hand on each of our slender bare backs, gently, in a fatherly way, actually.      “I can’t remember how I look in this,” he said, almost an apology. “I probably have a mustache or something! And I’m not even sure this is the one of the sex ones. ”     “I can’t believe this!” I laughed. “Getting to see my dad doing dirty sex stuff when he wasn’t much older than us. ”     “Uncle Jack,” Amy smiled.   “If it gets you too excited, you can fuck me on the rug here again!”     “Thank you, Amy,” my dad said. “No wonder you’re my favorite niece. ”
 “You can fuck me, too, Daddy,” I volunteered. And to one-up her: “In my butt!” “Of course. That's why you're my favorite daughter.

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  ”  And at my weird look, he added, "My only daughter. "     He pressed Play on the remote and the video started, a shaky beginning as if my father was carrying the video camera, without realizing it was on, shots of a sidewalk at night , peoples’ legs in jeans and tennis shoes, walking, someone laughing.      “Nice camerawork, Dad,” I said.      “I was 18 or so,” he said. “It’ll get better. ”     At the same time, while still watching the screen, Amy and I each reached over for my dad’s cock, laughing when our hands touched.      “You first!” I told her.      So my little blond cousin wrapped her slim fingers around my father’s cock, causing it to again stiffen just the slightest, and I wrapped my slim fingers around hers. We both slowly began to jack off my dad one more time.      “I love you two so much,” he said. “Go slow so I don’t come too fast. ”     “I’ll put it in my mouth if your cum starts going everywhere,” I volunteered. “We don’t want a mess. ”     On the screen, my dad had finally gotten the camera up and aimed correctly.  We could see a group of maybe 20 or so mostly young people, men and women evenly mixed, the ages running between young at 16, I’d guess, all the way up to several older couples probably in their late 30’s, and then two good-looking but matronly women at least 50 or so, who smiled and waved into the camera as he passed by them.

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       They were all milling about in a large, connecting motel room, drinking and laughing and talking easily, but all of them were completely dressed, no hint of nudity or even potential nudity.  My dad turned the camera around briefly to his own face, laughed and said, “Hi! This should be fun!”       “Oh, my God,” both Amy and I laughed, turning to my dad.   “Look how young you were!  And you did have a moustache!”     My dad, watching the screen, said, “Damn, maybe this isn’t the sex one. It looks like one of those wedding receptions we always ended up at. ”     “What?!” Amy and I both echoed.      On screen, he turned the camera forward again, clearly walking from the first room through the connecting door into the other motel room, In there, more people stood around, normal looking people, about 20 of them again, drinking and talking and laughing, all of them also completely dressed.      And there was a long table set against one wall with a variety of hot and cold dishes.      “It’s just a regular party!” I said. “A pot-luck dinner. ”      “I wanted to see people fucking!” Amy told us. “Damn it. ”     “Look, there’s mom! Pregnant with me!”     And I pointed.      Sure enough, there was my mother, at a very young age, just 16, in fact, a blond beauty, clearly pregnant with me though just barely showing, her little bulge of a tummy protruding against her perfect yellow sundress. Her long silky blond hair was pulled back and tied with a blue silk ribbon.      She was talking to a small group by the buffet table, a can of pop in her hand, laughing at something, and she looked up with a big smile when my dad turned the camera on her.

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   She waved with a bright, “Hi, hon!”      “Daddy!” I complained. “This is a nice home movie, but we wanted to see sex!”      And then, on screen, everything got crazy. It was the same two motel rooms, the same long buffet table against one wall, but now the people were in various stages of undress, many of them naked, hard cocks and bare tits and slippery wet cunts in all directions. The top mattresses from all the beds were on the floor.        And then the camera zeroed in on my mom, naked on her knees, her small pregnant belly clearly evident as she sucked two guy’s cocks at the same time, both of her slender hands working feverishly at jacking them off.      “Come in my mouth!” she said around their swollen cock-heads, her tongue working at them eagerly. “I’ve got to taste your cum!”     “Good God!” I gasped. “I don’t believe this!”     Amy was speechless, watching with her mouth hanging open.      “Daddy!?” I turned to him in shock. “You’re missing it,” he said, “Watch!”     My mother kept working at both rigid cocks until she was rewarded with first one mouthful of hot cum, then another, the ropy white strands ending in her hair, on her perfect young face, cascading out of her mouth, running down her chin onto her jiggling bare boobs, even a long strand hanging from one erect nipple.  She then turned and started sucking two different cocks, and working at them just as enthusiastically, smiling and laughing and sucking wildly.      The camera switched then, my dad obviously the cameraman, and my pregnant mother was groaning and panting and begging, “Fuck me harder!”  She was being pin-cushioned by three naked, sweaty men, one underneath her with his cock pumping up into her sloppy-wet cunt, one on top of her with his cock buried in her asshole, the third man kneeling in front of her, his cock going in and out of her mouth!     “My mother!” I said quietly, as if I was the only one there. “And she’s pregnant with me!”     “Your mom loved fuck  parties,” my dad told me. “She took on over 20 guys in this one!”          As each man ejaculated into my mom’s pussy or her ass or her mouth, he was replaced by another man, and at least three different naked women, who appeared now and then and eagerly licked the cum out of her cunt or her asshole. The women also French kissed her often, so she could taste the cum they were tasting, my 16-year-old mother literally drenched with semen not even 15 minutes into the tape.

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       In addition, her orgasms soon became virtually non-stop, as she groaned and bucked her way through one after another, her gangbang finally ending with her lying splayed open on her back, her cunt and smooth belly as cum-smeared as the rest of her.  She smiled into the camera tiredly, enough of a sex-enthusiast to still say to my dad, “Aren’t you going to fuck me again, honey? You only did me twice. ” And then the tape ended.      I sat in front of the fuzzy black screen without moving for a long moment and my dad used the remote to turn off the VCR and television. He turned back to me.      “See, sweetie?” he said. “You mother wasn’t boring at all back then. But after you were born, she didn’t want to be a bad influence and that was that. She loved you so much, she gave it all up. ”     “Oh God, that explains a lot—but no wonder I’m a big slut!”      “Sexually adventurous,” he corrected.   “You and Amy both. ”     “Right,” my skinny cousin agreed. “That got me all tingly again. I need another good fucking, right now!”     My father gave her a smile, then reached over and gently squeezed Amy’s bare ankle as she lay back on the rug, her warm bare thighs spreading instinctively for him as she got comfortable. The glistening pink lips of her young cunt were swollen with excitement, openly inviting as my dad started to position himself between her skinny legs.

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       But, not wanting to miss out, and even with the shock of seeing my super-straight, always-boring, then-pregnant mom getting gangbanged senseless all night when she was a teen, I said, “Daddy, Daddy, fuck me first, fuck me first!”     He looked to me with a wide smile.      “See, I told you,” he laughed. “You’re just like your mother!”     And I realized, amazingly enough, that I really was.    I also knew that, soon, I would be seriously trying to get my parents back together, at least so we could all attend the many wild parties my mom had missed over the years solely on my account.  If nothing else, I owed her a really good fucking with the strap-on dildo my dad earlier promised to buy Amy and I… THE END     
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Η Ελλάδα, είναι μια από τις πιο ενεργές χώρες σε ολόκληρη την Ευρώπη. Διαθέτει μια πλούσια ιστορία 4,000 χρόνων, είναι η χώρα της δημοκρατίας, του πολιτισμού, του φιλότιμου, με φιλόξενους ανθρώπους, και εντυπωσιακές φυσικές τοποθεσίες. Στην πραγματικότητα, εάν θέλετε μπορείτε να εξερευνήσετε μερικά από τα πιο φανταστικά νησιά στον κόσμο μόνο για να συνειδητοποιήσετε ότι θα ζήσετε μια αξιομνημόνευτη εμπειρία ζωής.
Τα 6,000 ηλιόλουστα νησιά της, το Ελληνικό φαγητό, το Ελληνικό καμάκι κάνουν την ατμόσφαιρα ακόμα πιο μαγική. Έτσι, δεν αποτελεί έκπληξη το γεγονός ότι έχουν δημοσιευτεί χιλιάδες άρθρα που αναφέρουν ότι το ταξίδι στην Ρόδος κανε σεχ θα είναι ένα από τα πιο γοητευτικά μέρη στην Ελλάδα, ακόμα και στην Ευρώπη. Για αυτό είναι και τόσο δημοφιλής πόλη ανάμεσα στους ανθρώπους που επιλέγουν να ταξιδεύουν στον κόσμο.
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