Daddy's Baby Doll Forever Part 2


I woke up to the sound of a loud sound. When my eyes snapped open I saw that there was a thunder storm going on outside. I felt something warm beside me, when I looked, it was my daughter Kylie. She was sleeping soundly with her arms around my chest. I smiled at her; the memories of last night came flooding back into me. That immediately gave me a hard on. At that moment, another thunder boomed.
Kylie stirred and sat up and wound her arms around my neck and kissed my ear. I turned around and kissed her tenderly on those sweet lips of hers. She moaned parted her mouth to let me gain entrance to the honey within those sweet lips. My tongue darted out to taste her mouth and our tongues started to dual. After a long while, I broke the kiss.
“Morning, honey buns. How are you feeling?” I asked.
“Morning, daddy. I’m feeling a little sore, but none the less refreshed.

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  ” She replied with a smile.
I chuckled and kissed her. She kissed me back too. It didn’t take any more encouragement before her hands were roaming down to my rock hard cock. She looked at me and smiled she started to move her hands up and down. I groaned deep in my throat. Kylie pushed me back against the sectional and she got down to her knees. She brought my cock in front of her face and smacked her lips.
Kylie the took the head of my cock into her mouth. She began sucking very slowly, teasing my cock head. Then she used her tongue and started twirling it around my cock. It was almost too much, I almost came right there on the spot. But I held back, and let Kylie suck on it some more. She licked my balls and started sucking on it, then every once in a while she would nip on it causing me to lose my mind. After awhile, I couldn’t hold back anymore, I shot my load deep into my baby’s mouth. 

   She swallowed it all like last night and smiled at me when she was done.
“My turn. ” I said with a grin
Kylie made a girlish giggle. I picked her up and kissed her hard. Then I toppled her onto the sectional and began roaming over her lovely body. I started at her breasts. The nipples were hard and perky. I took one of her breast into my mouth and began playing with it. She moaned and she put her arms around my neck and pulled me closer. My other hand was playing with her pussy. It was very wet, so I shoved a finger into her pussy hole and she groaned. I continued playing with her breasts and clit until she was screaming.
I started traveling downwards toward her pussy. I kissed her stomach while going down. When I was in front of her pussy, I could smell her musky scent.

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   That nearly drove me to the edge. I started licking her pussy.
“Uhhh, daddy. That feels so deliciously good. Don’t stop. ” Kylie moaned out.
I started going deeper with my tongue. I used my middle finger and drove it into her pussy hole. Kylie cried out and that jolted me back to reality. I hit her hymen.
“Daddddddddddyyyy!! That hurts!” Kylie cried out.
“Sorry, baby doll. Daddy will learn to be more careful when I get to that part. ” I replied.
I took out my finger and started eating her pussy out, to make up for the pain I caused her.

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   I started sucking her clit and my hands were on her breasts, kneading it.
“Daddy! I’m commmmmmmmmmiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg!!!” Kylie cried.
Then her entire pussy convulsed and she climaxed into my mouth. I drank every delicious ounce of her pussy juice until she stopped coming.
“Oh, daddy. That felt so good. I want to do this with you everyday. ” Kylie said sweetly.
“Don’t worry, baby doll. Daddy will do this with you as much as you want. “I replied with a wide grin on my face.
I got up and picked up Kylie, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I carried her upstairs to the bathroom. I opened the Jacuzzi and then lowered Kylie into the water. I then got into the water along with her. I sat behind and she leaned back against my chest.

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   I nibbled at her ears, making her moan. Kylie reached for my cock and started to rub it. I groaned and parted her legs with my hands and turned her pussy towards the water jet.
When Kylie saw what I was doing, her eyes grew wide. I whispered to her, saying not to worry. I told her that the pleasure is going to be great. I pushed her closer to the jet with my body and the water started hitting her pussy. Kylie started to groan, moving around. She still had my cock in her hands. Every time when she groans, she would squeeze it, causing me to nearly come. I moved her away from the jet and turned off the water, we shared a passionate kiss and I came on top of her.
“Baby, daddy’s going to make you into a woman now. ” I said with a smile.
“Ok, daddy. Will it hurt?” She asked, with a little fear in her voice.

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I kissed her hard.
“Yes it will, baby girl. Only for a little while. ” I replied.
“Ok, daddy. I’m ready now. ” Kylie said with eagerness.
I kissed her, my tongue slipping into her mouth. Our tongues shared a passionate fight. I nudged my legs betweens hers, and her legs parted open. I settled my member into her warm, moist puss and I plunged in deeply.
“Ahhh!! Daddy, it hurts!” Kylie exclaimed with a trickle of tear coming down her cheek.
I kissed her mouth and kissed away her tear.
“It’s ok, baby girl. Daddy promise it won’t ever hurt again.

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   From here on out, it’s only going to get better. ” I said with a gentle smile.
Kylie nodded and I wrapped my arms around her back. I started moving out slowly, while her pussy walls grip my cock. Kylie moaned deep in her throat, I captured her mouth in mine and shared a deep kiss. Our tongues came out and played again. I then pushed my cock back into her pussy, moving slowly so that she could get used to the rhythm.
“Unnnhhhh, daddy. That feels so good. D-don’t stop, daddy. ” Kylie forced out of her mouth.
My right arm sneaked out and latched onto her right breast. I fondled the perfect breast and the nipple with my thumb and forefinger. All the while, Kylie kept on groaning. After fucking her slowly for a few minutes, I decided to set the pace a little faster.

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I started to go at her, faster and faster. She groaned aloud as I moved faster, pounding my cock into her pussy. After a few seconds, we were going frantically at each other. My balls were smacking the bottom of the tub, while the water was splashing everywhere.
“Uhhhhh, daddy. I’m going to comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Kylie cried out as she neared her climax.
“Me too, baby girl. Hang on a little more for, daddy. ” I grunted out between my lips.
I kept on pounding at her, my mouth released hers, and I kissed my way down her neck, to her collar bone and finally her breasts. I used my teeth to tease those ripe nipples to their peak. Kylie cried out and her entire pussy convulsed around my cock.
“Daddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyy!!!” Kylie cried.
I couldn’t hold on any longer, I shot my load into her sweet pussy.
“Ughhhhhhhh, my fucking God! That was so fucking good.

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  ” I sighed.
When I looked up at Kylie, her eyes were closed, her breasts were moving up and down slowly, and her body was limp. I drained the Jacuzzi, got up first and got a fluffy white towel. He dried himself off first, and then picked Kylie out of the Jacuzzi tub. Kylie’s eyes opened slowly.
“Hmmm, daddy?” Kylie asked drowsily.
“Yes, baby doll?” I asked back.
“That was, so good. Is it going to feel like that all the time?” Kylie asked innocently.
“No, baby girl. It’s going to get better each time we fuck. ” I replied with a grin, while starting to dry her off.
“Hehe. Are we going to do it often, daddy? I want to do it every day!” Kylie said with unbound excitement in her voice.
I chuckled and assure her that we will be, but I warned her to buy pills so that she doesn’t get pregnant.

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   She agreed and told me she was hungry.
I finished drying her off and lingered around her pussy, she giggled when I dried down there. I dropped the towel and supported her by putting both my hands on her ass cheeks. ‘Damn, these are the nicest pair of ass I’ve ever seen’ I thought to myself. I lifted her up and she wrapped her arm and legs around me. I carried her to the closet and pulled out 2 robes. I donned one on her and myself, then I carried her downstairs to the kitchen.
With my hands on her ass, I had easy access to her perfect fuck hole. I gently nudged my middle finger in there. She gasped at the intrusion. I continued to stick my finger in her ass while I took her downstairs. As we went on the step, it caused my finger to move in and out of her ass.
“Ummmm, daddy. That feels really nice. ” Kylie moaned.


I kissed her as we reached the kitchen, then I let her sit on the counter. I entered the fridge and took out whip cream and cherries. I was going to fix her a nice meal, but when I saw that gorgeous body just sitting there, my cock grew hard again. I came next to Kylie and parted her robe, I settled myself between her legs. Then I pulled back a little and plunged deep into the hilt of her. She groaned aloud and wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I lifted her off the counter and supported her weight on my thighs. She didn’t way more then a feather. I fused our mouths together. I began to pump into her hard. Kylie was bouncing up and down, my cock was pounding into her pussy hole and my balls were hitting her ass. I grabbed the whip cream on the counter and sprayed it onto her breasts. While I was fucking her, I took her breast and started to suck it with the whip cream on it.
“Ohhhhh, daddy! Unnnnnnnnnn, oh my fucking God! That feels so godamn wonderful. Fuck me; I’m your dirty little slut now.

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   Eat my tits, ohhhhh, just don’t stop!!” Kylie cried.
Hearing my daughter talk dirty was almost more than I could stand. I pounded into her even harder. I sprayed some whip cream into her mouth and kissed her while tasting the whip cream. I felt my balls tighten; I knew I was going to come any moment.
“Sweety, daddy’s going to come real soon. ” I grunted as I pounded her pussy.
“Uh, uh, uh, uh me too, daddy. ” Kylie moaned.
I darted my tongue into her mouth again to taste the honey in there. Then I couldn’t hold back and I shot my load into her warm pussy. Kylie cried out and her pussy tightened, then she came too. Kylie got off my cock, rather quickly, took the bottle of whip cream from my hand and began to spray it all over my cock that’s already covered with cum and pussy juice. She then placed a cherry on top and began to suck it. I groaned as she took almost everything into her mouth. 

   She sucked me clean and got up, limping. I picked her up and carried her back upstairs and laid her on my king size bed,
“Guess you’re not hungry anymore, huh, baby girl?” I said, teasing her.
“No, daddy. I’m sated, for now at least. ” Kylie said smiling devilishly back at me.
I chuckled and join her on the bed. I tossed the covers over her and me and held her in a spoon position with my cock in her ass crack. Then everything around me blacked out and I drifted off to sleep.
More comments would be.

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