Daddy Teaches Paige


Paige’s heart sunk, it seemed like she was getting to spend less and less time with her daddy lately, but, hating to make him feel bad, she responded in the happiest voice she could muster, “Okay Daddy, but can I go to the movies?”“Hmmmm, I don't feel comfortable letting you go out on your own, baby. How bout we go rent some movies before I go into town?”“All right Daddy, I’m gonna go take a shower before breakfast, I’ll be down in 15 minutes. ” Paige stepped under the hot spray of the shower nozzle. She began lathering her body with soap, rubbing and caressing her cute little feet, her ankles, her strong but dainty calves, her shapely thighs, and slipped the soap between them, rubbing and cleaning her hairless young pussy, enjoying the feeling of the soap bar against her slit. She began moving upwards again, cleaning her flat little stomach, lathering up her young, perky breasts, her shoulders, her back, her arms. She grabbed her razor and shave cream, and began to shave her legs, thankful that her Daddy finally let her start shaving a few months before. Greg had always been protective of his little girl. He hated the thought of his baby doing something she shouldn’t, or letting boys touch what was not theirs to touch. He has explained to Paige about the changes in her body, but never really touched base with the joys of sex, trying to preserve her innocence for as long as possible. But Paige was in the average 13 and 14 year old environment, where every one is becoming aware of their bodies, where boys and girls begin to go farther than just holding hands. Paige had been asked out several times by different boys, but had to deny them each time, because for one, her Daddy wouldn’t let her, and also, she never really liked any of the boys. Infatuated with them, yes, but she never really felt compelled to go any further than just having an innocent crush. The water spraying down on Paige’s head began to turn cold, so she shut off the water and climbed out of the shower. She grabbed plush pink towel from the rack and wrapped her hair up in a smaller, more light weight towel. She hurried into her bedroom, finished drying off, and dropped the towel. Standing naked in front of her closet, she pondered on what she would wear.

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   Finally she decided on her favorite light blue t-shirt and a white somewhat mini skirt. She grabbed a pair of clean white panties out of her dresser, and a white lace bra. She dressed herself, brushed her damp hair, and hurried downstairs. “Better hurry up and eat your breakfast sweetie, we need to get to the video store pretty soon so I can get out of here. ”Paige quickly ate her eggs and bacon, her favorite breakfast meal. She stood up, walked over to her Daddy, gave him a peck and said “Thanks for the breakfast daddy, it was wonderful, shall we go now?”Greg grabbed his keys, and they headed out the door to the video rental shop, where Paige picked out “Not Another Teen Movie,” after hearing how funny it was supposed to be from her friends. But Greg said no to the movie, knowing that it contained the material he tried so hard to hide from his daughter. “But Daaaaaddddddyyyyy!” Paige whined, “Everyone else has seen it! Why cant I?!?! It’s not fair!” Greg sighed, disappointed in his daughter arguing with him. “I said ‘NO’ young lady and I expect you to respect my decision!”Paige didn't see what the big deal was, it was just a MOVIE, why wouldn’t her Daddy let her get it?!?! But knowing that her Dad could be a force to be reckoned with, she sighed, and gave in. Picking “Big Fat Liar” off the shelf, she handed it to her father and they went and checked it out. It was about 3 o clock in the afternoon, and Greg was still out in the city doing this and that. Bored, having already watched her movie, Paige tried hard to find ways to entertain herself. She went into her daddy’s bedroom, because that was where their Play Station 2 was set up. Frustrated, she couldn't find the game she wanted to play and began searching the room for her game. She opened her dads nightstand drawer and practically fell back at what she saw.

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   Tons of magazines with pictures of naked women touching themselves on the cover. Curious, as it being her first time seeing a naked adult, she opened one of the magazines and sat on the bed. There were pages and pages full of pictures of people on top of each other with the guys privates, as she still knew them, inside the girls. “Baby?” Paige heard the familiar voice from behind her. Her face pure red, and her eyes wide open, she turned around to face her daddy. “Oh D-d-d-daddy, you’re, you’re home, hi. ”“Uh, Paige, sweetheart, why are you looking at Daddy’s magazines?” Greg asked, his heart sinking as he realized that he would have to tell his baby girl all the things he had been avoided for the past 13 years. “I was looking for my video game. Please don't be mad!” “*Sigh* I cant be mad at you sweetheart, I never really taught you any better, and I guess, as much as I hate to admit it, you gotta find about this stuff sooner or later. . . . ” “Daddy?” “Yeah, honey?” Paige blushed, “What’re they doing?” Greg sat down next to Paige on the bed, and took the magazine from her. “Well baby, they’re having sex, or, as most people prefer to say, they’re f-f-fucking. When a guy and a girl find each other really attractive and they really care about each other, that's what they do.

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   They get aroused, which is basically when a guys cock, um, his private as you’ve heard it called before, gets hard, and stands up, and a girls private, or pussy, gets wet with her juices. The boy slides the cock into her pussy, and they have sex. ” Now Greg was the one blushing, not believing he was telling his little girl all this but Paige was just engrossed in the pictures. “What does it feel like when a girl gets aroused Daddy?” Paige asked curiously. “Well, you’d get a tingly feeling in between your legs, something that feels good but it can also be like an itch that your really want to scratch. ”Paige looked up at her father with that innocent face of hers and gulped. Staring into her fathers face, she began to realize how handsome her Daddy was. He stood at 6’1”, 198 pounds with a muscular build, light brown hair, and blue eyes identical to Paige's. Shyly, afraid it might anger him, Paige muttered “I think I’m aroused, Daddy. ”Greg's dick automatically sprang to life, he had a secret lust for his daughter for the past year or so, as he began noticing her filling out in all the right places, and becoming a woman, but never dared to even admit it to himself, afraid of what he might do if he came to accept it, afraid that he would hurt his baby, that he would lose control. Still locking eyes with is daughter, he asked “Well, um, what do you want to do about that? There are many ways of giving yourself pleasure. . . ”“Daddy, can we do what the people in the magazine are doing?” Paige asked timidly. Greg's cock was throbbing with lust by now, his daughter was actually asking to have sex with him! His sweet, innocent, 13 year old virgin daughter.

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   Her eyes were pleading with him, and no matter how hard he tried to stop it, he found his hand lifting up Paige’s shirt. They were both silent as the shirt was slowly discarded, each afraid that if they said anything, it would stop, that the other would back out. Greg saw the look in Paige’s eyes, a mixture of want and fear and excitement. He swooped in and kissed her forehead gently, then a peck on the lips, and then he got bolder, and began teasing her mouth open, inviting her tongue to come play with his. Soon they were deep in a passionate yet gentle kiss. His hands slipped behind her back and carefully unclasped her bra, sliding it off her arms, and breaking the kiss. He began the suckle on her neck, nibbling on her ear lobe, and working his way down to her small but shapely breasts. Paige was breathing heavily, not able to believe that this was really happening. He planted small kisses all along her breasts, and then, to Paige's surprise, began licking and sucking on her nipples. Paige was squirming by now, and moaning under her breath. He alternated sucking between breasts, pinching the nipple not in his mouth, and nibbling the other with his teeth. Paige began to tremble, her hands in her Daddy’s hair, pulling his mouth closer to her chest, moaning out his name over and over. Her body began trembling, waves of pleasure rocketing through her young little body. “DADDDDYYYY!!!!!” she screamed out, a new, unfamiliar feeling taking over her body. Greg kept sucking her tits, surprised that she had orgasmed so quickly and with the attention only at her nipples.

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   “Uhhhh, Daddy? What was that?!”“Mmmmm baby you came, had an orgasm, it’s supposed to happen, don't worry, it felt good, huh?”With a glazed look in her eyes, Paige nodded. With that, Greg unbuttoned her skirt, and pulled it down past her ankles. Taking in all of her body, his heart swelled with his pride, she was so gorgeous, so perfect, clad in panties, and it was all HIS for the taking. He hooked his thumbs under her panties and pulled them down. His face got inches away from her dripping pussy when he seemed to realize what he was doing. “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, what am I doing? Baby I’m so sorry, I don't know what just came over me, I didn't hurt you sweetie, did I? Fuck, I’m such an idiot!”“Daddy, NO! Don’t leave, don’t stop! Please! I love you, you’re so handsome! You said that people who feel that way about each other have sex! Please Daddy!” That was all he needed, the second the words slipped from her mouth his tongue was rubbing her clit, making her moan out in ecstasy. One of his large rough hands moved up and squeezed and massaged her tits, toying with her nipples, whilst the other moved down and inserted one finger in her pussy. Greg was stunned at how tight it felt, his finger barely fit in her! His tongue was going crazy on her clit swirling around it, moving in closer and closer to its tip. Taking steady stokes on it with his tongue. Paige couldn't believe how good this all felt. So many emotions were running through her body. She felt so much love towards the man with his head in-between her legs, her only role model growing up, seeing as her mother died when she was 3. She remembered crawling into bed with him when she had a bad dream, and sometimes faking them to get close to him. She also felt a great deal of fear, with these new physical feelings taking over her, things she never knew she could feel. Greg could feel her young cunt tightening around his fingers, milking at them, as her little body tensed up.

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   “DADDDDDY! IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!” Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through her body. “Mmmmm baby your cum juices taste so sweet! Reminds me of your mothers years and years back!”Paige smiled feebly. “Daddy?”“Yes Paige? What’s up?”“Can I give you a BJ? I have a couple friends at school who talk about giving them to their boyfriends, but I’m not really positive what it is or how to do it. . . . ”“Ah yes please! Okay baby, what you do is you lick and suck and stroke Daddy's cock, and maybe even play with my balls. But be VERY careful not to bite, k sweetie?” “Okay Daddy. ” Greg took off his clothes and laid back on the bed, and, eyes wide in amazement at the size of her Daddy's cock, much bigger than the guys in the magazines, Paige shyly moved towards his cock. She saw pre cum glistening on the tip of his cock, and licked it off. “Yuumm!” Paige moaned in delight, liking the salty taste. She slowly moved her hands up on her Daddy's dick, watching for his reaction. Seeing the look of bliss on his face, she sped up a little, while cautiously taking his head into her mouth, sucking. “Ahhhhh sweetie! Yes! Just like that!” Greg couldn’t believe his little girl was sucking his cock, but she was! And shit she was great! “Try to take more in your mouth! And play with my balls!”Paige took a couple more inches into her mouth, until his cock bumped the back of her throat, making her gag. But Paige is a determined young girl, and tried to expand her mouth and take in more.

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   She managed to get 4 inches of Greg's 8 inch cock into her mouth, letting her hand take care of the rest of his length. Her hands were curiously playing with his balls, rolling them in between her hand, feeling the firmness of them. She sucked harder, and began bobbing her head up and down on her daddy's cock, with the slight encouragement of Greg's hand on her head. He wanted to give her time to explore, not make her do too much at once, figure things out on her own. But the pressure inside his balls was building up, and he needed the release as soon as possible. Paige felt her daddy’s balls tighten in her hand, and a few seconds later her beloved daddy was yelling out that he was going to cum and that he wanted her to swallow as much as she could. Soon she felt hot spurts of gooey cum hit the back of her throat, and pulled out a little bit so she could taste it in her mouth better. Spurt after spurt came out, filling her little mouth as she tried hard to swallow it, loving the taste, but some dribbled down her chin never the less. “Ahhhh Sweetheart! That was wonderful!! You’re daddy’s little cock sucker, huh?”Paige on nodded, still licking her daddy's cock, making sure she got every last drop of his cum. It remained hard in her mouth, Greg wanting to go further but praying that he would have the will power not to. This was his little girl! He couldn’t stand the thought of hurting her, forcing her into something at such a young age, but there was a stronger power within him, forcing in to climb on top of her and spread her petite little legs and kiss her deeply on the lips, they’re tongues entwining, as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her slit. Slowly, he inserted his head into her tight, virgin pussy. Her eyes widened, feeling a pain as he slowly slide in some of cock. “Owww Daddy it hurts! Stop!” Greg could hear his little angel pleading with him, but was too overcome with lust to really listen and comprehend it. “Shhhhh.

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  . . It’ll get better soon, I promise. ” With that he slid in another inch, until he reached the ever faithful barrier. Counting to three, with small thrusts on one and two, her tore through her hymen, popping her cherry. Tears being filling Paige’s eyes, and she was whimpering beneath him. Greg nibbled on her neck and kept his dick still in her pussy, waiting till the pain subsided. Soon the girl stopped sniffling, and he slowly thrust his hips. Slowly in, slowly out, his dick slick with her juices. “MMMMM Daddy! It feels so good! I love you!”“Oh Sweetie, just wait, it’ll get even better!” With that he began picking up the pace, driving his 8 inch cock in and out of her slick pussy, nibbling on her neck and sucking gently on her nipples. Animal instincts took over, and he began slamming his cock harder and faster in her young cunt. “Ohhhhh Baby! You have the tightest little pussy I have ever felt! god I love you so much!”Paige was lost in a world of bliss, hearing her daddy's balls hit her slit as he slammed in and out of her, feeling his huge cock stretch her, smellling the sweet aroma of her juices and his pre cum mixing together. She was lost, completely lost, in a world of pleasure, moaning more and more, feeling an orgasm building deep in the bottom of her stomach. “Daddy! More! Please Daddy! Please! Don’t stop!”Greg felt two little legs wrap around his waist pulling him closer to the girls body, and he came down and kissed her passionately on her sweet, supple lips. The world could crumble around him and he wouldn’t stop fucking his sweet, innocent little daughter.

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   He knew he wouldn’t be able to last much longer, but he wanted to give her another orgasm more than anything else in the world. He kept pounding and pounding away, loving the way her young tits bounced with each stroke. He felt her body tense up and her pussy grab onto his cock like a vice, his baby girl moaning wildly beneath him. This set him off. With a finial stroke he let off his load into her womb, her pussy still convulsing around his cock. With a finial shot of cum and kiss on her lips, he fell upon her and rolled off, taking her in his arms, kissing her neck and back. “Mmmmm Baby, thank you so much, I didn’t hurt you too bad, did I?”“No daddy, it was wonderful!” was all the little girl was able to muster before drifting off to sleep in her Daddy's strong arms. Give me your thoughts, but dont be too too crule, it's my first story. . . ThanksMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.